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Today, I went for Bodypump in Fitness First today. The class was like

Fuck Fuck fuck fuck fuck Fuck Fuck fuck fuck fuck Fuck Fuck fuck fuck fuck Fuck Fuck fuck fuck fuck Fuck Fuck fuck fuck fuck Fuck Fuck fuck fuck fuck Fuck Fuck fuck

I know i normally don't curse using that word, but that is how bad the class was! Wanted to die. And i was just pumping 2-4kg of iron. Uncle in front of me was carrying 20kg! Hahahaha. But its fun, time flies. Feels like yoga but with cooler music.

Ate kinda littletoday too. Wasn't even full after lunch n dinner. Ok Ok, i'm not supposed to blog, must sleep early!!! Gotta go to Fitness First at like 8am!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


It means time away, an interval, a pause, a break. Fancy word i learnt from reading Blogs.

I planned too many things for this holidays. Plan to enjoy to the maximum! =) Now i'm having some problems keeping up! Haha.

So, now it's my turn. Hiatus. But i don't think it would be a long one. =P

Urgh, stupid stupid 'thin girls are beautiful' theory. Sorry about the cursing but come on lar, i wanna enjoy life... Why must i give up enjoying food? Why?

Why must i hit the gym?! Actually, i'm hitting the gym cuz it's free for this week! Hehe. Wanna make full use of it. Yeah, i'm kiasu. Aren't u? Hehe

And i plan to really workout hard. And then rest well. So blogging, sorry lar, u taking the backseat in my life! Hahaha.

Damn Da Vinci Code, i still have not completed the book! Only 1/3 done

Today's E's birthday! Happy 20th Birthday, E!!!!

Iplanned a two day shopping spree for him. He shop, i pay. My birthday present to him. I treated him to donuts, a movie and dinner too.

Wallet is crying but to me it is worth red leather wallet tears. He loved the dinner.

Thank You sooo sooo much, M and K for showing up to surprise him!! It means a lot to both him and i.

The movie's good. Take the Lead. Not a popular movie, only heard it via the movie freak, JW's blog... JW, don't give up your blog over the nightmare... =|

Anyway, the movie. Something i enjoyed. Dramatic, the suspense is there. Not boring at all, funny even. It bores resemblances to Dangerous Minds... and is inspired by the true story of Pierre Dulaine, a ballroom dance teacher. Love the dance moves.

I should be sleeping now but i ended up 'counseling' someone off the net via blogging!! Sigh. Her situation reminds* me of my situation wayyyy back in October last year. Just had 2 share my words of wisdom! Haha. Took me an hour or so to write her one long precise comment...

*The situation has one similar fundamental: a boy choses girlfriend over close friend and close friend is really hurt. The issues leading to the ultimatum are totally and entirely different.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Weekend

Friday, walked the ground floor till the 6th floor, from end to end in Times Square, alone. Took me 3 hours!!! I'm too too free, searching for a bargain.

In the end i only bought 2 spaghetti straps from the 1st shop i walked into, MNG. RM20 each, the very simple one. Bought it for the brand name. U know how u often see girls with "MNG Addict", "MNG Basic" and "MNG and You" tees and spaghetti straps???

I wanna be like them! So i bought the latest, but soon to be out of date, but it doesn't matter in Malaysia, MNG line: MNG Barcelona.

MNG Barcelona

Oh, found a few hair accessory shop that sells cheap nail art RM4.90... it's usually RM6.90 to RM9.90... and fake tattoos for RM2.90!!!!! Bought one. Not gonna bother scanning them lar. Maybe would take pix of them when its on my body?

Which reminds me... the rock climbing card is still in my scanner! Hahhaha...

Oh yeah, u can get really cheap clothes in Times Square... RM17.90 for a denim skirt!!! Nice on the mannequin but too bad it didn't look good on me =( =( =( Dirt cheap man, wasted.

Then met up with mom to get her new phone. She wanted to buy me a new phone too but i'm not ready for a new phone. I still love my baby Nokia 6100. Sent it to the shop for repair. Can collect it tomorrow for RM110!!! Sigh... RM110 down the toilet. Flush! Bye bye.

In the evening... went for M's bday at William's in Kelana Jaya, a high priced mamak that served western food in LARGE portions. So large that i didn't have to order! I was full even after eating some off E's plate, some off SX's plate, D's leftover and a bit or two from SC's!! Hahahah.

Happy Birthday again M, hehe, third time wishing u ! =) Was REALLY lazy to go 4 ur celebration but i'm glad i went. It was fun. Worth the looooong LRT ride! =)

Also present were LW, XR, JH and SK... D's boyfriend and his friend too... hope i got all their initials right....

Saturday, supposed to wake up at 7 and go jogging, look for dance classes and check my eyesight all before 12pm. Ended up waking up at 7 and going back to sleep till 11.30am! Hahaha. Lunch and then slept a bit more. Haha! Then only dragged my sleepy head to Taman Sri Bahthera to check out dance/exercise classes...

and yeah! My eyesight didn't deteriorate much. Just 25 on my left eye. Yeah! It's been one n a half years since i last checked. Used to naik by 50 every year!!! Bought contact lens...

E's bestfriend S gave me this one week pass to Fitness First, so i went. Entered BodyJam class. It's dance + aerobics... aiyoh... did the treadmill. Sad lar watching the calorie count thing. Soooo long, soooo much running, soooo out of breath and only 110calories burnt after 15minutes! Sigh...

Makes me regret consuming that Justea yesterday... I'll never skip meals but i'm gonna reduce all these drinks... Plan to drink half a packet of milo instead of one whenever i'm hungry in between meals... Hungry now but i think i'll sleep.

Need the rest to workout somemore tomorrow. U see how sad it is being a normal girl. Stupid lucky bitches who are blessed with high metabolism rates and don't need to exercise/diet, please shut up and don't brag, not insulting u guys, just REALLY REALLY JEALOUS OK? So forgive me lar when i curse curse for fun ok? Thanks =) No offence wan...

Friday, June 23, 2006


No matter how hot a girl is she still feels as " if the mirror is cruel to" her. No matter how thin a girl looks, she still insists she needs to lose weight. Scared to link to these two girls** by the way.

I know i'm not OBESE, i fit into "m" size shirts alright, can squeeze into "s" sized tops... just that my stupid tummy will show. For skirts, i can buy "m".

But don't talk about pants, please... my pants are HUGE because my thighs are fat. I have an easy time buying discounted panties from Topshop cuz the average girl is size 6 or 8 and i'm a 10. So during a sale, the 6s and 8s are sold out. All the ones left on the rack are for bigger than average girls. Aka me.

Which is good cuz i get to save $, being fat entitles me to better discounts. Must go back to Pyramid, the Topshop there has the RM29 for 3... Or was it Lot 10? Hehe.

But that's not the point! I'm fat. =( =( =( No girl likes feeling fat, agree?

My pant size is 28 minimum. Can only fit into my size 28 Levi's cuz it's old, washed, stretched and also torn. Can't fit into the new 28s in the shops.

So girls, before consoling me... before telling me i'm not fat, tell me your pants size. Even if u are 27, u cannot tell me i'm not fat. Because 28 is bigger than 27.

Don't tell me its just one inch. Measure ur tummy and look at the mirror. Then suck in your tummy till it's on inch smaller, hold it, look at the mirror again. Now tell me how much one inch is?

If u are size 28 and above but u are taller than my 159cm / 5"1', u also have no right to tell me that i'm not fat cuz the weight is in proportion to your height, so shut up, bitch!!!!

Er... that last sentence is to no one in particular, just felt like cursing. Sometimes, reading other blogs make me so depressed i become like this.

**I understand that they have the right to be insecure and i understand their right to blog. I also understand that they are not intentionally making me feel this way. So please understand MY rights to be insecure, my blogging rights and please understand that if this post hurts your feelings, it is unintentional.

Checking my grammar made me feel a bit better! Haha... So... today. Went to Midvalley with J ! Lunch n a good time chatting! =) Then watched Cars. Wow, i've been watching a lot of movies lately! It's ok, student price! Hehe, dontcha just love being a student??

The movie's good! Like it, was entertained, it's meaningful and funny. Look closely at the flies in the movie, they're SUPER CUTE!!! Tiny little cars with insect wings! =)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Nice date. Didn't realize it till i heard it over the radio on the way to Summit for fake rock climbing with R.

Sign up for a short course. Where they teach ya how to tie the ropes for safety. Confusing... but i managed. Still alive and Blogging right? Hehe.

Me, me, me! Hahaha. Thanks R for bringing a cam n sending me the pix!

Also taught how 2 be a belayer, the person who... arrrgh, this post is hard to write. The person who... stands at the bottom and er... make sure the climber doesn't fall, while the climber climbs??? Climber n belayer are connected by a pulley.

Was surprised that after the guy taught me the stuff, he left R and i alone! We had to support each other n stuff. Requires teamwork. Scary at 1st but really fun!

I climbed all the beginners walls! Hahahaha. Asked R to climb the harder ones 4 me to see! Kesihan, he says he always brings different people there and people they make him the guinea! Hahahah.

But as the lady at the counter said, he's lucky to have so many people to be his belayer.

Guess what's that! Looks like something out of Fear Factor!!!

I made the guinea pig climb first!! Scary just watching. The thing swayed and the safety rope kinda... twisted around the thing! But he made it right to the top. Looks so easy.

Till i tried it! Hahahahahaha. 1st teer already so scared. Stupid thing swayed so much. R was very encouraging (aka dun wanna let me down! Hahaha). So slowly climb lor. Until the third teer.

Only a bit more to the top, but the planks on top looked to difficult... didn't know that i'm suppose hold the rope in the middle... well there's always next time. =P

Going down's always fun! Hehe. Just hang there n let the belayer slowly let ya down.

Then there was this huge pillar with the fake rocks on it... it's supposed to be for endurance ... cuz all u had to do was climb around it... your feet would be less than two feet from the ground, the hard part is clinging to the wall! Haha. I coudn't even make one round!

Seeeeeeeee, what i've got! Haha. Makes me so proud of myself!

RM10 for the course + RM5 for the special shoes + RM4 for the harness + RM6 (student price) for climbing = RM25 for the experience.

After that i felt soooo hungry. Went for nasi lemak. Chit chat. Then i stopped by uni, damn them, they refuse to adjust my subject clash for me! Then went home and played with Coco. Before i even finished my shower, i was already sooo hungry again.

Even after dinner, i was still hungry... craving all sorts of food. But being a girl, its sad, damned 'reduced eating', i just lied in bed, hungry, and read Da Vinci Code. About 1/4 done yeah!!! Haha.

Sorry lar, but i dun find pleasure in mysteries. Didn't even enjoy the movie, i was blur most of the time. The book... made me less blur. But who said that once u read it u can't put it down? Maybe the movie spoiled the book 4 me? Or maybe i'm not far into the book yet? Whatever the case, i MUST finish it. Really cannot tahan the way that girl spoke to me...

Its readable lar. Not like its... er... complicated or too flowery. It's just draggy (to me). And what for u describe architecture in great lengths? Gimme a picture with captions please! But the flashbacks on Langdon's classes n Silas made things clearer for me. Was too blur to decipher what the movie meant... Haha. Been seeing the word 'decipher' too much lately, makes me wanna use it! Haha

Note 1 : Hey, thanks E, for being so open minded, not minding me going out with a guy friend =)

Note 2 : Dinner is rice + 1.5 drumsticks! (Haha, they're chopped) + veggie + luncheon meat and egg + one tall glass of Ribena and about 20ml of Coke! Hahahaha.

Note 3 : Oh... both my arms are aching all over. Even my shoulders n ribs are aching too! (Added 1740, 21/6/2006)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

These Few Days

Has been alright. Wake up after ten everyday... hehe. Went shopping three times but didn't buy THAT much, since i keep saying, i'm so free, i can come back later! Hehehehe.

Met up with school friends: C, PL, A for The Fast n the Furious: Tokyo Drift at Times Square. The movie was a bit too American... and has practically no story line. Just total utter coolness.

Makes me wanna drift too. Love the way the cars drift one after another. Like its so easy.

Then met up with D, and HL in the evening. Just jalan-jalan n had a drink at McDonalds. One of our old classmate was working in McD!! I didn't recognise her, i'm bad at recognising, but D did. And then we talked a lot about old times. Man, some of that stuff happened 8 years ago! Wow! Being 20 is old.

Being without a phone is like losing your tail. You don't really need a tail, but because it was once part of u, it will be something u'd miss. If u were an animal.

Hahaha, what am i crapping about? I felt like saying being w/o a phone is like losing an arm. But no lar, my arms are more important than my phone. Hence the tail.

By the way, my phone is not working =( Keeps saying insert simcard.

Friday, June 16, 2006

For my phone I will

If u think about something happening so much it'll happen. Happened before.

Happened again.

The skirt i wore today had shallow pockets, so i was afraid that my phone would drop out and into the toilet... so afraid that the thought ran through my mind so many times. I decided to hold phone while i did my business.

Dumb move. That is exactly when i dropped my poor phone. Right into the toilet bowl! The squat kind that's popular in Malaysia. I watched in astonishment as it went down! Is this really happening to me?

By the time i reacted, it was too late! Actually, put left hand into the toilet bowl in attempt to catch my Nokia 6100!!! Not only did i not get my phone, disgusting stuff was caught under my fingernails!

Eeeewwwwww, i don't wanna imagine what is it. Yellowish. Yuckkkk.

Washed my left hand and i don't know what got into me... went back into the toilet and ACTUALLY PUT MY RIGHT ARM INTO THE TOILET BOWL... couldn't feel the bottom nor my phone.

Urgh. I don't know where my courage came from, i guess i just didn't think. Right arm into the toilet bowl AGAIN!!! This time deeper. As deep as possible. Stretched as far as i can go. Kinda hurt my ribs from stretching.

Still no luck.

Washed up and went for help. Maintanence was so kind to help me out. They said the toilet is over 4 feet deep! Shit! They asked if there was any string on my handphone. They would use a wire to fish out my phone...

Apparently, just yesterday another girl suffered the same fate. One of the maintanence guy was a little pissed with stupid girls like us.

The other was nice and talked to me. Asked me if my phone was expensive, when i said it wasn't, he empathetically asked "Banyak memori?" (a lot of memories?)!! So understanding! Too bad for the other girl, nice maintanence guy said that hers could not be recovered. =(

I was still hopeful. And appreciated this guy's not-pissed-behaviour. I thanked him even before we got to the stupid toilet. He's so humble lar, straightaway told me not to thank him cuz they haven't saved my phone yet.

I said, in Malay that it doesn't matter, they're helping me and for that alone i thank them.

One of them shined a torch light into the toliet bowl... the other was fishing with the wire. Waited patiently... within seconds, they got my phone out!!!!!!!!!!!

No shit-like stuff or anything on it, Thank God. Nice maintanence guy washed it for me with tap water. I thanked this guy again since the other guy disappeared quite quickly...

A girl saw me blow drying my phone under the hot-air-thingie... and she told me that it happened to her before. She let her phone dry out for a week before turning it on again and it works.

Thanked her more than once and plan to follow her advice. Please please let my phone work. Lots of memories inside. Still have one of the first few message E sent me....

Soaked my hands in Dettol until they hurt...

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Haha, that's what we used to say way back in high school after any exams!

Yahoooo. Exams ended for me! Can't believe how fast semesters in university go by. Took us 2 years to prepare for SPM. Merely 3 months for each semester now.

Supposed to start work at Monash today but in the end some guy took my place =( They prefer someone who can work for a month. I am only willing to work for them for 2 weeks and two days maximum. Call me lazy, that's me.

Besides, pay ain't terrific. Just wanted to see what's inside Monash. =P Too bad. They wanted to hand me over to Sunway's financial dept but they too want students to work for a month at least. I'll pass. Eh... anyone wants to work for Sunway? 8.30am-5.30pm, RM40 a day, let me know i'll let them know.

How did my exams go, i'll Blog about them when the results are out. 13 July 2006. Yikes!

Oh, i went shopping yesterday!! =) But didn't buy that much. Just two halter tops for RM49.00 from U2 and dinner. Didn't shop much cuz my friend still has exams =(

Arrgh, dun see the point of finishing exams so early when all my friends are still studying for theirs. I'm at E's place, blogging crap while he's studying for a paper. =( I'm his driver today, driving him to uni, i don't know why.

What do i have to do in uni? Yeah... Allocate my subjects for the next semester, complain about the clash... and er... nothing. Aiyoh. Plan to read Da Vinci Code. Hopefully the book wouldn't dissapoint me as the movie dissapointed me...

Yawn, pergi tidur now? But scared of sleeping my holidays away.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Blood Suckers!

I'll probably change my mind later on but right now, i DON'T EVER WANNA HAVE ANOTHER PET AGAIN. Mafanness. Cute but mafan like shit hell. And so expensive, u might as well slit my throat.

Brought them to the vet for vaccination with friend n lil' sis. Turns out my pup had more than the normal pimple-like thingie on her belly. Have to take antibiotics.

Then got ticks. This is one long story. Happened last week. Maid asked me to buy the tick shampoo. So i looked for the shit. Vet A reccomended some shit that costs RM65. Can only be used three times. And each time would only last a month. I stubborn, i dowan, cuz i know my father never spends that much on my last dog. Buy the RM12 shampoo.

Didn't work, poor Coco still had the stupid ticks on her.

Today, vaccination time. Go to vet B cuz that's the one friend prefers: reputable, well-known. Got the vaccination. And the stupid anti-biotics. Then they reccomended some stupid spray shit that costs RM60. Thought wanna share with my friend so ok la. RM30 each.

Bill added up to RM85. Parents complain. Father, who is a doctor, says he doesn't charge PEOPLE that much. Mother said that my SISTER'S vaccination costs RM44.

Today's jab didn't even include vaccination agaisnt heart worms!

The ticks are supposed to fall off but it's been 9hours and they are still on her. Damn it lar. If we are still supposed to pick the thicks off, then what for wanna pay so much for the damned to hell spray ar?????

And the spray right. Used it only once so far. On one small little puppy. Ok, she's bigger, 4kg now, but she's still SMALL ok?????? Used it on her ONLY ONCE AND THE DAMNED THING IS HALF FINISHED.

What shit!?

And then turns out NOT sharing the cost of the spray thingie. Have to pay up another RM30. Like shit. My parents sure angry lar. And if i pay on my own, from my allowance i'd surely suffer. It'll be RM30+RM12 for the ineffective shampoo, it adds up to RM42, over 1/10 of my miserable allowance.

Spend so much money and I still can't hug and carry my little puppy bear cuz of the stupid ticks.

Then i told my father everything, he paid the RM30 for me BUT it comes along with a long lecture that makes me feel like i'm the kind of daughter who maxes out credit cards. Miserable.

I HAVEN'T SHOPPED SINCE APRIL OK????? If u are a typical guy, just imagine not watching football for over a month!!!!!!!!

Yes, i am angry and u be thankful my vocabulary of curse words is still limited to damn, shit and hell.

Lets out a deep breath. Feels better after Blogging.

Last words, THINK before u get a pet... A lot of responsibility, time, effort n money.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Honesty . Ass . Anonymous

Said i value honesty. Yup i do! I need it to know if i've done anything wrong or just plain irritating. Need to know opinions so i can improve myself, make amends, apologize...

Constructive criticism. Definitely would appreciate the honesty and wouldn't take it TOO personally. Wouldn't let that get in the way of friendships. But that doesn't mean i wouldn't feel hurt.

About a week ago, a guy friend asked my opinion on a girl... "Is she fat", he asked. I was like "NOOOOO, WHERE GOT, CRAZY AR?", I didn't see anything wrong with her overall!

And then he said she has tummy. Well ok, many girls do, shut up if u don't. =P The girl walked away so i didn't get a better look. Then he added "I think she drinks beer". Implying she has a beer belly?!

Automatically i said, "Then i also drink beer lar?"

And he said "A bit la".

Shit man, the idiot thinks i drink beer! Slapped him! I'm allergic ok?! Then he tried to change topic, ask E, who was nearby, whether he drinks beer.

Damn damn damn... i'm so fat (in the stomach region) that my friend thinks i drink beer!?!

SHIT, U KNOW. It's one big wake up call to start working out (haven't jogged in over a month cuz of exams). I'm even doing pathetic things like jogging on the spot in the shower everyday. And like, eating 3/4 packet of maggie mee instead of one. Sigh.

On a happier note, in my last post i mentioned that E calls me bitch n i call him ass everyday? Haha. His bestfriend called me bitch too and i automatically replied "Assssssssss" in the same way i reply E everytime he calls me bitch.

It didn't feel right! Haha, it's like... 'ass' is a replacement for 'dear' or something in our case! Haha

Then the other night, over dinner, E told me he forbids me to call anyone else ass! AHAAHAHA. He wants 'ass' exclusively to himself! I laughed so much.

Yeah, ok, so he's my ass. =)

Hm... over the past 2 weeks a friend of mine has been receiving rude anonymous comments in her blog, insulting her looks and cursing her relationship with her boyfriend. Long story, even i am not clear on the details.

However, i defended her wherever and however i could. Wasn't that difficult, the anonymous herself gave us a lot to rebut. I wouldn't say it's entertaining but i did find it challenging to refrain from cursing back n calling names. It felt great to retort sarcastically n to speak oh-so-diplomatically. =) It's nice to structure a comment in such a way that attempts to get the point across good.

The anonymous ignored my friend's friends who were defending her, including me. It felt like she/he couldn't handle us. Which gave me some sense of victory! Haha, it seems peaceful there in her blog for about a day now, hope it ends there.

In one of my defensive comments, i said, "And anonymous, (if) u need a place to vent out, I DARE YOU TO COME TO MY BLOG, I DARE YOU! =) Leave my friend alone."

I have no idea where that came from but it's nothing i regret. Looking forward to it even. I've never had any useless negative anonymous comments before and i'd like to see how i'd handle it! Hehe. Besides exam's almost over n could use some drama.

Anyway, i've came to a conclusion that anonymous comments do not matter much. It is unreliable. If a friend tells me my flaws, i might take it into consideration. However when someone hides behind the cloak of anonymity and says i have a bad attitude... how true is the statement? Is it valid?

What makes him her say so? In Literature in English SPM (the whole literature paper, not the small component one), my teacher gave me hell over 'sweeping statements'. We had to justify everything. In Monash, assignments have to be referenced to academic journals or newspapers etc or we'd fail instantly.

Monday, June 05, 2006


the rules.
- The tagged has to come up with 8 different points about his/her ideal lover.
- The gender of the ideal lover has to be mentioned
- Tag eight others to join this and leave a comment in their blogs.
- If you are tagged the second time. There is NO need to do this again.
- Lastly and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT or don't do it.

My ideal lover is...

8. Tall
Haha, once, in high school, a few girlfriends and i were joking about our ideal boyfriends. We were more of joking around and laughing. And i told them i want someone tall. "How tall?", asked PL. And i said as tall as the door!
Guess what, E is sooo tall and the school door is rather low, so i actually got what i wanted! Haha. PL pointed that out.

7. Honest
It's the best policy, it's MY policy too and i wouldn't want someone lying to me. Really got what i wanted with E! Haha, he's sooo honest, he doesn't even tell white lies!

6. Tolerates me
Let's face it, i'm no sleeping beauty from a Disney fairy tale. I nag. I demand. I get upset! Hahaha. And of course i sleep and sleep and need a human alarm clock too... =P

5. Speaks good English
The reason many relationships fall apart is cuz there is a problem in communication. I'm a Chinese girl who doesn't speak Chinese and my Malay is shit, so, English is the way to go with me.

4. Loving, caring and not afraid to show it
No need to be all macho lar. What's d point right?? U love her, show her (and the world) that u do. New friends of mine never need to ask me if E's my bf. If they see us together they'd know. Simple, obvious.

3. Smart
So when i ask stupid questions, i dun get stupid answers. Hehehehe

2. Love
Of course there has gotta be love! =P

1. Hate
And some hate to spice things up. When both love and hate exists and love triumphs... it's a good sign. He calls me bitch n i call him ass. Everyday. His bestfriend says we're crazy. I say we're happy.

It's gonna be a lil hard for me to tag... since i never write names. So, guess if u are one of them. MY, KM, IS are tagged. J is welcome to do it too if you're not too busy with work. And then maybe... DL's sister, B!! Do u even blog?!! =P =) I'd like to see E do this! Hahaha... What about u DLYY? And erm... CNCN, from Melacca. No obligations

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sleeping Beauty's Nap

My stupid nap yesterday... backfired.

40minute nap morphed into a 12hour goodnight sleep. Complimentary bad dreams included. Was searching for a place, walking, wondering and searching. But as usual, i never get to my destination. Always wake up before i do.

But no prince charming and no sweet kisses. I awoke like a jack in the box. Just suddenly sat up in a jolt! Shit, what time is it?! Damn damn damn. Rush rush rush

I wanna do that. So tired now but afraid of taking a nap. I don't wanna pull another sleeping beauty.

Cuz if i do, there won't be no happy ending.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Not Thanking God It's Friday

It's Friday night and i'm at home blogging?! Aiyoh, exams ar... why do this to me!?

Anyway, i usually sleep at like 8pm on Fridays cuz that's the only day i'm least stressed up. But today, i'm SUPER stress, no chance to imitate sleeping beauty. So left behind in my exam preparations! So slow! Shit, it's next week!

My blog lacks pictures... camwhoring pic of myself. Like it cuz my complexion looks good here... =P

If u zoom in real close u can see a few early pimples on my forehead... this was taken last week. There are more now. Stress!!!