Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2 More Days

48 hours till the time i get onto my plane to head back to Malaysia

Neither happy nor sad. Just stressed.

How the hell did i end up with so much stuff? How?

I should put more effort into blogging but i am just so tired.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

8 more days!

Damn some thing are fast.

Close friend already resigned fr her permanent job! Thats FAST man. Thats the turnover rate in accounting firms. Throughout my 2 month internship 2006, we had many more farewell than we had birthdays.

Looking forward to sleepovers with her though! She'll be FREE when i get back!

Looking forward to shopping in KL, bestfriend misses me!

Looking forward to poker games with the guys!

Looking forward to all that CHILLI

Too lazy to make the phone calls i have to make.

Too lazy to pack. Every year i always clear up my room halfway. This year my room has to be TOTALLY empty by the time i leave!

Too lazy to sort out my Gold Coast pix

Which reminds me i havent blogged about Sydney yet... how to do so many Aussie posts within 8 days?

STILL havent even looked at my graduation pictures! Thats already a month ago.

Haven't applied for ONE permanent job yet u know??

To tell u the truth i am quite happy part timing now. I feel like part timing all the time for some time. But i know thats not good for me in d long run.

8 more days and the happy go lucky (sort of) life in Melb will end

Then the happy go lucky days in Malaysia will begin...

when that ends all u see in this blog will be tear stained BITCHING blog posts. Trust me.

Oh and if i have your Malaysian phone number, be prepared for RANDOM complain smses. I've got so much credit from keeping my Malaysian number for one year while i'm at Aust.

Only those who are with Celcom or Digi will be spared. Muahaha.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wedding Bells

Still hasn't quite sunk in yet!

What sounded like one of my closest friend teasing and joking was not what it seemed!

She normally asks over the phone "So when getting married?"

And i'd usually say "Not so soon la, what about u?"
expecting her automatic reply of "10 years later lah"

This time she paused instead...

and then she said "If all goes well, maybe at the end of the year"

I didn't believe her at first but i knew she wasn't talking cock from her tone when she said she's serious.

Oh my god... my FIRST friend's wedding! Hahah, so excited! She'll only be 22 and in my circle no one else is remotely close to getting married.

I was grinning from ear to ear for quite a while after we hung up!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


This blogger suddenly has damn a lot to say so... Wordy post coming up!

In Their Defence

"Their" being taxi drivers in Malaysia.
"Defence" to this which made me read this.

The reason why i come up to defend Malaysian taxi drivers is because though a certain percentage of them make sinful living out of conning others, there are honest cabbies in Malaysia.

I took a cab home from school after my SPM Moral paper (in November 2003) cuz i was pressed for time. For examinations we are to bring our Identity Card (IC or ID) to school and i carelessly put mine in my pocket. It fell out and i unknowingly left it in the taxi!

The IC was extremely important cuz SPM examiners are REALLY strict with ID and i had another paper 2 days later. Losing my ID would be a BIG problem.

PLUS i was scheduled to renew my passport the VERY next day after my Moral paper. Without my IC i wouldn't be able to apply for the passport which was needed for my Thailand trip after the SPM examinations.

The driver drove back to my house and returned it to me! I said thank you and didnt even give him a tip (which i deeply regret now la).

I've had bad experiences with them too, once on Chinese New Year's Eve (maybe 2002, cant remember), bestfriend and i were charged slightly more than the meter with the reason that it was Chinese New Year (he's not even Chinese). We paid, but in revenge i SLAMMED the door DAMN freaking HARD it echoed throughout the entrance of KLCC... Heheh

Yet i wanna defend them, i wanna say that, although there are meanies out there, not ALL of them are evil. There are kind souls out there that we should recognize. I mean... pity the good ones la, all their effort and no one acknowledges them, everyone views the entire Malaysian taxi driver profession as professional con artists...

Dun la encourage the good ones to turn bad as well.

Besides, like majority of income earners in Malaysia, cab fares according to the meter in Malaysia is SHIT low la. Less than RM20 takes me from Damansara (Jalan Dungu) to Shah Alam (Wisma DRB-Hicom) (from my personal experience during work in December 2006). That was a long ride!

In Australia, for a journey that is less than 1km, the meter charges $5.00 at the very least (RM14). Not saying that i want Malaysian cab fares to increase but solely for comparison's sake lah.

Similarly, the police officer i was assigned to in this situation was nothing like the ones described. And my mom who lost her IC twice in one year had no problems with the force whatsoever. So my point is though some are corrupted, there ARE decent ones too.

Yes ideally ALL of them should be honest/responsible/etc, but for a start, just acknowledge that there ARE good ones. Don't make them feel like their effort is put to waste because of what their colleagues did

===== totally unrelated below ======

Direct Factory Outlet Essendon

Thanks to BY, the myth that DFO Essendon can only be reached by car was banished. Info on how to get there below*.

Better than Spencer's DFO, definitely. Bought a present for blogger JW who invited me to her upcoming 21st Birthday. Bought a $10 lacey top that can be worn either casually or formally. Bought something fr Roxy for my upcoming Gold Coast trip!

Bought the most expensive plain white t-shirt i ever bought in my life! It's in size XS and it says

Put it on and i JUST knew i had to buy it the moment i tried it on! $30 (or RM90)

What ran through my head:

1. I wanted something from FCUK for AGES! Ever since i saw the shop in UK 4 and a half years ago. The shop was closed and we saw the fashion through the windows. We were too tight in schedule to revisit. When FCUK came to Malaysia, in Debenhams (closed down in 2006) in Times Square, friend who worked there said a simple t-shirt costs RM99, my hopes and dreams crashed. Even with her 30% discount i wouldn't fork out that much for a tee.

2. Housemate HS bought a cool Supre baby-tee that says "Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go Down Under". It has an Aussie flag below. I regret not getting it too. Supre's stuff on full price ain't affordable (to me). Roughly $25 for their catchy phrased tees. Not many people in Malaysia are familiar with Supre BUT most Malaysians have heard of FCUK.

3. No Fcukin' Worries wud be a damn good souvenir. Besides, my only Aussie souvenir so far is a $10 Crown Casino Chip (that is a souvenir to me cuz it has the Aussie flag colours and it says Melbourne Australia. Part of my rare winnings by the way ; )

4. I am gonna buy a "I Love Frankston" tee, that costs about $29.90 from Milk Bar, have got my eye on it since the beginning of my time in Frankston. Told the promoter that i'll come back when i've got a job and hell i've been working here for over a month here already! Similar to number two, if i am willing to buy an unknown to Malaysians tee that costs that much, why the fcuk not FCUK?

5. AN showed me the tee way back in October which made me aware of its existence. No ladies' tees that i know of in Crown's FCUK outlet, where he first showed me the $39.90 men's shirts. Bargain Bitch MELTED when she saw that there was the ladies' version for $10 less in Essendon!

*How to get there?

Take tram number 59 from the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth Street in Melbourne city. Stop at stop number 47, walk towards the main road and turn left (to make sure just ask some of the friendly Aussies in the shops nearby the tram stop la, thats what we did).
Fifteen to twenty minutes walk straight (includes walking over a flyover that flys over the highway to Tullamarine International Airport) and u won't miss the gigantic DFO.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ashcombe Maze and Point Leo

3rd time at Arthur's Seat for me. Its just along the way to Ashcombe Maze so E and I thought we'd bring B and D there.

Malas to take scenery shots of the place already. Just (sit my ass down and) camwhored =P

Doing the three monkeys thingie. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Shortly after going through some Aussie forest roads, we got to the:-

Damn i should have insisted on a group pic... i dun have any good pix with these lovely flowers!

Nothing much to do in the maze but get 'lost', pretend to be sad (B, why are u smiling?!)...

And snap a billion pictures =P

In the garden in between two of the hedge mazes. Ashcombe is the largest oldest maze in Aust, or so they say la.

Did a jumping pic by the lavender bushes. There's a name for the jump i did, can't recall, miss those Cheer days in Monash Msia. Hahha... my arms are bad... its neither a T nor is it a V. But who cares

Us laughing it off after the jumps. Love the tall pine trees in the background!

My baby E and i!!! =)

After that we went to Point Leo Surf Beach, which was nearby. It was beautiful and uncommercialized. We were the only Asians there. Supposed to head there again but unexpectedly had to return the car early

D and i in the rocky area of the beach. It was pretty and the sun was glaring. Perfect for pictures as i always say. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN D! =)

Last but not least. Me and me again! Hehe!

Why cant my waist be smaller? To quote another blogger, "i was brought up with the Africans have no food to eat mentality" and i just ate hell a lot of carbs before blogging just cuz i accidentally boiled too much spaghetti... Why didn't i tilt my head to one side? Why wasn't i wearing a dress instead? But overall i like this pic. Love my hair especially. Looks ok even though i have split ends that go 8 ways...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy Nonsense Post

Crossing the road back to my place from uni, i shaded my eyes from the setting sun. Hey! The sun is setting more towards the left than it did back in April when me and my ex-housemates had our kite-flying day.

My time in the Peninsula is coming to an end. So many things to do. Need to see.... Gotta help AN and HS... Gotta pay... gotta...
i'll get it all done

Right now. I'm happy. Never had i had such a relaxed and fulfilling holiday. Despite having to work 3 weeks of washing toilet and mopping floor shifts. Despite returning the car.

I'm still happy. Shopped alone. E rather sit in front of the computer shop. Alls fine. Made him do laundry n chop the veggies for dinner. My house-husband for now! =) Hahah, he doesnt wanna work cuz he's going back to work for good. I'm cool.

Bought a dress for $20. Bought 2 bags for $20. Bought a miniskirt for $20. Retail therapy. Happy happy =)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cape Schanck Lighthouse

Ms Navigator, as E now calls me, took a break from the maps

to camwhore =)

Pic of herself! Look at the sunshine on my face! Effect of the sunroof!

Took a pic of the driver, my beloved E with the beloved sunroof...

And took pictures of other cars (and boats).

In the future, once i bought my house and my (2nd) car, i'll look into buying a boat of some sort

Our first and main destination of the evening was actually the Peninsula Hotsprings. The hotsprings was heavenly beautiful and sooo relaxing. Didn't take pictures cuz i had a feeling u cant just snap away like u are at the beach, though everyone was in swimwear...

Left at about 8.15pm, quick shower and then decided to spontaneously head to the lighthouse (cuz we saw a road sign that says the lighthouse is only 12km away).

With daylight savings...

We got THERE just as the sun was setting in the horizon!

Camwhored with the colourful sunset sky

And with the lighthouse in the background =) It was $15 per person entry to the lighthouse but we were so late that the place is closed (too stingy to pay anyway). It was $4.30 for the carpark but we were so late that the carpark was open and FREE! Hehe

One the way home, we parked by the (empty) roadside to take more shots

A day-off work well spent! =)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcoming 2008

Work did not stop me from having the standard New Years Eve. Smiles! When it was not busy on the eve, both managers decided to close early and this blogger got her way!

Best shot i've got. Of the fireworks that lighted up the sky in Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne. From the 25th fifth floor of a condo in Southbank.

My cousin's place ROCKS! Aircond was set at a cool 23degrees while it was 41degrees outside as forecasted.

Wonder how hot it must have been to be down there...


From E and i!

Just the two of us. Without our Moscato! Left it in the car. My aunt's car. Which was parked 2 tram stops away.

New years in Melbourne is so much better cuz if i had to leave work at 8.30pm in KL and travel 40km to see the fireworks, i'll never be able to make it!

But in Melb! I left work at 8.30pm, went home, took a quick shower, we drove halfway to the city, realized we forgot my cousin's keys, turned back to Frankston, grabbed the key and started driving to the city again at 10pm.

Got to the city and realized that its members only at Crown, where we normally park! Drove around in circles for only, like, only one circle before we found a parking spot! Where can like that in KL? U die stuck in traffic la in KL!

Got onto a tram at 11.12pm (it was punctual! and it was free for 31st Dec!), walked to the condo from the tram stop, with 15 minutes or so to spare before midnight! =)

Magical eh?
Even their road block on a four lane highway (breath test conducted) was efficient and quick. Will Malaysia ever be like that?