Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Whoa, when did i last blog?

So many things to write about :
i) The happy new couple
ii) Erm... err... my assignments but guess that'd bore u... no no, trust me i can make it interesting. Whatever, u can just skip it.
iii) My health and how stubborn i am
iv) Not so important other small stuff that crosses my mind

i) The happy new couple

If u were in Ausmat in 2004, this is most likely old news to u. So, so, it was really the unexpected: they are of different races and friends for over a year. Then suddenly, on Wednesday morning i see them holding hands at our table. Ooookay, ignore, it's A and it's C, two fun-loving types. Go about as usual... then i saw A put his arm around C.

Okay, cannot, be ignored any further. But i didn't want to sound too... you know. And don't wanna be wrong, so i thought of a way to ask. So C once told me that she pretended to be part of a couple to avoid this guy who had a crush on her, so i asked "C*****, is the guy around?" and i looked around. I've seen the guy before but it's not like i could recognize him, but... u know.

She said no. And i said, "Then?????" and she was all "Hehehehehe" and then i said "I'm waiting......." And our friend R was "Am i missing something?????"

And then i said again "I'm waiting.......", cuz i was waiting to hear it from them, officially. But C was still all "Hehehehehe" and then A said "You also want? Come here"-pointing to the seat next to him, as if i want his arm around me. Typical, just ignore and smile some more at C. =)

That's how i found out. Later on in class, E smsed me, saying that they are together, official. And i couldn't concentrate in class! I was too was shocked/happy for them/shocked. And i wanted to hear the story from C!!! The minute my tutor walked outta class i practically ran out and called C.

Just knowing they are together made me really happy, i practically forgot about all my stress and assignments. I even put off eating to question C. Hahaha.

ii) My assignments
I've been skipping class a lot lately cuz of them. No, skipping class is not the word, hopping class is more like it. I'd miss a class but i replace it on another day.

Hehe. But to be truthful, i couldn't make it for class on the other day as well, so i DID skip class. Management was fine. At the expense of me being an hour late for business stats.

The story begins with economics. I'm too over confident, hate myself for it. I keep having this mentality that i can finish it no time and that there's always tomorrrow. So, there i was rushing like bloody hell to finish today before it's 5pm dateline.
I did finish it with not much time to spare. Finished it but couldn't print it! There was something wrong with my printer! And i just bought new a ink cartridge yesterday!

So, i had to rush to college to use the printers there. It's not like in school when u kind of automatically get a dateline extension if u had a problem with your printer. man i miss those days.

So, i changed and drove. I pushed my baby Kancil to the maximum... actually 120kmp is not the maximum but it felt like it. For most of the way i drove at an average speed of over a hundred, sometimes 110. My little little car was shaking and it felt as if it was going to fly.

Upon reaching, i ran into the college, not sure if i even locked my car, which i parked sloppily. I took the shortest route i could think of to the computer lab. There has always been a shortage of computers in Monash, so getting one is always difficult.

First computer i used, the person next to me said it wasn't working. The second couldn't read my thumb drive. And the third computer, i had to beg for! I didn't know a girl had already logged in and she said "excuse me i'm using it"... and i implored "can i just print something please??? My dateline is at 5pm", itwas 4.40 by then.

Thankfully she was really nice. Really really nice, i'm really thankful. I didn't get her name cuz that would be too odd, but i did thank her many times.

iii) My health. Okay, yea, my cough. Real bad. Got E really worried. And yea, my chest hurts from coughing. But no, i'm stubborn, not gonna do much abt it. Aka not gonna see a doctor.

But i did go to the doctor yesterday. But not for me. I drove my brother there. He swallowed a big eggshell and thought it was life-threatening. The doc just told him to drink lotsa water and pass it out naturally and charged him 20 bucks for that.

My parents were out and they had no cellular phones with them, long stoty, so i had to sit there with my brother waiting for his turn. While doing so i realized that that was the third time i was with someone at the clinic... The first time i drove E there cuz he had a bad case of food poisoning. The second, i sent W there cuz she had an anxiety attack...

iv) Small things that crosses my mind... no time to write them, although u know i'd love to.


supplementals said...

wooh! first real name ever mentioned!

Rejax said...

juat put the full name la...nothing ashnamed that the whole world knows it...actually the whole world knows it already!!! ;p