Thailand & Laos

Visited Thailand 4 times and cant get enough of it! And Laos!

Luang Prabang, Laos
Streets in Luang Prabang
Bin Da Bat Monks receiving alms; an unusual cultural experience

Vang Vieng, Laos
Tubing Part 2 Free alcohol and water sport's dont mix
Tubing! A water theme park on the river river bank!

Bangkok, Thailand
204 Baiyoke Skydeck View from the tallest building
203 Shopping Paradise Can't fly to Milan, there's always Bangkok!
202 Eating in Bangkok Heaven on a plate
201 Damnoensaduk Floating Market So colourful and vibrant
104 Bangkok Daze
103 Marble Temple Majestic white marble
102 Bangkok City Tour 
101 Bangkok Blur Got lost first thing upon arrival on 9/8/2010

Chiang Mai, Thailand
07 Mountain Biking Part 3 Blood and rainbows...
06 Mountain Biking Part 2 Flat tired and leeches, help!!
05 Mountain Biking Part 1 Just the beginning!
04 Poor frightened elephant Its illegal for them to be on the streets in cities
03 Backpacking! You always meet new friends and sometimes your guesthouse sucks!
02 Elephant Ride Must do in Thailand =)
01 Alone in Chiang Mai Still loads of fun!

Koh Tao, Thailand
06 Night Dive pitch black, whole new experience!
05 Advanced Dive Course is the obvious next step =)
04 Certified Diver Completion of my Open Water course =)
03 Orange sunset after 3 weeks of gloomy evenings
02 Koh Tao during the day & at night
01 Open Water Scuba Diving Day 1 on the island

Krabi, Thailand
Day 3 Just a short morning
Day 2 Rain and snakes
Day 1 Almost missed our flight!