Saturday, December 10, 2005

Feels like Saturady today and and yesterday but not tomorrow

Ahh, Wednesday was the last day of work for me!! =) And yeah, we each got a goodie bag. With a little CUTE teddy bear each.

Yesterday and today felt much like Saturday, i get to wake uo late and go out all day!! =) Met up with my a few of my college friends yesterday- C, JJ, XY, YK and S. And we went ice skating at Pyramid!

Pretty crowded which made the ice all melted. I wore khakis, bitchily thinking "I don't plan to fall". Usually, i dun fall. But u know, i did. Haha, pretty obvious i fell, my pants was soaked all over the left. Haha.

Then we hung out, ate pizza, chit chat, took pix... with S's cam... were it my cam i'd post one pic now. Maybe when i do get the pix...

Today, i went SHOPPING with my bestfriend!

KLCC, stupid shit expensive carpark. Are all the malls (except Midavalley) 'pakat'ing?? Pyramid and One Utama no longer charge RM1 per entry. And stupid KLCC charges RM2.30 for the 1st hour and RM1 for every subsequent 30 mins! What the????

Luckily, we get a discount... hehehe. Won't talk about that. Wasting words, and time. So. Levi's had a 30% off a few items, only a few items. Levi's are known for never being on sale. (I read in my marketing book that Levi's are only cheap in the US).

I was happy to find the jeans i wanted were on sale!! But damn, the 1st pair i saw was size 24. Freaking shit small. Even my 38kg friend says she wears size 25. The next few pairs i looked through was also 24... =(

It's okay, if u knew me and my... errr... perseverance and patience with hunting for bargains, i looked through each and every item. Until i found it. Ahhh. ONE pair sized 29. I normally wear 28 for pants, but i decided to try it out.

Fits well, a lil tight but the sales lady says it'll expand after wash. And no i did not gain weigh ok!! The cutting must have been small. Haha, actually i did gain weight.

But shut up. I'm confident enough to know what weight and pants sizes are just numbers. Got me? Haha. I got the pair. Here's a pic of it.

Haha, the jeans are inside the red one! There was free gift wrapping service so i just had to get my money's worth. At least, i get a free box which i can use to wrap future presents. Blue's a gift for E.

Yay, i've got my life back. It's not like i'd ever be like those rich man's daughters in MTV, the ones featured in the programme 'My Sweet 16' or something like that (I dun watch it, my bestfriend told me about it). But i'm happy with my life. There are so many stuff i can't afford but there are so many other good stuff with good discounts.

But there are stuff with bad discounts. Before going to KLCC we went to this warehouse shit sale, it's in Taman Shamelin and by MO Outlet. They had Mumbo, Nike and some other brands. Stupid, the discounts are barely there. Don't go there unless u think RM95 for a skirt is cheap.

U see the smallest bag in the picture 2 above? I just bought a pair of Nike socks from this warehouse sale.

Anyway, yay i've got my life back!! Busy busy all the time. Actually, i've got my life back starting last Friday.

Was supposed to hang out with colleagues after work but E called to tell me that...

His father got us free tix for Hollywood on Ice!!

As much as i love ice skating (tempted to take up classes), the show got a bit boring and i started taking pix... Stomp was way way better.

Here's a pic of E and I, normally i don't put (my) pix up. But this one's blur enough! Haha. Forgot to turn on the flash. We wanted to take our own pix and this lady sitting in the back row offered to help. Such a nice person! I vow to be like her in the future. Hehe.

Saturday -- I went out with E and his best friend S. We had dinner at this restaurent called Marche'. At the Curve. The concept's simple. It's like a market. U enter, they give u this card. U walk to any stall and order your food and chop your card, u get food. Pay upon exit.

Food tastes good but I wouldn't go there again. Not worth the money. About RM30 a person. My bleeding wallet cried out in pain.

They pratically cheated me. It said "Salmon": RM10 for half a slice. I thought that was pretty decent since chicken costs RM12.50... so i had salmon. They guy gave me a whole slice and i thought noting of it. And i ate it, enjoyed part of it, jelak with part of it but acted like i enjoyed it anyway and finished every bit of it, i never waste food.

And tada, stupid bill... charged me RM20 for the salmon. Shit. If i knew i'd just ask for half a slice, it doesn't matter if i'm not full, i... have a lot of fats stored up in my thighs.

Add RM5 for the drink and stupid 5% tax and 10% bloody service charge. Stupid, didn't we carry our own food to the table???

Sunday-- E kena food poisoning?! We ate in Marche, about RM30 per person and he got food poisoning??

I hung out with two of my college friends XY and YW!! YW's got an Australian accent already! So glad to see them after so long. We went for this Batik Fun Walk thing... It's like a marathon but just for fun, and it's much shorter, actually it was too short walk around Bukit Bintang.

Would have been more fun if it were longer. We took a second round... haha, cuz we passed by a mamakduring the walk and it was so tempting we went back to look for it. Good shit. Decent price.

Wanted to watch Harry Potter but the tix are selling fast and by that they mean 2 rows from the screeen.

Monday -- After work i met up with D!! It's been so long since i saw her too, since... er... August?? She took me out to eat the famous banana leaf rice in the happening Bangsar. Delicious! I normally dun eat whatever vegetable it was but it tasted good, the way they cooked it. And the chicken- ayam masalah- WHOAAs... yum.... ohhh.....

The price was shocking!! RM4 for the rice and veg. Shiiiit. But i learnt that it's the standard price for Bangsar banana leaf rice. Another RM4 for the chicken... WEll, sigh, it's Bangsar.

Then D went off to her boyfriend. And i went to E's house to watch Desperate Housewives Season 2 Episode 8 and 9. So dramatic! Nice. Someone dies.

Tuesday -- What did i do on Tuesay, oh yeah, went to Midvalley after work with University friends-- L, Ce, ST and MF. Had dinner at KimGary's. One of the only places i don't mind paying RM13.50 for a meal. Cheese baked rice with pork chop and red sauce is the best ever!!!

It's heaven in a... tim sum like bamboo bowl. Hahaha. To me rendang is heaven on a plate. The tau fu fa + soya bean outside Monash University is heaven in a cup. So cheese baked rice, pork chop, red sauce is heaven in a tim sum like bamboo bowl. To me. Hahaha.

We just chat there, joked around. Made fun of L's manhood, haha, deduct points for every unmanly thing he says. And then we went over to MF's house, played with her cute dog!

Wednesday-- Boss asked us if we wanted free premiere tix to Narnia!! Since there were no takers, i took it! Yay, E and i went. Was fun. Some prize giving ceremony and an anniversary. Free buffet dinner too u know??? And there's this little gift for each of us!

And one really good thing about Malaysian movie premieres is that no one really dresses up. It was pretty casual lar. I wore jeans and a Body Glove tank top to work and that was what i wore to the movie without feeling one bit out of place. Would've been really impractical to go home n change.

Movie's good! Makes a bit no sense that the people in Narnia had 2 wait hunreds of years for 4 kids to show up before the can go up against the ice queen... but that aside the movie's nice.

That's our ticket to the movie. =)

And what's up with the title of this post?? Yeah, cuz i've got a job tomorrow. A day thing. If you're stopping by One Utama, come see me okay?! I'll be working at GSC from 10am to 10pm.

Gotta go sleep.


imnaughty said...

nice... so long only update.... heheh.. okay.. ill come visit you in 1u! mwah!

MaS said...

hahahahaha ... a truly long post ..... long indeed .... wat to do .... u love to build up a post like this dont u .... hahaha

Joey said...

hehe...very long post.

Oooh, so nice...get to shop. No fair :P

She's Jess said...

any cheap movie tickets? ;p

sue lin said...

Sorry imnaughty! Always so tired la. Why never see u in one Utama One? Hahaha

No la Mas, tired la... Now also too tired to blog about today. And then tomolo have to dye my bro's hair... and meet ya and there's this sudoku contest thing my father gave me...

Joey, i'm so sleepy! Haha. Why can't u shop???

Sorry Jess, i was actually working for a credit card company who has some joint venture or sth with GSc... no cheap movie tix, sorry

sue lin said...

Ohhhh... and guys, thanks for commenting!!=) Such a long post, would've been sad if there were no comments. Even though i say i write for myself! Hahahaha