Friday, May 20, 2005

Hey hey.

I'm sitting in the Monash comp lab listening to the song in D's blog... malunya, people doing work here and my comp is blasting out songs... And yea, i AM supposed to be doing my work here too, Business Stats ass 3. The last ass(ignment) for this semester before the finals and my 5 week long holiday! I plan to plan a lot of things for that holiday, who's free to join me? 10th June onwards.

So, now for the present. I'm happy! I'm happy although at this very moment my boyfriend is at a formal event-Victoria University Night and didn't ask me to go and i'm in this stupid comp lab alone waiting for him. I'm happy because i'm not sad. Haha, sounds stupid but that's what i mean. I'm proud of myself. Proud that i don't feel insecure. Also proud that I'm am currently skipping an Ex-Ausmats gathering without much guilt. Love them and all but can't go. Gotta attend to my ass.

Oh, and i'm also happy that i got much praise! Hehehe. Exactly a week ago, E tied his hair up in a funny ponytail, he looked funny and i laughed in his face, haha. I suggested he tied it up another way and i offered to help. So that night we tried it out. Sort of like pleated but not? U know, the way blacks tie their hair up? Dun really know what it's called... he showed it to his parents and they had a good time laughing. But their response wasn't bad. We decided that he'd wear his hair that way to the VU Night.

Then this morning, i spent about an hour pulling his hair... into the style. Personally i was satisfied with my work of art but i seek approval. E said it's ugly. =( I threaten to stop half way, hahaha. Then he sent me to college. It was a little odd. With his jair like that. Normally we sit in the foyer on the ground floor where hundreds of students walk by. Today he was shy and went up to the first floor to hide? Haha. Eventually our friends saw his hair. K had no comment. R asked who did it for him and she was amazed that it was me!! =) W said "cool hairstyle" but E thinks he's sarcastic. C now knows why he kept his hair long. Haha

A friend, another D says he looks better than normal. And Y, D's friend noticed E's hair from afar!!! =) Y saw and came towards us asking "What happen to your hair?". E said "This girl did it to my hair" pointing at me, i was drinking water at that time. Y was smiling and he liked E's hair! He even asked me how much i would charge to do his hair for him!!!! Wow, good boost to my ego!!

And then E and i went downstairs to hang out with a few friends. People were looking at him!! =) Two more friends gave E positive comments!! =)

Later, E and i met up with another two friends, P and another C. They were shocked! P wanted me to do his hair for him too! And said he'd pay me ten bucks! Haha. C, on the other hand... said E looked "damn gay"! Noooooo, shit! He told us that we should have used black rubber bands instead of blue and white. Nevermind, constructive critism. And besides ,C wanted me to tie his hair for him too!!!! =)

E then accompanied me to dinner at the medan (food court) and i tell u, heads turn!!! People were turning to look at him! =) At the table i proceeded to change the blue rubber bands to black-i don’t want my boyfriend looking gay, and while i was doing his hair, a lady came up to us and said "so cute" in Mandarin! Not that ican understand Mandarin, she said the 'so' in Chinese and 'cute' in English. She talked to us a bit. She asked if i had experience!!!

On the way out of the medan, the guy selling burger looked at E's hair as we passed by... u can see him staring! I really wonder what are the comments E would receieve from his VU mates. Any more job offers for me? Hehe

Life seems really peachy for this girl who likes pink, u might say. But think again. Two days ago i got into a minor accident. Don't worry, i'm fine... but my baby isn't! Haha, don't panic, my baby is my car, i don't have any children.

I was driving to college on Wednesday. If u remembered, Wednesdays are supposed to be a day off for me. But i had to be so damn hardworking, i had to just go for extra classes... So the road had many humps and since one lane was closed for construction the road was crowded, slow moving traffic. The car in front of me stopped. I slammed on the brakes in time but the car behind didn't manage to. He rammed into me!

I didn't know what happened, I felt the impact and i saw my stuff flying--my little pony toy fell, my tissue box too and my sunglasses, the smart tag, everything flew! I was so shocked i must have let go of the clutch (yea, i drive manual, it's fuel efficient) and my car engine died! It took me second to realize "oh my God, did i just get into an accident?"

The first thing i did was restart my engine, turn on my hazard lights and when in view, i committed the other car's number onto temporary memory. Thankfully he stopped too and we negotiated.

He tried squirming away! He said "your car is damaged and so is mine, so we repair on our own" in BM (Malay Language). And i said, "yea ok."

NOT! I may be innocent-looking and i may like pink but how stupid can i be? I was shaking and i desperately needed to calm down but i could think straight and replied "no, you knocked me from behind, you should pay" in BM as well, with a few English words. He kept silent.

I called my father's office but he was out to get lunch. He doesnt have a cellular phone. I told my father's... err.... secretary what happen and then hung up.

The guy then tried to get away again. He saw my P for Probation and asked if i was a new driver. I said yes. And he said that if i were to report the accident, my lisence would be taken away or something along the lines of that! I was furious! What the hell is that? "You yang langgar saya dari belakang, it's not my fault, jagan menakutkan saya, i know my rights" i fired back. Yea, my BM is shit, but i got the message across.

It went on like that for a while. During which, i glanced at his road tax, to make ensure the authenticity of his number plate. Thank god i did that, cuz i forgot to get his ic number. I did get his name and number though. He's a Malay guy, middle age, bald, wearing home clothes, sunglasses and no slippers/shoes?

In the end we settled on negotiating further the next day cuz he seemed decent. Another way to get away? Police reports must be made within 24 hours... I told my father everything on the phone and gave my father his number. My father tried calling him all afternoon but his line wasn't available. Scary! So my father called up the insurance company and then told me it's best to make a report. Before i made the report, i sent the guy a text message, informing him that i'm going to make a report.

When i was making the report the guy called up. I asked him to talk to my mom. He told her that his father was critically ill and was admitted to the hospital near the accident scene and that he stayed up all night... till his phone was out of battery... it kind of explains how he could be so blur and drive into my baby but is this another way to get out of compensating me? Doesn't matter whether his story is real or not, i already typed out the report and my case was already assigned to a police officer when he called.

I feel slightly sorry for the guy, given he's not lying, but there's nothing i could do, he did try getting away one too many times, besides, i've made the report, can't just withdraw it like that.

The police officer was nice, said that i'm lucky it's not my fault... and then they took pix of my car in this car park full of damaged cars. All the other cars were worse than mine. My whole bumper was dented slightly and there was an ugly black line across it, the door of the boot was scratched and there was an imprint of the other car's manufacturer's logo on it! You could see the European Citroen upward pointing arrows on my local Kancil! The boot can't be opened.

But the other cars there were far worse, they needed towing, while i could still drive to college and back... Doesn't matter how bad the damage is, the guy's paying for it! And i don't even have the hassle of sending my car to the service shop, the insurance person did that for me while i was in college receiving praise on E's hair today.

I don't feel any more stress over the accident. It's over and it's good that our insurance people are taking care of my baby. Proper repairs and not minimal ones would be given to it, i can just sit here, relating the whole incidence to u.

By the way, i was wearing the shirt i wore when i was involved in a previous accident. Unlucky? My parents and E told me to never wear it again, what do u think?


She's Jess said...

hey just wear it lar.. like the t shirt brings you bad luck? hmm...

Cheryl said...

hey gurl, u have a blog which u update regularly and i know nothing bout it until now??
How nice of you! *pout*

Lol, okay okay, i'll stop the drama act now. But seriously, i haven't been seeing much of u on msn, how ya doing gurl? Everything's great rite? Heard that u're a big time geek now, is it true?? Lol, i must seriously learn from u! ;)

Anyway, wish me luck for my big exam, it's next week!! Lol, take care now and see ya around! *grin*

Cheryl said...

Oh HEY, I lurve PINK too!! And yup, am damn proud of it too! *grin* *winks*

supplementals said...

dudette.. now im havin 2nd thoughts bout cuttin mine off. curses!!1

Joey said...

I say don't wear it. hehe...but it was great wat u did. Stand up for urself. U go, girl!

sue lin said...

hey cheryl, sorry u didn't know, i thought u did! i havent been on msn now much cuz i'm a geek? and when i'm not one, i'm a pig, u know i'm always asleep. and great to have another pink lover!! =)

dude, that bad meh, must cut urs off? u'r not even in sunway. =P

thanks for the compliment joey! =)

and abt the shirt, so far one vote that i shouldn't wear it and another saying i should... it's a tie.... haha

Sue Lin said...

For the record i never wore that shirt again