Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bye Lab Coat

Reading a friend's blog, her 22nd February post inspired me to write what i'm writing now.

She said she's rubbish at throwing things, well then, I must be trash at thrashing things.

I've been clearing up my room for 3 months ongoing now and I'm still not done. Truth is that is what I'm supposed 2 b doing right now. I keep a lot of things because I'm attached to them, for memory's sake just like this particular friend.

There are many old clothes in my cupboard, way back from my childhood days, can't chuck them cuz they contain memories. And then there are jeans I don't want? but I can't give a pair of Levi's away, I just can't. It's a pair of Levi's. I wish I could sell it. But how can I find a buyer?

So in the end the only item of clothing I let go off was my lab coat. Let's face, I don't need it. But I was sooo sad to see it go. It reminds me of the fun I had in the labs? I once mixed something that bubbled out of the test tube and onto the floor, just like a volcano...

And the coat was so soft and comfortable?

I didn't have a choice, the lab coat could be sold. And I did sell it. For RM42. The same price I bought it for. Good, huh?

But I wish I still had it. All I have left of it is a photo.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Today was a long day, although i only had one short workshop in college today. I mean, in university. It wasn't easy getting accepted by a university so I had better say I'm in university.

So it was a tiring day, but a fun one! Mainly cuz I had a certain someone with me almost all day. He sent me to and from college, I mean university today cuz Ausmat 2004 is having a small reunion. The workshop I had 2day wasn't bad too, interesting and funny. And after that I met up with my Ausmat course-mates and we hung out!

We went to Pyramid for lunch and then just to kill time as a group. One of our course mates is working in Radioactive there so we decided to pay him a visit? or disturb him. He bragged about how all his friends who visited him at work end up buying something.

Originally we didn't want to buy anything. But I had my eye on this sleeveless top since Monday. I didn?t buy it cuz it was pricey. RM59.90 for a shirt?!?! No way, right?

But just for fun I pointed it out to the one who was holding my hand. He agreed it was nice and we took a closer look at it. There was a ?his? version of it as well, in blue instead of pink The ?his? tee didn?t have a price tag at the collar so we searched for it.

Guess what we found on the shirt? A little hidden pocket on the inside, just big enough for u to keep a condom in it! Haha, cute. Then we found out that the ?hers? one has it too!

However special the shirts are, RM59.90 each would be too costly?. Then we just happen to walk by a sign that says the shirts come in a pair! For Valentines. So it's actually RM59.90 for a pair of shirts! Wowwww!!!

Just to double check, we asked our friend who was working there. He confirmed it and asked us to try the shirts on... blah blah blah, u know what promoters do. =) So we did and they just fitted perfectly! Both mine and his!

As usual, I asked if there was anymore of the shirts in stock since I try not to buy stuff that has been on display. So our friend said he'd check. A minute later he came out saying "I don't know whether to say u guys are lucky or not: these are the last ones"

We decided to take it positively: we're lucky! =) Posted by Hello

Friday, February 25, 2005

Lately i've been in the mood to blog, to tell u the truth i used to write a diary. Right now i've almost completely switched to blogging cuz the notebook i use 2 write in has run out of pages and i'm waiting for a new one.

So, today, i skipped a day at university cuz i dun wanna attend the boring talk on study skills. Instead i built my timetable (i have Wednesdays off! =). Then i decided what i wanted to major in (For now it looks like i'm gonna take a double major, in accounting and in marketing. And i'd take a minor in writing, since i love to write! Did i ever mention that i actually wanted a double degree in Business and in Mass Communications? Since the double degree of my choice is unavailable here, i guess the closest i can get to it is doing a minor in writing)

What else did i do today? Hung out with E. =) Had lunch n dinner together, watch tv and went online 2gether, chit chat... i told him something i've never told anyone before. Now that i've told him, i can tell u, since it's better to tell it to him face to face than to let him find out through my blog. (He's a loyal reader of my blog, not surprised? =)

What is it i told him? Yeah, i told my about my very very first impression of him. Possible a year ago, a friend pointed him out to me, she told me his name and the unique way his name was spelt. She also told me about his parentage: he's mixed, Malay and Chinese.

So, when i first saw him, from afar, i noted that he was good-looking. I did feel something. Love at first sight? Nah, i don't believe in that. Anyway, i remembered telling myself to NOT be interested in him, since he's half Malay, which means that he is Muslim by law. I successfully managed to do that, u know, not crush on him.

It wasn't that difficult; we were practically strangers to one another, with no classes in common and no proper introduction. And well, my friend told me quite some stuff about him to me: he doesn’t complete his homework, he has many summons for speeding... Let's just say he had a bad impression on me la

Until we got to know each other better around August 2004. We got along really well, and he provided reasonable explanations to... err... erase my negative thoughts of him. And the rest is another story that isn't for tonight.

On 18th February, the roses were looking good, thanks to the cold climate in my family's fridge. That's where i kept them. My boyfriend, E said he would have bought me more if they weren't too expensive, i never knew the prices of roses sky-rocket every 14 February until this year when I actually received roses. When I told my father about the roses he told me to tell E not to waste money! Haha.  Posted by Hello

Even in the very best condition and even with tender loving care, roses don't last forever. Yesterday(Wednesday), a petal fell off, i was sad. And when i slept i dreamt that more of the petals fell, it was sort of a nightmare since in dreams other stupid stuff happened. Today(Thursday), when i wanted to change the water, a few petals fell off.

I complained to my parents who were nearby. U know what my father said? He told me to tell E to buy fake roses next time! No waaaaaaaay, haha. At least my father's cool abt me having a bf, a friend of mine couldn't bring home the 13 roses she received cuz her parents aren?t open-minded

So anyway, I was stubborn and still wanted to prolong the lives of my roses, but even more petals fell! =( I had no choice but to give up; i had to dry them since there were already petals all over the table! The petals were kinda pretty, so, here, i'm sharing them with u! =) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hey, uni was much better today although there was this long 4 hour break in between the English diagnostic test and my course advice session. First of all, things were better since there were no boring talks, not yet anyway. And then i had stuff planned to fill up the long break.

During the break i smsed a lot applied for my library card and then had lunch, my fave chicken noodles, alone, there were faniliar faces around but it was just hie and bye. Lunch didnt taste as good as it used to, i'm not sure if it's cuz i'm eating alobe or if it's cuz of the cafeteria.

Then i went to donate blood! =) There was this blood donating drive in college so i decided to help out, after all i had nothing to do and there'll be a bed for me 2 sleep in! =) It was kinda scary, poking the needle hurt but draining the blood was nothing. But when they took blood in a test tube, that was scary, cuz u get to see ur blood pour out of the plastic tube and into the test tube.

They told me 2 lie there for ten minutes, rest. I lied there for about 40minutes? I had a little chit chat witn the girl next to me, she's from CIMP and there was some problems when she donated blood, so she changed bed, i was alone there most of the time. But it was kinda fun actually... watching stuff around me. And many ex-Ausmats walked by n said hie! =) There was the ex-Ausmat-now-Monash gang, one of the ex-Ausmat couples, another group of ex-Ausmat-now-Victoria and another girl whose name i can't recall.

When i got backache from lying so straight for so long, i got up. They gave me a cup of free hot milo! How cool! =) Nice sipping it. Then i hung out with the ex-Ausmat-now-Monash gang for a while before they had 2 leave for their assertive skills workshop. That's all for now, i've gotta get to my dumb course advice session, can't wait to get it over with, then i can build my timetable.
Hey hey...
I've started uni... School of Business, Monash University Malaysia.

Yesterday(Monday) was ok. U sit and listen to welcome speeches and then i met up with some ex-Ausmat students. Then we left for lunch at Pyramid and hung out... and when the guys left, the girls shopped!

Today (Tuesday)... wasn't very fun. The talks were super boring, didnt manage to awake this time... but what i really really hate most was queueing up for my student card. I stood there so long waiting. And it irritates me 2 see people in groups chatting. These people did MUFY last year and they're close. Annoys me cuz they stick in a group and don't mix much. Haha, actually that sounds like what we ex-Ausmats did yesterday.

Another thing about today which contributes to the fact that i didnt enjoy the day was cuz walking around the campus is like taking a walk down memory lane... so many fond memories, makes me sad, i miss AUSMAT2004 so so much. The surroundings, the tables, chairs and even the toilets reminds me of last year, makes it harder. U know, being in such a familiar building with so few familiar faces?
At least i'm not staying in the hostel yet. On my way home i could stop by a certain someone's place. And at home there was food on the table. And i caught a movie with my mom in the evening. Title of the movie is Sepet and it's local. It's mainly about this Malay girl who falls in love with a Chinese guy. It's funny, but a little typical. And it has a lot of mood scenes without speech, i like those, cute, especially the one on the girl's parents... Oh and it was a premiere tonight so after the movie we could see the cast of the movie...

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hey Blog, this a non-love post for once, after a long time, but right after this one i'd write a bit more about love, hehehe. Or maybe a lot more about love. Then if i'm not sleepy yet, i'd write about my dog. Actually i'm supposed 2 clean my room... i'll just rush it later

Ok... University is starting soon, on Monday, the 21st of Febuary and as usual i've procrastinated a lot. Thankfully a kind friend, her name starts with a 'C' and she's doing Biotech in Monash helped me out a lot. She even gave me the contacts of this other gurl who's studying the same course as me.

Actually i was kinda reluctant to add/message this gurl, since we've gone through a year of knowing without actually speaking to each other. It'd be awkward, i thought, and i didnt wanna bother her. But i added her on my msn anyway. And we talked, it wasn't easy, but it wasnt that hard 2. I didn't want to bother her 2 much but she was very nice: said she didnt mind and that we should help each other.

Turns out she couldn't help me and if i'm not mistaken i helped her la.

And i was happy i did.

I don't know how 2 explain it but i know what i learnt from this. People like to help others. So, u should ask people for help, u wouldn't burden. Instead u'd make them feel helpful, and that is rewarding enough. So maybe i'd swallow my stupid ego a bit more and ask for help a lil' bit more.

Guess i have to apologise. Looks like i wouldn't be able to write about all the other stuff i wanted to write about tonight. Really sorry, i ended up chatting too much... wow i started this post at 12.55. It's 4 am now when i'm finishing it

Friday, February 18, 2005

=) And then after photoshoot we went for some Starbucks, the cafe's indoor seats were paked full so we had 2 find else where to sit. It was simple but fun just sitting there, next to each other, chatting, drinking our frappacinos and people-watching. We sat there for quite a while.
It's 17th Feb (officially it's 18th Feb but in MY mind's clock it's still 17th until i sleep ok?). Doesn't matter what date it is, it's still the same Valentines is in the past now. But someone wanted me to write more on it. You can easily guess who the someone is. So here i am, typing away, probably waking my brother up with my noisy typing. I don't mind, Valentines was great, i have so much to say. And i dun care if my brother wakes but. But i hope he won't. Dun wanna kena scolding from him.

So, there was an Estee Lauder promotion, the kind where u buy stuff and they give u a free make over and a photo shoot. And they give u a free bracelet if u show up with your darling, since it was a Valentine offer.

My mom was the one who saw the add in the newspaper last week when we were in PD. She showed it to me and told me to go with u know who! And i was like, "And u'd pay?" and she agreed! Hehe. She actually forgot about it but i hadn't! When we got back from PD, i searched the newspaper, each n every page for that add. Till i found it, called up my mom to see if she'd still give the green light. Then i made an appointment...

So, for us Valentines wasn't just one day. On the day after Vday we went to Midvalley, early, as usual, since u know how my bf is like. He's always early. It's not a bad thing. Just a fact. And i'm the total opposite. There werent many people there on that Tuesday afternoon so this make up artist called Cath started doing make-up for me... and then another lady did my hair.

Didn't seem that long to me but i can see my dear feeling sleepy. I was sleepy too actually. When it was done i was kinda scared... i couldn't decide whether i was pretty or ugly. My sweetheart was looking at me and said i looked different, i didn't know if that was good or bad. Until i read his blog... what he wrote sounded positive... =)

Then there was the photoshoot. The camera people talked to us, tempting us about additional photos for a fee. I hesitated but my knight in shinning amour saved the day, haha, a bit dramatic, he paid an extra RM100 just like that for a few more photographs!

I was so damned shocked. It was so damn sweet! =)

Hey, no wonder he wanted me to continue writing, he knew i'd praise him. Haha, but he does deserve the praise la.

The photos won't be ready till 18th March so i can't post up any of the pix taken there.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Valentines Part 2

Our Valentines was mainly just spending lots of time together. After all most of last week was dedicated to family, he with his, me with mine for the Chinese New Year.

Okay, ok, time 2 admit, any girl wouldn't be happy with just spending time 2gether, we would want a nice dinner. Doesn't have to be fine dining, just some place nice. And i'm too nice 2 ask for it. I'm sure he'd treat me but no way am i gonna suggest expensive places. So instead i offered to belanja him, Secret Recipe, it's affordable, it's also respectable. He was really happy which made happy.

For a moment, i thought of giving him the cash so it would look like he paid at the restaurent. And then i thought maybe i could just tell my friends we went to Secret Recipe, they wouldn't know who paid.

But i changed my mind. I paid and i'm proud of it, hehe, i took out my wallet proudly there at Secret Recipe, haha. And online last night(14th Feb) i told a few ppl that i paid. I mean... it's 2005 right? Besides, on our very first date months ago, i was the one who asked him out, i even drove ok? His car was at the service centre.

And i'm proud of it! Another reason i'm proud of it is cuz what 2 of my guy friends said. They both recent broke up (with their girlfriends, not with each other). One of them said that his girlfriend didn't appreciated him. The other tells me how he gives up buying an FCUK shirt just to get his ex-gf a skirt. Talking to them made me realize what guys go through.

After dinner we walked by each and every restaurent in the mall we're at, just to look at other couples. Don't know what u'd think of that but it was fun. And funny. It's something i've never seen before: Couples, everywhere, of all ages. There were school kids(school uniforms), college kids, uni ones (us, hehe), and then working couples (in work-ish clothes) and then there are parent couples who brought their children along, there even was an elderly couple. Outside Swensons there were 4 couples waiting to be seated, even more at Shushi King. And in the carpark as well, many couples leaving.

Then we took about 2 dozen photographs with my digital camera. The above is one of my favourites Posted by Hello

First Valentine

Hie Blog. Wow, i'm sleepy. But i'd better write before i forget what i wanna write about. Actually, i don't think i'd forget what i want to write about. How could u forget your 1st Valentine spent with a special someone???

I know i won't forget. But there are a lot of our times together that i would love to write about, i just haven't gotten down to it. Don't want the same thing to happen to this event.

So, V day. Mine was simple, minimum roses. Haha, minimum to make plural is 2. Hehe, but i'm happy enough cuz i can say he gave me roseS. Hahah, sorry ar, a bit crazy ar... I don't have 2 tell u that the roses he gave me are the roses in the picture, do i? Didnt get any nice pictures of the cake and chocolates he gave me, didnt have my camera then

It was fun eating the chocolate together today, yeah, on 15 Feb

So, from the beginning. Our Valentines started on the 13th! =) At around 11.30pm to be exact. I know the exact time cuz i glanced at the clock and purposely asked "Why so early?" Hehehe. That's when i received the cake, chocolates and the roses.

It was simple, sweet and short. But the my Valentine can't end before dawn can it? So after we got some sleep, in our respective homes of course, we continued the celebration in the afternoon. I drove 2 his house to give him the cookies my bestfriend and i baked. I guess he was happy, but the cookies were HARD, have to admit. And i had 2 take his teasing! But he ate half the jar on 14th February itself anyway. Yay!

Hmm, i wonder if he actually threw them away... haha...

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Drove the Unser!

Ohhhh, and i drove my family home from PD!!! =) And we'res till alive. The crabs we caught are all alive too. Hehe. Not even a scratch on the car either.

Yay! I drove a Toyota Unser before!!! =) Very very big difference from my little Baby Kancil. The thing is pratically twice the size of my little cute cutttttte car.

Chinese New Year 2005

Ahh, so much good food. I ate a lot! =) Which makes me happy. And i got to drink lots of Sprite! Hehe, i love Sprite, 2 years ago, during the same festival i drank up to 1.5L of Sprite a day and i gained 3kg! Haha, took me a year to shed that stupid extra weight.

Last year i stayed away from the drink. This year, i'm smarter, i invented errrr... Sparkling Mango. Which is mainly mango juice from a carton mixed with some Sprite. So i've been drinking a lot of mango juice and not Sprite actually.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

U know who u are

Valentines is more than a week away, so what do we have here? Oh, just a LATE little gift for a certain someone. Happy 5th Month Anniversary. I know u are a loyal reader of my blog so i decided to surprise u here. =) Hope we can meet up today =)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I wanna cry la, my stupid game isn't working properly... So sad, i used to love playing it now it sucks! Not beacuse i keep losing...

But because i keep losing unfairly.