Friday, April 27, 2012

Door Trainer

First time buying a home exercise equipment and it has pictures of a man on the box!! :P

DIY - this girl was surprised to find five bars n screws in the box...

It looks nothing like the box. I look nothing like the man on the box

Read the instructions and managed!

I'm da MAN!! I fixed it!!!:D

Wait a minute...

One screw left... This can't be good... 

Oh that's the screw driver/nut bolter tool, it's meant to be left in the box

I knew that, I used it!! The last pic is just for entertainment :) 

Here's the workout i do. 

Step 1: Hang with both knees bent. This is what my teacher calls Lady Legs

Step 2: Bring knees to chin

Step 3: Straighten legs. Lift the bum a little bit more

Step 4: Smile at the camera, that's the straddle! 

For more of a workout, from the straddle go back to lady legs and without touching the floor, go into a straddle again! Killer! I only manage to do that a couple of times. Works the arms, core and the legs. 

What i dont understand is... i can do all that shit but i still have a tummy! =( The other girl at class has a totally flat tummy and abs but she cant do the straddle. Beats the hell out of me!


Azz said...

Impressive, keep it up!

Sue Lin said...

Thank you!! =)

Mrs White said...

That's awesome.
I think i'd be afraid to use that for fear of tearing down the door frame by hanging like that. hahahaha
My hubby brought with him some kind of stappy thing that connects to the door and we haven't connected those yet either. Hoping to find a more sturdy place.
Awesome demonstration of using the tool you got though.
Work it girl!!!

Mrs White

Isya said...

omg soooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!

ten thumbs up ;)

Sue Lin said...

Mrs White thank you! =) I'll post up YouTube videos soon! Are u n ur hubby looking to buy a new place???

Isya hahaha, whose thumbs are u borrowing? Hehehe Thank u!!!