Monday, September 24, 2007


Love the sound of that!


I am a finalist! Hhahah, was practically jumping about going "ohmygod ohmygod!"

Finalist of what? Beauty pageant?

Nahhhhh, this crazy blogger camwhoring in the toilet ain't pretty enough.

Whats that little piece of paper in her hand?

Click to enlarge! It says
"One Day - Poker
Against Poverty

Finalist in my very first tournament!!!! I'm no Barbara Enright, who won the first tournament she entered (read that in Bluff Australasia, issue 9), but i'm happy enough!! =)

The next happy lady...
My dear house mate!

On her surprise birthday eve party!
Fruit cake, she doesn't like chocolate!

The girls!
Back row: KS, PC, Z, me!
Front row: HS and CT

A candid shot of the guys and the Bday girl
V, ST, T, PN, J, B , S, C, KW, S

And everyone!

Boring details below, u may skip!

Details (The charitable course of the Poker against Poverty night)

$30 dollar buy-in for the poker tournament will help 10 children in East Timor go to school for a year. Shit, i forgot what else i read from the Power Point slide they played while i was waiting for the finals. But thats the basic point. And from the info in our door gift bag there was more info on the community is East Timor. They live on less than $1.00 a day. AUD i presume.

Which somehow got me thinking about basic living expenses in Msia. AUD$5.00 which is about RM15.00 is enough to eat out (mamaks and hawkers) the whole day in Msia............ damn dirt cheap since AUD$5.00 can barely buy u ONE meal in Ozzzzz

Purchasing power parity, eh?

Details (How i made it to the finals)

I folded a two three. And then that hand would have won me lots of chips. The second time that hand came around:- a two and a three. I called and even raised when ONE three came out on the flop. Whoooo who, guess what? I somehow managed to get a full house of twos and threes! Wahahaha. After that was a winning streak with me coining my phrase for the night "This is so unreal!!!!"

I gotta be more in tune with my instincts wei! Usually fear overshadows the gut feeling.

Oh, by the way, i lost in the finals! Wahahah. But i'm sooo not bad ok? For my very first tournament!

Details (My lucky four leave clover)

It actually works! Its lucky! I won 36 dollars on roulette. Thats like RM100 weiiiiiiii. I brought it to Poker against Poverty but left it in my handbag. Shortly before my winning streak, i took it out and placed it on the table. And it got me to the finals!

I thought i lost it at the train station that night at Poker against Poverty. I went to look for it but to no avail. When i got back to where AN was sitting, there was some panic going on amongst the people waiting for the Frankston train. Apparently, the last train was canceled.

Was like shit. Must b cuz i lost my leaf! As soon as that thought left my mind, an announcement was made for the last train to Frankston. It was running after all! =)

Next thought that runs through my head:- the leaf MUST still be somewhere in my handbag. And it was! =) I didn't even have to empty my bag and i found it!

Details (I love my mommy)

Sorry, but i am down with sorethroat n a hint of cough and this is my third night home alone and i am getting depressed. Received a letter from my mom today and she's soooo funny! I cook exactly the way she teaches me how to cook! Let me give u a paragraph out of her letter:

"As for food, cook anyhow you like, add ginger, or garlic, or onions or spices, the meat will taste good! Also add oyster sauce, whatever sauces available in Australia, fry, braise, baste or stew them, any how they will taste good. Agak-agak can already. No need to follow any recipe (invented by someone also what)..."

Hahaha, my whole life she has been 'teaching' me how to cook in theory that way. It works when i actually try it out man! Hahahha, i love my mommy!

Note: More than half of this post was written and published on Tuesday night

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gwen Stefani in Melbourne!

Yeah, i know, this is almost 2 months outdated. Nevertheless...

Smiles and tickets at Rod Laver Arena!

Whatcweeee waited for!

Love the background!

Can u spot her in the next pic????

She actually came into the crowd!
She can never do that in Malaysia! Or did she? Let me know.
Don't think so though...

The crowd would have just swarmed her in Malaysia. Look at the next pic...

The guy wanted to go closer to where she's at. The official, in the yellow shirt stopped him. They argued for a while, judging by their motions. The official shakes his head and makes a stern "No" action. The guy actually turned around to go back to his seat!

If this was Malaysia, in my opinion, 1. There wouldn't just be ONE fella trying to go closer. 2. ONE security guard wouldn't BE enough... cuz MANY people would rush over. Possible stampede? That's why i don't think she could go into the crowd like that in Malaysia.

When she came closer to our side!

Close up pix of Gwen!

She sang almost all the songs in both her albums. =) And she changed costumes quite often! She even introduced her back-up dancers.

But soon it was all over...

The three of us camwhored as the crowd thinned down... One last pic of the star!

Gwen Stefani in Melbourne, 2 August 2007, The Sweet Escape Tour

Monday, September 17, 2007

where Bananas grow

I dun like the fact that i look sooo Chinese. I dont like it when people ask me if i'm from China. I don't like it when people speak to me in Chinese, assuming i'm Chinese as in Chinese from China, cuz i AM Chinese but not China-Chinese, i'm Malaysian Chinese.

Malaysia, where Bananas grow if ya know what i mean.
Yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Get it?

I know the Chinese lady was trying to be nice to me when she asked me if i could speak Mandarine. But honestly la, i felt insulted wei. My England so bad ar?

And i love it when people think i've been here for a long time

Eg. 1 Land lord initially thought i've been here for some time. He thought i wanted him to help us transport large items like a couch to this house!! =)

Eg. 2 A PR i spoke to asked me if i was a PR too. Happy happy

Eg. 3 A couple of ppl in poker asked "Are you local?". But i guess thats cuz only da locals go for poker here in Frankston. The guy who runs the poker wants to promote poker to Asians... wud open a whole table for us if we can bring 8 people... u interested?

My ten mins are up. By the way this is a 10minute ramble.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Last Individual Assignment

for my degree.

All but one of my individual assignments were handed out on the brink of due time. Like if it was sue at 5pm, i'd hand it out at like, 4.57pm or 4.58pm...

I have vivid recollections of speeding in my Kancil on the Kesas highway, instead of toll-free federal highway... just to make it by 5pm. And then i'd rush into uni and used 'my shortcut' to get to the fourth floor to flip the assg into the assg box.

Always sweat like mad in Msia, especially if i had to run.

If i ever do post grad/honours in another campus, i'm definitely going to remember rushing out of this house and running through the fly kite place, and then walk quickly from the traffic light onwards (cuz i got no stamina to run all the way. I'd be out of breath =P).

All without breaking a sweat though cuz of the cold cold weather...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Spring's Fruits

Come into the backyard of my rented home in quaint Frankston...

What do ya seeeee??

Come, I'll show you...

Looooook! Look, look! = o


Don't they look tempting?!

So good, i can even eat them with the skin on!

Just kidding!

I eat them like you do =)

Want some?

And look what came in the mail for me today...

Invitation to the honours information luncheon!!!!! =) LOok at what they sayyyy, " have the potential to be a successful honours student"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

10 minute ramble

How it works: Just ramble and pour your heart out for ten minutes and then click on "publish post"

It was hard admitting that i am a neat freak. All my life i always thought of myself as a messy person. Mainly because of the state my room back in Malaysia. The amount of dust i collected in one room alone can defeat some abandoned mansions...

But then again, my notes for school work has always been leaning towards neat. And throughout the three years we had lockers in school, mine was one of the neatest. Somehow i deluded myself into honestly believing that i was a messy person. I was even proud of being one.

Lately i realized... i'm... not. I realized "Sue Lin is a neat freak". Admitting that made me literally shiver. My heart was beating abnormally fast.

Bestfriend helped me throughout this transition. She asked "What the fuck is wrong with that?". I love her so much (in a sisterly way)!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Thirrrd Annniversary !!!

She waits...

He arrives...

They steal a scene from Romeo and Juliet...

Strawberries, champagne, a spa package and...

She smiles...

What they ate...

So happy together...

Outside the venue, by nightfall...

Note: The pictures are not in actual chronological order. We camwhored after dinner at Othello. Love the weather, cool enough to wear those jackets, not too icy to permit a long session of photography =) Love the way my hair turned out, thought i was having a bad hair day. Love him!!

3 years together...