Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pangkor Island

Sorta miss Malaysia

Where it is warm and not freezing (though i'm sure when i get back i am gonna complain like shit)

So beautiful, i am a person who has a deep love for nature and its serenity

Considering cutting my hair short like that and the feeling is getting stronger =)

Hornbills on the beach, permanent guests of the resort.

A peacock that greeted us when we got there

My brother wanted to take a close picture with it and it ran into the bush to hide

Like a splash of watercolour, makes me wanna start dabbling with painting again

As a child i was inclined to art and craft, that was ages ago, i felt that part of me die

Add Image Yes one peacock and two peahens, threesome baby! Hahha

Family and i went for island hopping, past majestic Pangkor laut. I eyed this yatch, yummm, throw on some hot sailors and its good to go =P

Wrote on the sand

Camwhored, what else is there to do besides swim, eat and paraglide?

My lil sister and i. She's grown up so much! How time flies, can remember her being in my mom's belly, i was so excited to have a sister

Look at lil J, i used to carry her as a baby. If u put me with other babies today, i wouldnt really know how to handle them, i cant remember cuz my baby sis has grown up

Photo i took her for her blog. Her friends admired it and i felt happy like i do when my friends compliment me =)

Just loved the red leafs on the soft fine wind-blown sand

This blogger doesnt have the face for the background. Feels like eden, like a perfume add, i cant play the part

Watched as a Malay lady spends the morning with her sons, they cycle along the beach, past us, and sat on the swing facing the ocean

Stalked a crab and forced it to pose for me

Thursday, June 24, 2010


After travelling thousands of kilometers

We see Uluru, also known as Ayer's Rock

It is the sacred land of the oboriginal people in Australia, also a tourist destination

The research i did before my trip revealed that there's some controversy.

Apparently, tourists are advised not to climb it but not prohibited from doing so. Argument against climbing: it's sacred, we should respect the oboriginals and it is really steep making it dangerous
Argument for: they charged us $25 to enter the National Park, it a revenue earning tourist destination

Did this blogger climb?

I wanted to. Bestfriend wanted to respect the wishes of the oboriginals. Russian didnt have proper shoes. I didn't want to go up alone (dangerous) and it was so damn hot that day i got lazy...

We drove around the rock instead, inside our Toyota with the aircond on full blast. Hehe. And then we headed to The Olgas

Yeah, its just more rocks. Australia is full of rocks. We were "Rocked out" by the end of the day, didnt wanna see anymore rocks.

Mind u, we did Kings Canyon, Uluru and The Olgas in one damn day, the rest of our trip was spent getting to the destination and going back

We hiked to the middle of The Olgas, its the shortest trail we could find

Russian is sick of taking pictures, hence the face. The guy in green on the left was starring at us cuz we were noisy

Stupid glaring sun. Really killed the mood

Yeah i know how much i preach about natural sunlight being good for pictures. But this was too much! The view actually reminded me of Lord of the Rings but with the sun like that, i cant capture anything decent! Moderation is the key to everything in life eh?

Self shot on the way out of the Olgas.

Accomodation in Uluru is expensive, cutthroat as it is a tourist destination. So Russian wanted us to get as far away from the Rock as possible!

Sunset in the car (again) instead of at Uluru

Sandwiches for dinner under the stars at Ebenezer guesthouse. We called it a night pretty early that day, didnt wanna hit another kangaroo

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cattleya, Cymbidium

My desktop wallpaper makes me smile !

So pink, vibrant and pleasing

Catteleyas are almost out of season. Its a type of orchid, dont look at me like that, its not like i remember the sub-species name, i Googled it =P

My uncle sells them as cut flowers to florists. Even gave them free roots for decoration in bouquets. The long ones on the left takes 5 years to grow!

Bed of roses in a wheel barrow, in front of the sales centre, awaiting the arrival of Billy the florist. On the left is the pond featured here =)

Wire mesh as the walls of the sales centre.

Cymbidiums are cold weather orchids, the winter bloom, we sell them mostly as potted plants. Sydney's weather is PERFECT for them, my uncle says

We've got 5000 of them in the nursery, my uncle would pick out those in bloom, to be sold. I helped him stake them (to provide each flower stem with support) to make them look more presentable.

The nursery. Doesn't turn out well in photos but the human eye can see that there are so many plants budding. I feel a lil' sad that i am to leave Sydney before i get to see them all bloom

Convenient watering system

Teenage plants! Potted and scheduled to be for sale in a year's time

Cattleya love. They're so pretty, so stress free.

Its funny, ex-colleague Blogger Isya dear asked me what am i going to do after i quit. I told her i was gonna go work on a farm. Her facial expression told me she didnt believe me!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

She's in Sydney

Home for the past week and counting

Summer breakfast and dinner table, winter's we eat in the formal dining room with the heater on

Let me do an MTV Crib on u

Love the sunshine streaming through, i've gotten nothing but beautiful winter sunshine my whole trip here =)

So the house was specially designed according to unusual concepts. Greenhouse inspired, hence the glass roofs, keeps the inside warm

Indoor swimming pool, a modern rendition of the traditional Chinese homes with a courtyard in the middle containing a watersoure to "attract money". The right wall of the pool is a 'waterfall', timed to turn on for 10mins during lunch and again at about 5pm, stagnant water is no good.

The bedrooms as well as the living rooms, mini bar, study and kitchen surrounds the pool

Little library in the study, where i sit at the moment, Blogging

The first day we arrived it was already dark, so Sunday was my first sunset on this trip, splendid to be given such a magnificent sight... E was here with me that day

We couldnt really work things out and by Wednesday, i asked him to watch the sunset with me, i was sobbing, sad that things between us had to end. By Saturday evening we hugged goodbye in Sydney Central

On the outside, calming, ain't it? Little pond, with ducks once in a while, warmer months there are chicks. I've only seen the grown ones

Cuddly and friendly rottweiler named Tequila chases the ducks

She's a darling, pampered. Love to pet her and run with her, but she tends to get excited and jumps... much like my Coco back in KL

Abundant red red chilli. Spent 2 hours harvesting them and still not done yet!

Longan tree beared fruit, its a daily routine of mine to go cut a bowl of them before dinner each day for dessert

Wild flowers by the pond. In the background, the sales centre, where florists pick up pots of flowers