Friday, August 27, 2010

Flower Fun

I'm such a girl, so attracted to flowers, couldn't stop taking pictures of colourful bliss and all things pretty

My Uncle would cut the flowers for the florists to be used in bouquets.

Since the glasshouse is huge, he'd choose and cut them, leave them on the floor for me to help carry them to the wheel burrow outside

There was one stem i missed, didn't see it and i found it on the ground the next day
Uncle told me to keep it. Its so vibrant, with the sky and the pond blurred out in the background =) I decided to give it to PL, who visited the farm in Sydney for fun

Leftovers lunch, with the orchids on the table. She said that the lasted for over a week, it was still fresh when she went to Melbourne!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Heart of KL

Back when i was still a career woman, i took so many pictures while in the traffic jam and during lunch that i didnt have time to post them up

That building, with what looks like arrows pointing upwards. When i was in primary school, i watched as it was built. Funny that, in my first year of work, i was sent to work in that building for a few days. I really grew up in KL

Jalan Tengah. The street in front of the school i went to, St Mary. Nostalgic. 5 years of travelling along that road. And to actually work along that road for a week, wow, amazing to me

The KL tower, my father told me about it. Back then it was under construction, i was a little 7 year old. Whenever i was bored during assembly, my eyes would wander to the top of the KL tower, as the months go by, i watched as it grew taller. Upon completion, my father brought the family to visit the viewing deck

There never used to be a market there on Fridays, but then again, that was 10 to 15 years ago. My school will soon become St Mary Residence instead. Old schools in the city give way to high rise buildings.

Pavillion, a humungous luxury mall on the right, a place i boycott, for it was where my secondary school used to be. On the left of the overhead bridge, was where i used to wait for the school bus

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shrine of Rememberance

What the Tugu Negara is to Malaysia, is what the Shrine of Rememberance is to the Australians

Memorial for those who have served in the wars in history. From the viewing deck

PL, me and Melbourne city. There were pictures and aerial views of the shrine a century ago. Amazing comparison of how Swanston street has changed.

Back in 2007, a friend told me that u can see the entire Swanston street from the shrine. After all its just one straight road.

On the trams along Swanston street, if u look up ahead, you'll see the shrine. Love this shot, proud of it, with blurry people walking by, like a page from a magazine =)

Sky light from the middle of the shrine

Timer shot

After that we walked along the Yarra River, $1 7Eleven cup of coffee in our hands. Went to Crown Casino, played some electronic roulette. Visited the Poker Room and checked out a dealer that looks like Clarke Kent. Hahah

Friday, August 13, 2010

Glampot Launch

A university mate of mine invited me for the launch of his fashion boutique, Glampot's second outlet. Immediately thought of inviting my Batchmates!

Three of us met up at 11.45am for lunch and a heart-to-heart session in Tropicana City mall. Then coffee at Starbucks while waiting for RC, who's always late, to pick us up for the launch

Glamourous four. Aren't we the younger, Asian version of the Sex and the City girls? Hahha!

Cupcakes and other refreshment, delicately placed by the entrance. We were served drinks and given exclusive door gifts!

David Lee, my uni mate, the owner of the shop, presenting me my new designer handbag. Complimentary. Mine to love!

Kidding! Just posing for fun =P

Was a short but good catch up session, he had to mingle with the other guests and his loyal customers. Briefly updated each other on our lives. Its been so long since Graduation, the IB assignment and the Monash Ball

Browsed the items on display with the girls, all the while chatting non-stop =)

Who says you cant make friends at work? Love these girls =)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Orchid Show

For years and years i have always listened when my Uncle talks about his orchid shows so fondly

Rows of potted orchids, which i helped sleeved (packed with custom-ordered protective plastic sheet), ready to be loaded into the van.

You can either train the flowers to stand upright, or let them hang gracefully

Loaded and ready to go!

Do i look good with a moustache? Haha! While waiting for uncle to change out of his farmer overalls

A picture of the pond that morning

A spiderweb by the pond

June is only the beginning of the orchid season in Sydney. I only got to attend the smaller mall-based orchid shows and not the full scale one in the St Ives showground in mid-August =(

How we unload the orchids. Parked in normal customer parking lot because the loading bay was full. And we used trolleys! Hahha.

I saw a lady who has already bought an orchid plant, she was walking back to her car. She saw me and said "If i knew u were coming i would have waited". My uncle's orchids are noticeably better =)

Some orchid growers enjoy entering their plants in a contest. I loved the magnificient sight of the exotic flowers. It was like Avatar! But with the lighting in the mall, photos don't turn out well

The sales section. Orchid Society Members volunteer their time to sell the plants. Its a cute past time, i feel happy watching them, you don't see the elderly Malaysians hanging out like that, do u?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Desert Rain

On the 6th day of my Australian Road Trip, i woke up early to camwhore!

Kinda miss my long hair.

The messy look. It'll grow back. Which reminds me, i need to layer my hair a bit more before i fly off next =)

Excellent for the road trip but horrible car to take your driving license test in. Yeah my driving instructor uses the same model for lessons and my exam

Snapped some pictures while Bestfriend went to check out of Mt Ebenezer guesthouse

Under a million stars, where we had dinner there the night before.

Our staple diet of sandwiches out of a box. Previously we ate out of a Coles plastic bag. But on that hot day in Uluru, Russian's cheese melted all over the bag so we threw it away

Russian and i were looking at this guy who's shorts are too short, and his legs were so hairless! Hahaha. Gay?

Prove of rain in the desert the night before

After rain kangaroos love to hang out on the roads, they drink form the puddle, he policeman told us.

Stopped by Kulgera again. And continued on.

The sky started to get dark

And darker

Started to pour

Rain on the desert

Drove through Coober Pedy for fuel. The pretty little mining town looks like a scene out of an end of the world movie now =(

The end of my desert series