Tuesday, September 28, 2010

36 hours to go

and then i'll be free!!!! =)

Please please let this is the LAST paper i will need to sit for my Chartered Accountancy! Also known as professional paper, also known as a Graduate Diploma

Time flies, even when you aren't having =P

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Siblings

Last night, i came home at 8.15pm, sis was watching tv, her head bent down, she was holding a pencil, writing on a piece of paper. Her UPSR examination is this week.

I praised her before i realised she was sketching instead of studying! Whoa! The night before her exam and she's so relaxed.

If it was 8.15pm and my exam is tomorrow, i'd be doing some serious cramming! I'd be panicking! She's done all her studying in advance, unlike me

Bro loves luxurious holidays, he doesnt really appreciate seeing tourist sights and he wouldn't enjoy visiting other developing countries. On the other hand, i find travelling backpackers style so addictive!!! =)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Look Out Point

Mom suddenly knocked on my door and told me we're going to Look Out Point for dinner! Rather shocked cuz we have been eating in for ages and ages!

The view, it isn't called Lookout Point for no reason.

My father bought a new camera! =) My mom blogged about it, click here

Thursday, September 16, 2010


"Where are u now?" is a frequently asked question i get lately. Hahah, my Facebook and blog has misled =P

Its impossible to Blog in real time, there will always be a delay. For instance, this post might make one think i'm back in Australia. But i'm actually writing this from the KL home i grew up in =)

So, after a day of desert rain (5/4/2010), we spent the night in Pimba. We had dinner in a restaurant in nearby Woomera, a rather large town compared to Coober Pedy and Kulgera.

Dinner conversation was funny! Russian made fun of my excessive love for photography, in protest i said i dont take pictures of all the food i eat.

He has lived in Taiwan and he started complaining about people who take pictures of food, post them up on their blogs and then the next day there is a long line outside the restaurant! Haha

Bestfriend looked out the window and said its so yellow, hell yeah. Mostly yellow till u get to wineries. I slept in the backseat throughout the day, cuz i was the designated driver later after wine tasting

Jacobs' Creek vineyard!

Saw their wines in Great Eastern mall the other day after my jog in Ampang =P
Bestfriend and Russian indulged in wine tasting.

While i indulged in photography =)

Our MSN chat display picture after the trip =) Yes, we both had the same picture for a while

Our purchases. The double one was for her dad, the Moscato was for my aunt and her family. My blogging is so backdated, we've already drunk the wine!

Lunch in Tanunda. Fish and chips. Before moving on to our next destination

Barrels. This time i barely even entered the wine tasting area

Early touch of Autumn

Before dusk, the sun was glaring!

At the carpark, shortly before they came join me outdoors =)

Those were good times =)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Marble Temple

M asked if we would like to see a Chinese temple or the Marble Temple (Wat Benchamabophit). Picked the latter, sounded more alluring

Did not disappointed =) Behold

The temple on the back of the 5 Baht coin

At the entrance

Made of white Carrara marble, it was built in the late 19th century under Rama V.

Hostess and i, in the courtyard exhibiting 53 Buddha images

All that marble, gold and red. Stunning!

The other side of the temple. Quick snapshots turn out so so well.

Little me

So magnificient. I am delighted with the photos i took =)

Carefree self-shot. It was so sunny, M lent me the cap i wore in some of the pictures

Carefree shot, take 2.

The details on the pillars are so intricate, the bell so delicate. No chimes that day, wasn't windy

Having a drink outside the temple

My photographer of the trip, thanks for the great shots! =)

Four different currencies and my passport in the pouch i'm wearing

Loved the marble temple, holiday Sue walking back to the car =)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Bangkok City Tour

Day 2, after breakfast, hopped on the BTS to Surasak, our meet up point

B's ex-boss, M was nice enough to bring us around. So my Bangkok tour was in a Mazda 3 =)

We did the walking tour first, around the area they used to work.

There's this boat temple

Really unusual, and surrounded by high rise buildings. I wouldnt know that behind this place is a river

B and i. Made a small donation of 20Bht (i think) per person to get fish food (the orange bucket) to feed fishes.

B and his ex-boss, M. She's really nice. Has her own business. So cool, to be able to just bring friends around on a Tuesday afternoon!

The fishes, feeding them will bring u luck

Majestic architecture

We went for lunch at 11.30 to beat the lunch hour crowd

Part of Bangkok city, we turned into a lane

Where they used to eat when working there

Reminds me so much of Lebuh Keng Kwee in Penang, but much larger.

Empty cuz we were early for lunch =) The place really filled up with people dressed in formal wear later on

Sticky rice and chilli! Makes me hungry... why didnt i stick to my no food pictures on my blog policy?

Tom yam and papaya salad was so good. I normally dont eat papaya... Shit, hunger strikes...

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bangkok Blur

Bangkok was a spontaneous trip. An Aussie friend who worked in Bangkok for a year was heading there, so i tagged along. Gave me directions to get to the accomodation, which i screwed up

Instead of taking the Airport Bus which costs 150BHT, i ended up on the bus the locals take. My journey from the airport, plus a light lunch, only cost me 90BHT

It took me 4 bloody hours to reach my accomodation in Nana, Sukhumvit district! I thought it was normal, cuz hey, its Bangkok and i've heard lots of stories about traffic, but its NOT normal! Haha, I went to Victory Monument, which is on the other side of town

A six lane roundabout in Bangkok. Kicks Kuala Lumpur's roads ass. Hahahah! I was quite lost. But there was this lady, Molly, who works in the airport, on the way home from her shift, she speaks English well and helped me find my way. Forever thankful =)

She even passed me her mobile number in case i need help!!! Its amazing how nice random strangers can be. I sent her a short thank u sms on my last day in Bangkok

BTS trains, known as the Sky Train to the locals, because its above the roads. Reminds me of Masjid Jamek Star LRT in Kuala Lumpur. Bangkok's MRT or Subway is underground.