Monday, January 25, 2010

Shoes in my closet

Wayyy back when i was in Melbourne, there was two warm weeks in August-supposedly the coldest month. Red boots were reduced to AUD 10 !!!

Snap 'em up wei! =) I've also got flat green elf boots too. Hahah. Last wore these red babies for the Wild Wild West Night

Also in 2007, i bought these glittery pair at half price!

Last wore them to this Karaoke session with colleagues =)

Really sweet, really lady-like and un-Sue-Lin-like shoes

Bought them in 2006 from Vincci cuz they were cheap (my weakness) and havent worn them yet...

Another pair from my college days

Still love the colour but my taste has changed, wouldn't buy a pair like that today

Oooh, these stringey thing! Back in 2004, i waited and waited for them to go on discount!

Worn only once, to the Ausmat awards night. My first ball with E!

Before my internship in 2006, i thought these shoes were formal and bought them for work

Only to find out that in audit firms u need shoes that covers the back/heel. Only worn once, to the interview of my internship

Today i dont think these are nice anymore...

Recall wearing them to the Monash Ball in 2006. If u click on the link, u'd realize my date for the ball wasn't E! Hahah! My guy friend actually asked me to go with him in front of E and then turned to E to ask if it was okay. My boyfriend's cool =)

Never worn these, so unpractical. Just try them on from time to time and admire them! HAHAAH

So pretty, you can tie the ribbon in front too !

Threw out a few that weren't lasting... father has been asking me to start my spring cleaning... its gonna be tough!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Las Vegas Wedding

Checked my phone for smses when i was done at the gym

When i got home, my sister was already logged onto the site and was watching the video clip.

My cousin and his fiance walks down the aisle

Stood before the priest

Phrases in the speech made them smile

Wedding vows

Exchange rings
They light the candle together to represent two lives merging
Husband and wife's kiss
The end

So simple, so different, definitely the first in my family

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

251km Across Cambodia

The bus was punctual, to my bestfriend's surprise. From Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, they told her to be at the bus stop by 6am and that the bus will arrive anytime between 6-7am!!

We began our journey to Sihanoukville. Suddenly we heard a loud explosion! Our bus was tilting to the right, the driver drove slowly for what seemed like forever before stopping

What's up with the buses in the trips i go to in 2009?

I've experienced bus problems 2 out of 3 of my trips (the bus in Bali broke down). Needless to say i was upset with the delay. Was stressed over my exam the following week, it felt like i was wasting time on the bus. And bestfriend felt like she was responsible for my happiness on the trip =(

Even my pictures from the window of the bus sucked, so blurry. We bought the earlier bus ticket so that we would arrive in Sihanoukville before dark but with the delay, that's not gonna happen. I was worried shit about looking for a place to stay. Yeah, we have NOT got it booked

Earlier at the Phnom Penh bus station, the tuttut driver that we hired the day before was there and he helped arrange for his friend in Sihanoukville to pick us up upon arrival. I was worried that with the delay of over 2 hours, he wouldnt be there anymore when we arrived.

To our surprise (and relief), when we pulled over in Sihanoukville bus station, there was a tuttut driver with this sign!

Sukun Kanya (pronounced Kanye, like Kanye West, the dude that humiliated Taylor Swift in the MTV VMA in 2009).

Apparently, the locals have been telling my bestfriend that she looks like a Cambodian singer, Sukun Kanya and so whenever people asks her whats her name, she'd say Sukun Kanya just for fun

This bus provider, Paramount, was actually quite good, u actually need to keep the tag of the baggages to collect ur bags!

Safer that way. A lil time consuming though. But to avoid theft, i'm okayyy. We asked out tuttut driver to recommend a guesthouse.

Sihanoukville town by nightfall, just streaks of light in front of Sa, our driver, captured on my camera.

He brought us to Lucky Bungalows and waited for us, just in case we didnt like the place, he could bring us elsewhere

We'll take it! Hahaha

We looked for the remote control for the tv and my bestfriend thought aloud "Wow, they even provided us with mosquito coil!!!"

A closer look revealed that those aren't mosquito repellent, the packaged strip contains CONDOMS! Hahahaha

Every night i send my parents and E an sms with information of the guesthouse i'm in and what city in Cambodia. Just for safety's sake.

Took our much needed refreshing baths (this is the only night we had hot water!) and then headed out for seafood dinner!

The row of shops a block away from our guesthouse.

Dinner time crowd in Sihanoukville consists of only whites, no Asian tourists. The Asians: Malaysians, Sporeans, China Chinese, Japanese, Koreans normally take tours and don't head to places like this. Somehow that made this trip feel so adventurous and unique to me

Chose a restaurant that's full of people, thats part of my 'to get good clean food' theory. And yes our food was good but as usual no pix, anti food blog here =P

We camwhored with my 5 picture self timer function

Yes, i was wearing the same thing on Night 2 as i did on Night 1. Urrgggg, horrible! If only i could turn back time and put on something else! Vain! Hahah

Oh well, dressing aside, it was good fun. See, all smiles and laughter! Great filling dinner, we stayed to chat till the crowd thinned down. We felt like everything just fell into place =D

What else can u get in Cambodia:

Estatic Pizza! Hahaha.

I wonder what toppings they have... tomatoes, basil, cheese... weed?

Friday, January 08, 2010

Ciggie Break

Without the cigs, i dont smoke! Hahaha

Just had to step out cuz it was FREEZING in the meeting room the client assigned to the auditors for the week. Snapped a pic of my attire:

Pink sleeveless shirt inside my warm wooly long sleeved overall thingie (from Aust autumn sales!), white jacket with a ribbon instead of buttons from Sub (got it for half price if i may add =) and a shawl over it all (from Bali)

Took the tissue box down from my car and was blowing my nose and sneezing all day =S Thats my 3rd day of work in 2010. Was stuck in traffic on the 2nd day of work:

KL skyline at 8am, Chan Sow Lin area.

Take a look at this, note that the monitors are on the right of the desk while the keyboard is on the desk:

Hahhaa, found it hilarious when SA told me that the client's staff put it that way so that they can Facebook during office hours! Their boss sits behind them, in a glass windowed room.

I smsed my Senior last week to check in advance if client wants us to work on the 4th, Monday, before i made any plans. She told me that its our firm hol and "enjoy urself" =)

So i headed to Midvalley/Gardens (cant believe parking's full!) to meet E and DLTM, whom i met online through this blog over a year ago, for lunch and just to catch up. DL thanks for lunch! Forgot to thank u tht day!

On Tuesday, i found out tht Senior worked on Mon since the client insisted they wanted the auditors to start the audit on the 4th and she didnt call me in to work cuz she had already told me i didnt have to! So sweet of her, right? Other bosses may not be so nice!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Started 2010 on a busy note

Rushed home from Port Klang on 31st

It was jammed, i wished i was on the flyover above me...

I felt small and vulnerable driving a Kancil in Port Klang, these monsters can eat me up...

31st Dec didnt feel like it, didnt go out since i was working on 1st Jan. Felt depressed and asked E to bring me to the hill in Taman Segar

We got there at 11.40pm, double parked and joined many others to catch a view of the KL skyline on the turn of the decade.

Nothing spectacular but so simple and satisfying, my 6th New Year's Eve together with E =D

Rushed home to get much needed sleep. Friday - Drove to Banting (the client's place is off limits in my map book!) for the longest stocktake i ever had - 13hours, god. Thank goodness colleagues were pleasant chatty people and the client's Finance Manager and CFO were super duper nice, the CFO actually stayed till 9pm plus and even helped count stock!

Will u be this humble when u are on top?

Came home to a dark house, i missed my extended family's 1st Jan dinner. Microwaved leftovers, ate alone and went to bed

Saturday, 2nd Jan - Gym, lunch, online, nap, documentation aka worked. Mamak and some quality time with E! =D

Sunday, 3rd - Gym, lunch, napped till MY called about dinner! Was like shit, i need to work so i worked hard and fast, just as i was gonna log off and hit the shower, SY and SJ arrived at my house, shit! Running late, E arrived to pick us up, i forgot my camera!

Sighhh, its 4th Jan and i have no pix yet! =(