Friday, February 25, 2011


A common tourist attraction to Malaysians in Bangkok is the Baiyoke Tower
Since we lived within walking distance, and since i missed it on my first trip to Bangkok, i was glad the girls wanted to go! =)

The first time i saw such pictures was on other blogs and i had a feeling Bangkok is bigger than KL... maybe because its been over 10years since i went up the KL Tower?
The four of us playing around in at the top =)

Rubber stamp for u to stamp post cards or notebooks as souveniers

Included with the entrace ticket costing 250Baht, is a cocktail

Drinks and the view

In the open air deck. Its similar to the Alor Setar Tower, where u are caged in this revolving thing

Love the lights on the top of the tower. Love the wind in my hair !

The capital city of Thailand. I'll be back!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hablo español en poco

Love love love learning Spanish. Second class is tough but its still fun!

Last week in our first class, the teacher asked us to introduce ourselves and briefly share why we are learning the language

I said "I've finally done with all my accounting degree and graduate diploma, so i'm here!". The class laughed!

At the end of the class, one of the other students said to me "You must be enjoying the class, u were smiling the whole time"

First time learning a language i am not forced to learn =)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mountain Biking Part 1

Solo traveller me made small talk with other travellers: European, Canadian etc

The girl that really rocked my trip walked in the door with a burst of energy, she was smiling, she had mascara on and she looked Thai. I found it rather weird for a Thai girl to go for these sort of activity alone

A Google map view of different routes down Doi Suthep hill!! 25kilometers of downhill cycling!

I later spoke to the girl, AK and found that she is Japanese! There was another Asian chick, 30 year old S from China who is married to a Brit. The three of us were like kindergarten bestfriends on the ride! Hahaha
After the short briefing by the owner, a white guy, we were off to the mountain! In the picture above, is S and her hubby

AK on the right and me on the left of the picture above =)

The other songtao. We drove through the city and then to the mountains, windy roads!

Hold on tight!
The driver drove fast, i had to camwhore despite the speed
We went past the temple on Doi Suthep, our ride is even further uphill than the tourist attraction!

They did tell us to go to the toilet in the centre at the city. I asked if there was a toilet later on and the guide said 'everywhere' is the toilet!

I was surprised that we just stopped there by the road. Both songtaos and this is it, the location, the beginning of our ride! The guys peed by the roadside!

For some reason it got all misty and gloomy! Like a movie scene!

Took lots of pictures in between putting on our equipment. They assigned a bike to each of us

Though the Mountain Biking company is owned by a white, the actual activity is totally run by local Thais. Very professional and good Thai people =)

They lined us up and briefed us. And told us to each practice!

Ride over those branches! Wont lie to u, i was a little scared! But did it anyway! Hahaha, it was really bumpy!

The girls on route 1: M from Britain, AK from Japan, yours truly from Malaysia and S from China

AK took a picture for me =) And off we go!!!

Through the muddy puddle and beyond! Adventure of a lifetime!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Poor Elephant

In a restaurant toilet, on the bathroom stall was a flyer explaining that it is illegal for elephants to be on the street. Its not their natural habitat

Didnt take a photo of the sign because this is my 4th time in Thailand and i've never seen such a thing. Guess what i saw later that very same night?

The poor poor elephant looked so frightened by traffic and all the people surrounding it. It kept on trying to walk up the sidewalk and the owner tries to 'steer' it onto the road =(

There was a phone number to call to report, so disappointed i didnt take the phone number!!! My friend from Holland told me that years ago, Bangkok city was full of elephants too, thankfully no more now!

Sunday, February 06, 2011


The old blog header picture was created in late 2007

The shadow picture was taken sometime mid 2007 and the Ball picture on the right was taken in Sep 2006. I've never had the time to create a new one since

Finally i found an afternoon to put what graphic design skills i have to use =)

Photos by Sue Lin herself. Hmm come to think of it, even the old blog header pictures were all taken by myself. Only i am patient enough for me! Haha

New header photoshoot location: Koh Tao, Thailand

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Chinese New Year in Melbourne

Last night i had to Google it to get the date right. Got up today, went out, came back and told cousin ET that its CNY eve and she was like "Really?"

Hahahah, almost forgotten. Two of my cousins started school today. Totally not feeling the season at all

We went for Chinese buffet for dinner. The restaurant was full with the ever growing Chinese population in Melbourne. Just as the restaurant staff replenished the plate of pink salmon, a queue of about 5 people formed, i followed suit, last in line

I watched as they pile on their plates with salmon. There were only 3 more pieces left for the lady in front of me. She knew i was waiting behind her from the beginning, i'm not invisible, but she did not even leave one piece for me!

Chinese people suck! Hahaha =P

Happy Chinese New Year!

May happiness, wealth and health hop onto your lap in The Year of the Rabbit