Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dreams in my redhead

Volcano Red by Wella, the bottle hair dye i bought before Chinese New Yr no longer sits on my table!

Happy with my new do-it-yourself hairdo! YY said it looks like its been done at the saloon! =) Thanks dear! =)

I even cut my own fringe. Plenty of practice from my year abroad, too tight on a budget that i resorted to trimming my own hair.

Been wanting red hair for ages. But chickened out when i went to get highlights a year ago. Went for the safe golden colour back then

Don't matter, could always buy hair dye from pharmacists, and the faded golden highlights would turn deep bright red

And indeed it did! =) So damn bright under the sunlight!

The instructions said 40 minutes, so i had dinner and then logged onto Facebook. There's a poker contest going on, prizes are tickets and 3 nights hotel stay at Vegas! LAS VEGAS!

To play at the WSOP, World Series of Poker mannn!!! USD10,000 buy-in (entrance fee, poker speaking). Its a dream come true to even enter! So i played a total 12 hours of FB poker on Friday, haha, no where near in... yet? Wish me luck

I played and played while the hair dye was still on my head, left the chemicals in my hair for about 2 hours before washing it off. HAHA, that's why its so so red

Absolutely lovin' it!

Ps. I am still quite new to applying make-up, so feedbacks are welcome, do tell me if it sucks or is ok.


supplementals said...

I wouldnt guess you were an auditor. or are you...? haha

You should let everyone know what product u use for ur skin too cause its glowing. I checked my monitor for glare

Dawn said...

I like it red =) Matches ur fair skin :)

AaronWoolala said...

oh I like red hair too.
I dyed my hair red a few times before. lol~

Sue Lin said...

Supp, haha, i take that as a compliment! Thanks =)

Why u so nice wan?? I feel so blessed to have u as a friend! Ur words are too kind! =)

Skin only Revlon liquid concealer on t-zone for the camwhore session. Haha. Normal routine: Cleanser-Shiseido or Hazeline, toner- Estee Lauder, some vitamin thingie - Nuskin and Oxy 10 or 5 acne cream.

Dawn, i see ur name also smile! HAHA =) U also another one so nice! =) Thank you!

Hey Aaron, whoa u went for red a few times? But it fades right? I've heard people say that red doesn't last for long

Isya said...

sooo nice red!!!!!

i highlighted my hair red too a few years back. i miss it :(
i miss my curly hair too :(

im in serious need of a haircut but had too many unpaid leave last month. boooooo....

She's Jess said...


Sue Lin said...

Isya thank you!!

U highlighted ur hair red??? Or another colour? Did the red fade? I think my hair is not that red anymore...

I didn't know u had curly hair, when i met u its straight. Got pix i can see?

Come, i cut ur hair for u! FOC. Hahaha

Thanks for the compliment Jess! =) You rarely comment but when u do u say the nicest things! =)

Valdez Lisa said...

wow,you did it yourself. I want to dye red hair also, maybe next year. I indeed have my red highlighted red hair hidden, cannot really see. I did this because I wasn't sure whether I would be scolded if I walked in my office.

However, surprisingly, after my study leave, I went back offce, I saw my colleagues dyed her hair just like yours.

By the way, nice hair you did.

soo imm said...

oo haawwt!!i luv the red!!goes well with ur skin tone! damn i need make over too >.<
and where got make up?? 0_O
sorry la, mayb eyes not good :(

Sue Lin said...

V Lisa, thank you!!! =) Eh, u say u saw ur colleagues with hair like mine? Means more than one person? Then go for it next year!

If ur still scared u can still ask for opinion. Before i bought my charm Swatch, i asked my senior first. HAHA, i showed her the catalogue and asked "Is it professional to wear this watch to work?", and she said "Why not?"! I love her. If not for training i wud be in Penang now with her for audit =(

Soo Imm, ur funny! Thanks for ur wonderful comment!

Cannot see the make up ar? Good! I take that as a compliment as well, can make up naturally! Hahah. U can try clicking on the 2nd picture. That one is the most obvious

Valdez Lisa said...

Hee, sorry accidently put an extra "s" there. Is actually only 1. Anyway, the rest of the colleagueS dye usually brown or blonde color. So, I supposed I can dye red color too. Anyway, I think highlight is enough for me. Yea, I'm planning to do it next year.

ying2 said...

Hi think ur hair is a successful DIY hair make you look even fairer..haha..=)
Counting down the days to Krabi..keke

Isya said...

yeah, it was red. but as the days went by, it started becoming gold! your hair wasnt so red in office anymore but it's still there.

oh, i had curly hair during my 1st year in melbourne. i think i have it in my blog when i did a hair evolution.

really?? for freee???? realllyyyy??!!!

Traclyn Yeoh said...

Hey dear, I received your SMS yesterday but my phone was out of credit. So sorry about it. I can't make it on Sunday because I have a dinner to attend.

I already thought of somethings that you might want to get just in Bukit Bintang area. Midvalley's jam is too horrible, I can't bear with it. I don't usually shop there anyway. Wanna re-arrange?

Sue Lin said...

VLisa, did her red hair fade? Mine is fading already, even Isya noticed. Cant wait to see ur hair make over next year! =)

Ying2 thank u again! =) People were surprised w whn i said i did it myself =) I cant wait for Krabi too!!!! =)

Isya i can see the red fading! =( At least its still there, only been a week. Oh well can always do it again

Which month/year shud i go to to see the hair revo??? U just want it a bit shorter, bit layered right? No prob, can manage =) For free

Traclyn wowww, u thought of something for me?! =) Thanks!!! Sure BB area is fine with me.

No prob, reschedule la. Not sure when, I'll call/sms u/facebook/drop u a comment, technology has given us so many options! HAAHAH

Jacqueline said...

Nice colour... =p
Btw, ur hair is damn long!

She's Jess said...

I do follow up with yr blog closely.

Ah... I mean what I said. Love your hair colour a lot.

Sue Lin said...

Jac, thanks! Wasnt my hair damn long when we met in uni?

Btw, i've moved ur link up, no more under dead blog =)

Jess, thanks again, ur words put a big smile on my face! I miss reading ur blog...

Valdez Lisa said...

so far not yet. I can still see red color on her hair. Btw, did you use color shampoo? If you don't, I think that's the reason that your red hair fade coz Color shampoo can make the color stay longer on your hair.

supplementals said...

20th comment! woohoo!


Sue Lin said...

VLisa, i normally use for colour shampoo but when i went to buy this time there was very little stock and i really needed shampoo, so i just bought the last bottle on the shelf...
Nevermind can always do again, not so sakit cuz it wasnt expensive

Supplementals, thanks for being the 20th! =) Wooohoo!