Saturday, October 22, 2005


Recieved a call from an unknown number a while ago. Turned out to be E's mom. Huh??? I was so puzzled. At first she sounded so serious and i was like, oh my god, what happened??

And she told me he forgot to bring his phone to this workshop he went to and she was letting me know that in case i was trying to contact him. Then she said he called her 2 her get my number from his phone at home.

Hahaha, what? He can't remember my number? Been together for a year and... about 2 months and he can't remember my number? Hahaha. ?!?!?!?!?!? I converyed that to his mom, i said "Har, he cannot remember my number?"

And she said "Ya lor, knock his head!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. If ur reading this, E, i'm gonna knock ur head!!

Ohh, and everyone, i have a needle mark on my right arm! =) I tried drugs! I felt a little faint after that... but it made me feel HAPPY. And i did it on campus grounds. Heheh.

No la, joking (duh, how can that be true, i'm this angel who 'never' uses the word bitch, remember?). Tuesday through Thursday there was this blood donation drive in Sunway. And of course, i was eager to donate!

Was also kinda encouraging everyone too. There were many who wanted to but can't because of low blood pressure, underweight, fasting and since exams are nearing, many simply had no time to. I myself didn't have the time on Tuesday and Wednesday, but managed to on Thursday! With a friend, Ce.

It was nice having a friend to talk to as u lie there. She was joking to the hospital staff, she said, "mau bersama tau, kalau tidak, tak mau derma!" Haha, and it seemed perfect, i'm right-handed so i can donate blood from my left arm. She's lefthanded and she can donate using her right. We can be side by side.

Funny thing is, they couldn't find my 'tiny' vien on my left arm so i had 2 change places to donate from my right arm. Sad to be parted from her, lonely. At first she started donating from her right arm... and when i was done, her 450ml bag still isn't full of blood... strange, so she had to use her left arm after all. After she changed places i went to rest next to her (have to rest for about 10-15 minutes after donating). Haha, so side by side we were in the end, chatting (and laughing loudly) all the way!

Hehe, donating blood can be so fun. And you help save lives. You never know who u might be saving. Besides, the side effects of donating blood is good. Especially 4 guys since they have no monthly periods.

Personally, I also love donating blood cuz i have this stupid theory... it helps me lose weight... Hahaha, not exactly lose weight but... i feel that the next few days after donating, the food i eat (and eat and eat) will be used to make new blood cells as opposed to being stored up as fats. Yay! Haha.

Ps. Life's back to normal 4 me, thanks to the chat i had. I found out a lot... not blog material, unless i wanna get into another mess. Feel like spilling it all. But let's just say things were paraphrased wrongly.


She's Jess said...

Pain or not donating blood? They'll be coming to my college this Tues.. wondering should I got for it..

Hmm.. yea yea.. knock E's head harder :p

ah.. not for me to say anything on this =)

sue lin said...

Nope nope, not pain at all, surprised at how fast it was. Just when they poke u, it'll hurt a little. But it's really nothing, i watched them. A lil' scary la watching it. But everything's ok.

Haha, eh, i forgot 2 knock his head just now! Nevermind la, i just hope after this he'll remember 4 good! Hahaha

MaS said...

ahahahahaha ...... i kinda remember .... but still not very sure la ... hahaha

sue lin said...

Har? Until now still not very sure? Seriously need 2 knock ur head

Joey said...

hahaha...tat's so funny

U shud really drill it into his head.

MaS said...

this is bf torture already ... must report to police ..... hoyo ... u think i sooo bad as to not remember meh .... its already in my head la .... if u dun believe n can jump off a 10-20 storey high apartment head 1st to bang it in for u ..... u wan ??

sue lin said...

Hahahahaha, see? Now u remember well.

Rejax said...

I donated blood too!! I did it on tuesday haha!! and we get to have that little red book to show off ;p

sue lin said...

Haha! Yup yup! That little red book. The little red book!! Got the cert also right?? =) What's ur bloog type??

eries said...

T-T u think he's d only one who cant remember gf's number? haihs... if u ask mine also sure dunno wan la... T-T if lost hp, means wont call me for God knows how long, but lucky we study in d same place and hang out around the same gang... =p if holidays, i call house lor... T-T

aih... these guys should take some effort to show some affection or whatsoever,... *shakes head*

but girls are alwiz tolerant... guess thats the nature of stuff ryte? *winks*

eries said...
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sue lin said...

Haha! Make him read my blog la... and knock his head too?? =) After this, E can remember my number already, i keep testing him once in a while. But he had 2 close his eyes when saying it out... like the number is written on the inside of his eyelids! Like so difficult. Haha