Saturday, September 03, 2005


Had exams on Friday, so couldn't blog for days. Didn't turn on the tv for days, no loss there, i dun have any love for the tv, unlike many people. Desperately wanted to Blog though.

So here i am, procrastinating the assignment due Monday, to Blog about our National day. I love our country, even though i wish it were better in so many ways. No matter how true everything Ms Famous Blogger says about how KL sucks is true, it hurts me bad. To the extend that i had trouble focusing on my studies, for a while.

Definitely admit there are hooligans in KL, if i had a camera phone i'd take a picture of the graffitied sign board i saw yesterday. Nothing wrong with graffiti lar, Europeans and Americans do it too. But somehow they are artistic while our darlings just love to write "Fuck" everywhere.

Bottom line is we complain about other Malaysians everyday but when a foreigner does, i go defensive. (Except E la, he just agrees totally.) Just like what Fuckstress says, we complain about our siblings but when someone else says something bad about them, we snap. (Haha, in creating that link i visited her blog to find that she wrote her Merdeka post in BM, funny.)

I'm never close to my brother, did u even know i have a brother? See, i never even talk about him. But when my neighbour started talking about how rude my brother is and about his 'attitude problem', i felt deeply insulted to the point that i told her off. And i rarely tell people off. She was nice enough to never do so again.

Anyway, the thing that made the 48th Merdeka Day special to me is the fact that E and i have been together for a whole year. ONE year. 12th month anniversary.

We started off the day with him cooking me breakfast! =) Haha, burnt and too oily but still tasted good. And i used that BIG kitchen tissue roll thing to wipe of as much oil as possible.

There were no fireworks where we were, at One Utama. But nevermind la, i was up in the clouds ma, dun wanna get burnt by fireworks, right?

E was so sweet la, treated me Chilli's, that place so mahal and he has financial problems... earlier that day, i actually thought of eating at Medan, HAWKER CENTRE, u know? Haha. I truly wasn't expecting anything... err, haha, thats why i never got him anything. =P Sorry E...

Really really never expected much, that's why i was sooo sooo touched with the little surprise he gave me after dinner and Charlie n the Chocolate Factory. I would blog about it, but seeing that he didn't in his blog, i wouldn't too. Our secret?


Joey said...

Haha...u shud also check out minishorts' Merdeka post. Equally funny. Esp when they direct translate.
Like=macam..."Macam, hello?" hehe...

MaS said...

yo ho ho .... hahahaha ..... a secret ..... hehehe ... im gonna tell about sumthing during dat period of time .... soon .... soon .... hehehehe

sue lin said...

One day or something i'll read la... right now... gonna die betul betul... stupid assignment

Mas u write la, i can't blog anymore... arr... stupid assignment wanna cry! Your right la, stop it la.

yeeli said...

ur 1 lucky girl =)

sue lin said...

Hey Yee Li, huh? Ohhh i see, yup, i know and i'm thankful. =)