Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy New Year!

Only two set resolutions this year. One of them is to be able to do the splits.

Took a 10 week course in aerial silks! I love it soooo much! Unfortunately i dont think i can continue this term. Too busy, can u can tell by my lack of blogging! The other resolution is a secret till its achieved =)

I'm going to do a 30minute post. Where i'll just type to my heart's content within 30minutes!

2012 has been a good year... every year just keeps getting better and better from 2009 onwards. When i got my freedom in the form of a drivers license and a little white car at 18, life was really good. Then I feel like i stopped living for two years 2008 and most of 2009 when i was working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

 Upon getting my Australian Permanent Residence, i took a gap year in 2010! Good times, 2011 was also good though i cried a lot and in 2012 i cried less! =P 2011 was hard breaking into the Australian job market, plus my love life was non existent.

2012 I met my Stephen =) And also i got qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Two of my resolutions met! Yay! Hahah. Getting qualified had its stressful and shocking days! Stephen just walked into my life. He and his ex-housemate were very late for the rock climbing Meet Up i organised. Most of us were about to leave but i decided to be a good host and just speak to them for a bit and i intended to leave.

Surprised that i could talk to the both of them and because they dont drive i ended up offering to bring them for dinner. During dinner, i mentioned i wanted to get my rock climbing gear - a harness and a pair of shoes. Stephen used that as an excuse to 'help me' and said he must take my phone number.

Because it was late i sent them back home. Yeah, i know, its like i am the man and they are the ladies! Hahah. Watched a couple of episodes of some British series, during the show, Stephen was helping me research for rock climbing gear. After the end of the second episode, i excused myself. Steve walked me to the table where i placed my handbag and asked me for my number again =) I didnt think much of it at that point and just gave it to him.

I went home. Took a shower and went to bed. The next day, a Saturday he texted me. We chat for a bit till the conversation slowed down. I was busy that weekend, went for a birthday dinner... Not sure what happened next... but somewhere along the way he said that the sale for the harness ends that weekend. I was busy on Sunday as well - a friend is visitng Melb and so i cheekily asked if Steve would get the harness for me! Hahahaha.

And he did! I found out later that he went all the way to the city JUST to get it for me! =) That night i called him to thank him and he just wouldnt stop talking to me! Probably a 2 hour phone call. And we talked every night that week! Went out on Friday and again on Sunday when asked me "Will u be my girlfriend" on the 1st of July =)

Smiling like an idiot writing that =)

In May 2012 a colleague went on maternity leave and i vowed to be in a new job by the time she gets back in September. The Australian football season was also on and would end in October. I vowed by the end of the footy season i'll be in a new job. These two thoughts that crossed my mind stuck. Because i managed to achieve it!

I started the job hunt by registering with recruitment agents. I went for a couple of meetings, they were promising but not fruitful. The talk with them and another few over the phone did help warm me up for questions in interviews.

I scored myself 3 interviews. It is a world of difference having Australian experience. The last interview is the one i accepted and love at the moment =)