Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Convertible Dress

Not sure exactly when it started but its been a common sight on Facebook to see the convertible dress as bridesmaid dresses! 

I had the honour to wear the dress for my friend of 14 years!

High school friends! Known them for about half my life!

The bride's cousin

It was her idea to make the floral headdress

Two of my dear friends =)

More pictures of me!

I spent hours coming up with an idea to tie the convertible dress differently from everyone else. Hehehe

Sexy backs

The bride told us to buy the nude bra to go with the dress

The evening wedding reception. A candid shot

More with school mates

The bf and i with the wedding couple.

Group shot of all BBGS girls who attended

Just wished the shot was of better quality

It was a good day, really stressful and tiring as a bridesmaid but all good!