Sunday, June 29, 2008

From the Heart, Spilling my Guts

I cannot stand the power imbalance in this world, the injustice of life.

I've been brought up to believe that Malaysia is a developing nation, but perhaps i am wrong. Isn't Malaysia is a third world country? Isn't Malaysia JUST one of the most developed 3rd world countries?

Labour laws aren't strong enough. And the Asian culture just makes things worse. Everyone, at least everyone in the industry i am in, is so appallingly "willing" to work like slave labourers. And some of them actually call it charity work!

Erm, hello, charity is helping the needy, u know, those in poverty? When we work over time without getting paid our over time, it is purely making the rich richer. I can elaborate on that but it'd be way too too long

Back to the Asian culture. Almost no one dares to fight for their rights, they just accept things, they dont stand as one, they simply fear authority, complain a bit and thats it, no action taken. Hofstede's Theory. Asian countries have high power distance.

Man, i should do honours on this topic. Hm... maybe later on. It is something i believe in. Something i loathe so so much.

Wow, i actually wrote well, if i do say so myself, much better than my first draft of this post anyway.

Now, my weekend. Sat morn, i woke up at 6.20am, the exact same time i woke up Friday morning, i started panicking, thinking that i am late for work. Then i realize its Saturday.

Instead of feeling relieved, i felt annoyed. What sort of destructive stress i am under? How the effing hell, could i get up at exactly 6.20am without the alarm ringing?

Managed to push work out of mind and snuggled up back in bed, resuming beautiful slumber. Spent most of the day at Celebrity Fitness with ex-schoolmate SY for a special event. Bollywood dance class is SERIOUSLY SO MUCH FUN.

Friends for 8 years! At Delicious in One U. Love their pasta, check out her blog for more pix

Then dinner with E in Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL. It's supposed to be free but we got conned into paying RM29.90 for WATER alone. I wanted to cry man! The hospitality training the waiter went to must have been REALLY REALLY GOOD. Too bad they only taught waiters how to con the unknowing customer but they dont teach their staff to cook as well as the staff in Sheraton Imperial Subang.

I loved the dessert though.

Kahlua, cream and mangoes, so yummy, splendid! Only the coffee is consistent in both Sheraton Imperial Subang and KL.

We were celebrating E's bday =)
Picture taken at his home though. Oooh, and cake's good! Also from Imperial's restaurant, Essence.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

broadcasting and profiling

Spent 4hours at work today 'broadcasting' and 'profiling' for Burberry. Wanna know more, read on, right to the end ; )

My weekend was sweet! Met up with DL for pan mee at Taynton, and a long chit chat session. We are both at a crossroad. Should we go for it? I'd rather regret going for it than regret not going for it...

Romantic 4 course dinner with E at Sheraton Subang that night. Courtesy of his aunt. We spent 2 hours sitting there, enjoying being served our meal while talking =)

Can't believe how many families eat there on a Saturday night, its like, buffets don't cost much?

Sunday, E and i went for a traditional massage. Courtesy of my mom. Damn PAINFUL. In the evening we met up with our Ausmat buddy JW who just got back from the UK!

No British slang but she uses the phrase "...innit?" at the end of sentences a lot, my guess is it replaces "...isnt it?"

So much nostalgia, this 4 year friendship, updating each other on the whereabouts of other fellow Ausmat-ians over Old Town Kopitiam.

As i hugged her goodbye, i felt like... in 5minutes, we'll be hanging out again and i'd be recalling this outing. Thats how fast time flies.

So, the title? Just fancy names we came up for the routine tasks in an auditors life - broadcasting is actually casting, and profiling is filing =P

What is casting? Trust me, u don't wanna know.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

With my shirt?

If u don't see anything wrong, thats great! Haha

Last last weekend was great, nice trip to Genting with E. To watch Click 5,

and enjoy the cool weather. Starbucks after the concert was delightful!

Last weekend wasn't too bad either. Watched this really weird show entitled Perfume, Story of a Murderer. Good movie except that the last 20minutes and the ending sucked. Some nudity in it. Not in cinemas, by the way.

I am currently doing some hair treatment. For problems i never knew i had. Which got me wondering... did they manage to sell ice to an Eskimo? Am i that Eskimo or am i really avoiding future problems?

I'll let u know when i turn 30.

Work's alright. Met up with ex-Study Partner. Gonna miss her when she goes off to Singapore, that girl has "success" written all over her! She quit my co even before i went for my interview, got a slightly higher paying job shortly after, in a company with a stringent selection process, and oops she did it again. Quit and soon she'll be off to become an air-stewardess.

Okay, that might not be a success story but certainly something to envy =P

Thankfully, things fell through for me again =) Nothing fascinating but one step closer.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Maybe cuz i am not PMSing anymore.

Maybe cuz the current client is SUPER nice, they treat us to lunch every damn day. Korean BBQ in SS2 yesterday wei. They don't scold. And they chase us off at 5.30pm quite sharp, so we get to go home early! Makes this blogger smile.

And definitely because this blogger is no longer on probation in work! I am a confirmed staff! Yay, a few days early! All that stressing to get the Feedbacks done on time last week was all worth it:

Also because. I shopped. I didn't see the mail till i got home. Had training today, which was done early and i went outta the office at 5pm and went SHOPPING =)

The road home was a breeze! Yay, OTHER people are getting the message - THEY should stop driving cuz of the increase in petrol prices and leave jam-free roads for me!

I worked from home for over 5 hours tonight, didn't get to watch the final released episode of Prison Break, i miss Wentworth Miller! Haha.

But still. Somehow. I am HAPPY.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

First Taste of Office Politics

Damn its unbloggable. So many things are not blog material. Ends there, don't ask.

Mood swings 360degrees these days. Friday evening i am somehow all happy again =)

KL can be so pretty. Know where that is?

Met senior for the next job. She's great! I've been blessed with countless nice seniors. No wait, i can count them, i can remember each and everyone of them!

Its along Jln Ampang. Camwhorin at the traffic lights

Would you sacrifice work-life balance for the prospects of a high paying job in the future? I think i've made my choice. Will i regret it?

I know i will, naturally. So i am gonna start to stop regretting stuff.

My workplace for last week.

Also, i wanna lose 5kg by the end of the year. To be 51kg and maintain that weight for the rest of my freaking life. Maintaining is easier than losing or gaining.

Won't eat a gram less, but will workout more.

Speaking of working out. I forgot to bring a fresh pair of underwear to the gym the other day. So after shower, its like SHITTTTTTTTT, to wear the sweaty pair or to not wear any at all?

What would u do? Hahahaha, u don't have to answer
I just HAD to ask.

Have a great weekend! I know i will =)