Sunday, March 20, 2011

Haircut ! (Concave)

My Spanish teacher told us about a Spanish event in Frankston. On the spot i decided to go! Alone!

On my way to get there, i passed by a hairdresser. I've walked into so many since the beginning of 2011. The Aussie girl with red and black hair in the cut i wanted, served me. She put down an appointment for me at 4pm even though i told her i'd think about it

I called up my teacher to know where she is but spotted her just as she was reaching into her pocket to answer her phone!

She was happy to see me, greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. Chit chat, and talked to her colleagues as well. They are from Argentina.

She then pulled me over to go see some dance that was taking place. She doesnt know which central American country its from, but it was fun watching

Love how so many people wore hats like that. My teacher told me she needed to go back to her booth and thanked me for coming

The next show was Zumba

They welcomed the audience to try. Shy at first... and told myself i have no one to take care of my handbag as an excuse

No idea what got into me, but i decided, why not just put ur bag on the floor where u can see it and try the dance! U know u wanted to! Thats exactly what i did! Conscious at first but totally did not care in less than a minute. My long hair was all over the place when doing the highly energetic dances!

Thats when i decided. This is it. A nice classic ending to my long hair. I'm going for the hair cut!!! =)

I went to visit my old boss in a restaurant in Frankston, chat a bit =) Still had 30 minutes to spare after that, so i grabbed a bite to eat. Sat at one of the tables and just observed the people around me

Watched the way the old Spanish couple greeted their friends, loved hearing Spanish. Listened to the Aussie tell his friend he practiced his Spanish by saying Gracias when he bought his food

Then it was time! The 4pm appointment

I look so scared! Hahahah. 10 years since i last had a drastic haircut. Even though the hairdresser is a Caucasion man, i felt comfortable. There were many women in this shop unlike another place i previously enquired (looked like a barber, $20). And cheap too $27.50. A mall hairdressing place quoted me $80, another was $45

With another place, i dont know if she said $50 or $15, it was an Asian lady, most of friends would say caucasions dont know how to handle Asian hair. But i was worried of the Asian lady... scared i couldnt communicate with her.

Told the white guy what i wanted, he said its called a concave cut, not the bob cut. He snipped off some of my long hair before i asked "I think its too late but do u think it'd suit me?". Hahha. He said he wouldnt cut it if he doesnt think it suits his customers =)

Shocking when i look at the amount of hair on the floor!!! Even when its fallen, my hair looks so pretty. Look at my highlighted bits... Poor locks.

The cut brings out the highlights i did in Thailand

Exactly what i wanted =) From the front it looks similar to my long hair. Because the front is the same lenght. The back used to be longer than the front. Now the back is shorter than the front =)

Freaking hope no one gives me the dreaded "you look the same" comment

Went to the Frankston beach to feed seagulls leftover bread. It was relaxing =) Treated myself to some caramel churros (Spanish doughnuts) and then headed to the train station

While waiting for the train, i tried tying up my hair. OMG! 3 inch pig tail! I'll definitely miss my comic-book-like one foot long wavey black hair flowing out of the cap i wear at work (i look at myself on the CCTV...)

It'll grow back. But for now, i'm happy. Really happy to have some change =)

Went for fish and chips in Port Phillip Bay after that. Shop named Hunky Dory

With a couple of my Malaysian friends in Melb and a couple of their Indonesian friends =)

Love them!

Appreciate this wonderful Saturday! =) Going to bed tonight smiling!


Just Me said...

hey.. no change lay... HEHEHHEHE.
Mine is real bob! try shorter la.... hehehhehe

Elwyn said...

Good to see you having loads of fun~!

Sue Lin said...

Ignores Shereen!

Elwyn, its not everyday thats fun

Joey said...
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Joey said...

haha of course got difference la. You look so much better with this hair length. Sometimes it's hard to imagine until you actually cut it. Nice! I think you should keep this, you look very...fresh!

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Joey!! =) I'll def keep this for a while, its a lot more manageble than the super long hair

Elwyn~! said...

its true not everyday is that fun, but at least there is fun and excitement right?

and the haircut does suit you~!

Sue Lin said...


dawn said...

FRESH! Quite similar yet different :)

You can take over my short hair while I grow mine long. How I wish getting long can be as fast as getting it short ;)

+ : A d a M : + said...

awww frankston! wish u had put up a few more pics of the town..can make out commonwealth bank n stuff.haha. howre u la?? u abandoned gtalk

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Dawn! Hahah, yeahhh too bad growing isnt as easy as cutting. Tip: dont trim so often! =)

Adam i'm okay laaa, quite busy. Lol, 15pix already, its quite a lot! Oh Kittens is no longer Kittens anymore. Its the Pink Club or something like that

soo imm said...

hair cuts are always refreshing!
like the new look! i'm still worried about cutting my hair here lol
n im always so amazed by your spontaneity huns ;D

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Soo Imm =) I appreciate ur comment! Totally natural to be scared, i kept my hair super long in my first year here. I desperately needed change now thats why i was motivated to do so

dawn said...

I forgot to mention I love how you told this whole story. So first hand and descriptive I can imagine it as if I was there.

Especially the part you spoke about deciding to join the dance. :)

Sue Lin said...

Aww thanks Dawn =) I was pouring my heart out

Jacqueline said...

Nice cut! :) I gotta think of something new for my hair too... =p