Monday, February 27, 2012

Torquay Beach

Next thing i know, it was a whole afternoon of sun, sand, sea, waves smashing into my face and water going in my nose!

Rented surf boards and K-Mart bogey boards!

PL gave me some simple body boarding (belly on the board) lessons and we went to give it a go! Most of the time i either miss the wave... 

Or get thrown about underwater with my eyes closed, clinging onto the board and surrendering to the ocean and letting it sweep me to shore, scraping my knee or butt against the sand, all the while drinking salt water through my nose.

At least two times, i managed to properly body board and ride the wave to shore! =)

The group, made up of friends of friends! Lots of chilling out on the sand, people watch, ate fruits and played ball and sand fights! 

I could do this every weekend in summer! 

Just gotta make damn sure i apply sunblock evenly

Don't miss a spot or strip! Hahah

Friday, February 24, 2012


Trying to make up for the classes i missed when on vacation is a killer!
Couple that with free workshops and my normal two days per week classes, i end up on the pole 5 times a week for the last two weeks! Plus the pole at my friend's house. Totally mad.

Been sleeping and eating like a complete pig when i'm not hanging off the pole like a monkey. Wore pants to work everyday this week because my legs are spotted - with bruises from the inner thighs all the way down to my ankles.

Insane! Loving it!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pole at home

Not in my home unfortunately
PL and i took courses in different pole academies, so the stuff we learned varies. Exchanged experiences! Awesome workout!

The shoulder stand

Many students can't do the hand stand in Level 4, so they introduced the shoulder stand in Level 3 as training for the hand stand.

Level 3 is really intense. I can do the tricks individually but the dance routine is tough! There are two combos
1. Foxy + Tease + Lay Back Variation (holding onto the pole above ground for about 30 seconds)
2. Foxy + Mermaid + Princess (takes another 30seconds or so)
I struggle with combo 1 because it is hard to transition and grip the pole, combo 2 i manage but spin wayyy too fast! Hahah!

Doing the Princess with straight legs

I noticed a book titled Effortless Empire on PL's desk and we launched into an investment talk!! The accountant and the financial planner talking about interest rates after pole dancing? Women today =)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Level 3 Week 5

Back in Melbourne and back at Pole!

Love how i constantly surprise myself!
So far nothing i can't do in my first time atempting level 3! The above is the bent legged princess (basic) and below the straight legged princess. I can do both =)
This week's trick is a shoulder stand, like a handstand from yoga but instead of against the wall, it is against the pole (no picture). On Tuesday i couldnt do it at all, didnt dare push because i've been on holidays for 2.5weeks!

On Wednesday, i tried a bit harder. Didn't get it UNTIL  ONE  MINUTE before class ended! Teacher asked us to just give it a go, one more time, and i tried, with no expectations... somehow i felt the pole against my back n kicked up as told.

The next thing i knew my butt was against the pole and my legs were in the air!  For a moment i didnt know what was going on!! Teacher saw from the front and encouraged me! Then i realised, I managed to do it!! Hahah

I said i dont know how to get down! Everyone was probably looking at me but i didnt care, just focused on not falling! Concentrared hard on myself, just focused on teacher's voice, ignoring my surroundings, felt teacher's hand on my stomach and i got down safely! She said it was good! =) Yay!
The above trick is one of the most important moves in pole dancing, aerial hoop and silks. I can do it but i wouldn't dare do it on the street like her! So cool!

All the above pictures are taken off the net.

My snowboarder friend recently bought a pole! She's one level more advanced than me, look what she did in Thailand (below)!
 Stole her pic from Facebook! Cant wait to visit her, maybe we can camwhore! =)

Pictures of  ME  pole dancing click here
Snowboarding pictures click here

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I dont get it but I love it!

Got my teeth cleaned, hair cut and colored

And also got myself a new pair of spectacles! I don't get the latest craze - the thick black rimmed spectacles, the nerdy look. But I love it!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Spent a few hours reading September 2011's National Geographic!

Loved the article on demographics and women in Brazil having less and less children because their soap operas, or "novelas" always feature women with small families of one or two children

Teeth whitening, perhaps during lunch break, judging from the patient's attire? And check out the Ms Dr Dentist's hot pink heels! Hahaha!

I agree with the article, consumerism and wanting to give the best to your one or two only children! Plus I dont wanna end up being a slave to the offspring, i want my own life! Loving my selfish mid-twenties tooo much!