Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I had loads to say

but now that i am in front of the computer, i feel so tired, i cant think of what to say

and two of my previous jobs are hanging... incomplete. So irritating, i have to finish it... one of them is okay, i know what to ask the manager, i can just start as soon as the damn thing finishes loading.

The other one, i really don't know who i should ask! I am so goddamned lazy and i dont wanna do what i think i might need to do unless i REALLY need to do it. I don't wanna over audit, after all no one is paying me for the nights i spend working at home. SIGH!

STRESS STRESS STRESS. Like i said on msn, i feel used, exploited and i wonder if i will be forgotten too?

Let me think of one thing happy to write about. Erm. Last Friday, courtesy of the firm, we went to Kenko Fish Spa. I seriously forgot about work as those fishes nibbled all over my feet. I totally forgot about how i sorta went against the more experienced associate, KF to be able to make it for the outing.

It was refreshing seeing my the senior manager giggling as she tried out the medium sized fishes. Though she's a mother of a 3 year old girl, when she was laughing she could easily pass off as a university student. Even the senior associate, who just became a father of a little boy was laughing when he tried the large fishes.

Found out these info during dinner after the fish spa. Dinner at Italianies! The girl who booked the thing was good, she really got a good deal. Like, 3 entres, 4 mains and 2 desserts! Stuffed full and had enough leftover for almost everyone.

On Sat, i was sorta sick. From auditing those darn unit trust funds. I slept, gym and went for early dinner then Batman with E. Great movie! A 2.5hours meaningful and entertaining story.

Friday, July 25, 2008

What the FCUK

At work i am under the trading industry, i normally do audit for Sdn Bhd or Private Limited companies who are small in Msia but are global, with foreign holding companies.

In my industry, they use Auditing Associate 2 (AA2) for the vouching work - which is really basic auditing work. And whenever i finish an audit with a few days to spare, the manager would put me on another client to help with vouching.

In financial services, where i was booked for 2 weeks including this week, that is so not the case. No easy-peasy mindless work for AA2. After immense pressure to finish a 2 week audit in 7 working days, i was pulled out of that financial institution and put into a bank.

I THOUGHT i was gonna just help with vouching but NOOOOOO, i got a shock of my life when colleague KF told me that i have 2 days to finish auditing a WHOLE NEW UNIT TRUST FUND.

Gawd, i thought he was kidding me!

Plus this new fund has NAV of twice my first fund. Thats like twice the profit of the previous fund i audited! More numerous transactions. God. I am rushing like hell and thank god we have a vacation trainee(VT)(intern) to help with the vouching!

I am so tired and after this post i gotta continue with work =( Kill me kill me just take a knife and stab me in the back, put me out of this misery.

Actually life ain't THAT bad. For one, i don't feel like quitting.

And this client is in the same building as my darling E. So we carpooled today. Smiles! I got to see him in the morning, during lunch and after work.

If not for the fact that i am working in the same building as him, i wouldnt be able to see him the whole week. I had lunch with him, 2 of his seniors and 2 of his department's vacation trainees =)

But it was kinda weird maintaining professionalism in the precinct. Normally, i'd hold his arm when we are dating, even if my parents or his are around. But as we crossed the road today, i had to refrain myself from holding onto his arm...

Another thingie that's going well for me is my passport renewal. Malaysia has become SO GOD DAMNED AMAZINGLY EFFICIENT~~! I really am awed!

Since work for today was near the immigration center, i decided to renew my passport before work. Arrived there at 7.35am... found the place at 7.40. And by 7.55 i was off to the mamak for breakfast!

Can u believe it? Took me 15mins to renew my passport using the machine.

I paid RM300 for the renewal the same way i pay RM3 for parking at the gym. WTH, inserting RM50 notes and RM100 notes when i normally insert RM1s or RM10s into machines. Even the old passport, photograph and a photocopy of my ID also can insert into machine!

What else can insert? HAHAHAHA

By lunch time can collect d. And bloody hell why Malaysia can be so efficient wan? It only took me

5 minutes to collect my brand new passport

I am really impressed! Beyond words!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The sun will shine tomorrow!

My senior is DAMN idealistic. He believes the Scientific theory in management can be applied to auditing. He is really too idealistic. He believes tht it is more efficient. Like with vouching for the creations and cancellation section. It doesnt really take long to do it if you only have to do it for one fund. The 5 of us have to do it for our respective funds.

He told me and the other girl to pass my work to one of the other 3 guys since they were doing theirs. I didnt feel good about pushing my work to others. Especially since all 3 of the guys are more experienced than me. And if they do my work, they will have less time for the rest of their work. So the considerate me did the work on my own.

When senior saw me n the girl doing the work, he went ballistic! He was like "Didn't i tell you to pass it to the guys? If u really thinks its more efficient for 5 people to do the same thing, then just go ahead" blah blah blah in a harsh pissed off tone.

Me being me, instead of passing MY work to the guys, i asked the three guys to pass THEIR work to ME. So i ended up with damn a lot of the vouching to do. I did quite a fair bit lor no choice

That was last Tuesday.

For the whole of last week they said i can leave the rest of the stuff i havent completed to later. I carried on with the other more important parts of my work.

Until today. Suddenly, the other associate, who holds the same position as me but has 10months of experience, who has always been damn nice with coaching me, so i always ask him, i belanja him makan today as a thank u.

Anyway, suddenly this colleague was damn pissed at me today. Damn stern asking me to HURRY up finish his part and he told me that if the senior was in today, i'd surely get scolded. He said he really needed the work done and he was leaving the client's place to go back to the office to meet with the senior. And he said that if the senior asks him why isn't the work done, he will definitely put the blame on me!

I was quite shocked lor. But well, i guess he must be pretty stressed. He looked stressed during lunch, i asked him what time he normally sleeps on when auditing this fund and he said 2am, and he wakes up at 6am. Sad right? I can understand lor.

Plus i definitely dun wanna be on the senior's bad side so i literally ran to back and forth to the filing room despite my heels at 5.40pm and got the work done by 6.10pm.

Haih, everyone left right and center stressed.

Lesson learnt, u have to make a choice. Either u pass on the work - senior is good at that i freaking have to do some work that is meant for seniors on this job. Learnt a lot but damn bloody blur lor, what the senior can do in 30mins i took 3 hours.

Work 10hours(11 if u include lunch hour) at the client's place, come home have to work somemore. All with NO OVER TIME PAY OKAY? My RM110 a day for unlimited hours, u tell me shit or not?

So back to the lesson learnt. In this doggy dog world. Either u make others suffer by passing on work, or u suffer doing the work on your own.

Shit right? Cuz although i dun wanna suffer, i dun want that for anyone else either.

Oh, but for me, tomorrow the sun will shine! HEHE, those close to me will know! Cough cough, see ya later, i needa finish some work

baby steps

Just look forward to next Monday. Pay day, just think of the payyy.

Focus, let it guide me through this hectic week!

Okay back to work... the past 3 hours was spent walking to carpark, driving home, showering, eating, emailing and procrastinating.

Look at the time, why do Malaysian auditors have to work so late?

Thank god there is also another thing to look forward to next Monday =)
Some light at the end of this freaking long tunnel

Sunday, July 20, 2008


So lazy help me help me help me. I just wanna read blogs and procrastinate all night and sleep till noon. But i have to do work, i dun wanna do work this weekend, i am so lazy so so so sosososo goddamned lazy. I do not wanna see another excel file. I am sick of copying and pasting and analysing and formularizing and and... I got scolded by my senior this week. The first senior to scold me. First guy senior. Funny, i always expected the girls to be fiercer, stricter, more particular about details. He expects so so much from us. He's nice as a friend but scary as a senior. Was touched to hear him say "i dont want u guys to work so much with out getting paid overtime" and then he wud chase us off, tells us to go home at like 8pm (8pm is early for your infomation). He packed all his things and waited for the other associate to pack up and leave, when ur senior is waiting for u to leave u have no choice but to leave. But go home also no point what, come home still need to turn on the work laptop and continue working!

The only difference is that i am working while wearing pajamas...

On another note, Sat evening was good - met up with SL, YY, LW, PY, YF, SC and SR for an hour of shopping at Nichii in The Curve (i bought a dress, yay!) and then spent about 3 hours in Sushi King, drinking loads of green tea. I really didnt want to leave. Leaving would mean going home to my IBM work laptop

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer 07 Collection: 01

I know, its winter now in Aussie... but what the hell, i wanna post this LONG overdue pictures!

Had a yummy picnic and pitched a tent!

With a whole day at the beach we got around to burying someone!

Deb's the victim!
She took it with grace, love her know-it-all expression!
Dee gave her a kiss

A pic of the girls

I think this one is on my Facebook?

My boyfriend and i!

My bestfriend and i
Black and white. Or white and black.

Two totally different individual yet the best of friends. Miss her like shit. And damn proud of her scoring all Distinctions this sem in Master in Communication!

Ugly pic of me but gotta post.
Cuz its Deb, i miss miss her too! 8 years of friendship! She's so pretty and carefree here

Whats a trip to the beach without a dip in the ocean?
To bestfriend's local friend,
"Those are not waves, those are ripples!"
Her exact tone and her Aussie slang remains in my memory

To get rid of expiring bread, we fed the seagulls

They sure can catch

E looks like the Lord of the Seagulls!
Look at these boys:-
One feeds them and one shoots water at them!

Dee and i wanted to give it a go.
After that we ate some really good fresh seafood at a shop along the beach.

A few days later, E and i brought the visiting girls to Victoria University.
The VU girls and E, the tour guide

I always wanted to do these on-the-grass picture thing
Too bad i dont have one of these in my OWN campus.

One evening we went to Koko Black
The four of us shared something that was meant for two
Don't ask me what it is, i ain't no food blogger. The fact that i even HAVE a picture of it before everyone dug in is a miracle, u know?

Hey, can you figure out whats wrong with these pair of Adidas?
Most of us couldn't see the defect at first, but once you do, its glaringly obvious!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Drove 2km in 50minutes yesterday evening. The jam was THAT horrible. I could walk faster than that. And the worst part was, i wasnt even going home!

Instead, i was driving from my client's place in Changkat Raja Chulan at 6.45pm back to my office in KL for a meeting at 7.30pm-9.30pm for my next client.

Shit anot my Friday night?

Briefing was stressful as i am going to do an audit for Financial Services. I'll have to audit one WHOLE unit trust on my own! Senior says its like a small company. OMG.

Exciting and also damn scary lor. So much reading/preparing to do on my precious weekend.

And to make things worst, i have to go to office later to help out with performances for the 18th, its like... annual dinner, but its not. Each new-joiner batch over the past one year has to perform.

Feels like school all over again. To rehearse and to prepare props for a skit. Extra-curricular activities...

I freaking miss uni life, the June-July holiday part especially!
In 2007, i was in Mt Buller
2006, i was in Redang
2005, i was in Genting and Penang

This year i sat in my client's cubicle and stared at the date, looking back at my past three years of uni life. Its over, its really really over. Never again, will i be that carefree.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Being single

It was horrible

Every morning, insanely early in the morning, E will be the first to send me an sms, calling me honey, wishing me a good day at work/ drive safely and to tell me he loves me.

No such sms for me on Monday morning. Parked my little Kancil at the parking lot and fought back tears. Two drops escaped my eyes and i wiped them away.

Carried on the rest of the day alright.

But when it was time to go home, i felt something was missing, i hate not being able to sms each other all the time (outside working hours).

It's as if he left me, i could send smses but they would not be replied.

He called me that night using the pay phone / public phone from the camp's canteen =)

Its so old school but so much better than nothing! I could have gotten used to waiting for him to call from the public phones each night..


I dont have to! HAHHAHA, in that call last night he said the doctor in the medical check up FORCED him to defer because of borderline high blood pressure. He needs to get a specialist to exempt him entirely tho.

By the time i got off work today, we are in each other's arms again!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

He's leaving me

E's really really leaving me


He says he's not leaving me, he's being taken away from me...

Four and a half years ago, he was one of those listed for National Service.

Deferred a year and decided to get it over with the following year but wasn't able to.

Then after that, in newspapers and such when they printed names of those who are supposed to go but haven't gone, his name wasn't there anymore. So for the past 3 years we thought he escaped it.

Until one fine day, his mom received a registered letter summoning him to go for NS.

Noooooo... why must they take my baby away from me? Why cant they let him off on weekends at least? Why?

We will have to miss our 4th Anniversary unless they let him off on the Merdeka weekend =(

Apparently he's not the only one. She has to go too. And one of my colleagues as well.

Had a small meeting in Chilli's the evening with a few of our uni mates just to catch up.

Half of them couldn't make it, just a few of us.

Friday, July 04, 2008


As opposed to Mon, Tues, Wed... today was okay. The client's employee in sales belanja us a nice yummy lunch and lots of chit chat as if we are all just uni mates. Loved the butter fish fillet man! Bill was probably RM100 for the 4 of us.

I was finally given a section to do instead of more vouching-aka-glorified-data-entry-work. Left office at 8.10pm but it didnt feel that much of a drag.

At 4pm, i was staring at the clock, though. I was thinking... other people get to look forward to going home at 5 or 5.30 but for me... 4 o clock just means another 4 hours... 4 hours is like, half a day to other people!

One perk of driving home so late is that the roads are like butter. Smooth. No more traffic jams. Took me 22minutes to drive at 80-90kmph from Kelana Parkview in Kelana Jaya to Cheras. Cool eh? Not one traffic light. Did not stop once.