Friday, December 02, 2005

This Week At Work / Exam Results / Name Prefixes / Pasar Malam Chatter

Monday-- Bad news-- more workload. Good news-- We were all given internet connection to help us work faster!! =) Before that only two computers had internet connection cuz they were afraid we'd chat and not do work... =P

Eyes killed me... they hurt so bad that i left work at 4pm, forgoing RM2x. =( Don't rememer much else.

Oh except that i went home and slept from 6pm to 6am and had horrid dreams. Dreamt that E had a worn-out denim Calvin Klein jacket among other dreams... haha, u know jeans material looks good even when-- especially when it's worn out? And in the dream he loves it (and looks good in it, hehe). And... it got destroyed because of something i did.

Wait... writing about the dream here... i guess it symbolizes something... the money he lost, i blame myself a little...

Tuesday -- dragged myself to work. Don't remember much else. Didn't have time to blog which annoyed me, slept early to care for my eyes. (The one year post was written in advance cuz it was kinda special to me la and i wanted it to be right)

Oh i remember, Tuesday, work sucked big time cuz i was told that the job period was extended to the 7th December. And that just eats out of my holiday. =( I missed my friends deeply, and hang out plans were postponed cuz i work. I feel like i have no life.

Wednesday -- even BEFORE i started work, my eyes hurt... they were half-closed. I had zero enthusiam. Maybe it was psychological??

I complained to E. I wanted him to take my place on the job. I wanted to quit, but i think quitting would be a damn waste of $$. Good pay = good pay lost if i quit. I told him i'd only quit if he took my place. And well, so he called the big boss... and he told me she was mad... die la me.

Shitted. I thought she was gonna come down and kill me and everyone would know everything. I felt like a little piece of shit, i hated myself. Felt like i was this annoying little pesky tempt who gave her stress for no reason.

But thank god big boss talked to me via small boss and small boss's really nice lar. So i was given the choice to quit or stay, the choice is still mine cuz they kinda need us, deadline's coming up.

But small boss told me that if i quit E won't be able to replace me. They want someone who has worked with the company before, cuz their deadline is coming up. =( So, i stayed. Greed.

Then i saw big boss when i went to get a drink... 1st time i passed her i pretended not to notice... but second time i passed her, i mustered up the courage to apologise. Thank god, she was sweet about it. =)

Exam Results

Hehehe, have to thank JS, for smsing me, telling me that results are out! =) Hahaha, from that u can see i'm happy with my results. =)

Two subjects-- Accounting B and Marketing i got a B... which is a Distinction in Monash. Whoooopie! Hahaha. And the other 2 subjects... low credit for Law, okay la, but i really wanted a high credit la, hey i studied throughout the whole semester ok, and i read the whole dumb text u know... and for Trade Finance and Foreign Exchange i got a Pass, which is a D. Muahahahaha. Ok la, at least i passed... but really wanted a credit...

And u know, remember how i said i got the highest for the 1st marketing assignment?? Another person got the same marks as me. If i worked harder for that second marketing assignment and gotten the same marks as that person... i would have gotten a High Distinction which is an A. =( What a waste man!!! All blogging's fault! Haha

But i'm overall happy about my results... though it could be better.

Name Prefixes

Oh yea, yesterday(Wednesday), the most professional of us, the guy without any piercings or tattoos (that i can see la, haha), the one who quit and was called back (cuz they're dateline is coming up and he is the most efficient), he blew up. He started cursing with the 'f' word. Really loudly "FUCK", he sweared! So unlike him, we were stunned!

He said he was sick of Malaysia and all those titles (Datuk, Dato', Tan Seri, Tun, Datin etc etc on top of Mr, Ms and Mrs). Yeah it can be irritating.

He said he was scolded by some lady. She told him that he should have done some research before calling up the other company. He was really frustrated. "Do they sell a book that states who is a datuk?" he complained.

I emphatise with him. I mean, how should we know? And our job is to call to verify information such as these, we are calling to know whether that person is a Mr or Ms or Datuk or whatever, why the hell should we do research beforehand?? Finding the darn phone number itself is sooo time consuming.

"I've had it with the people here" he said, and in my mind, i thought, what did we colleagues do?? Haha, he realized his mistake and corrected himself saying that he was sick of Malaysians in general. Poor guy.

Pasar Malam Chatter

Today's work was okay la... nothing special. But i had more of a life today. Haha, went to pasar malam with E, haven't gone there in so long.

And there was a nice guy, he's a father with his family having asam laksa at the same table as us. He spoke to us... and chatted a bit. Really a nice guy. He asked if E and i were siblings or friends! Hahahahahaha. E pointed at me and said "My girlfriend".

Then the guy said "So young already dating?"

And i was like "errr... i'm 19".

And then he said "you look younger". Wah... hahahaha, good good. Then he said continued "you look like 20 something" referring to E. Wah, good good good! Hahahah. =)

He and E chatted about some other stuff and then he talked to/about me la, he said "you look like a very loving person," and asked E to confirm it. Hahahaha, so nice right? =)

And he said more nice and accurate things "can see from your face", "animals all also u love", "u have a light around u, an aura", "if u shine the light can see". Haha, crap like that la, but very flattering. Hahaha.

Ok, gonna sleep now.

Wait, must put corrections or u'd think i'm this perasan bitch. The accurate part about what the guy said is "animals all also u love".


MaS said...

heyya heyya ..... seems to have some vocab mistakes ... or is it vocab .. me english no good .... but me know it is not "F work" but "F word" hehehehe .. there is another but i forgotten ...

Joey said...

Wow, sounds like u had quite a good week (except for some minor hitches) :-)

And I agree with that guy. U r nice. U give ppl the feeling tat u r nice.

supplementals said...

longest post. EVA!

sue lin said...

Hahahaha... typing error! =P Was in a hurry ma, thanks!!

Thanks, Joey but remember... i... hurt our friend...

sue lin said...

Eh, Supplementals, u commented around the same time as me! Haha, just had 2 write all that out. Still have loads more 2 write. =P

Debz said...

Hey sweetie.. I totally need to find a job! like real soon! My money's totally going down the drain..and well i need to find one fast cuz im bored to death going out all the time when there's no where to go!grrr... (>.<")...any chance your company might wanna hire newbies? I have experience in this line..Could you ask your boss for me?

MaS said...

heyya debz .... i dun think dat would be possible as all of the workers are gonna finish working pretty soon .... i even heard dat this coming wednesday is the last day of work ..... soo ... im guesing u r out of luck ....

Debz said...

hey babes! changed my blog to blogspot so start changing it and I can't wait to meet up with u!
*Juicy Gooooossips*..did i say gossips?no...talks! juicy talks..hehe =p

sue lin said...

Thanks Mas, for answering Debz for me.

Debz, gimme the full add of ur blog k? And i'll link to it! See ya in the evening!