Monday, January 29, 2007

My laptop's coming tomorrow!!!!!

Purely and entirely my father's choice. Parents know best right?

Dare not ask for a nice looking one (i'm a typical girl) because i know i'd get scolding.

All i asked for was LOOONG battery life and for it to be slightly lighter.

Can't wait! =)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Great People

Finally met the guy and the girl i'm flying to Australia with. Pretty nice people. Easy to talk to, friendly. But they smoke. And i cough

I watched, fascinated, as they light up a cigarrette using a lighted ciggarrette... first time actually looking at it right in front me

We talked, among other things, about smoking. They asked me if i tried. And when i said no, the guy asked me "Are u stressed?" cuz i was still in my work clothes. Funny! Haha.

Last Thursday i had lots to photostate at work... and so did this girl. We kept bumping into each other... And then she spoke to me when we were in the filing room. Found out that she's a VT too and invited her to lunch.

Now she's part of our wonderful lunch group. Love my lunch buddies!

The girls of our group. Y, me, MY, YT and PL. Lunch at E & C building. Tuesday

We celebrated the (near) ending of our internship at Courtyard Garden on Friday, it wasn't as good as we hoped and we regretted not going to Jarrods and Rawlins. Jarrods and Rawlins always looked so cool everytime i pass by it to the carpark. And i never noticed Courtyard Garden altough it was along the same road.

Oh well, nevermind. The Majestic Chilli Paddi spaghetti chilli lover PL and i shared was good.

We went out for dinner as well! =) To Murni's in SS2. The same place my telemarketing colleagues and i wanted to go to in 2005. Its a famous pricey mamak with HUGE portions. According to Y, Murni's is William's brother. Did i write about Williams in September or June 2006? Can't remember.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

At the Bottom of the Food Chain

One of the two seniors who resigned in December passed on her work to this new permanent staff.

This new permenant staff who joined in November decided to leave as well.

And she passed on the work to me! One damned overflowing box of documents! My task is to file them! Some of them are dated 1998! I was in PRIMARY school in 1998!

Its so horrible looking for all the files! There are mountains and mountains of them EVERYWHERE. And the plastic file cut me! Ouch

My poor poor hands! I've got 4 wounds that already healed... and then there's my Milo cut. Not another cut! =(

6 scars on my hands from this job, 3 on each hand. How lovely

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stupid Girl

Number one...

Opened a junk mail that says Toys R' Us vouchers or something like that, i thought "cool, can add to my My Little Pony collection". Open the link... they asked to fill in a form.

So i did, including my handhone number. Halfway through, i closed it la, its just crap.

In not more than 5 minutes, my phone rang. Unknown overseas number. It was a guy with a VERY strong unknown accent. I kept on asking him to repeat what he was saying. Then i realize he was asking me why i didn't finish filling up the form!!!

I had to crap all the way and he kept saying he'll guide me to finish up filling up the form! Shit!

Thank god, when i said firmly, I am not interested, he backed off.

Stupid right? Then... i checked my inbox trash... thats where i chucked the mail in. I soooooooo felt like putting the phone number of someone i strongly dislike in the form!!!! Hehe.

But i didn't lor. And i cleared up my trash.

Number two...

The free vending machine at work serves really kau Milo... so after drinking it there would be lots of Milo powder left at the bottom.

Yes, and lazy me would not wash my cup until i want to drink my next cup. So all the milo would be rock hard in there.

So... i started to wash my cup on Friday... and guess what!? One of my knuckles grased against some of the harden bits of Milo and it REALLY hurt!!!

On Saturday i found out that the Milo cut me like a paper cut! There was dried blood. So there u go, stupid me has a Milo cut. Wahahahah

E and i had a nice long date yesterday =) And everytime he held my right hand i was like "Careful, my Milo cut!!!" Hahahahah

Anyone else out there having Milo cuts?

Friday, January 19, 2007

5 minute Update

Gonna write all about my Australia preparations in 5minutes.

Haven't started packing yet.

Visa approved the day after i did my medical check up and chest x ray

Decided to stay off campus with two girls, C and S. C is very capable and she even said she can be my mother! Haha. S is exactly like me... judging from smses and chatting online, i've never met S! She's a friend of a friend...

I've been surfing for about 3 hours a day on average for the past two weeks!

At work- Mon n Tues super free. Wed and Thurs super busy. Hopefully tomorrow would strike a balance. Lady Senior i help went for training so i was forced to deal with this lady manager... the way she talks is sooooo scary... harsh and stern.

Her words would never stop haunting me "You shouldnt make this kind of mistake, even if u are a VT, it doesn't reflect well on you". Self confidence took a nose dive after that...

I wonder how my senior can always still be so nice to me when she's under a lot of pressure from that manager. I better do my job properly, i dun want her to get scolding. She doesnt deserve it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


On being awarded Employee of the Month. On your first job.

It makes me glow with pride to know that your bosses love you enough to treat you to a seafood dinner. And force you to eat gigantic crabs and prawns.

I'm happy u had a job you love so much. And that you got almost three days bonus!

Congrats! =)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Going Insane

Went jogging in the park after work wearing a skirt with a slit and long sleeves shirt. With only a pair flip flops on my feet.

Didn't care that people were starring at the mad office-woman in the park that i am

Since stopping Fitness First i've felt awful, my skirt seems tighter and my stomach really bulged out after breakfast. I skipped my free morning coffee...

At times like that i feel sad being female... the pressure to be thin is horrible.

And i really don't understand why the Malay phrase "Goyang kaki" means being idle and useless.

Its NOT easy to goyang kaki ok? Takes a lot of effort to continously goyang kaki ok?

Ya, i tried to goyang kaki while doing work to burn a few calories in the office.

I am really going insane

Sunday, January 07, 2007

eCoe and Visa and accomodation...

The Aussies finally started working again! Hahaa, sent the bankdraft that sucked my father's bank account dry to Aust on 19th December and finally received my e-Confirmation of Enrollment from them on the 4th Jan.

Supposed to be doing the final bit of applying for my Visa now but the damn site is too busy!

I wanna go back to the time where my mommy did everything for me! So damn lazy la.

Received my accomodation acceptance the day after that... 597 Aussie dollars a month man! Shit. Wondering if i should stay off campus. Have to decide quick. Can u help me with the pros and cons?

My flight was issued on the 29th December... RM3120 by SIA. Flying off the same day as E now, but 3 hours earlier (to account for my transit) and we're taking different planes...

Friday, January 05, 2007

Cicak-man (Shorten)

"Up for Cicak-man?" E asked on Tuesday afternoon.

"Ohhh! Where? When??" i excitedly replied

Now, assuming u know the local movie has a storyline very similar to Spiderman,... don't stare at me like i've got three heads!!!

I've only got two heads la. Thats why I can never make up my mind.

So we went for the movie.

Wasn't bad at all. Movie's set in this cold climate metropolitan called Metrofulus (pronounce it with Bahasa Baku! Haha) with un-KL like buildings, i wondered where they filmed the movie. To film it in the UK would be impossible...

Was impressive. Movie's a little stupid. But not VERY stupid.

The part i laughed most was when main character cant stop making lizard noises! (Cicak means lizard in the Malay language)

Only when the credits rolled in the end did they show scenes of how the movie was filmed. Mostly very realistic computer generated 3D animations, really convincing. Everything must have been shot in the studio, hence the good sound system (u know, no foreign buzzing sounds that aren't part of the movie)

The script's alright and English subtitles are not direct translations.(No, i was not reading it all the way, i just read it at the beginning before i adjusted to listening to Malay)

I don't regret the RM22.00 (my treat) spent on a pair of tickets purchased at public holiday rate.

Trust me, i almost NEVER pay more than the RM6 student price even for western movies.

Cicak-man is still showing in Midvalley.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I wanna go to class!!!

While walking* to work i felt slightly chilly. Remembered LY aways wearing a sweater in uni. Started recalling M and the rest of VU group in the foyer every morning. I realize i'm never going to have another one of those mornings again! =(

I won't ever say i miss school but i miss university already!

I only have one more year...

I've been working in this coy** for a whole month now. Thats the longest time i ever worked for one company! Halfway done...

*Walk from carpark
**Coy is short form for company

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Eve

In Short: New year's eve was GREAT! The Curve is a MUCH better place to go compared to Bukit Bintang. There was not as many people, more families, more room to breathe and less of those irritating foam sprays. Less hooligans too. People are more civilised at The Curve... and better dressed too! Haha

But getting out of the parking lot was seriously HELL. We got to the car at 12.45 (apparently hoping that the jam has recided) but nope, the blue Kelisa and the orange Gen2 in front us us did not move for 30minutes! We went to 7 Eleven, bought chocolate and drinks and the two cars were still in front of us! The car beside us JUST got out of the parking spot. Wahaha.

Went to eat a sandwich after that... by then (2am) at least cars were moving. It's E and my 3rd new year as a couple! =)

E and i =)

Will add another pic or 2 later...

In detail: (Warning: that means LONG!)

Thanks to Mr. Not Malaysian Cuz He's Always Early and Doesn't Like Nasi Lemak, i was at the Curve before 6pm. 6hours to count down, i noted out loud and that's when i realize 2006 is coming to an end. I wonder how the last new year stays so fresh in my mind, my brain must be a high tech freezer.

None of our friends were there yet so we went to eat at Fasta Pasta, again i know. Shared their Australian size lasagne, chit chat and just enjoyed each other's company. =) Fitness First members get 10% off.

My last day as a Fitness First member =( But the last time i entered the gym was Saturday, and my beloved Bodypump class was cancelled cuz the instructor, my dear friend, was holidaying down south for the long weekend. Really sad about it, even had nightmares. And i swear my little bump (muscle) in my arms are disappearing already =(

Meals for E and i for new year's eve was on Borneo Ink! So nice of E's big big boss to give him RM50 cash along with "belanja u dinner". That's the way employers should be!

RM50 was about enough cuz my colleague and Ausmat mate, D, her boyfriend S, their friend J and D's lil sis and boyfriend couldn't decide on what to eat, we ended up at a mamak near Tesco. Sucky maggie goreng but great sambal... didnt finish the noodles cuz the lasagne was still in tummy but i finished the sambal, every last bit.

I love spicy Malaysian food so much, i feel like getting a little red chilli paddy tattoo to symbolize that love... just a thought. =P

I thought of getting a fisheeeee to symbolize my love for water after Redang but i still haven't done it. =P

After that we just chit chat at the mamak for some time and then E and i spilt from the rest. Hung out with E's best bud Si and His Princess at ajuice bar for a bit and then headed to Ikea. There, whenever E bullies Si's Princess, she'd whack Si. She really playfully hits him a lot. Really a lot and he never hits her back. He just makes this really cute and pitiful face...

And i was like, how could u do this to your friend la, E? Hahaha. I hardly whack E cuz he wouldn't just act pitiful, he'd whack me back wann. He very bad wannn.

I wanted this heart soft toy from Ikea and he didnt wanna get it for me citing the long queues at the cashier as his excuse. But then there was no queue at the cashier. And Ikea's smart enough to have a few of them near the cashier! Hahahaha. So E agreed to buy me one! =)

E, your bitch says thank you asshole! =)

Asked the cashier for an extra plastic bag to ensure that my heart's safe from the foam spray cuz i had to carry it through the countdown. But i soon found out that those irritating foam sprays aren't widely used at the Curve.

Another good thing about the Curve/Ikano/Cineleisure is that the phone lines arent as jammed as in Bukit Bintang. Even at 11.30, some phone calls could go through, we managed to meet up with D and gang.

It wasn't really a long wait after that...

Near 12 o clock, some crazy person smacked my arm really hard!!!! E moved away and i wondered why Si or his Princess would have done that to me... I saw their blank blur faces and then i saw my one and only study partner! She's the monkey who hit me!!!

She's back from S'pore and we happened to choose the same venue for countdown! She was with her darling, who lost a lot of weight and her friend, also called Sue Lin, not sure about her spelling though, the introduction was cool, "Hie i'm Sue Lin", handshake, "Same here, i'm Sue Lin too!"

Meeting Other Sue Lins

The last time i met another Sue Lin was "Whats your name?" "Sue Lin" i said. She stared at me wide eyed, "Thats my chinese name!"

The the best one was when E was sitting in between two Sue Lins. Names are spelt exactly the same. She didnt know my name... and E wanted to take out something from his wallet. And she caught a glimpse of this cross stitch i did for him.

Its a red heart with his name my name on it, would love to upload the pic but its on my dead desktop. So she caught sight of it and was kinda shocked la. I mean, how would it look like to her? Her name and this guy's name with a heart... is she sitting next to a psycho? Hahahah.

"Why's my name there?" she asked and he said, it's HERRRR name, pointing to me. =P

Soon after that we were counting down and we watched the fireworks. Simple, nothing spectacular, wonder how much the fireworks costs. Si and His Princess left to get chicken wings while the rest of us wanted to head for Sri Hartamas.

But due to the massive jam, we dropped the idea. When E and i finally got out of the parking lot, he said "Ohhh accident!", looking to the right.

Thank god i didn't turn to look and i didn't stupidly say "Where?". I saw the red car in front of us stop and i noticed E was accelerating! I screamed "CAREFUL!!!!" and he stopped just in time!!!! Phewwww....

That wouldn't be a good way to start the new year.


I've changed a lot since i was 17. I'm more sociable than i was long ago. I can feel it. I am less self-conscious... I really don't know how to elaborate so lets skip this part


To stop being long-winded is NOT one of my resolutions. I'm going to type one long story here. =P

I only have two resolutions. One is to continue working out on my own.

Two is to be more thick skin. It really pays to be thick thinned. Give u a simple story from my experience: There was a sucky punchcer at my desk at work. It was hard for me to make holes in papers for filing. And since i already had a puncher they didnt want to get me a new one.

The next day... i decided i really needed a new puncher. I went to the stationary guy for our floor and told him mine's not working well. And he just gave me a new one! Hahaha. Makes life so much easier since i'm the little office girl who does a lot of filing.

May add to my resolution list later on... but wont be posting it.

Happy New Year! And welcome 2007!