Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lalala, i'm in the computer lab, making the most noise with my one hand lefthand typing. Very the hungry here, waiting for the biotech people to finish their chem online test. Their test arrrr, is really troublesome for me. Cuz i have 2 keep on waiting for them. Haha, good thing i didn't take science or i'd hate the chem comp test for different reasons.

Anyway, i'm kinda happy cuz i did most of my economics assignment. All i have to do is type up everything... and do one more long question. I'll just crap. With stupid references to 3 books i borrowed from the library.

Do u think 3 books from the library is a lot? It's not, i originally wanted to borrow ten books, didn't turn out. Couldn't find any books for my other two assignments. Dissapointing la, see other people carrying out 6 books from the library. Cannot, i'm a nerd now, must carry many books out of the library... Haha, kidding. So i'll just concentrate on Econs first. I kinda really like Econs, don't mind doing the assignment.

Which makes me think... should i take Econs as my second major??? The first major is definitely accounting. Cuz it's stable, high demand whatever. For Accounts i don't mind doing the homework and the reading... only the stupid assignments are shit. Imagime writing 800 words on Accounts??? U just imagine ok, i'll have to do it.

So, usually people in business take up 2 majors and usually it's Accounting and Finance. Even my tuition ex-teacher -- she's my friend too and she's teaching my brother now so i got to talk to her -- so she adviced me to do Accounting and Finance. Dunno if i can handle that. Or if i wanna take something like marketing, which she adviced me against. Well, i can take my time deciding... I have until the end of this year to do so.

I should be typing my assignment up now but i'd rather do that at home la. I wanna annoy people with my fast loud typing, hehe, make people think i have so much to type. Haha, i hope i increase someone else's stress level... like the people around me. Haha, evil.

Ohh... i'm really the hungry. Maybe i'll eat now and then again later. Hehe, who here doesn't know how much i eat??? =)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Somebody's happy, guess who???

Yeap, me! =) Haha, dunno why la, holiday i guess. I know i said i'm supposed to be studying reading, whatever, but i haven't done any of those yet. Haha, i will and i must. After this post, i'll turn off my msn and force myself to do a bit.

But right now let me concentrate on being happy. Haha.

So why am i happy now? I'm happy cuz of the people in my life. Right now i'm very thankful towards my parents, my neighbou/bestfriend and my boyfriend. I'm really grateful for all the support they gave me, and i love the fact that i can talk to them about anything and tell them (almost) anything.

This post is mainly gonna be about my parents, since u're born with only one set of parents and u can't choose who u want your parents to be. I'm happy and thankful with mine. They love me sooo much. I feel loved. Coming home and talking to them... it's really wonderful, spending the morning with my bestfriend, the evening with my boyfriend and then coming home to my loving parents.

I really don't know how to describe the feeling, i'm really happy.

Oh yea, remember i said i'd stay at the hostel for 2 months?? Well, it's almost the end of the first month. And i'm supposed to give in a letter saying i want to terminate my tenancy at the hostel one month in advance, that means i have to hand in a formal letter tomorrow. Fast eh?

So i talked to my father about that, see if he would let me stay there longer, he said no. He told me it's a waste. My mom said "we miss u". So, as planned, i'd be staying at the hostel for 2 months. Then my father asked me how could he know when i'm coming home and when i'm staying there. I told him i'm not sure this week, since i'm on vacation but next week i'd try to stay there all weekday nights. I really didn't want to waste the money he pays. And u know what he said? He said "you don't have to force youself to stay there".

I found that soooooooooooooooooo sweet, so nice. I expected something else entirely. I expected to be kicked outta da house, Hahaha.

You know i was writing this post while chatting la. And i was chatting with this gurl M, did i ever talk about her here before? So, in short, i never talked to her much last year in Ausmat, all i knew about her when i first saw her in Monash was her name and her face. But we became easy friends this year, she's just sooo nice and easy to talk to and KIND. So sincerely kind. She's like, throwing her work at me... Haha, no la, she din't do that, but she offered to give me a lot of material and she guided me without expecting anything in return... So anyway, she is online now and i was talking to her and we talked about Econs, she didn't mind giving me some answers!!! And she asked for my help. I THINK i know the answer and i REALLY wanna help her back. I hope i'm not telling her what i already know. "We r frenz mah; muz help each other" that's what she said. I hope i helped her. Cus it'd be really great if i helped her as well.

Plus, talking to her made me do my work! Yay, so i did do a little work while i'm writing this. Gotta do more work after writing this. Yawn, i'm sleepy. It's been an hour since i started writing this.

Yawn again... Oh. About my blog... i think i know the purpose of it, the reason why i bother writing. I write so that my fans... err... i mean my loyal and beloved readers can learn from the lessons i've learnt, i write only what i THINK would be useful to others.

And i write to give credit where it is due. U know, like thanking this person and that person, and letting everyone know how wonderful he or she can be? Like, in this post i want everyone to know that my parents are great. And then i also want everyone to know what a wonderful person M is. I want to make them feel special. The way J and the person who wrote this(below) in her blog. They really made me smile.

"Happie *BURP* *BURP* burfday Sue Lin~!!!

hehehehe...yup's 1 of my beloved fren from Ausmat,Sue Lin's burfday...i miss her so much even though i had juz met her like 2 days ago when i went back 2 Sunway 2 get my LAN cert..she look so funny n cute..biasala,dat's her~!!i think u look so adorable in ur braces Sue~!!n I MEAN IT~!!

da good old days back in Ausmat was fun wif her..if it wasn't 4 her,i dunno who else i can look up 2,besides Joey(oh yea..4gotten sumthing..HAPPY BELATED BURFDAY~!!miss ya gal~!!please read dis if u're reading my blog),juz 2 pour out all my of worries..she's definitely 1 in a million..she stands by ur side n will sit down n listen 2 all of ur's quite nice of her..usually,i wud think dat if a gal comes from an all-gals skool,she wud haf dat bitchy attitude dat gets ur nerves on n makes u wanna smack her face left n right..well,she isn't 1 of those gals whom i thought..she's simply nice, fact da sweetest gal among all of my Ausmat frens..caring n got da brains..she'll keep telling she's stupid,when actually she's not..sumtimes i feel like stuffing her mouth wif positive things but dun worry..i won't do it cuz i ain't dat cruel..

b4 she got 2getha wif E,i knew he liked her..remember i purposely act dumb for 1 whole day b4 he asked u?..hehehehe..look at them now~!!!happily 2getha n still going strong..i'm proud of u both..if he bullies u again,tell me..i'll prepare a shoe 2 baling at,dat's wat u call plain evil...

all i wanna say is..Sue Lin,u're simply da best..thanx 4 everything~!!!i'm so glad dat u're my fren..we'll definitely stay close as usual..dun worry,i'll try 2 make up time 2 come n visit u..miss ya loads gal...muaks n hugs..^_^V..peace out ppl~!!!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Oh my God, u know what? I have holidays this week, from tomorrow till Friday and i actually forgot about it? You know why? Cuz i have lots of work to do: catching up on the reading i ignored to do because of the assignment for management and reading ahead on everything.

Ya, u heard me, reading ahead, i want to. Hope i can, cuz the semesters at Monash are real short, 13 weeks only. Have to cram everything. 9 assignments in 13 weeks. Now it's week 4-5 and i've only handed out ONE assignment. 8 more to go u know? Plus study for the final exams too?

All the sacrifices we have to go through these days to get a stupid degree. The other day, Wednesday the 23rd March a group of friends went to watch the movie Hitch and celebrate the birthday of the one who is one day younger than me. I really really really wanted to go! But i didnt. Couldn't. Had to do that management assignment.

In a way i'm proud of myself being able to say "no, can't go". Last year i always felt like shit when i did. This time i didn't feel so bad. I guess it's thanks to this workshop they had for us during Monash orientation week, about assertive skills. Where they tell u how 2 say "no" and state ur feelings. Good workshop to me. C, K, R and W skipped it, but guess the don't need it, C and K are aggresive people! Haha

The weekdays in uni was tough this week, but the weekend after it all ended was great. =)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hey, let me complain a bit.

I HATE the subject Managing People and Organisations, MGW1010!!!!!!! It's horrible!!! Stupid argumentative essay dued on Friday and i haven't wrote a thing. So many stupid stuff to read before writing. And there's all the crap referencing, why must we follow the Havard method or the whatever method? As long as u give credits it should be enough la, stupid methods, go to hell. And u know, i killed a lot of trees printing all the stupid journals for the assignment. And i had 2 read all the crap in the journals.

I read 12 stupid pages that were totally useless yesterday. It wasn't easy finding that 12 pages, i thought it'd be useful, stupid misleading announcement, told me that the journal would be useful. I was so happy i found it and it turned out completely useless.

I also HATE using the computer and the internet for studies, it's supposed 2 be for fun. To me. And it hates me too, u know??? The IT help desk in Monash are probably sick of me, i keep on seeing them. I have no choice. First they gave me a wrong username, misspelled my surname. Then they denied me access to the WebCT (a website we use to gain information in our subjects). Then when i'm finally able to use the WebCT, they only showed three of my subjects andnot four. Dumb.

Ok, enough, i've gotta stare at papers

Monday, March 21, 2005

Hey hey, i'm in a good mood, sorta hyper... that's what we ex-Ausmats to call this feeling i'm feeling. But it's already wearing out...

In case i don't have time to write as long as i usually do, the rest of my birthday was extremely great. Simple, not extravagant but still great. More than i expected.

And there were many birthday testimonials on Friendster for me. Didn't know about them until today. They were sweet and replying them was so much fun. That's what threw me into another phase of good mood. So good that i posted a bulletin, wonder if it turns out. The mails i receive were great too, really want to reply but my assignments are screaming at me!

Gotta go before they wake my sister up. She has school tomorrow, such a cute girl she is... standard one. Love her lots.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wah i'm damn happy again u know. I was just reading J's blog and the first thing i saw was her wish to me!!! =) And she says that i have a positive effect on her!!!!! =)

While i was reading that M smsed me to wish me a happy birthday!!! =) And she told me that there is something on her blog for me!!! Wow, i'm just so touched and thrilled, although i haven't read it yet =)

Oh and i didn't eat any more crickets today, didn't have the time la, had to eat a proper lunch (chicken noodles if your wondering) before rushing to class today.

In between my classes i recieved a very surprising and delightful sms. S and another friend, J were in the Sunway college cafeteria!!!! They came to see me!!! They had some LAN stuff to take care off and they are attending Christian Fellowship, but they could have came next week or last week or any other one of the 52 weeks in the year but they chose today!!!! =)

And then halfway through typing this, i went to get my thumb drive (i always save whatever i write on my blog) and on the way to my bag (i'm the the computer lab in college by the way, with E by my side, hehe). So, so, i was on the way to get my thumb drive and i saw this girl i knew from camp more than a year ago. She studies here and i've seen her around a few times last year, but she didnt seem to remember me so i never said hie to her then. But today! U know the good good mood i'm in now? So i called her name and said hie! And she does remember me!!!!

Okay that is nothing to be happy about to most of u people, but i dun care, i'm happy.

Wait, this is not right, i had a lot more happy thoughts i wanted to write about but i guess i forgot what they are. So i'm gonna read M's blog now and then i'd probably blog again later?
Wow i'm tired. But i just wanna blog, just have to. I'm sooo happy.

It's 17 March, my birthday, hehehehe. There was nothing specially organised for me on my birthday eve or my birthday day unlike someone who is a day younger than me and the plan for the day after my birthday got canceled but i'm still damn happy.

Haha, a bunch of us(P, W, J, C, me, E and A) went to watch a Philippine movie, Feng Shui it was all in Tagalog but the quality was good: it wasn't a dark and gloomy film but it was scary. Gotta admit i did scream but guess no one noticed. I did laugh a lot too. C and i laughed so much at a particular scene. The subtitles were clear and the storyline isn't too far fetched, it's believable. Ending isn't that good, but nowadays most directors overdo the ending so it is easily forgiven.

So, the movie was good. And we talked before the movie... we talked after the movie and during the movie. Hehe. One reason why i'm so happy is that i never really talked to this bunch of people last year, although we were in Ausmat together(C and E excluded). I just feel so happy that i'm able get along with them, laugh, joke whatever.

I didn't make many friends in my faculty and i know enough new faces to smile wave and chat with. Of course, i have friends to sit next to in class... but well... the number of people to sit next to isn't increasing.

What i've done mainly is get closer to those ex-Ausmats, which is great!

Another thing that made me really happy is E. He surprised me with a crazy gift. If i have time to spare i'd take pictures of it for ya ok? Until then I'll leave u guessing what it is. We had a good dinner too, hehe, i got to eat red meat, covered in cheese, baked with rice. Yum! =)

And then he sent me home, got home before 11. Erm... HOME, not the hostel. My mom's sister and her family came... and i had a chat with my parents about uni life. They miss me! One of my parents, dun remember which one, felt as if i've been gone for a week... when i've only been gone for 2 nights! =) I also got to hug and SQUEEEEEEEZE my lil' sister!

What else did i do, chat with my Phillipino maid... about the movie mainly. Wow, it's good to be home! Hahaha and i've only been gone for 2 nights.

One other thing i appreciate is the shower, i don't have to pick up the hair i drop. Hehehe, i get to just leave it there and not bother about offending the housemates or flooding the place. And there's milk in the fridge! And a microwave... wow, civilization! A rare opportunity to drink warm milk at 12.30am =)

Haha... I have a lot of positive feelings tonight. All the things i'm proud of just come to mind. I'm happy being me now. Don't get me wrong, i still remember that i'm stressed and i'm gonna suffer tomorrow morning... but i'm just so happy la.

Oh Oh! One more thing i'm proud of... i ate a cricket! Yea, the insect. Cricket. Did i get the spelling right? Yay! I ate an insect. It was cooked. And it was covered in overflowing chocolate. It tasted like chocolate wafer. I'd go get another one today! You should go too. The Monash Biotech club booth in Sunway University College. I joined the club although i'm a business student. You should too! Haha, free publicity for them just cuz they fed me a bug.

Oh yea, did i tell u that i'm gonna double major in accounting and marketing and get a minor in writing? Change of plans. I'm only gonna do a single major which is probably marketing and the minor. Because if i double major i'd have to take 3 extra units(subjects) during summer. And my father would have to pay about RM9000.00 for it, tuition fees alone. U know, uni life isn't a piece of cake, and like C and i agreed the other day... we're paying so much just to go through hell.

So i'd just go through basic hell la. I mean, i'd just get a basic degree la. With no double majors. No need to pay for additional suffering la.

I could just write and write and write here but i'd better stop soon. There is a lot of work i haven't done and i sooo want to do well. I've seen fourth year students and i've spoken to some of them. It's stupid to be unable to graduate just cuz u failed one stupid subject. I dun wanna be like them, so... sigh... a nerd i'll be. And i'd have to practice assertive skills, which is saying no to your friends.

Shit, it's gonna be tough.

But i'm still happy. Hahahahaha, maybe the tea i drank was good. Or was it the cricket?

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hey hey hey,
Haven't been blogging in a while and u can guess why. I've had limited access to the internet since i slept at the hostel 3 nights last week.

The week went by quickly, wasn't horrible but wasn't great either. C and i became the nerds we vowed to be. Monash U life, yea, it ain't easy.

Classes in week 2 of studying isn't much fun, i almost fell asleep in Management lecture... and i also did some crazy stuff... was just plain bored. Management tutorial wasn't half as fun as it was last week too. Business stats was okay... a friend at the lecture, N said she saw me in the Monash Orientation night, she praised me! She said "Good sport"!!! =) For the fact that i played the stupid game. Econs is fine... i guess it's my favourite subject now... at the moment... i hope it won't start hating me. Accounting... not great, the tutorial made me realize that we were to do a lot of work on our own.

Really stressful. I miss tuition in secondary where the summarise and make a story out of the text book and spoon feed u. Now i have 2 read the darn text books on my own. I don't JUST have to read it, i have 2 carry the thing to class... not light i tell u.

But well... at least i have my darling there at Sunway in the past week. He definitely wasn't happy about starting Uni so early. Trust me, he wasn't. At least he has me? Haha, no la, i guess i'm not so important when he needs the help of those who are in Victoria University. I would really like to thank them for helping him out.

Also i'd really like to thank J, who made a comment about my blog in E's blog. I might add a tagged thing... we'll see how it goes... for the time being, please use the comments section ok? U can leave any amount of crap there, i don't mind.

Oh oh! And i had a few problems this week. The fan i brought to hostel... it's not working, no explaination why, it was working when i turned it on at night. But i woke up sweating in the morning, the fan decided to stop working for no reason. I had 2 bring it home. Which wasn't easy carrying the darn thing.

See, my father is unwilling to buy a parking lot in the condo hostel, so i had to sneak in. Which was fine for the first 4 days. Until the guard noticed my car there without a sticker. Had to move it to the college parking lot. So i had 2 carry the fan to college!

And i lost my library card. Along with the resit for the 15th Febuary photoshoot. And a couple of movie tickets. I was really worried about it, searching high and low, asking everyone about it... Thankfully i found it a few hours ago.

I also had to do this interview with a manager thing and it was stressing me out. Thankfully i called my neighbour n she told me her father was once a manager. Done, i'm going over 2 her house tomorrow.

Another annoying problem is that i can't enter this WebCT site... need 2 get in to get some reading material for my management class. Man, the subject Managing People and Organisations is annoying. I'll have to visit the IT help desk yet again

At least i've got a great study buddy, C. It's fun studying with her every night i sleep in the hostel. We would read some, chat a bit, read some more, look for food... =) U get the picture. We didn't go for any night walks in the past week and we didn't sit on any grass. Haha, but it does make me feel very satisfied after we studied.

And my roommate and i... we're okay, we talk and we laugh. Oh and her mom mops our floor! Haha... other ppl like C and her roommate, they have 2 sweep the floor. HAHAHA, sorry, just had to gloat. =)

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Hey... So my baby car is alright now... thanks to someone i now owe a short testimonial to.

And the orientation party or whatever it's called for us Monash students was great! Food wasn't too delicious but performances were entertaining. The games they had were funny... yours sincerely here was called up 2 play the darn games cuz she and her friends were sitting near the stage, it was embarassing but funny la. Luckily i wasn't alone.

Then they open the dance floor... we didnt stay inside for long, soon our ex-Ausmat group were out in the playground... just chatting and playing... =) After that we went for some mamak

Today... wasn't good la. Had to read the unit outline for my business statistics... and it's horrible la... it's picking on me! They expect us to do so much stuff by the end of this week... and yeah, i haven't done it.

So... i'd better go.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Hey Bloggie,
I've got sooo much to say but i'll have to cut it short. Since i've got lots of stuff to do, like print my stupid notes for lecture, and read up... and there's this Monash orientation party i'm going to tonight. So lazy.

So, on Thursday morning i went to the mamak with my darling for breakfast before classes. And there was another couple who were there. He pointed out that the couple was there everyday. Mindlessly I said so are we. Since we went there on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and we were there on Thursday. Then he said that we wouldn't be there together anymore next week cuz i'd be staying at the hostel. I felt like crying when he said that. I didn't dare look at him, i just stared at my food and ate.

But the rest of the day was great, my tutorials were great. Business Statistics was ok. It didn’t seem like 2 hours. The Microeconomics teacher was funny. He gave talks funny and he gave funny examples. He said that students make spelling errors like instead of saying 'the demand curve SHIFTS to the right', students write the demand curve SHITS to the right'!!!! =)

The Management tutorial was soooo much fun too, the teacher used horoscopes as an icebreaker and got the whole class talking to each other. A group of us ex-ausmats saw a guy wearing a gay-ish flowery shirt earlier in the cafeteria and we... noticed and we... talked. The guy happen 2 be in my class and even the teacher noticed his shirt! Haha, and when he was asked to tell everyone about himself, the first thing he said was "i'm straight" and he said it a few times!

Then i had dinner with a few ex-Ausmats... and then my darling, E and a close girl friend C came to my room in the hostel to chat. When E went home, C went to take a shower, she stays in the hostel as well, she's on the 22nd floor and i'm on the 19th. Then C came over to my again to chat! =) She wanted some ice-cream so we went down to the convenient store, bought the ice-cream and went to eat by the pool. I just LOVE the atmosphere there, it was wonderful, the place was dimly lit but it felt totally safe. There were students everywhere, just chatting with one another or on the phone or out for a walk. There was also some club meeting going on by the pool. It was also windy there... very refreshing compared to our stuffy rooms. Around an hour later we went to C's room to chat some more. =) And we wished a friend happy birthday via sms.

Oh oh... and my roommate! I can get along with her, easy to talk to her and she's nice. Oh and she reads magazines too... so i could bring mine, hehehe, or borrow hers. And my housemates! They're cool. They turn the radio on LOUD... earlier on at the night and in the morning la. And they watch tv till late! Haha, it's also easy talking to them!

Everything was great and i was sooo happy that night. Friday started off great too. I got up and went for a swim in the pool... and then went to the computer lab to get some of my notes printed... lunch with ex-ausmates again... wow, i've been seeing them a lot! Haha. And then i went for my Management lecture. Met another ex-ausmat there! Hehe... sat with her. She bought the text book for RM60 and it's in good condition. I longed to get one too, i hoped to get it for a good price like she did. And guess what! At the end of the lecture. a senior came in with the book and announced that it was for sale. It looked really nice and new. Immediately my hand shot up to get his attention and i think i screamed "i want it!". He said "RM50" and i couldn't believe my luck... i couldn't control my happiness, i was smiling and i practically shouted "I'll take it!!" I asked the guy a bit about the book and he said it belonged to a girl who took the subject last year. She withdrew from the course halfway and asked him to sell the book. Looks like my book is practically first hand!!!!!

I had planned to sleep there on Friday night as well but an old-school friend who is in Monash as well invited me to her birthday party, so i decided to go home la. So i went to my car and upon reaching my car, someone from the condo threw a cigarette near my car from the above floors of the condo! Mean but forgivable. I tried to unlock my car... but i couldn't... i tried a few times and didn't notice that some one spat on my car! Also from above, C saw it! That was so mean! Right in front of us!

I still couldnt unclock my car... so i used the key... and the alarm did not go off... i went into my car, and realized that the lamp inside was on. Damn, instantly i knew what happened... my car's battery is dead. My car is dead! Thank God C was with me there and E was nearby. I called my father on the phone and he told me to buy the jump-start wires. E offered to go buy it while C and i stayed with my car. My car was annoying... the alarm sounded a few times every now and then and i couldn’t turn it off unless i put the key in. We HAD to leave the key in, we were afraid the idiot upstairs would get annoyed and throw a brick down.

C was really nice, she cheered me up, we chatted like normal. And we happen to think alike: i pointed to the grass on the right and was about to say "can we sit on the grass" and before i could say anything she pointed to the left and said "let's sit on the grass"!!!!!! It was sooo funny! And that's what we did while waiting for E to get back.

E got back without the wires... no shops had them. So i called my father and he said he's come at 9.30pm after work. C went to meet her friends so E and i had dinner at the Condo Hostel Cafe, waiting for my father. At 9.31, my father called... and he said it as such a coincidence that his car had problems too! He barely managed to drive to my uncle's place in Bangar.

My father told me he was also lucky that he was on the way to Sunway when his car started making weird noises... on the way to Sunway, he could cut into Bangar and leave his car in my uncle's place.

So at the moment my car is still dead... there in the hostel. E is going to help me fix it later.
Right now i kinda regret wanting to stay in the hostel again. But if u really look at it... there's a trend. One minute i'm happy and excited, the next i'm sad and regretting my decision. I guess E's right, there ARE pros and cons and they come together. Whether i like it or not.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hey, i just realized that i admitted that i'm not the sociable kind. Well, i'm not. Though i really really wish i was sociable by nature. So, i'm not but it can be acquired... Right?

So for now i'm trying to live by three rules.
1. SmiLe! It's the best icebreaker. And it keeps the smallest friendships waRm
2. Say whatever's on my mind. To make conversation... just don't offend anyone
3. Forgive myself if i ever do anything wrong. Eg. not smile, not say what's on my mind and forget people's name. It's common to forget names, just apologise and ask again.

Forgiving myself is important. Cuz when i forgive myself i feel better. In the past i used to bash myself up mentally, by thinking negatively. It's not good. I was too hard on myself... since, once the negative thoughts are in, i'd feel useless. So nowadays i've learned to forgive myself.

Oh and u know what non-studies reading material i'm bringing to the hostel? It's a self help book entitled Being a Happy Teenager.

Erm... actually i'd rather bring some magazines or my Gossip Girl novel. But... when u've got a hardworking gurl as ur roomie... it affects u. Even after only meeting her once. For like, an hour.

So... it's the only 'acceptable' book i can think of to bring... at least it's not boring. And it'd help me.
Hey Blog... i haven't been updating u recently cuz i've been busy. Classes started on Monday. Monday's classes were great and we got to get our free Monash University t-shirts! I wanted the black one but they only had size 'm'... which was huge, how huge? Even a guy fren said it was too big.

Then without my father's knowledge i switched from apartment hostel to condo hostel. I was happy i managed to do that until i actually had to tell him. It was terrible telling him la, he was like "...ok lor..." and he sounded so stressed out. My tuition fees itself isnt cheap. So far i have not found any other university that charges more than Monash.

Actually it was my father's idea, sending me 2 Monash. I just went along with it cuz i trust my father's judgment, i had the scores to enter and i was way too lazy to look for a university to go to. Besides, Monash is adjoined to Sunway College, so i'm familiar with the area.

But still... it's my education... n i get the pressure to do well... after all, my father wanted me 2 go there because it's prestigious and i'm better off with a degree from Monash. It's still for me

That's the education, i don't NEED a place at the hostel. Yet i'm going there for a short while for the experience. And it isn't a cheap experience. Tomorrow night i'd be sleeping there, definitely can't blog.

Oh oh, good news, my parents miss me already! Haha.

Hahaha... whether they miss me or not i'm gonna try staying there for all weekdays. Cuz i feel guilty about the rental. And my father did say "see whether u can survive"

Yesterday i went to look at the room with a friend, the place is much much better than the apartments and i was happy. But packing.... made me skeptical about moving and surviving yesterday, reluctant to leave home in the end, and this morning i was regretting the decision of moving. Could have cried.

But well.. it wasn't so bad when i got there, i had my darling there 2 help me out, in fact he drove me and my stuff there and put on the bedsheet 4 me, hehehe.

My roomate... she's not too warm... but maybe she's just shy, u know, meeting someone for the first time? It's not like i said more than hie with a smile to the other housemates. Must improve my social skills tomorrow. So, my roomate's mom was there today. And her mom was really friendly... actually all parents would talk to their kid's roommate.

From what i can conclude, the girl's mom is gonna be there everyday! I thought her mom was there yesterday cuz she just moved in. But today i found out that they, i mean she moved in last year! Err... all i can say is i'm sure my roomie does extremely well in her exams

Scary... but good in a way. My mom can't keep an eye on me but the presence of someone ekse's mom around will... err... force me 2 behave and tidy up. Not to mention STUDY