Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Backstreet Boys Concert

BSB and New Kids on the Block toured Melbourne

I asked DL who plays first? And before she answered the lights dimmed and both bands rocked the stage!

Nick Carter at 32

Brian and AJ

New Kids on the Block with a kangaroo from their Aussie fans

Jordan Knight walked up the aisle near us! 

BSB in colourful 90s clothes! Hahah

Johnny Ruffo, the opening act. Young man, 3rd place winner of 2011's Australian X Factor

The girls and I!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Red

I know, last week i was crazy about red autumn tress. 

This week its about red hair!

I was surprised at how red it turned out =)
Way better than back in 2009 (Click here)

Been receiving compliments: from friends, the receptionist at pole, my mechanic when i went to get my headlight changed

Tips and theories: 

1. The box said leave it on for 30 minutes, be a rebel and leave it on for 1 hour and 15minutes instead! Also use the hair drier to heat it up so that the hair absorbs more colour.

2. Loreal's technology got better and smells nicer 

3. The previous hair dye job i did three months ago bleached my hair enough that i'm pretty much a dark blonde to brunette instead of a natural Asian black haired girl

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Autumn Again

Last year i went around chasing photographs of autumn leaves.

This year i forgot until autumn was in my face!

Not bad even with the lack of sunlight!

At the last minute i started asking friends to head to the mountains with me!! A little late =(

But not too late!!! =)

Mmmm Pie in the Sky!!! Love the Dandenong Ranges

One day i'll have a garden and i'll plant trees that will turn red in autumn?

Google images of this shed were wayyyyy better than my picture!

Love this picture though yellow normally doesnt catch my eye.

From head to toe, including my bag, everything i wore was bought in Australia =)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rock Climbing

Is there a cure for my adrenalin addiction??

LF posted a picture of her wind surfing on Facebook. Known this girl for years, friend of a friend but never really hung out except for a few gym sessions together. Or bumping into each other at the gym. 

On the windsurfing picture, we started chatting and realised the both of us love these sort of stuff!!! 

Few nights ago, i received a random message from her asking me to go!!! 
Immediately i said yes! Didnt ask how much, didnt matter where,
I'm there!

OMG so happy to have found another crazy girl like me in Melbourne =) Love love! 

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sydney 2011 November

Every time i head to Sydney i'd be sure to take pictures with/of the Sydney Habour Bridge!

My favourite spot in Sydney!

Just one of my best friends and I. An afternoon catching up. 

Was in the city for a reason

A wedding

My Ausmat/ Year 12 / Senior High School friend was getting married! These days invites go through Facebook. When u accept the Facebook invitation, the card will follow! More efficient. Lovely handmade invitation card

Four of us from the same class. The bride's dress is tailor made, very fine detail. Bridesmaids wore pink. 

She did her wedding completely Western style: church reception in the morning, followed by refreshment in the church, mingle, the happy couple had a photoshoot by the beach and then dinner in town. She wore the same dress the whole day, which is very very non-Malaysian-Chinese! Hahah

The other people my table were all very nice and friendly. I would have like to keep in touch with one of the girls, but oops i forgot to look her up on FB. Its been 6months! Whoops!

Having migrated to Australia, i missed all the other 2011 weddings i was invited to. Boy, was there a big handful! 

Just last night i found out that an ex-colleague, my age, is already 6 months pregnant! She also got married in November. I started counting... and concluded it was a honeymoon baby!! Hahah. Scary, i don't want a kid so soon. I want a few honeymoons first!

The day after the wedding i put on another dress and went for Spring Races

My 9year old cousin vomitted yesterday, my aunt had to clean it up. I'm so not ready for that yet!

Still young and loving my selfish life!