Friday, December 16, 2005

Summer School 2005/2006 Part 1

Company Reporting today wasn't too bad. Made friends unlike lonely lonely Tuesday. Hung out and chatted. But a drawback would be that i spent the 2 hours break not doing tutorial work... Guess i'll have 2 do it at home and leave the breaks for socializing??

If i can stop all this laziness: i slept the whole afternoon today. And didn't go jogging. Haha.

A little bit more about Tuesday and yesterday's topic... is it true that if u shower after eating u'd tend to get fat?? A thin friend of mine swears by that rule and resently i've (reluctantly) adopted it...

It's troublesome. Especially when i have 2 fight for the bathroom... was so hungry and yet i had 2 wait for my sister and then my brother to finish showering before i get to shower.

And then after my shower i'll have to put on my 4 face creams, before i get to eat. Really impractical.

I've also heard that u should 2 try to not sit for 2 hours after eating. I heard that from my Biology teacher!!! Godammit, whether it's true or not, no waaaaay.

Ps. My butt hurts! Must be from the jogging, but isn't that strange?


supplementals said...

for all u health freaks.

sue lin said...

Hey... i'm a 'jogging freak'. Notice the ''

It's just to get them off my back.

Joey said...

I've heard about those "rumours" too. Not sure if it's true. Ppl said if u sit immediately after a meal, ur backside will be big. haha...dunno la

sue lin said...

Haha, Joey, now that's why must butt's so huge!!

And i also heard that if u eat a lot of chicken breast ur breasts will get bigger. And if u eat a lot of drumsticks your thighs would get bigger.

So i guess i look like this cuz i dun like to eat chicken breast. And i love drumstick. Now that's why my thighs are so huge??

sue lin said...

supplementals, I SEE, should've known! =) Funny