Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Received a What'sApp message inviting me to the snow for a day trip!

My friend PL's an avid snowboarder and so is her friend YN, so i decided to try snowboarding. Skiing was HORRIBLE. Snowboarding is much more easier!

Thats Burke Street Carpet, where all beginners take their classes. My class started off bad, i couldnt do one thing everyone had no problem doing. I was like, oh no, dont tell me i cant ski AND i cant snowboard too?

In the end the instructor discovered its because the stupid equipment shop gave me a men's L to XL sized board! I need S to M

I got it exchanged. This is Kooper and i. The equipment shop named the board, not me

The class ended at the middle section of the slope, the same slope i chickened out from in 2007 even though its a beginner's slope. I was simply atrocious at skiing!

With snowboarding, 5 minutes after my class ended i went down that slope alone! =) =) So proud and couldnt stop smiling!

Met up with PL and she lead me to where her friends are. I was so awfully slow that she was always sitting and waiting for me. At first i thought walking would be faster so thats what i did!

Wrong! It was so hard to walk down the snow, i gave up walking and just sat down and put on my board!

Rode down that slope successfully, with PL and her friends cheering me on at the bottom!!! =) =) So happy!

Then i got stuck, lost momentum at flat ground. PL said just take the board off and walk, so i did just that

Guess wtf happened....

The crime scene is so beautiful
My snowboard just slipped out of my hands, slowly at first, i tried to grab it but was an inch too far, i tried again but it got faster and before i realised what was happening, it was gaining speed! I shrieked for attention so that someone would help me! The stupid skiier just looked at my snowboard go pass him

...and i watched in horror as three hundred dollars flew off the cliff! Everyone at the cafe was looking too! I was lying flat on my belly on the snow in disbelief, hell i didnt want the first snowboard i buy to be a sacrifice to the mountains!

The wrong way to place ur idle snowboard. The bottom its slippery and that why mine went down the cliff! =(

I asked SL if he saw my board slip away. He said "yes, it was highly entertaining!" =( Couldnt help but laugh though! He said it happens to everyone... just that for them it slides a few meters, and mine went off a cliff!

The benefits of being with experienced skiiers and snowboarders is that they could go down the proper trail and look to see if my board was at the bottom

From left to right, me, PL and YN =)

Will write the rest of my snowboarding story in another blog post, need to sleep! 


Out of Sync said...

Haha! Great post lol. Did you get the board back?

Also I have granted you are award! I am a big fan of your blog so thought you would be a deserving recipient =)


Sue Lin said...

Hey! Thanks so much =) Really appreciate your comment! =)

Read your latest post and commented =)

Oh crap, i didnt realize i posted the same pic of my lying on the snow twice! I was dead tired yesterday and kept on making gramatical errors, which i proof read and corrected but i didnt spot the double picture! AHAHAHA

Isya said...

but yeah, totally curious whether you got your board back.

i'm actually late for work but wanna be at home to replicate. its public holiday in selangor but KL today. BUMMER!

and i thought snowboarding looked much simpler than skiing. less tools to handle with. but i had the problem of trying to stop. soo i would just plonk onto my butt to stop. hihihihi

Sue Lin said...

I didnt know u've been snowboarding before!!! Fun right??? OMG, i miss it so much too even though i just went. These days have been above 10degrees so i dun think i can go again in 2 weeks time! I'm the same as u, whenever i think i am going too fast i fall on my butt to stop on purpose! What pub hol is it? Sel always have more of them

Correcting my earlier comment - haha, the pix were different, i was so tired last night i thought they were the same! Lol

Janette Tang said...

oh my darling..
i'm sorry to admit i'm smiling reading your post.

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, u miss me Sook Yee?! =) Miss u too! Must find some time to randomly call u again

Isya said...

yeah! i went years ago, back when i was still studying in melb. i really wish i had more time and money to go more than once!

winters not very cold this year?

it was nuzul quran. it felt like a public holiday anyway with work productivity at a down low. more so cause there was no air cond!

Sue Lin said...

No aircond? Oh no! Must be stuffy!

I'm sitting on the fence whether i should go snowboarding again this weekend or not... my left knee has been bad on and off since i went snowboarding

I remember how it feels like being a uni student! So so poor! Slightly better off now with a job and no kids to take care of =P