Saturday, February 28, 2009

Materialistic Girl

E was sooo sooo sweet last week but i pms-ed at him... i'm such a bad girlfriend...

Anyway, he brought me to Low Yatt to hunt for a new phone. All shops didnt have my limited edition phone. He patiently brought me to Sungai Wang next. Its fated =)

We looked at this shop and he thought they didnt have my model. But i saw the white one and pointed it to him, i almost lost hope of finding my colour...

But E asked the guy for my purple one and i was shocked beyond words when he said it was available! And it was the last one in the shop!

Meet my lost phone's evil twin!

I still have the box and accessories of my old phone...

Thanks E, love youuuuuuu

Next splurge is hardly a splurge

It pays to be be nice to as many people as you can! HEHEHE, check out my new Swatch, 40% discount =) =) =)

RM138, picked it from a catalogue, ordered by sms, paid via, collected it in a brown envelope, from a locked drawer at work.

HAHAHA, didnt even have to GO to Swatch man! I absolutely LOVE it. Regret not buying one for my mom! Its too late to get another one d =(

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It Happened to Me

Was on the way to work, typical day. Thought i was late, as usual, decided to take my fever medicine at the traffic light instead of replying my dear E's sms.

So my phone remained in my handbag, on my passenger seat.

Didnt see it coming, there was a loud crash on my left, thought a stone flew to my window or there was an accident on my left. Screamed and turned to the right, to shelter my face.

Next thing i knew a dark hand reached in and snatched my handbag and all thats in it!

Except my stupid pills cuz i took that out of my bag, why couldnt i have taken my phone out instead?

Too shocked to get down the bastards number plate.

Was trapped at the red light, there was a car in front of me, cant change lanes to chase. Honked. Saw them make a left turn, by the time it was green light and i went where the bike went i was too late.

Went home, called father, mom, E. Called work. Spent the day driving around in KL's mad heat with a broken window, went to 3 different police stations

i'm not the only victim of this morning

A Chinese auntie lost her bag too and so did a young Malay lady. Then went to make a new IC. Fix the car window, and get a new Maybank ATM

I feel so sad, i miss my purple phone so so much. And damn that's one precious annual leave wasted as an emergency leave.

I wish i could stop living for a while, don't want to face the reality of it all

But i cant, back to work tomorrow and i've got to study tonight.

Well, at least i wasn't hurt at all, just one tiny little scratch on my left hand, less than 5mm wide, not deep at all, didnt hurt one bit. My face is alright, no shattered window glass cuts. No broken legs or ribs, no bruises. Have to be thankful. There are some people who lost their lives because of snatch theft

Ladies, dont put your handbag on ur passenger seat when driving alone. I never thought this would happen to me. Please don't be next, dont want u to go through what i went through

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bali Day 1

Woke up insanely early to head to LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) which was... well, very low cost.

Flew Airasia, my second time, they actually had seat numbers!

I dont get it why they always stop you from taking pictures of the airplane like what the guy on the right is doing

Upon arrival, i noticed Bali's distinct architecture:

At Denpasar airport, we were greeted with garlands of flowers!

If you don't know my family, thats bro, sis, me, cousin who blogs here (check out her Bali post) and my Mommy!

Bali roads, from our tour bus. Don't ask me why is it that i always go for tour, its my father's style.

Below, my loving parents! =)

I should have lighten the picture... Dont they look sweet together? =)

Lunch was at this place:

We sat outdoors cuz there wasn't any electricity! The sambal rocks! Love it so much! I normally don't food blog but the chicken below was good

Apparently u can even eat the bones. Just that i didnt really like eating the bones and i stuck to the meat...

The bus brought us to our hotel to get checked in. Just a 3 star place that looks disappointing from the outside...

But inside its pretty decent, with the whole Bali feel going on

I showed my senior my pictures when i was at work cuz she was planning a trip to Bali and she said "I dont need to stay in such a nice hotel!" HAHAHA
Next on our iteneary, was the Uluwatu temple

Its 200meters above sea level, i love the way the waves crashes in. The place is full of monkeys. There was an obesed one... really ugly thing with a big belly. But u'll see none of them here

If you wear shorts or a mini skirt, u will have to wear a sarong at these temples,

hence the new trend. Pretty nice pic my father took

And one of me my mom took:

Bring on the sunglasses, the sun was shinning so bright, i knew i had to wear them, more so out of vanity, my eyes disappear in photots when the sun shines bright and i knew u people'd be demanding for pictures!

Soon after, we headed to Jimabaran Beach for dinner

Looks pretty here, cameras can play tricks with different angles but the beach was full of rubbish!

Me, enjoying my coconut water despite being near so much rubbish. Oh, thats the restaurant that made so many people sick.

After dinner, we walked around Kuta town. I was trying to get a prepaid simcard. The best simcard to call and sms back to Malaysia is Mentari. 36,000 rupiah (RM12) bought me 25 to 30 smses and over 30minutes talk time. Activating the simcard was quite a bitch though.

And did u know office in Indonesian is "kantor"? Weird right? In Malay its just offis! HAHAHAHA, oh no wait, its pejabat....

Anyway, i miss my CNY holidays, i really played and was so carefree, i even had long camwhore sessions. What do u think?

A bit of eyeshadow and I drew 1cm of eyeliner over each eye. Good? Bad? Compare it to the one of me with the coconut, what do u think?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bali has gotta wait

Cant picture blog, need to work till late tonight before the client's Group Finance Manager goes back to Singapore.

Ms BayBeeTea, struggling with files, in the lift. Yet she manages to snap a pic! =P

Yesterday after work i went over to Midvalley to meet RC before he goes back to Australia (i turned on my laptop to work a bit in Midvalley while waiting for him ok?)

Yummy fushion Japanese food, weird la but i love my Unagi whatever set, i love unagi everywhere tho. Its near Toys R Us. It was fun just hanging out there (the restaurant, not ToysRus) chatting with him and his Communication Degree friends.

Then i went home took a shower and headed over to neighbour/bestfriend's house right next door for a long good chat (till 1am). She n RC are taking the same flight back to Melbourne, wont see them for months!

Ooohh!! And Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 is comin' up! One of my closest uni buddy, DL, is at the 3days 2 nights closed audition as i blog! Prays she makes it through, you can't not love her!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Calling in Sick

Can't picture blog... spent most of my weekend in bed, on meds. Sorry, Terrible cough and cold.

But Saturday was good, Happy Hour Karaoke only because these friends were gonna fly off to Aust soon.

I thought RM30 for 3 hours was expensive at first but i guess its ok, Greenbox's selection of free drinks was fantastic! Drank loads of mango juice and even more warm water. Bestfriend and i kept on peeing! HAHA. She's the only one who can make me go for karaoke, and it seems like we are making it a yearly thing to sing irritating songs like Barbie Girl and Dr Jones by Aqua!

I thought 3 hours was too much but even after they gave us an extra hour, i didnt wanna let go of the mike! HAHAH. Thanks to the free warm water, i can still talk on Sunday. But i slept most of my Sunday away.

Oh, though its a public holiday tomorrow, i'm working. Night!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Sorry for my absence! Was on a family trip to

Came back on late Sat night, visited school friends and gambled (we were such addicts) on Sun and had a gym and E day today... Now i am freaking tired!

Gotta work tomorrow, i dun wanna have to undo my RM20 Bali hair, but i had to. Fun's over

Overall, i think Cambodia was a better trip... Bali... is overrated i guess. So it didnt meet expectations. Beaches were no where as scenic as my mind painted it out to be. And poor little sis, bro, my father and half the tour group had bad tummy aches after eating here:

"FRESH" grilled seafood? Right!

Mom and i have iron stomachs, according to E. And my cousin didn't eat much of the stuff. More picture soon, promise! Goodnight for now

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