Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Right Decision

Half the office empty as i came in. Nice.

Was told to go to the Nearby Tax Office again. So i went.

The moment i got back at around 4.45pm, Stressed-Looking Lady Senior (SLLS), asked me to go to the Faraway Tax Office. Its hard to say no to her, she's... kinda damsel in distress and i... kinda see myself as their little angel, the one who does the unimportant rubbish so they can go home a lil earlier. So i went.

I knew i would be late for the gathering i've been planning for weeks with my school friends at Fasta Pasta at Ikano. A lil stressed there, smsed them in advance, telling them to be at the lrt 30mins later (yah, i'm driver, have to make a detour to the station to pick them up)

Thank goodness they were understanding (duh, i am treating them to dinner as well). Got back to the office at 6.30pm (work finishes at 5.30, and yeah, while i was still on the way back to the office, SLLS called to tell me she's leaving the offive).

Cool Calm Collected Senior (CCCS) was the only one still at the office at 6.30! Chatted with him a bit. Poor guy! He had a family emergency and so he came in work late, so he has to stay back and finish his work!!! His wife was vomitting and had to take a blood test!

"But your still so calm!", i exclaimed in admiration!

And he was like "I don't like stress".

Whoaaaa, can i be like that?

Really wanted to offer some help but 3 of my friends are waiting for me at the LRT station... there was supposed to be 5 of us. One of my school friends MY , who's also working in the same co as me, couldn't make it 4 d gathering at the last minute! Her seniors needed her to stay back. Poor soul. I stopped by her for a min.

Rushed, drove over the curb, car made loud noises! I shrieked in the car! Came out and saw nothing wrong with my car... Still. Mad. Screamed "STUPID" in the open air, almost deserted carpark.

Wanted to proceed screaming "FUCK" but saw an auntie looking at me... whooops. =P

Fun having the 3 of them in my car, chatter and splatter gossip through the jam. Nice! Love them sooooo. There is so much we missed out on each other. One night is not enough!!!

Came home, showered and at 2am, i came online to blog about my day.... when a friend interning in the same company messaged me on msn...

He says: hey
He says: help!
I say : heya!
I say : why why why?
He says: man
He says: LOADs of work
He says: i'll be spending my new year up here in ___ (outstation)
He says: now i'm at client office with 3 other seniors
He says: and they told me we will spend our nite here in office
He says: we might be going back on the 2nd

Oh my god!!!! For new years we are having a 4 day weekend! If they go back on the 2nd, he has totally no holidays! WTF man! 3rd we start work!

Good thing i didnt take audit!!! Lucky i stuck with tax.

But my other friend in audit in the same co... she was happily confirming our New Year's Eve with our boyfriends... =) and some friends... =)

Upcoming posts i have in mind : Customized Daydreams , Angel , Blur Queen's History , End of 2006 Self-evaluation thing. Do tell me which one u don't wanna read, dont have time to write as much as i wanna write

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boxing Day (Edited)

Back to work. Was okay until i got my paycheck.

After that everything and everyone just got on my nerves.

The joys of Christmas day- was it only yesterday?

Sunday, December 24, 2006

When Managers Become Drivers

Noticed little blue gifts at every desk. "Do i have one?", i wondered as i walk to my secluded corner desk.

And there it is, a little something. =) Hershey's Kisses. Almond. Nice! Thanked WL for them.

WL and SL are leaving the company and we had a farewell lunch for them cum Christmas party at a club near work. Since parking is RM9 per entry for most of us, the managers who get to park for free in the building, became drivers! Hahahaha. So nice of them. =)

20 of us sat in a really long table. Even Director C joined us. It was nice.

Had the salmon set. Yummy! Happy with my choice. Since everyone pre-ordered a set, and the choices we had both costs RM16.90++, i went for the luxury food =P Same price after all.

After lunch, we headed back to the office to find more gifts on our desk! I've got one from the exhange gift/secret santa thingie... and ontop my monitor, two little candy canes! Little surprises are nice.

Some people just went around handing out little gifts, until i've got so many on my table!

Most of them are simple chocolate and candy but its great receivng so many until my desk was full. Its opening the wrappers that's fun, its the thought that counts.

If only i was as thoughtful... =P

All the above happended on the 21st Dec, Thursday. Cuz most people took Friday off. But quite a few of them came to the office although it was their day off. I'm guessing, to accountants days off are days where u come to work late, dressed casually and u leave early.

Ohhhhh, and my wish to travel for work came true, i'm dispatch girl. Delivered a cheque to Menara Maxis, delivered a billing to Shah Alam and went to SS2 to collect some signed tax forms! =) RM80 of cab fares there

Went shopping with bestfriend today. Discount heaven in Peel Road. Its called Queens Park. I bought a little Guess skirt worth RM249.90 for RM63 and a Guess evening top worth RM219.90 for RM35. =D

Also, for only RM30, i bought two tops for work, a present for E, and flip flops from F.O.S there. =P Crazy man! Gonna wear the skirt to E's boss's Xmas party tomorrow! Yay!

His bosses at Borneo Ink are very nice wan... i followed him to work n lepaked there till the shop closed at 3pm. They belanja-ed me nasi lemak somemore! =) Two packets. =P

Though i'm home on xmas eve, blogging like a loser, i'm HAPPY. Smiles.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Queen of the Blur

In the lift, two ladies were STARRING AT MY FEET!!!!

Its soooo obvious. Can't they do it discreetly? Arrrrrgggghhh, cannot stand it... it is so embarassing, i just HAD TO say something:

"I forgot to bring my shoes", i said sheepishly.

Forgot to bring my phone as well the very same day. Lucky 4 me, the lady who keeps her shoes under her desk is off and the lady who sits next to her says she wouldn't mind.

Thank goodness her size's bigger than mine. I do not need the agony of squishing my feet into cinderella'a slippers.

And then... my senior asked me to fax a 37-page document. Guess what the Blur Queen did?

I sent it to the wrong number!!!! Ahhhhh! I sent it back to my company! Smart betul kan?

Stupid. Lucky its not sent. I wasted a lot of paper already since i started working. And senior nice. But have to re-scan everything before sending again! Aiyoh

Oh and... the Zouk tickets for Friday night... one ticket (admits two) goes to Supplementals and another one(admits two) is still up for grabs. Deadline is 11pm, 20th December 2006 or both of them goes to Supplementals. Or maybe i'll just burn them. Sorry, i'm irritated...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Crazy. Sucky . Cool?


I bit my tongue. Hard. And my TEETH hurt!!! Hahahaha, that is what u get when u just tighten your braces!

Found out that if i parked in zone E or zone A in Midvalley, there is almost no traffic jam to get to Midvalley from work. Ahahaha. Was super happy cuz of that! Window shopaholic on the loose.


Got busted for inappropriate attire at work AGAIN. Aiyo, this elderly lady sullenly declared, in a gravely voice, without a smile, that my pants are jeans. Man, they are sooooooo not jeans!!!

But a couple of my friends thought my pants were jeans too. Damn it, i didnt bother to buy any pants cuz we are only allowed to wear pants on Fridays and now i realize i have no pants for work!

I was down and low after that. Accounting people aren't boring... we're just FORCED to appear boring =( I wanna scream"Why???!!!!"

And to make things worse, my bestfriend of 20 years, who is studying communication, sent me this message:

"Hey, u knw wat, i was covering sum stories abt sum local designers n shop owners. Most of them r in the range of early to late 20s n they're fucking successful. Just tot abt u cos u always wanted n hv this hidden passion 4 designing n all..."

I blame it on my stupid ego. I have this perception that a business degree would make me feel smarter. Especially a degree in accounting. Besides, i kinda like accounting... i tell u i bloody read the stupid accounting handbook (its practically like a law book. Ps. i like law too) for AFW3050 Financial Accounting Issues and didn't find it so awful.

But do i see myself enjoying work as an accountant?

And its kinda known that u don't really need a degree in designing to enter the field... but... but... how?


The cyber/futuristic theme isn't exactly my kinda thing... so u want these tickets?? The first two lucky people to comment gets a ticket each. Just clearly say u want it and leave your email address.

Each winner (ticket holder) can bring a guest. Club rules apply, which means only those above 21 may enter... if u are my age, 20, almost 21, its up to u if u wanna try your luck...

Sue Lin's not responsible if u aren't allowed to enter.

Tickets are from E.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Toasted Toes / Phone Phobia / Fashion Fatality

Toast Toes

One of the early signs that tell expecting parents that their child is healthy is if the baby has ten fingers and ten toes.

Toes. My feet are a lil too big but i can say i love them. And i don't understand what some people have against toes! Why do shoe makers make my shoes hate my toes? Why?

More importantly, why aren't toes allowed to be seen at work? Why do u hate toes, o-dresscode setter??

The three smaller on my right foot seem to have become one...

Phone Phobia

Developed today. Was engrossed in doing my work, heard the phone ring but didn't bother about it. I mean, i'm just a insignificant VT, who could call me? It wasn't even the phone on MY desk.

This lady picked up and talked. I overheard a bit. Hung up. Then she said, rather loudly, and rather harsh:


Though it was a general statement, she was looking directly at me. I, startled, mumbled. Oh my god! Who is this woman and what is she doing in our workstation?? The people i met and sort-of-know are NICE.

After that, when the phone rang, i JUMPED and ran to pick it up. Really phobia already.

Fashion Fatality

Just had to wear my boots last Wednesday despite the fact that i know its unacceptable. Court shoes bite my toes.

While photostating stuff, i heard some scolding coming from the director's room. "Your skirt is too short!", "And after sitting the back is crumpled"....

Glanced at the room (glass walls). D was getting the shelling. D was the first girl who came up to me to introduce herself. I noticed her skirt was on the short side for the profession, but since she wore it, i thought that means i could follow. Not any more.

My heart went out to D. She's nice ok! I offered a few people in my department chocolate last Friday, including D. Later on she came by my ulu corner desk to ask if it was my birthday or something (cuz i was giving out chocolate...), i found that sweet.

And then i feared for my own safety. If the director B scolded her, what about me and my boots???

Another lady was staring at my feet when i went to the toilet. I noticed but tried to look away. Please don't say anything, i silently pleaded.

Guess what she said?? "Your shoes are soooo nice!" Hahahahaha!!!

Didn't dare ask if it was acceptable though she seems nice cuz i dun wanna be told that it isn't. And then... i walked past director C, she's the one who interviewed me. I smiled at her, she smiled at me... walk past... and then she called me!!

Ushered me into her room. And then she said "Did anyone tell you your shoes are unacceptable?". "No", i said...

"Next time you must wear these kind of shoes (points at hers), we call it court shoes". I said ok...

Haven't worn my boots again since then. The way she 'scolded' me was vey nice, i ended up smiling after that. Why can't everyone be like her?

I hereby vow to be like her if i don't fall and break my back climbing that corporate ladder.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pulling Out the Sweet Tooth


Went to Fitness. And then a family gathering... for my mom's cousin's wedding. Bit unsual cuz the bride's marrying a man of a different race... so the Chinese dinner had less than ten course... and there was no toast in Chinese... u know the really loud, long 'yam seng'?

Another thing i noticed at the dinner. I've have got a sweet tooth, i love eating sweet stuff. One mouthful of dessert and i was "wowww, this is nice" but my mom's sisters went "tooooo sweet!".

Two of them didn't take more than a spoonful... my mom and i drank the whole bowl. No wonder they are so thin and my mom n i are like the way we are. Like mother, like daughter.

I figured 1 bowl is a good compromise, didn't allow my mom to take the second. I wanted a second bowl too... =(

Pulling out the sweet tooth is going to be hard. Especially when it's permanent... pulling out my permanent re-molars for by braces wasn't easy. It was bloody.

Sunday - I was a mess

I'm insecure, pathetic and everything makes me cry... I hate myself, i hate the way i feel... And my body's aching! After one week of not going to Fitness First...

Lucky someone screwed up and gave us lots of time to talk things through


I was a zombie at work on Thurs. Tax computation was a drag for me on Thursday, merely 12 hours after i declared i loved tax computation...

I was so annoyed, i didn't care whether the manager was in and that he could see me, i was messaging. It was so shitty. Eyes hurt too

At the same time i was planning a little get-together-farewell for my Ex-Study Partner, i wouldn't be seeing her until 2008. Halfway through planning... i got sceptical, was i planning something I would have wanted if i were leaving??? Is that what she wants too? I was worried...
It was a nice steamboat dinner at Manjalara with M and PL from work; Ex-Study Partner herself and KH.

Thursday was the first day i they sent me off to the tax office on my own. It wasn't too tough. But stupid me forgot to get a receipt to IRB!!! Thank goodness the taxi driver home was nice enough to give me two receipts!!! I told him to keep the change.


I woke up late. So i missed my breakfast session with friends at work, darn! Work's taking it's toll on me.

The rays of sunlight shining through the trees at work was so beautiful, the kind of scene u see in paintings, i stopped to stare. I wished i had a camera good enough to capture that.

Friday was the day seniors sent me to the tax office TWICE in one day! Morning cab driver was nice, chit chat, and said he thought i was a foreigner cuz i was beautiful! Hahaha.

Afternoon cab driver was a bitch la... he didn't allow me to take two receipts (I figured taking two would be better for me- submit one to the company and keep one with me just in case they deny me my claim at the end of the month)

Went home early and went to bed at 8.30pm. So drained by the end of the week. Hey, i always sleep early on Fridays, ok?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Internship: D2 & D3: Happy & High =D


Cuz they gave me work today! AHAHAHAHA

Work that seems important. Tax computation. Where i... u know, compute the tax? Hahahaha... its basically just a bunch of accounting formats la, just follow.

Prior to that, as i was doing mundane filing. When i heard my name being called, i turned around catiously... i could be mistaken, my name sounds like many people's name.

They were calling me! =) Yeah! They wanted me to follow F to learn some stuff. I was like ok. Wore my tag around my neck, without it i can't open doors, and my i hang my phone on it.

My tag says "Vacation Trainee 55". Out of boredom, i tore a small piece of paper and wrote my name on it, attached it to the tag, with my phone number... if i lose the tag, i'd prefer getting it back without the company knowing i lost it =P

So, i followed F to the lift, thinking i was going to learn how to run errands in the building (i've been fetching files). But, surprise! She went to the ground floor and walked OUT!

I was like... do they have a building opposite or something?!? I stupidly thought.

Hahahaha, upon asking her i found out that we were going out! Yay, yay! Hahahahaha. I'm not in audit and i went out! =) Not cooped up in the office all freaking day.

PL said we're lame when i told her that and i couldn't help agreeing in between fits of laughter. Man i love this girl!

The outing was to IRB (Inland Revenue Board). Some government tax place la. Hahahaha. About 11 or so identical buildings with similar interior. Went from this office to that office to get signatures and stamps, thats all, no roller coasters or anything interesting, yet i enjoyed the hour long trip so much.

You may skip the rest of the post, its my crazy feelings in detail. It's my diary.

F's also fun to talk to. And she explains stuff to me as if i'm dumb, which is good, so i need to ask less, but i still asked a lot... and so are so many people,

The IT guy (he told me about his studies in the States etc)
The other VT, A i met in the lobby.
The new permanent staff whose name i don't even know...

Tax computation

To be trusted with such work, to be finally learning how to do something more important than photostating and writing addresses and sealing envelopes, made me sooo happy that the heavy rain did not spoil me mood

Not even if the rain means i can't go home at 5.30 sharp. I sat and happily continued doing my work SLOWLY. And got a FREE cup of hot milo to drink =) It's from my beloved vending machine, the machine i get my coffee from when i was in uni

Glad to see the machine ok? Even if the drinks are not free, i was happy to see the machine

I would have stayed there until like, 10pm if PL and MP weren't depending on me for a ride to the LRT station. On my own free will i would have done that! Hahahahaha, the excitment of something new!

Not like i minded the photostating and filing... it beats staring at the computer screen... my eyes arent hardy, i can't stare at the screen for too long and neither can i wear contact lens for too long.

Not so perfect end to... today

Every couple goes through rough patches. Even the one who is showered with gifts and attention. Even the one who is currently in an aeroplane on the way home from her 'honeymoon'.

Even the one who is writing this (duh, i know u know, i haven't been very discreet, have i?)

Some fights may be small, some may be bigger. Some last a night, some lasts a few days. But all fights are awful even if its the sort of argument where u laugh at it later on and don't even remember what it was about.

I don't think this is one of those.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Internship : First Day

Stepped out of my car and was surprised to feel the air, it's so fresh! Only 7.40am and i already reached work. 20 minutes to when i'm supposed to meet PL and D. 50minutes till work begins.

I took a walk around the open air carpark, the greenery was kinda beautiful. I climbed up a small hill and watched the carpark slowly fill up. Nobody does what i did, no one pauses to enjoy nature.

Or maybe i'm just nuts.

But hey, it works for me, i felt happier and the walk to my building woke me up. Many interns were already there. D already made some friends, i joined her and them.

But now i wonder, would i even see them again? After a very short er... session of what was supposed to be briefing, we were brought to our respective departments.

I was assigned to a cubicle with a tiny window blocked by piles of green folders. I sat.

And watched as the HR lady brought M to his cubicle, which was like, very very far away. At least i can still SEE him, I have no idea where the other girl who's also in tax went to.

Still sitting there, bored with practically nothing to do when D, who's in audit smsed me: "Hey gurl. I wun be joining u 4 lunch. I'm working outside."

Its only 11am on our first day and she's already working outside??! That was the point where i sort of broke down. I really felt like quitting.

I had a bad case of "the grass is greener on the other side" syndrome... i regretted my choice and wished i went for audit in company B. I sent a whole lot of pathetic pitiful messages to a few closer friends.

Alamak... L replied ".......gtg in plane d..ttyl..hugs". Aiyoh.... sooo nice she's still holidaying in exotic Sarawak! Beats my little walk in the carpark anytime.

Thank goodness, after that when i went up to the people i'm supposed to help, they started giving me work.

Soon it was lunch. LOVE lunch!!!! Everyone's complaining! Hahaha. Misery loves company.

And i met my old school friend MY there!!! She's so sweet la, she remembers i love drinking soup. And i was like... u knew i love soup meh??

And she can even remember the details! She reminded me how i always went to buy soup from the noodle aunty at the school canteen!! Yeah, i used to buy, like, 2 or 3 fishballs just so i can get soup! Hahahaha, totally forgot about that!!

Our table, the GIRLS' side of the table, were almost screaming! Haha, so fun. PL and MY got along as if they knew each other forever.

After lunch work just kept on coming and coming! I photostated a lot of stuff... and i Sue Lin-ed a lot of stuff too! Hhaaha. Documents become Sue Lin-ed when i try to photostate stapled papers the shortcut way... =P Not a good idea, it gets jammed. And the paper gets all crumpled

Ready for more tired-Sue-Lin-lame-ness?

U know what i enjoy at work?? When i have to get files from different floors... i'll have to go to the lift area... I LOVE the way my heels clak on the marble floor! =P

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hair // Always Late // Procrastinator

Is this hairdo suitable for an accountant in the corporate tax department??

And the wooden chopsticks used... er, it's from Sushi King. Can i use that? Or should i get a pair of sleek black ones? The problem is i can't find any sleek black ones...

Its really easy... i don't wanna spend too long preparing... on second thought, after trying to do the hairstyle again, its really hard... Good thing i took a photo of it... i love it...

Always Late

I am unexplainably unable to be on time or early. I am ALWAYS late. Never early (except for work).

Was late for my 10.45am dental appointment by fifteen minutes, the stupid 11am patient was on time. So the idiot went in first... and the subsequent patients were early too. So there was no slots free for me until 12pm!!!!!

Just cuz i was 15minutes late i ended up waiting one whole hour! I was soooo mad at myself, why do i do this to myself, why?


1. Finally searched for ice-skating classes for my sis. The thing runs from Nov 20 to Dec 17 and it only takes between a week or 2 to complete it.

Mom said no to her. I have a feeling cuz my mom's lazy to send her. Aiyohhhh, if i knew the classes only lasts a week or two, i could have brought my sis there!!! And i could have joined it with her!

Its too late now, when i finally checked out the classes, i'll be starting work on Monday, it's impossible for me to speed 20km to get home after work at 5.30 to pick up my sis and travel 20km in a different direction to the ice skating rink...

Poor girl, if only i checked earlier. I feel bad...

And when i was bloggng she came by n hugged me!!! Aiyohhhh

2. Life-saving classes! I finally called the coach. I've had his number in my phone for i dunno how long. I can still join but i'll miss the exams in March!!!!! Its so cool to have a cert in Life Saving! Shit! If only i learnt earlier!!! =(

Furthermore i need to get some sort of membership thingie to go to the swimming pool... shit shit shit, how am i supposed to get the thing from university when the darn office opens only during office hours, the exact same hours i work??? How?

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Warning: Long boring post. It's just me thinking aloud.

What is the purpose of life? That is one question i have never asked until tonight. I mean really, i don't see anything worth looking forward to.

I'm happy here in my university life, i love it, what, only 13 hours of classes a week (that is less than kindergarteners... =) no stupid dresscode and stuff... Too bad it only lasts 3 years. Four if u wanna count pre-u.

Not looing forward to after graduation. Loathing the whole "you need experience" shit. That's when big multinational corporations use you, suck your youth away and pay u broken skinny shriveled up peanuts.

And the whole "trying to impress your boss" crap where you work and work away your weekend, where you do not take your annual leave simply because there is too much to do.

That's it, although i only scored 60 for company law i'm still sub-majoring in law. I feel that Employment law would help me as an employee.

The "acceptable dressing" angers the fashionista in me... i mean, if we were allowed to dress comtemporarily formal, i can deal. But why the hell did i choose a conservative profession that worships pale pastels and black and white?

Oh yeah, cuz i've heard that it is easier for get a PR in Aussie with an accounting degree.

But then again, the same sources told me that hairdressers are also wanted/needed, why didn't i do a degree in hairdressing? Maybe because there is no such thing? Especially not in Malaysia?

Results are out.

Straight credits
, mostly medium to low credits. Shocked to see 68 for AUDITING! My most hated subject the highest score. Law, my beloved, lowest with 60.

Maybe it has got to do with the fact that i did the mock Auditing paper for auditing about 2 hours before the exam. About 3 of the questions were identical. I don't know what made me sit down, understand and sort of memorize the answers for that paper, although just in point forms... lucky. Only for one subject though... dissapointed in law and AFW3021 big time.

Please do not say congratulations. I'd be fine and happy if u said "At least you passed all" because at least i can go to Aussie, i've met their requirement...

Oh yeah, i just found out that i could have transfered to Caufield, which is about 6km from Melbourne city. Only Clayton is a bitch to transfer to, its possible to go to Caufield. I can still apply, by email.

But do i want to? Its going to be full of Malaysians there. It's going to be like traveling all the way there to end up in Malaysia. Whats the point?

I just emailed them to see if i could have my Business Law submajor too...

Have a feeling i'd just stick with Peninsula.

These Few Days

Today(Wednesday) was dull, went to visit E at work, he's working at Borneo Ink. =) Good for him but i miss him already. He has always been the shit free one and i've always been the busy bee...

Monday was his day off and we went ice skating with LY, SL, D and my lil sis. It was fun, but already seems like ages ago...

Tuesday i went to spend some time with my ex-Study Partner, we went hiking, watched some tv and had dinner and catched up. She's holidaying in Sarawak now that lucky devil and when she gets back i'll be internshipping. A couple of days later she'll be internshipping too, down south in Singapore.

Its sad to see time take its course. Our friendship started in MKW1120 Marketing tute. That was a first year, semester 2 subject man! We're going to be third yr students soon! And our friendship would be of an online one from now on.

Mamak Time

Speaking of online friendships, on the way home from Study Partner's place i stopped by Bangsar to see Supplementals. Hahaha, 5 years since we met at camp. 5 years man, FIVE YEARS of online friendship.

The hostel in Penang reminded me about the hostel in the camp 5 years ago too. Seems like yesterday when my school friends, SY and CK invited me to the camp, we discussed it in tuition for PMR. PMR!!!! 5 years ago!

Nice catching up and good nasi lemak... and i'm really really grateful to have a Bangsar dweller teach me the roads of Bangsar. Yeah! An alternative semi toll-free, minimal-jam route home from work!!!! =)

One thing less to worry about.

Death Note

Oh yeah, and i watched Death Note with E last week. He was anticipating it and i just accompanied him. I ended up enjoying the movie, i loved it, it's really good to me! I feel like watching it again.

But he was being like one of those irritating book fans who didn't like the movie cause "the book is better". But in this case, its "the manga (comic) is better" and "the movie is a dissapointment". Ishhhhhh.

Remind me never ever to read books that would turn into movies...

Blogger for Two Years

As of today (Wednesday), 29th November... i've been blogging for exactly two years. Thank u all for your kind visits and funny/encouraging comments! =)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

NO Sun, Sea nor Sand in my Penang Trip

Yah, i was that excited about the trip.

Although it was pouring cats and dogs outside the van (u can see how dark n gloomy it is), i was still optimistic that the rain would magically stop and i can eat my Penang fried kuey teow

Yah, i have skinny arms, all my fats are in my butt. Dun make fun of my arms ok, i cam pump 3kg iron alright? 3kg on each side: 6kg in total on the bar. Hehe. I came a long way since i started Bodypump in late June

But it didn't stop raining... we had a very sad un-Penang dinner in Gurney mall food court!

And our van pratically got stuck in the carpark. Look!

It was like a thrill ride getting out of the carpark. Kena horn a lot. And got a lot of weird stares from other people in the carpark.

After dinner, we went back to our rooms. The guys went for mamak and did not invite us girls!!!!! Ishhhhhhhh, i went to sleep lonely.

My roommate entered the room at about 1am when i was half asleep... i didnt get up cuz i thought i could introduce myself in the morning.

I soon found out that she only entered the room to get her stuff and went off to sleep God-knows-where. I never even saw her face. Hmmph, talk about unfriendly! Only mixing with people from your uni.

Day 1: Excruciatinglly formal opening ceremony. Laughed when i had to stand and sing Negaraku. Its been so long.

9 boring accountants-to-be in formal wear attending a boring accounting conference. Hahaha

Pssst... i was dressed only semi-formally, u cant see my JEANS! Heehehehe. Lecturer forgot to send me the email about the dresscode, since joined in late. So i'm forgiven! Wahaha

Presentation time. KS and CJ represented Monash. Really really really funny presentation. The whole audience was laughing, and they were taking photos of him! Entertaining... he was jumping around the stage!

The other universities were all in black suits, prim and proper, never moved much.

University Malaya's speaker was shit confident. Smooth. Suave. Nothing can bring him down, not even the judges' questions. He had a hint of arrogance.

Our Monash guy... the first question posed at him by the judges: "You promise to deliver the goods to your customers within 20minutes. How do u do it?"

His answer: "Good question". Pause... Can see he can't answer, he was stalling for time, but what he said next really made the whole lecture theather roar with laughter, clap and cheer.

"That is our company's top secret. We will not discuss it with any outsiders"!

Later during dinner, i was queuing for my Penang fried kuay teow. I spoke to another student in line. He asked "Where are u from?". I answered and asked where is he from.

"University Malaya", he said.

"Congrats, u guys won the presentation", i said and smiled.

"Monash is very outstanding", he replied and i couldn't help laughing!

The girls of Monash. Before dinner.

Even after camwhoring and arriving 10minutes late, the guys of Monash were even later =P =P

They are such girls! Haha

After dinner we went for supper and then we told ghost stories in the van on the way back to the hostel.

We went to the mamak and the cc where i wrote the last post.

This is my dorm room at University Sains Malaysia, the venue of the conference.

Day 2:
Like i said in the last post, the guys kept falling asleep. MK, the in the gray shirt was also asleep. He got up just when i snapped the pic.

I saw three of them sleeping again and i thought i've got bingo: three sleeping guys in a row, but that fella, the noisy talktaive funny S woke up right when i clicked and he glared at me!

As u can see, M, guy in the checkered shirt, has been sleeping all the way... Hahahaa.

As for me and the other girls. We were giggling and busy taking pictures of sleeping guys, so of course we weren't bored la. Hahhahaha.

The trip was fun lar. Consisted a lot of behavioural observations: C and i watched the guys watch football, we watched them fall asleep in the talks and we watched them ogle at the Thai girls in short black skirts. Its like a drama, though a bit embarassing lar... but very very funny!

Me, C and S, we chatted a good deal of the journey home. Lots of laughter! =) Only got to know S early this year, and though i met C early semester 2, i hardly ever spoke to her before the trip. Its amazing how close we were on the trip =)

Accounting Student Conference 2006: CJ, KS, TY, MK, S, M, C, HC and the only girl in the whole conference who wore bright orange and Nikes! =)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

10 minute post

Sorry i keep doing this, but i am in a cyber cafe in Penang. There are 6 guys and only three girls on the trip and the guys wanted to watch football, so after a bit of watching them watch foot ball (pretty funny at first ut i got ored), we went to a cybercafe.

The B on this keyoard sucks! That was "bored" i was trying to type

Damn cheap. RM1.50 an hour! Just too damn ad i chose to wear contact lens instead of spec tonight, eyes hurting like hell! I can't use the comp with contacts on.

So, the trip. Nice journey though i got the sucky seat, i adapt, ok? Haha.

It started raining the minute we got to our hostel... Then went off to wait for our van driver to check into the guest rooms. Haha, it was funny man, while we were waiting for our driver to get back. WE are such spoilt brats. Very funny, everyone complaining in the van! No water heater, no blanket, lah lah lah.

Talks todat (Saturday) wasn't too ad. I didn't fall asleep except for during the stupid LONG opening ceremony. It was held in a local university, so u know, they had all the irritating, extremely long formalities and welcome speeches, the objective of the conference, blah lah blah.

The guys fell asleep though. Wahahaha. I wondered why. Now i know, they were at this cyber cafe last night! Them and their Dota! All the way to Penang to Dota! What la.

So tomorrow, ALL Monash students would be asleep la since girls are in the cyer cafe too.

Oh yeah, its been excatly 3 years since i sang Negaraku! Hahhahaha. And they made us sing TWICE!

We were also treated like standard one kids a bit... which makes me recall why i never enjoyed school. All that restriction! I love pre-u and uni life, it truly is the best. Especially when u are in a private uni.

Friday, November 24, 2006

5 minute Post

I'll just type for five minutes straight, whatever comes to mind, rushing off to see E for a few minutes before driving to Sunway, where i'll park my car for the weekend while i'm at Penang.

Penang! Yayyyy, sooo excited!! There'll be 4 and a half hour talks tomorrow and on Sunday but today it's pretty much free and easy.

Our lecturer is sooo sweet, she noted that there isn't any dinner provided for today so she requested for Monash to give us an allowance fot dinner today! And Monash agreed! =) And we can talk to our van driver to drive us somewhere to eat! =) =)

About my internship, i'm doing tax la. Since i already signed with them, they forced me to sign on the spot remember? They said their document is only a page long and insisted on answering my questions then and there.

Anyway, i think i'll do tax now so that i know what tax is all about. When i graduate, i can either go for Audit for my 3 stupid donkey years for experience, or, if i really like what i learnt about tax in my internship, i can straightaway go into tax

5 minutes is up! =) See ya Sunday night. Or maybe Monday.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Whirlwind of Emotions

Angry and then estatic and euphoric. Then confused. Now i'm just plain tired.

Lets skip the angry part cuz its pointless, pretty much over it. So the happy part, a friend called out of the blue, yesterday.

I was supposed to go for an all expenses trip to Penang but it was full when i registered. So, i complained to this friend, who quickly contacted me when he heard someone backed out at the last minute! Yahooooooooo =)

See? Complaining isnt all that bad.

Happy happy happy =) Monash is paying for EVERYTHING! Smiles! 3 Days 2 nights, who cares where i stay, its free! Have to listen to some accounting talks but it doesnt look too bad. Might fall asleep half of it, but i'm sure the other half would be good for me.

I was sleeping like a pig in the evening, as i usually do. Phone rings, never expected this call.

As said, I applied for two of the big four accounting firm, Firm B finally accepted me. I don't know which one to go for! I don't know, i don't know!

Help me! Which do u think i should go for?

Tax at Firm A
1. Don't have to stay back late!
2. Sounds cool and interesting... but i may be mistaken
3. I heard its easier
4. Not so stressful
5. Not so stressful

1. Must wear skirts from Monday to Friday and cannot wear my boots
2. RM9 a day parking MINIMUM! this rate is the parking rate of 2005
3. Low pay (RM500 a month)
4. Too specialised, learn less than Audit
5. Don't get to travel much

Audit at Firm B
1. RM5 a day parking
2. Can wear pants and can wear my boots
3. Learn more
4. Possible to earn MORE than the standard miserable RM500 allowance for interns
5. Get to travel to clients' offices

1. Staying back everyday, possibly sacrificing weekends as well.
2. The work (tracing and vouching) is definitely BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGG. And i'll have to QUESTION the client's staff
3. Stressful
4. Stressful
5. Stressful

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I'm sensing the last post was a mistake... now i'm not sure whether to unpublish it or stand by my i-never-delete-a-post policy...

Anyway, i'm really tired. Lots of Fitness First lately. And painting the wall, and making stones, long story.

But hey, once i started blogging i tend to enjoy typing away and away. I haven't started clearing up my junk...

And err...confession: i started reading the Da Vinci Code 5 months ago and i haven't finished it. Only a little more than 1/3 done... HAHA!

Am currently indulging in Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella, the author of Shopaholic. Its my kind of crap =) And it sort of relates to my life, the 29year old main character spent 7years working hard in a big firm, in hopes of becoming partner...

It scares me to think that i might be like her, slaving away to be partner after i graduate. Oh, i really don't what to do with the rest of my life...

Oh yeah, i wanted to write more about painting the wall and making stones. But i really can't talk about making stones cuz u wouldn't know what the hell i'm talking about.

So painting the wall. After my sis and i were done, father asked us to wash the paint brushes. Just put it on the floor and spray water on it until... white paint stops flowing from the brush.

I tell u, it is a mystery how much paint can be in one brush! I don't know how many gallons of water i wasted trying to wash the damn brushes.

All i could think of was how bad it is for the environment, all that paint flowing into the drain and eventually into... where to drains flow to? Lets just assume it flows to a stream. I mean, river.

Goodness, u know when that sort of paint dries up it becomes really strong, sort of like plastic? It can tahan the weather and stuff (just imagine paint addvertisements).

And just washing 3 stupid brushes, sooo much of these chemicals (u kow from the paint) goes into the drain and into the environment! What about new housing estates? How much paint and acidic cement goes into the environment?? =(

I dislike the colour of many walls in our new house and would love to have them repainted laR, but arrr, after washing those brushes, no need to repaint larrrr.

Plus, it's not easy to paint a wall, trust me or try it out yourself. Sis n i painted the balcony wall in the late afternoon, we were being roasted alive...

Almighty Anonymous, if u are lurking out there, waiting to pounce, don't even think about saying "Then Sue Lin should live in a cave if she loves the environment so much" because you are a coward, not a predator. Go drown in paint.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Junk Mail and Armpit Hair

How did they get my email address?? Am i part of their target market? Have they actually seen me? Do they think i need their main product??

I have hairless legs ok? No, i DO have hair on my legs, i am human after all, but it is very fine, very few and very far apart.

I do NOT need to shave


Er... yeah, i got carried away when taking the photo. My new boots were nearby, so i wore them! Hehe.

And then i realized my baggy tee and shorts look awful, so i put on a skirt and a top... =P

Anyway, back to the junk mail. My armpits are fine as well

Would u believe me if i tell u that some grown-up humans totally do not have armpit hair? I'm one of these rare and delicate creatures =D Hahahaha

I'm serious! Totally no armpit hair under my left arm, a few irritating strands on the right. So few, i can pluck larrrrr!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Kinda admire them. I wonder how they do it. Waiting around for someone, following the person around...

How boring is that?

Lecturer said we could go see if a few days after the paper to get our final marks. Its crucial because if we fail, he is still able to help us pass before the marks are submitted. But he didnt when he would be in uni nor did he say what time.

So i went over yesterday(Wednesday) morning and poped by the lecturers' room every 20minutes. Man, it killed me to wait and wait and check again and again.

I felt as if i was wasting my youth away! I really don't understand how stalkers can stalk, such a waste of time!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another Happy Day, Another Lousy Post

Only yesterday (Sunday), did i find out that my little 8 year old sister, J was having Monday (today) off. I wanted to go ice skating, so i decided to bring her along. Made her promise she wouldn't give up easily. And we did a pinky swear.

Only yesterday did E tell me his cousin H would be in KL. So i asked him to ask her if she wanted to go too.

All set, E became our driver yet again (i get REALLY exhausted after ice skating, this accident happened after ice skating and the last time i went ice skating, i had to pull over and sleep at the side of the road for a min)

H and J didn't know how to skate, first time for the both of them. Like their spirit! Always wanting to go back in, even though feet hurts, even after a few falls. My sis fell when i was holding her hand, we fell together. I felt really bad, and it sucks to see her trying not to cry... she'll always be my baby sister

After that, the 4 of us- H, J, E and i went to grab a bite to eat at McDonalds. It was fun, for the first time J was a little less shy around E. I guess cuz his cousin is around, my sis tends to be more outgoing with my girl friends.

And E bullied her of course! Haha. The meal was nice, short but sweet.

Monday, November 13, 2006


"For ladies the dresscode is skirts from Monday to Thursday..."

What is she telling me?! I thought i was just there to collect the offer letter... why is she treating me as if i am going to work there for sure? And what IS that about skirts?

"And shoes... no open toe shoes/sandals, must cover the whole feet..."

Shit, i glaced at the offer letter, two sheets, and at the bottom was a line for me to sign. And she gave me a pen earlier on... no! I realized that they were expecting me to sign on the spot! Panic!

"But if there is a strap at the back, then it's okay", she finished.

Well, the last sentence relaxed me a bit, she's nice. Asked her if i had to sign on the spot and she didn't know, she said she'd ask her colleage/senior...

Sigh, i WAS practically FORCED into signing on the spot. They said i could still back out, just had to send an email/give them a call. But hah! As if i should do that.

Sigh again. Dresscode sucks for modern girl me. Pants preferred please!

Bummed, pissed, irritated. Until my bestfriend asked me to try on a black jacket. "It's so u", she said. Reluctantly i did.

And i gotta say, wow, i love it! It's black- the boring account colour. With long sleeves and many pockets. The part i love most about it is the hook-like-buckles instead of buttons! Formal enough, according to bestfriend. With a hint of uniqueness on it that cheers me up tremendously.

I need a little freedom, i need a little bit of style!

I just HAD to have the matching skirt... and wow, it suits me too! Knee-length skirts never liked me very much, but this one just whispers "I'll be your new bestfriend!!!"

Saleslady told me if u buy two items u'd get twenty per cent off. So i got the skirt and the jacket, one complete suit, for RM254.40.

What do u think??? I saw another outlet offering complete suits- a blazer and either a skirt or a pair of pants for RM399...

Shoes next. I started to be down all over again. I don't wanna wear those boring ones, no, not me, not your blogger. Eclipse, my new favourite did not have my size but it did provide me with an answer: boot-like shoes. =)

Hell shall freeze over before i buy and wear a boring pair of shoes. I was hell-bent on finding boots. Hehe.

Today, mom brought me shopping. And i found me boots! =) Perfecto! =) Mom agreed. And i could use it in Aust next year! =) Bye bye original Nikes or whatever, i'm not gonna buy new original sports shoes anymore, i've got boots!

=) I'm so glad i'm stubborn or i wouldn't have found my boots. Haha! RM179. From Metrojaya. Leather

Also got another pair of shoes... since they offer 50% if u buy two pairs. Mom bought one pair for herself and i bought my little boot-like shoes with a discreet and elegent bling bling buckle. RM29.95!!!!!!!!

That's all for now, maybe i'll buy one more button-down shirt but my second or third or fourth suits would be hand-me-downs from mom or Ex-Accountant Aunt. Ex-Accountant Aunt is very fashionable and vain so i've got a lot to choose from. =)

Hope it fits me!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Accident Again

How many car accidents have i written about in this blog? How many accidents HAVE i been in?

Add one to the list please.

At the roundabout... i saw an opportuinity, the cars coming were VERY far away, i felt that the two cars in front of me could easily shoot out. My concern was, could i, the third car, make it as well????

I saw the first car go, and the second one move... i looked right, at the oncoming traffic, and decided i couldn't make it. But i did let my car roll forward a little bit... a little bit but-


I was ashocked! Why thebloodyhell was there a car in front of me??? It could have gone, why didnt it go?!!? Shit, so screwed.

Turned on the hazard lights and came out. Thank god for the kangaroo bars i asked my father to add onto my car right after we bought the car! My little baby is unharmed.

I looked at the other car. Slight dent on the back bumper, barely noticeable, no scrapped paint.

And to tell u the truth i was reliefed to see the 'aunty' kind emerge from the car. I was all "sorry sorry sorry". She scolded me a bit in Cantonese...

Instinctively i walked to the side of her car, check out the damage. Oh my god! The bumper was slightly ajar! Slightly out of shape! No!! I swear i saw my RM50 or RM100 walk out of my red wallet then and there.

I looked at her, heart-thumping. She examined the back of her car... seemed to not mind... if i were her, I WOULD MIND, i'd be like "this stupid girl hurt my baby" but... older people tend to not mind... She did scold me a bit.

But the side bumper? Oh my god... i didn't know what to say...was JUST about to offer RM50 to 'settle' but she started to walk away!


Dumb-founded, i just stood there. It then dawned upon me that SHE DIDNT REALIZE THE DAMAGE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF HER CAR!!!!!!!!

Whatthefuck! I couldn't believe my luck, i was getting off scott-free? I started walking back to my car when she was already at her car door...

U haven't gotten away yet, a voice told me.

My heart raced, as i sat in my car... i could see the side of her car bumper sticking out... i patiently waited for her to drive off, this time keeping my distance...

She's gone. I felt bad. She's probably someone's mother... i wouldn't want some stupid girl to do that to MY mother!

But it was also HER fault, duhhhhhhh, u CHECK your car at all reasonable angles that the accident could have affected! Common sense.

What do u think? What would u have done?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Now i shall promote milk

Milk, helps u build strong bones. When milk is drank at lunch, there is a higher intake of several critical nutrients including zinc and vitamin A. A recent study shows those who avoided milk were tended to be more likely to experience fractures and be overweight (Milk Delivers, 2006).

I'm just crapping... and the referencing is for fun, cuz i was stuck after "Milk, helps u build strong bones", couldn't really come up with crap about milk.

During exam periods, my milk intake increases tremendously. Lots n lotsa milk for me! =)

Not cuz of the above benefits, but cuz "I NEED MY DRUGS!!!!!!"
* shouting with boodshot eyes like a mad woman *

The drug is... black powder... best mixed with milk and sugar... and water of course. Produces aroma when freshly brewed.

Coffee's my drug.

And i like it creamy! Can take it black, but will needalotof sugar. So of course, your typical girl would pick the less sweet option: lots and lots of milk, minimal sugar (but its presence must be felt la of cuzzie)

Time for my cuppa! Haha

Ps. Regarding Saturday's topic, a friend, who is a national athlete, wrote a great post on diets. With advice from a trainer.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Warning : u might wanna skip this post. It's emotional. And it involves weight issues yet again. And i feel like cursing a bit today. And i'm not gonna bother checking my grammar/spelling. Oh, and its a really long wordy post.

As a child my father tried to discipline me. He said "you can't eat your cake and still have your cake".

I hated that idiom. For instance, Why can't i eat a lot and be thin?

Call me a rebel, unreasonable, whatever, but i grew up wanting to do JUST that. In every way i can, in every situation, i try my best to make it a win win situation. Reduce my losses to as close as zero as possible.

I love eating, i dun understand how some girls can miss a meal or two or three-which is all meals in a day... I just won't diet!

I dieted when i was in form1, FORM 1 damnit, and i suspect that is why i didn't grow as tall as i could have. I know its impossible for me to grow anymore, but i really LOVE food. I can eat even when i'm full, buffets i can conquer.

I only stop eating when i've been bloated for about half an hour
or when eating more would cost me money...
or when i am supposed to leave food for my family members

In steamboat dinners on Chinese New Year, i'd still be eating when everyone's done and all families' maids are eating. If i'm eating with u, and u don't finish your food, i'd start eating it.

But more often than not, soceity's voice creeps into my head, u'd get FAT if u eat all that. And so i control myself.

That just means i don't overeat. But i eat my share, i eat my meals, skip none of them. I don't wanna sound like one of those Fitness First advertisements but, yeah, it has helped me a lot.

I can eat my meals, oh, my sweet sweet meals... fried chicken, my love;
rendeng, heaven on a plate AND
Soya bean that tastes like soya bean and not water. My soya bean actually HAS sugar in it.

Er... I still have fats in my tummy and my thighs still do have cellulite, but i look a lot better than i did 5 months ago, if i do say so myself.

To eat and not get fatTER, i exercise. I know walking the treadmill is like being a hamster in a wheel, running and running but getting no where.

When i am on the treadmill i'm a happy hamster in an airconditioned wheel, getting closer to my target weight.

Actually i don't wanna lose weight la. I wanna be like the Monash Cheer Club Captain 2005/2006. She's HOT but heavy. She's 54kg which is MY weight, about my height but she is sooooo much hotter than me.

So, i kinda wanna build musles and lose the fats, be like her. Hot but heavy. Curvy, not skinny.

Earlier on when i just started Fitness First, i lost 1.5kg. I was 52.5kg for a while... and now i'm back at 54. And seriuosly, i don't mind, i think i built muscles. I want Muscles: Calorie Busting Cells.

Muscles burn 30% more calories than fats do. Even when u sleep! And u know i love to sleep.

Well, i'm writing this post cuz i've got into some problems because i joined Fitness First. For one, my father is totally against it, i fork out the RM109 a month student priced fees from my own paycheck. So am living on a tight budget.

Two, i had some. Er. Really unpleasant conversations with GIRLfriends due to my shortlived weight loss. They were insecure when i inched a lil bit closer to their featherlight-under-51kg-weight.

Three. I spend a lot of time in the gym. Less time to studies, many study dates are cancelled. And today, i argued with E, one of the reasons is cuz i went to Fitness... thats why i am writing this post, to get my mind off things, cool down. So i can study later... maybe after a short nap...

Anyway weight issues are NOT nothing, its NOT just stupid girls going on and on about FAT. Isn't anorexia a problem? What about bulimia? How about depression and suicide?

So, soceity, why must u keep on insisting that thin is beautiful?

Friday, November 03, 2006

How many hours do u sleep the night before your exams???

Boyfriend and bestfriend are firm believers that an 8 hour beauty sleep isn't skin deep. Muah- muah on d other hand, worship the people who can sleep for about an hour before their paper. Wanna be like them la. KM, how d hell do u do it and score straight distinctions?

Anyways, i'd say i'm eh... average. I sleep 4-5hours the night before a paper.

But for law!!! Shit, i slept 7hours!!! Wasted two hours of precious last minute study time. Last minute minutes are very valuable ok?! One hour of last minute study equals 3 hours of normal study time for me. Reading speed can increase by 2 or 3 times wan.

U know during law exam today, i as i read the last question, i was like, shitttt, this sounds soooo familiar! No! It's exactly the same as what we did in class! No, I didn't read the tutorial answers!

Then, i remembered. Its open book! Hahahaha, doink, u have the whole set of tutorial answers on your desk in the exam hall la auntie.

But too damn bad the senior who prepared the tutorial answers did not prepare answers for that question!!!!! =( Arrrgh, just when i thought i could COPY during exams. Wasted la, study partner and i did the sample questions and not the revision questions which this one falls under.

After the paper i was starving! Draining la the paper. Ate so much. Fries from cafeteria and the snackplate from KFC, ate everything and drank the whole drink... but gave the bun to Z, bestfriend did the same, the quality of KFC's butter buns deterioarated tremendously la. I complained to the manager once MONTHS ago... Z, a big eater, well he's a guy, didn't eat the buns as well...

Not here to complain abt KFC, sorry. So anyway. Went home still a lil hungry (we walked abit after the meal)

Smsed boyfriend for fun. I said "I'm craving for soup la. No, OUR baby is asking for soup".

And he replied "Oh no u are pregnant. I must tell my mother"

I dunno why, but i said "Tell her for what? She's going to make soup for me ar?"

HAHAHAHA. Crapiness swallows us after enduring examinations.

Almighty Anonymous, if u've got anything to say about this, do take into consideration the fact that u haven't replied any questions directed at u in the last post yet

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blessed or Cursed?

X Choosing between 2 well known companies. One local and one abroad
Y Choosing bewteen two girls. One local and one abroad
Z Choosing between Prada and Gucci?

X and Y, no offence arrrrrrr, i just want to play play and laugh a bit. If u don't want anyone to know who u are, don't comment. And if u want me to remove this post contact me via sms ok?

And if Z exists... u are blessed lar... don't complain.

Ok. Enough. Maths time:
If i fail Auditing the suckiest subject, i'll have to retake it at AUD$2250
That would be AUD$2250 x 2.7945 (Reserve Bank of Australia, 2006) = RM6287.63
And then u gotta add the fact that i spent RM2750 on the subject this semester... RM2750

So in total i would waste RM6287.63 + RM2750 = RM9037.63

RM9037.63 wasted if i fail ONE subject this semester!!!

That is soooooo shitty. Going to bed now... so that i would be fresh in d afternoon to study Auditing. Yucksssss

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Year 2, Semester 2: Final Examination Preparations

Failed to mention that exams are around the corner. U'd probably already guessed or knew. Starts Thursday, 1.30pm =|

Somehow a few of u guys think i'm good with studies etc. On the contrary i don't think so, it shocks me everytime someone says that. I'm soooo tempted to prove you wrong.

But can't do that. Its RM2750 per subject in Monash. That's more than double my highest paycheck so far.

And retaking any failed paper would cost a whopping AUD$2250! Since i should be in Australia by next year.

So yeah, failing is NOT an option for me.

Let me blog a little bit more though... Sorry haven't been replying comments promtly. If u have me on msn, u'd know that my desktop computer is dead. Using mom's laptop currently. In one of my attempts to stay away from going online, i lent the laptop to E overnight...

When i got it back i feel as if i haven't gone online in ages! I don't know how i managed to stay offline for over a week during SPM preparations.

Yawn. And on Friday. I got a called from Big Four A (BFA)'s HR department. She told me i've got the internship and they are prepring my offer letter. I'm happy but not overjoyed.

I know i'd learn so much and i guess that it would be bearable la, i opted for taxation instead of auditing cuz somebody told me tax people don't have to stay back as late as audit people. Besides, i find the subject Auditing and Assurance VERY boring and dry... Tax on the otherhand... well... er, finding out ways for tax savings sounds super cool and somewhat fun...

And it would help me prepare for the Income Tax Law subject i plan to take in Australia next year.... On the downside...

Lets not think too far ahead. Internship starts on December 1st.

After the exams, that would be the 9th of November... i'll have 3 whole weeks of holidays. =) Not long enough actually.

Since i gotta start shopping for Australia (not sure if this is actually a chore... =) (and KM, Typlotion or Zimbonie, can u guys check if they have Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner in Melbourne please??)

I also gotta do some SERIOUS spring cleaning. Going to move house in December... I only have 3 weeks to gather my belongings of 20 years.

Well, 3 weeks is really a blessing compared to those who do not even have 3 seconds... u know, in the case of a fire... or tsunami... or a hurricane...

Oh yeah!! Sunway Monash Condo is offering Lifesaving classes! U know, kinda like lifeguard aka Baywatch? Hahahaha. Its been offered since the beginning of the sem, don't know if its still on... but who cares, for now i am just daydreaming of life after exams and i would REALLY love to take up this class!

Monash University Peninsula is near the beach ok? And then there's NEXT year's summer... hehehe... or spring break, which should be in September...

Hahaha, mannnn, Am i thinking far into the furure! Just last night i was reading through my Company Law lecture slides and it feels as if lecture was just yesterday, when in actual fact, lecture was 2 months ago. And exactly one month ago was the Monash Ball.

Which brings me back to the previous post's topic...

Friday, October 20, 2006


Hey! I just realized that nonsense is no sense without a space and with an additional 'n'! Hahaha!

Like my title suggest, i'm gonna CRAP away!!!! Hehehehehe.

Can someone please tell me who/where is the appropriate authority go to to complain about Time???? Not happy with Time's service lar, it flies too fast.

I want Time's pilot license revoked!!!! It beats the speed limit lar, so it should be fined and suspended!!! Take away Time's flying license!

Time should slow down, its moving too fast!

I haven't studied nor have i done anything exciting lately.

Speaking of which, anyone interested in this???? I need a companion or two or three or more!!!

"White water rafting trip to Sungai Kampar, Ipoh. This river is one of the most rapid and turbulent in Malaysia. Perfect for white water rafting. Dun worry, there will be experienced guide to lead us through the river safely. The rafting trip will take up the morning half of the day. In the afternoon, after a BBQ lunch (inclusive in the package), we will hike up a 15 meter tall waterfall vertically against the flow. Again, with the help of expert guidance. I need a minimum of 5 people in a team. But so far i have only 2 friends who is adrenaline junkie enough to join me. You or ur friends (dun have to be in biotech club) are all Cordially invited to this unique adventure experience if u dare.

The whole package is RM 200 including lunch. The date is tentatively set on the 20th of November. Visit"

Drop a comment/send me an email or whatever lar, just teman me!!! Its by the president of the Biotech club in Monash. I'm no longer a member (dunno why they still send me these mails) and i don't know anyone in the club besides a few friends i hardly spoken to in about a year.

Come on, join me!

But dun ask me to pay for ya. Answer is no, and i'm not sorry!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

we were once equal

Stepping into the the MultiPurpose Hall for orientation as first year students, we were all equals; Monash University students. All of us 'Monash Material'. All of us given a chance.

But throughout the semester, we start to differentiate. Some of us work harder than others. Some of us fail a subject or two or three. While others proceed to make something of themselves.

Some people make full use of the opportunities given to them while others don't... I should get back to studying soon. I wanna be part of the former.

Correction: i should START studying. Dead meat.

Anyway. Updates: Study Partner got accepted to intern for one of the better Big Fours down South. Me? Me? Feeling shit scared lor... inferior and insecure.

My interview was alright. Wasn't really an interview la: more of a chat. Normally they don't interview interns but since time permits, she wanted to see me she said.

Alamak. My whole Monday morn n afternoon went into stressing over the thing wei...

She said that they're interested in me and the other guy MP from Monash... just have to wait for human resource to call...

Thanks for asking CSC! =)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Still Happy Happy

But really tired laaa.

Nice weekend! 10am-4pm in Sunway either having class or self studying. And after that went over to E's place. Helped his mom make Hari Raya Cookies. =) Fun.

Talked to her. Chatted about E when he was not around! Damn funny! She said that she used to lock the computer room so that he would spend less time in front of the monitor... and then he duplicated the key! "And not only one. He duplicated soooo many. Found them all over the place!"

Hahahaha, i couldn't stop laughing man. So cute!!

And then talked about Australia. Mentioned i might be flying by Qantas. Which is 400 cheaper than SIA which is 500 cheaper than MAS... (That's 300 Aussie dollars to spend! JT, if u are reading this, i love u) but i'll have to transit in S'pore.

"When you transit, they (the airport) would transfer the luggage for u and we don't have to carry the luggage around the airport right?", I asked her and she said yes.

Hehe... then, i told her that E keeps on insisting that we have to carry ours luggage around the airport. Then later when E came downstairs she scolded him about this! But scold in the not fierce way la.

I laugh la. Hehehe. And so we might be flying to Aussie together! We'll see how it goes.

Watched Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode2 and 3 after that...

That was yesterday. Today we coated the almond-in-the-centre cookies with chocolate. E loves chocolate and was looking forward for the leftover melted cooking chocolate. So was i.

When we were done with the cookies, there was a fork and a spoon in the chocolate bowl. E, that asshole, gave me the fork and kept the spoon (the better to eat the chocolate with) for himself! "Give me the spoon!", i demanded. He held it as far away from me as possible. Wrestled for the spoon...

His mom saw this! And she said, "This kind of boyfriend! If me i don't want!" Haha!

Got more to write about but u might get bored of me.

Actually, i'm very tired. =P My friend wrote a very good post on this topic...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Happy

Did some hacking today! Hehehe, so fun! Brought my laptop to uni JUST to hack! It's the thrill baby! Hahaha.

Actually, it is not hacking lar. It is just gaining access into a network that is meant for us students anyway. It's just that instead of logging into the computers in the computer labs to enter the student drive, we are acceessing it via our laptops. We still have to enter our student username and passwords, so its not like we cracked any codes.

Very convenient cuz u don't have to wait until there is a vacant computer in the lab to save your company law or auditing lecture slides. Pretty cool but too damn bad i am gonna leave for Aust soon. So i don't get to utilise this. =(

Had dinner with some auditing classmates! Very funny la their conversation! And i didn't feel out of place (most of them are 3rd year students while i'm 2nd). They talked about their trip during the hols and about the drinking game, and what one of the girls did when she was drunk. Also had a braces socialization! And heard all about their internships before we headed off to study.

Speaking of internships. I finally forced myself to send the email i was told to send to the taxation department of Big Four A. Big Four A would be for the first accounting firm i applied for. Big Four B would be for the second firm i apply for. And C would be the third...

After sending the email, i proceeded with writing my resume for Big Four B. It was already 3am so i went to sleep halfway through. By 3pm the next day... i began to continue... WHOAAAAA!!! =) I received a reply from Big Four A already!!! =)

Ah, so happy! But scary la, gotta go interview!! Yikessssss!

Should i apply for Big Four B just in case i don't get the internship with Big Four A? All i gotta do is print and mail it. But afraid that i get accepted for both and then i'll have to deal with rejecting....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


As i was carrying my steamy hot $0.80 cup of Nescafe to the table Study Partner and i were at, i saw his guy stumble over the side of the table. Thought nothing of it until Study Partner said "That guy look at u carry ur coffee, too hot already until he trip".

Wahahaha, no lar, i dun possess that kinda power lar. I'm no Sayuri from Memoirs of a Geisha. But what she said was nice. Whether or not it was a joke, it was a great way to start a day: coffee and laughter. =)

She also said to me "Your Blog is so pink... AND i don't have a problem with that!" Funny lar she. Look out for the link to her in my side bar!

You know what? I was sour with XiaXue over the whole KL issue over a year ago. And since then feelings changed. Anger fades. I'm always one to forgive.

Some people on the other hand, know no forgiveness. Someone from my previous Blog conflict for instance, who shares the same initial as the anonymous. And the anonymous who hates my guts:

"Anonymous said...
WHat? just a sorry and u expect things to be okay? maybe j will forgives you. just imagine i intrude ur privacy at home and later i come with an apology. what do u suggest?
Tuesday, October 10, 2006 6:19:25 PM

What's Almighty's problem?? Its not like any other people from that religion told me they were offended (besides bestfriend but she has already forgiven me =) ...

Intrusion of homes is a criminal offence. I'll forgive u, darling, when u beg for my forgiveness in your prison cell. =)

But maybe some totally unrelated person may think that u serving your time in prison does not make things ok...

Yesterday when i Blogged, i was reading XiaXue. She was going through similar things. Where this person sent her an email over the fact that she was eating a jelly ice cream in the bus. For the first time in over a year, i agreed with XiaXue man! Some people have no life!

For the first time ever i am linking to her!