Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Year 1, Sem 2 , Part 8

I hate ECW2721 Trade Finance and Foreign Exchange. Know what we learn? Spot rate, Forward rate, letters of credit, The Bikerde-Robinson-Metzler case, The Marshall-Lerner Case... graphs... funny symbols... the symbols are so funny that my friend's computer couldn't read them. When she printed her notes there were a few little cars in the middle of all the words. What?!

When she showed it to me i actually believed that it was part of the notes. I mean... we don't pay attention in class. There are up to 90 Power Point Slides in each week's lecture notes. Even the lecturer doesn't explain everything. Actually the lecturer isn't great. At all.

So we have zero enthusiasm for the subject. Never studied during the 13-week course, never touched the notes. At least i bothered to print the notes, D didn't even print them! Haha.

When my C showed me the cars as part of the notes, i really thought it was part of the notes. Only later when she showed me another strange thing-- presents with bow ties as part of the text did i realize that there was a computer error. Haha.

We are super blur about what's going on. We wondered how the exam format was like... we thought the lecturer never even gave us the format (we believe he didn't cuz we strongly disliked him) so i asked around for the format last week. And guess what? Today, flipping through my lecture notes, ooops, there the format was, i did copy it during lecture, he did give the format during lecture but i don't recall. Hehe.

I hate this subject. Stupid... so difficult, complicated and dry. And that is the notes alone, imagine reading the textbook?? Urgghhh. Took me a week to finish studying one lecture, shit i have 5 lectures more. Exam's on Friday!!

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