Saturday, May 28, 2005

Hey hey, it LOOKS like i took my advice to myself, but actually i didn't study. I was busy doing my last assignment for the semester!

Yay! But exam's coming...

And on last Friday's post i was happy although i recently had an accident right? That was before i experienced the difficulties of living without a car. It's a big, horrible reminder.

Wednesday i had a 3pm class. And since E has morning classes, i had to go to college before 8am. I had no one else to follow, not K, not R, not D, all incompatible timetables. So i went there, with a jacket, prepared to 'hide' in the library... ended up studying in the cafeteria, hogged one whole table to myself. It's actually nice studying there. It was sooo noisy that all the noise just becomes a blur, like a continuous buzzing sound, easy to ignore. Not to mention, there was some Nestle Drumstick promotion there and they were playing nice songs... I sat there studying for like, 5 hours and surprisingly it was preparation for my assignment.

And yesterday! I had no transport to college, E was supposed 2 send me but he fell ill. Food poisoning in addition to fever, his father told him to skip classes and see a doctor. It was too late for me to hitch a ride from K and R. D was renewing her license... Thankfully, K's brother was going to college and she arranged for him to give me a lift. But he wouldn't be picking me up from my doorstep. I had to take a 15 minute or so walk to Taman Billion, which is on the way for him.

Walking there includes a walk uphill... that left my legs aching for a while. I haven't exercised for the whole May. I used to jog before university started... and then when i was staying in the hostel i swam... now i do neither. And yesterday evening i was feeling... low: low self-esteem, felt fat and ugly.

No, i won't diet, i NEVER will. Never again, i'm still living with the negative effects of my first and last diet. But i guess i'll start going jogging again.

Oh oh, speaking of diets... the girl i'm referring to in one of my previous posts... the one i love gossiping about? She's obsessed with dieting and she used to deny that she was dieting, we always discuss the amount she eats. By the way, it's not just me, and it's not just girls who gossip. The other day, 4 of the guys were gossiping about her, E told me. =)


MaS said...

oi oi ..... we didnt gossip la .... just dat .... haiya ... u know la .... she is always a hot topic to talk about ... since she is going after sumone .... n how .... stupid she is ..... sorry ... but ... dats how i feel la .... though she is smart academically ..... but .... she isnt dat smart in life ..... so am i ... but ... wat she is doing .... is really ... not sumthing i would recommend .... hahaha ... dun worry .... relationship consultant .... based on knowledge ... n common sense ... n experience of my own n others .... soo ... wat i say .. holds lots of truth .... but im most of the time ignorant of stuff around me la

Joey said...

Now tat was a BIG hint. hehe...I hope I got the right person