Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Somebody's happy, guess who???

Yeap, me! =) Haha, dunno why la, holiday i guess. I know i said i'm supposed to be studying reading, whatever, but i haven't done any of those yet. Haha, i will and i must. After this post, i'll turn off my msn and force myself to do a bit.

But right now let me concentrate on being happy. Haha.

So why am i happy now? I'm happy cuz of the people in my life. Right now i'm very thankful towards my parents, my neighbou/bestfriend and my boyfriend. I'm really grateful for all the support they gave me, and i love the fact that i can talk to them about anything and tell them (almost) anything.

This post is mainly gonna be about my parents, since u're born with only one set of parents and u can't choose who u want your parents to be. I'm happy and thankful with mine. They love me sooo much. I feel loved. Coming home and talking to them... it's really wonderful, spending the morning with my bestfriend, the evening with my boyfriend and then coming home to my loving parents.

I really don't know how to describe the feeling, i'm really happy.

Oh yea, remember i said i'd stay at the hostel for 2 months?? Well, it's almost the end of the first month. And i'm supposed to give in a letter saying i want to terminate my tenancy at the hostel one month in advance, that means i have to hand in a formal letter tomorrow. Fast eh?

So i talked to my father about that, see if he would let me stay there longer, he said no. He told me it's a waste. My mom said "we miss u". So, as planned, i'd be staying at the hostel for 2 months. Then my father asked me how could he know when i'm coming home and when i'm staying there. I told him i'm not sure this week, since i'm on vacation but next week i'd try to stay there all weekday nights. I really didn't want to waste the money he pays. And u know what he said? He said "you don't have to force youself to stay there".

I found that soooooooooooooooooo sweet, so nice. I expected something else entirely. I expected to be kicked outta da house, Hahaha.

You know i was writing this post while chatting la. And i was chatting with this gurl M, did i ever talk about her here before? So, in short, i never talked to her much last year in Ausmat, all i knew about her when i first saw her in Monash was her name and her face. But we became easy friends this year, she's just sooo nice and easy to talk to and KIND. So sincerely kind. She's like, throwing her work at me... Haha, no la, she din't do that, but she offered to give me a lot of material and she guided me without expecting anything in return... So anyway, she is online now and i was talking to her and we talked about Econs, she didn't mind giving me some answers!!! And she asked for my help. I THINK i know the answer and i REALLY wanna help her back. I hope i'm not telling her what i already know. "We r frenz mah; muz help each other" that's what she said. I hope i helped her. Cus it'd be really great if i helped her as well.

Plus, talking to her made me do my work! Yay, so i did do a little work while i'm writing this. Gotta do more work after writing this. Yawn, i'm sleepy. It's been an hour since i started writing this.

Yawn again... Oh. About my blog... i think i know the purpose of it, the reason why i bother writing. I write so that my fans... err... i mean my loyal and beloved readers can learn from the lessons i've learnt, i write only what i THINK would be useful to others.

And i write to give credit where it is due. U know, like thanking this person and that person, and letting everyone know how wonderful he or she can be? Like, in this post i want everyone to know that my parents are great. And then i also want everyone to know what a wonderful person M is. I want to make them feel special. The way J and the person who wrote this(below) in her blog. They really made me smile.

"Happie *BURP* *BURP* burfday Sue Lin~!!!

hehehehe...yup yuppie..it's 1 of my beloved fren from Ausmat,Sue Lin's burfday...i miss her so much even though i had juz met her like 2 days ago when i went back 2 Sunway 2 get my LAN cert..she look so funny n cute..biasala,dat's her~!!i think u look so adorable in ur braces Sue~!!n I MEAN IT~!!

da good old days back in Ausmat was fun wif her..if it wasn't 4 her,i dunno who else i can look up 2,besides Joey(oh yea..4gotten sumthing..HAPPY BELATED BURFDAY~!!miss ya gal~!!please read dis if u're reading my blog),juz 2 pour out all my of worries..she's definitely 1 in a million..she stands by ur side n will sit down n listen 2 all of ur rubbish..it's quite nice of her..usually,i wud think dat if a gal comes from an all-gals skool,she wud haf dat bitchy attitude dat gets ur nerves on n makes u wanna smack her face left n right..well,she isn't 1 of those gals whom i thought..she's simply nice,sweet..in fact da sweetest gal among all of my Ausmat frens..caring n got da brains..she'll keep telling she's stupid,when actually she's not..sumtimes i feel like stuffing her mouth wif positive things but dun worry..i won't do it cuz i ain't dat cruel..

b4 she got 2getha wif E,i knew he liked her..remember i purposely act dumb for 1 whole day b4 he asked u?..hehehehe..look at them now~!!!happily 2getha n still going strong..i'm proud of u both..if he bullies u again,tell me..i'll prepare a shoe 2 baling at him..MUAHAHAHA..now,dat's wat u call plain evil...

all i wanna say is..Sue Lin,u're simply da best..thanx 4 everything~!!!i'm so glad dat u're my fren..we'll definitely stay close as usual..dun worry,i'll try 2 make up time 2 come n visit u..miss ya loads gal...muaks n hugs..^_^V..peace out ppl~!!!

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