Sunday, December 11, 2005

Life's Like That

Before we were even told what to do, we were given our cheques! Whoa. The guy said he trusted us.

Don't look at me that way, we were trustable okays? In fact a bit soo trustable i think i'm stupid.

Turns out we weren't actually working for GSC, the cinema. We were working for a bank. Sort of a promotion for a credit card, of course they didn't tell us that or we might have been a little reluctant to take on the job. Who isn't afraid of being asked to sell credit cards??

However, the job was REALLY simple. Me and my friend, LF, the one who got me the job were to just sit there and givbe out 2 tickets to the winners of this sms contest. Pretty simple.

Unless u wanna count fighting the temptation of running away with 1000 free GSC movie tickets. =P

The people collecting the tickets were nice. I mean, duh, they are winners and not people being pestered into applying for a credit card. But there were a few frustrated souls who had problems finding the cinema/parking. There was this guy all sweating...

And there are some that came all the way from so far-- the guy told us he came from Puchong (big deal, i came from Cheras, which is like, 20km further). And there were many dating couples... couples with kids...

And they asked simple questions. All the same, predictable and answerable, well mostly.

Pretty flexible too. It was just me and LF, trusted by the guy who hired us. I was smsing most of the time. And eating and chatting with LF, giggling and people-watching. Haha. Some people just walk past by the cinema over and over again from 10am to 10pm. Why?

And i went SHOPPING!!! Haha, yeah, again. But hey, i didn't plan to shop one ar. Just happen that McDonald didn'T have MY spicy fried chicken so i had to wait... and Padini Authentics was just nearby... and they had all those wagons filled with 50% off stuff... and i saw this top that friend of mine bought months ago, it's a white, toga top.

Original price-- RM39.90-- Unacceptable for me. 10%-30% discount was not acceptable to me too. 50%-yes! and i'd dig through all the clothes in search of what i want. Wasted a lot of time there, should have just asked the sales people... haha, which i did later on... they gave me my size, different colour but i think this colour suits me better so i'm daaaaamn happy with my purchase.


And u know what??? Whenever LF and i have nothing to talk about there's no prize winners and when we start talking, someone would come up to collect their tix!

And they usually son't come one by one... they come 4 by 4... and it's not like they know each other... it's just strange...

And when i told E to call me... i was forced to not answer his call cuz people started to come (LF was on dinner break). And by the time they went off, E hung up. I asked him to call again. The minute he did, people started coming again!! His call went unanswered and he sent an angry sms... =(

Why's life like that?

And like i said, we're only a Ticket Redemption counter... but there was this guy who came up and wanted to sign up for the credit card!

What??? Damn!! When i'm not selling credit cards u come up and offer to apply for one?? WASTED!!! I bet if i do sell credit cards one day, everyone would avoid me like i'm a suicide bomber trying to give them a hug.

I told that to my mom (via sms) and she replied "when i don't want taxi they stop for me".

Life, ohhhh life. Why are u like that??

Ps: i AM tired. But if i don't what about this today don't think i'll ever write about it. Nights


irene_bringschaos said...

hehe.. dont you just love life's little ironies!?

sue lin said...

No! I dun! Haha. And u have a blog??

irene said...

yeah! come visit anytime... hehe

sue lin said...

Yup, visited u that day