Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in a blink of an eye

Major changes in 2008 are the flight back to Malaysia, the beginning of a new chapter in my life and the end of receiving an allowance from parents

Learned a lot from the working world, from how to go about working to dealing with people.

Maintained my relationship with E
Despite spending a lot less time together, we are still strong and very much in love, feels like we've been together forever but at the same time the spark of a new love is still in the air, well at least for me la, i feel it =)

Closer to my sister and my mom, and constantly reminding myself how lucky i am, just having both parents with me especially after seeing a friend's bf lose his father. Also began talking to my father about financial world (listening and asking mostly)

Did 2 weeks of charity work, it was an eye opener, the half a page essay this 10 year old boy wrote made me wanna sob

Maintained friendships with SC and LC despite the distance (Melb, Spore), with AN and JK, with the VU gang, with DL, with the closer few old school friends.

Made tonnes of new friends, my batchmates at work are more like my 4th year of uni friends.

I love how everyone has been so nice

Did not meet my lose weight target by the first deadline or the extended deadline. This is so gonna be another recycled resolution. Hey, at least i didnt GAIN any more weight. This senior i knew gained 20kg in the 4 years since she started work, aka on average 5kg a year. Not gaining at all this year is pretty good!

Managed to blog consistently.

Took up Pole Dancing, stopped eating nasi lemak for breakfast. Missed 2007 and Australia ever so often. Flew to Australia alone.

Took far less photographs this year than last year. Forgot almost every birthday i remembered last year. Cried on average once a month (once in two months maybe, in 2007)

In short, 2008 is a simple year, just surviving is an achievement. 2008 is the first time i started asking stupid questions like "What is the meaning of life?", "Is there more to life than this?", its the year i started feeling so trapped, so depressed, and so old...

Resolutions status: Pending

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2007 and 2008

Last Christmas eve, Sue Lin was a cashier-cum-waitress on shift in Bayside Mall, Frankston

and she broke a wine glass in the kitchen! Shhhhhhhhhhhh!

One year since THIS

December in Melbourne (2007)

The jackets i brought home from Aust are still wrapped up in a plastic bag. I took a jacket to bring to the cinema yesterday, nostalgia swept over me

Smells like Australia, the detergent i use for all my clothes, brings back instant memories, the same smell i take in as pull my doona covers up to my chin before i sleep, in my double bed bedroom on Burns Street every night for 11 and a half months. I miss 2007 like shit

December 2007 in Sydney's Star City Casino or something like that

The Swarovski decorated Christmas tree (2007)

My poser baby E (2007). Feels like we've been together forever!

Our 5th Christmas together (2008) in Midvalley

and many more to come

Last but not least,

Cupcakes lil sis and i spent an hour this afternoon decorating! =)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Love the Firm i Work For

and i hope thats not the first and last time i'm saying that

They gave us a FREE firm declared holiday on the 26th December!

AND i discovered that we can take free half a day off today too! (Its actually for Christians, which i'm not but its alright, just means i wont be able to take half a day off before Chinese New Year)

=) Had a 9 hour date with E who took the day off. Lunch, a movie - Cicakman 2 (the first one was good, the second almost put me to sleep), hung out, dinner, spent some quality time together! =)

Going to watch Prison Break now. Hey, people really make auditing sound worse than it really is, look at me, i'm FINE! =)

Or maybe i'm just one of the lucky few =P

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thirrrd Stock Take and counting

I'm drowning in work the whole week cuz i was so insistent on going for the stocktake but i dont regret doing it. It was quite an experience, never would i normally walk into boutiques with salesmen wearing tuxedos.

But as an auditor, i parked in Pavilion at 7.30am and wandered around cautiously, following the directions i sought from the directory. Found the boutique, felt weird. Job is to observe the stock count.

When the staff is done with the first count, i asked the manager if one of the staff could assist me in the List to Floor Testing, basically where i pick the expensive stuff on their stock listing and DEMAND to see the goods. Hahah

So i picked whatever with a huge exorbitant price tag. Most of them were not memorable but...

There was this watch i randomly picked, the sales guy opened the glass cabinet and presented me with the shiny thing. I am to look at its boring label to match its item code to the black and white stock list but i was instantly mesmerized by this beauty.

Instead of 12 numbers on the face of the watch, there were 12 different coloured diamond, in the order of the rainbow. Awww, i love it! So glittery, shimmery and pretty! "So nice", i exclaimed before returning to the work i was supposed to do.

Back to the listing and item codes. God, the price tag on the listing shocked the hell outta me! RM38,100! "Wow, its more expensive than my car!", i said out loud. And the sales guy said that its solid gold.

God, almost 2 years salary! HAHAHA, crazy.

While waiting for them to do some shit, i watched as they opened the outlet at 11am and customers started comin' in: I saw this China woman and her much older white husband, she was carrying an awful LV bag and her little girl was with her, there was more foreigners, and then there was this Malay family.

Why can't my father be like the father, so filthy rich, why cant my father bring the family shopping on a bloody TUESDAY morning? Why dont some people need to work?

Needless to say, the Malay family walked out the shop with a purchase.

While i had to rush off to the next client in Bangi to look at more documents,
taking with me, only more homework!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Super Busy

But i dont feel stressed,

and i don't feel like quitting at all

Got lots to say, but not today

So tired

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fit Pole

To me, YOGA's BORING. Pole dancing's the way to go!

Thanks to a colleague who dragged me into something, which led me to re-meet she who invited me to go for classes at VivaVertical with other colleagues via Facebook (with the title of the message: There's nothing like a good stick between your thighs)

Prior to that i never hung out with them, but after a few classes together, these girls and i are pretty ok! =) Just went out in a group on Sat (and i introduced them to E =)

It's called the Pole Sit

In October all my colleagues stopped the class =( I joined another class and met KS who was even more addicted to pole than me. She's a management consultant in a very reputable firm! She's also joining pole with her colleagues! Haha.

So, u see, don't label all women in collar shirts and pencil skirts boring k? =P

A few weeks after the above picture, i could finally let go

Horrid angle cuz my phone's on timer on the floor. I have another pic with me trying to look at the cam but this one is better cuz u can see all the pain in my face in the other pic! Hahah

Ignore my fat thighs and u can see the muscles in my right arm! I don't know how many of my t-shirts have become too tight at the arms... i'm turning into the Hulk! Noooo

But this she-Hulk can still smile so sweetly ok?

HAHAHAHA, perasan but i love this picture la, the lighting, my eyes, my smile and the angle casts the illusion of a really thin Sue Lin

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some things can be so irritating...

... it makes me just wanna bang my head against the wall

Deep breath, it will all be worth it...

Cant wait till the day i can blog about it all

Dunno if i can ever blog it all. Two times i was honest and my honesty was used against me, makes me think twice before sharing my thoughts and publishing my soul

Monday, December 01, 2008

Early Christmas Present

E called me while i was at work on Thursday and told me that there was a makeup promotion going on in his office building. Asked me if i wanted anything from Christian Dior.

I was like, "Awww, but i'm broke!"

He gave me a pleasant surprise by saying "Nevermind la, i'll buy for u"

=) =) Soooo sweeet! Lucky i was the only one at client's that day, all alone in the meeting room so no one asked me "Why are u smiling?"! Haha

His colleagues advised him to get me this travel set with the free white bag. Damn nice right? =)

Lipgloss is a bit too light for my liking, i prefer darker stuff but its alright, so happy! =)