Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Real Thing

The sesame covered pork looked mouth-watering, the skin of the meat shined in the orange light, a marketing gimmick of the chicken rice stall at the medan in Sunway. It worked, from being unable to decide what to eat, i was determined to eat that and queued up patiently to order the cha siew fun.

Upon ordering, i was told that it's not pork, it was chicken. No problem, doesn't matter what matter it is, it is the one i want! Haha. So i carried my prized cha siew look-alike to my table where K, R and C were seated.

Being a pork lover, K asked if it were cha siew and i told her what it really is. She then shocked me with a question: "Do u still eat pork?"

Oh my god... i'm dating someone who can't eat pork by religion, so?? I can still eat pork! Keyword: dating. C, who's on the same boat as me, was also eating pork at our table. So i went "YAH!!!! I'm not married!". And she felt a bit dumb.

Hehe, honest mistake, she must have been wondering why i didn't go for the real thing; pork. =)


MaS said...

hahahaha ..... well ... maybe ppl dunno about me .... n how much freedom i give u .... muahahahaha ..... i sure give u alot of freedom to do watever u wan rite ... well ... in C n A's case ... he is also very understanding ... soo .... ppl out there ... plz stop asking ..... we r kinda irritated y it .... maybe just only me ....

sue lin said...

ya la ya la... must announce to the world that u give me a lot of freedom la. =P

MaS said...

most definately .... i dun wan to be like those guys who restrict their gfs do things ..... would u like dat ???

sue lin said...

Haha, yea, =) I know... like da freedom u give me! And i dun wanna be like those girls who restrict their bfs.

Go keep your hair as long as u like, u can never beat me, your hair cannot be as nice as mine! Hahahahaha

Love ya E

Ps. How many times do u visit my Blog a day???