Sunday, August 28, 2005

Colours of My Day

That's my room! I was hoping u forgot that i recently cleared up my room... lets just say i haven't gotten to this side of my room. =P Look at my pillowcase, blue white and yellow butterflies, looking at it just makes me happy!

What else do u notice?? I'll ignore my picture and then talk about my charity wristbands! Written about them before but gonna write about them again, must brag. I've got 15! FIFTEEN. Hehehe. Go ahead and count!

=) I have a strong liking towards colours. Especially rainbows. Don't know how big this trend really is but it's got to me bad. Almost everyday i'll wear a few of them to college.

And i think the National Cancer Society Malaysia is a genius with coming up with this to raise funds. RM5 is not cheap, i'm a student unlike the owner of the Initial D replica, i wouldn't spend RM5 on those traveling volunteers but these wristbands, i'll look for them.

By the way, good news for girls, if u didn't already know, the wristbands come free with Seventeen and Herworld.

Did u nontice my foot near the label?? =P

Can't stop stressing how much i love colours.The picture on the right features my must-haves while studying. My army of highlighters, brightens up the dullest boringest book.

And my book-labeling thing. Makes me enjoy reading law, after completing each chapter i get to label it! =)

Haha, call me crazy. If u haven't already.


Joey said...

Since u asked "Wat else we noticed"...
1) U r healthy. U drink lotsa water (3 water bottles)
2) U haf dry eyes (Eye drops in 2nd pic)
hehe...tats bout it...juz guessing

Jazzy*Pam said...

Lols, guess what? I love highlighters too! It's a must-have for me too, when i'm studying! I have almost every colours available! lols, that's coz i love colours too! ;)

gosh, u have so many wristbands! i'm so getting more! ;D and yes, bought the latest 'seventeen' already! might go get 'her world' too, maybe. *grin*

MaS said...

hahahhahahha ....... nice nice .... nothing much to say though

sue lin said...

Haha, Joey i didnt really expect an answer la. One of the bottles is always empty, just couldn't throw it out, i used it in Form1, haha, stupid right? One is eye drops and the other is ulcer medication.

Wah, Cheryl, serious ar? Like so same only?? Which brand of highlighters do u get?? A lot of my wristbands were from Mc Donald, the celebrate life one dun have many colours. Only 4, i've got two Blues. I want yellow la.

Mas, come come didn't call me terrible here like u did in sms?? =P

Jazzy*Pam said...

Lol! Mine is pilot spotliter. I love em coz of their shape, lols.

And gosh, u got blue ones and want yellow?? Heck, I've got yellow one but I want a blue one! :(

meL.a.Nie said...

i haf da same bedsheet as urs...but it's a king sized 1..weeeeeee..

sue lin said...

Haha, Cheryl, if only we could exchange!

Wa.. Melanie really ar?! =)