Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gold Coast!

15 January 2008 - 18 January 2008

Booked a trip with Student Flights and flew with Jetstar.

Little bit better than AirAsia.

Got there and checked in before noon. Buses in Gold Coast are always late and bus drivers are strict about bringing food onto the bus, unlike Melbourne's buses.

First theme park of the trip was Seaworld

Looked at fishies

And then a seal show.

A dolphin show...

Love this little giant polar bear the most!

Looks just like a cuddly dog!

It was doing some swimming laps

He just went on ignoring us!

MovieWorld for day 2

Next Pic is of E pretending to be Superman =P

He's so not right!? Hahahah

Me in front of the Superman rollercoaster ride...

We sat that twice. I'm up for all roller coasters ;)

And the two of us on the streets of movie world

Watched the Police Academy stunt show twice. Really damn good and all stunts were done live! With a helicopter, explosions that made a large mushroom cloud of smoke and some drifting.

Lethal Weapon ride was alright, and the ScoobyDoo ride was great but the queue's too long for us to go for it again. I guess the queue is long cuz the ride's cool.

E peed in his pants in one of the rides!


Hahahha. No lar, it was the Flume ride... with the giant splash of water right at the right place! WAHHAHA.

Sporting right he to let me take that pic! =P Even posed for it

That night we walked down to Surfer's Paradise

Another pic of the poser E...

The same street in daylight...

With the Surfer's Paradise sign again...

Oh my god so many good pictures of E and mine all turn out bad. I am just not photogenic.

Finally... there's an ok pic of me!

The waves are really rough and the lifeguards are really strict about where u can or cannot swim. Even though the water is ankle deep, u can feel the current.

And more of my scenery pictures...

Notice the lady in green on the lower left part of this pic, topless sunbathing her back... quite a few of them doing that there.

E and i =)

And that...
was given to me at the airport when i ordered my food. It beeps and the lights flashes when my food's ready!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Whats this?

Leave a comment with what u think it is!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


So many choices yet so little options

Its driving me nuts.

I don't want to make a wrong decision.

But how will i know?

I don't wanna waste time

But at the same time i wanna take my time!

What is a fresh graduate to do?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Damn Streamyx

I miss my Optus Broadband.

Stupid Streamyx. I've FINALLY started to apply online for permanent work...

but STUPID site cannot load...

neither can i access my emails damnit.


The only sites i can access is blogger, thats why i am blogging...

and Facebook poker seems fine

What, so is the a sign that i should just continue being the lazy girl i have been for the past 2 weeks?

Friday, February 15, 2008


Ex-housemate CT once told me that the perfect guy for her would give her exotic flowers. I say exotic cuz i cant remember what flowers was it she desired =P Then she asked me what's my favourite flower.

Shrugged, i didn't have an answer. Pink or red roses are more than enough, i told her, i'm a simple girl, no fuss no worries ; )


E and i went to Sunway University College for lunch/to get his academic transcript/meet up with Miss IS. Yes. CAFETERIA FOOD for lunch

We sat in front of the student centre like we used to for over 2 years. Ate the food we were once sick of. The familiarity of it all was comforting

Then dinner in Taman Cheras's pasar malam. I was kinda sad at first cuz most shops were closed due to the Hokkien festival but i found bliss in the a road side stall and a plate of satay and ketupat!

Only RM5.50 which E paid, thanks dear! =) I couldn't help but divide the amount by 3. Only AUD$2!!!!! Dirt cheap. =)) He didn't fancy satay so we later went to the mamak.

Another road side table. We talked about the future among other things over his paper tosei <-- thats EXACT same thing he ate after the movie on our VERY first date. Our FOURTH Valentines Day together.


If u want cheap roses (RM5-RM8 a stalk) on vday, hit the universities. Especially Sunway Uni's cafeteria. Students sell them to raise funds for charity or something. I bought one for the bestfriend and one for E's mom.


E went to the car first as i bought the rose for his mom. I walked through the uni to check out the changes on campus. The tables in the foyer are painted an AWFUL yellow now.

I heard someone call out to me... i turned around and saw this black guy dressed in white. Not someone i knew.

In Australia, we were told to ALWAYS layan (entertain) stranger's hollerings and whatever crap. Thats what i always forced myself do despite any discomfort i feel when in Australia. Having just came back,
out of habit, i automatically politely layan him like i always do in Australia.

He complimented the way i dressed (t-shirt mini skirt flip flops) and made some vday related small talk.

Then he said something like "What if i wanna see u again?"

I was like "Erm... no". He was persistent and asked why etc. Finally took my no for an answer by saying "see ya around".

I said "Yeah, see ya". No point in saying i've already graduated. Muahahaha =P

Never have i experienced a situation like that. Flattered though =)


Bestfriend was really happy with the rose. Both she and E's mom were concerned over the price of the roses. Then i fetched my sister home from her tuition. The tuition i used to go to. Went in to say hie to my teachers at Minda Ceria. My teacher's bday falls on Vday. It made me happy to see them smile.

Overall a very good day. A very simple day

Monday, February 11, 2008


For those of u who failed Geography in PMR... or those of u who got an A for it but cant remember much (like me =P ), a kelong is a fishing place...

... built on stilts...

... in the middle of the ocean.

NOT your typical holiday resort. More like a refugee camp

My sis and i. With our bunk beds. Father in the background playing around with fishing hooks.

The toilet is a hole in the kelong... ur shit and pee goes STRAIGHT into the deep blue sea. I didnt take any picture of the toilets, cuz it doesnt turn out good in photos.

Why did we choose to live in poverty during the festive season? Cuz my father wanted a trip like this for years and years. I remember him talking about it before.

Look at how happy is he! Hahah. Nice scenery in his pic. Not many scenic shots in our "refugee camp".

Another pic of our quarters. I complained quite a fair bit =P but hey at least i went and brought u this post! My Singaporean cousins didnt wanna go on Survivor. =P

I tried fishing, not my first time by the way. Baybeetea aint no princess

Look at my little fishes! Poor little dumb fishies... they actually ate the fake fish bait with hooks.

One of my prized catch!
A little apollo fish, to be used as fish bait for bigger fishes later on.

Not easy to get a pic like that, some of the fishes manage to escape the line when i bring it in too slow.

My uncles helped me unhook them after i've reeled them in. Wahaha, great being a girl, when my bro caught those fishies, my uncle said "Do yourself" and he had to! HAHAHAH

But look at my face... the expression is cuz i pity those fishes. Seeing their mouths all torn... seeing the hook in their guiles (however u spell it...). And some of the fishes accidentally get hooked on their back fin. They bleed, they have red blood like us humans, they look so pitiful

I walked around and took photos of what others caught...

This snake like whatever fish had a long mouth, something like a shark's, with teeth. The guy wanted to take the hook out of its mouth. The long mouth broke into such a short length as the guy tried n tried to get the hook out. It bled and struggled in pain

The next one was luckier...

This frog-like fisheeee was expertly unhooked really quickly and thrown back into the sea without a drop of blood. The man who caught it was afraid that this weird thing was poisonous.

Thats my family's bucket of fishes... only half of what we caught. Got nothing big...

After a night at the kelong, we were supposed to go to Singapore but my mom was too sick and so she and the rest of the family were to go back to KL. I wanted to go to Singapore from Batu Pahat alone by bus cuz i have never met my new baby nephew and i already made plans with the wonderful Singapreans i met in Frankston.

But oh my god, all bus tickets to Singapore is sold out until THURSDAY! So i'm back in KL now =P

OOOOOOh! And i learnt how to play mahjong at the kelong! =) Quite a struggle to READ those Chinese words on the mahjong tiles! But the game is such addictive fun!

Oh and my father dropped his specs into the sea at the Kelong! HAHAAH, Damn funny! Long story. But that meant my bro n i had to take turns driving back to KL!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Near Accident on North South Highway

Damn scary, i had to break quite a fair bit on the north south highway when i saw this car swerve from the right lane to the middle lane. The car in the middle lane jam breaked. I saw smoke from the first car...

I realize they've come to a complete stop and had to break harder! My father told me go to the left lane, a quick look to the left mirror showed that there was no cars. Changing lanes saved me from driving into the back of the second car.

We were almost beside the first car and i saw that it had a totally FLAT front left tire. I then realized i was on 5th gear but almost stationary, i stared at the gear, i don't know why. My mom told me to faster drive off to avoid being rammed into from the back. I quickly changed to second gear, i noticed there were more cars around us from the rear view mirrors. I stepped on the accelerator and we reached home safely that night. Phewwwwwww, we were so lucky to not be hit!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Before i left Australia, i called up customer servive from my Optus prepaid phone line. They have this automatic voice thing that asks u to tell them what u are calling about in the least amount of words.

I burped cuz i just had Hungry Jacks' Bacon Deluxe for dinner.

And the thing said "Is that an enquiry about Insurance?".

Hahahahah... i laughed like mad at that. Just thought i'd share that with ya since i didn't manage to upload any pictures

Won't be online for some time, spending the festive season down south =)

Happy Chinese New Year

See ya!

Sunday, February 03, 2008


I almost drank tap water...

Everyone's smaller. Size S no longer fits me. E wanted to wear size M shirts and i had to remind him that we are no longer in Aust. He's now L to XL again.

My puppy girl remembers me, she's so cute and excited to see me! Wagging her tail and jumping about.

I forgot to bring packet tissue cuz i was spoiled by Aussie toilets... even the beach toilets have tissue! Its not that dirty in Malaysian toilets but its all wet which makes it look unhygienic.

When my father came back from work, he smiled as i greeted him. We hugged and he asked me how was my day.

Then he gave me a wad of RM50 notes! Told me its for spending! =)

I wasn't expecting that, surprised and so touched!!

The next question he asked was "When are u going to start work?"

OH SHIT. Hearing it from E's dad was nothing. But hearing it from my OWN father means its time to start applying.


Friday, February 01, 2008

2008 April 02 Link

What i've bought-

1. Two pairs of La Senza bra, hey, i have to wear beige colours under white shirts for work... =P So its work clothes HAHAHA RM189

2. Two pairs of pants that i regret buying from Jaya Jusco. Regret buying them! Bought them cuz they were cheap. They just need to be altered tho... RM80 in total

3. Four tops and one skirt from road side shops, received a nice shirt compliment from MY... RM130

4. A vest from Message! Nice vests are hard to come by RM60 and i think that is freaking expensive for something with so little cloth but whatthef**k la good vests are not easy to find and in Aust it wud have cost more and.. and.. A fren's Ms Selfridge vest was RM100... gonna wear it to work tomolo n wait to be complimented! HAHAHAH.

5. Erm, a pair of pants from Padini. 50% off. RM60 after discount.

6. A WHITE formal jacket from SUB. 60% off. I paid RM75. I wouldn't have impulsively bought it if it weren't for the discount cuz its WHITE... Instead of buttons, it has a ribbon! =) My only other formal jacket (black) has hooks instead of buttons... HAHAHAHA, what the hell am i trying to do? I am trying to bend the rules as far as it can go and make it damn known that accountants are NOT boring

7. Brown shoes... bought it more of need and comfort rather than style... about RM30

8. Blue shoes! Love love love these pair. No one complimented me on them and i was a bit too tall cuz the heels were a bit too high but its damn comfortable and i love it. It was almost crossing the boarder of being too striking! HAHAH RM59.

9. Black and white shoes. Hesitated but gave into temptation cuz it was only RM30

10. Two standard long sleeve collar shirts for days when i want to play it safe... one of them i wore in that scarf picture... RM24 each. G2000, 70% off, Chinese New Year sale.