Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hey hey, i'm itching to Blog, came all the way to the computer lab JUST to Blog.

That's because i'm happy! One more assignment done with me yesterday, so... err... i lost count, oh yea, FOUR more to go.

But that's not the main reason i'm happy. I got back my Management assignment about an hour ago and i did sooo much better than i expected!!! So soooo much better than expected. Got a B, no one gets 'A's so 'B's are good. I was really really surprised. Shocked when my tutor called out my name and said another B. =)

It's great getting a B. I feel very motivated. But there's also the pressure to work harder for the next assignment. I can't be one of those people who become big headed after doing well once.

Today's the 28th of April and it's my second last night staying in the hostel. I've been staying there every weekday day this week just cuz it's my last week... In a way i'm thrilled to be moving out, i want to go home! But in another way... i want to stay longer.

Staying away from home is VERY costly... i'm in a shortage of cash. Last month i didnt have any financial difficulties cuz i didnt shop. And if it's between spending my allowances on food instead of new things, i'd rather go home and eat the prepared by my maid.

Damn i'm hungry, but i'm no where near done Blogging. Actually i'm starting to doubt my reason for Blogging, who reads my Blog? I know who my loyal readers are, but are there still?

No, no, musn't think that way. I'm Blogging for myself, because i want to remember the thoughts i have.

So, yesterday I did my Business Statistics Assignment 2 in the Monash computer labs with a friend, D. She's a year older and was from my secondary school but i never knew her until this year; we're quite close since we share many classes and we always happen to see each other outside classes.

It was fun doing the assignment with her, we made the most noise in the lab, laughing away hysterically at our work and other stupid things. We both went a little crazy and since the computer lab chairs are the kind with wheels, we spun around a bit! Haha, and she banged her knee.

Then she smelled Ramlee Burger. Someone was eating dinner there in the comp lab and the smell got to us. Despite the 'No food and Drinks' sign and the CCTV security system, decided to have our dinner there in the lab as well. She asked for double special(= two eggs instead of one =) chicken burger! And i decided to get the same, although i didnt know if it exists. I went to get the food while she looked after our stuff.

Normally-No, EVERYDAY i eat with the Ausmat 2004 gang. So i had to tell A, C and E that i won't be eating with them. I knew THAT would be tough cuz they'd persuade me and tempt me with what they're going to eat. I know i'm weak. So i decided to ORDER the burgers before i telling them i won't be joining them.

After finishing my assignment i went down to the foyer where A and C are studying. I joined them but i couldn't read anything. Nothing i read could go into my head. I guess it's partly because spending 5 hours doing Business Statistics, which is maths... And partly because what C and A talked about is so captivating. And funny.

Makes me wonder how much i missed out on last year, not studying at the Foyer with them like they do everynight last year. But then again, if i DID do that, i don't think my father would've been proud of my results.

So there ARE both good and bad points of staying in the hostel, it's good if u can control yourself like those people on the JPA scholarship(i hate those people, not only do they get to study for free, they get to stay at the hostel for free and i heard they get allowances too). I'm definitely not like them so i guess going home would be much better.


She's Jess said...

Hey.. here am i.. your loyal bog reader :)

sue lin said...

Thanks! I didn't know u read my Blog!! =)