Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Note: Skip this post. It's boring and i'm writing it 100% for myself.

Ahhhh... this is killing me! I don't know what to major in... at the beginning of the year i said i wanted accounting and marketing. And a minor in writing under the communication faculty but now i'm told there's no such thing as minors in Monash. What is this!? Dumb. I was looking forward to my minor more than anything!

Yeah, u know, the only reason i'm doing a business degree was cuz i wanted something stable, something a can reply on. Actually i wanted a double degree: business and communication. Business would be something stable while communication is would be fun. But that's not offered here, i'll have to go to Australia to get that double degree. The counsellors told me to do well in my first year and then transfer to Aust next year.l

Yup, right, too bad i forgot my original goal... now it's too late. I've screwed my first semester, no way am i doing well unless a miracle happens again like PMR, SPM and Ausmat. I don't think i'll be that lucky... i've already had 3 miracles, i can't expect a fourth. Pleassssssse give me a miracle!!!

Besides even if i do get a mircale and do well, i don't think my father would allow me to go overseas next year... in fact i'm sooo sure he won't, that i've already made plans for next year here... actually not plans, just daydreams.

Ahhh... so... here i am, stuck doing a business. 3 years ago, i would tell u that i'd NEVER do business. Lookie where i am.

Business is not all that bad... maybe it is... don't know, i'm confused!! I don't know what to major in, i was just reading through the majors offered online and International Business looks real interesting! Which is good, guess, that'll be what i'd do??

So, my problem now is... what second major should i do?? Should i stick to Accounting?? It looks awfully boring... i mean... doing accounts for SPM was fun... doing accounts itself was fun. But all that theory doesn't look good. Scares me.

So why do i still consider it? Because it's stable? And remember 'stable' being the main reason i'm doing this degree?

I'm not here to enjoy the degree... but i don't wanna die either. Arrrrgh... ok... reasons against taking accounting. Accounting and int. business are no where related. So... that means 8units for int. bus. + 8 units for accounting + 6 units for foundation=22 units. That leaves me free to take only TWO miserable electives, which means i can only do two communication units...

Whether or not my minor in writing is recognised, i AM gonna take some writing subjects. I really want to!
Amazing Race... to the Toilet.

4 couples and a couple of people. Two nights in the highlands, cool hair and theme park rides... Oops, that just sounded like some reality show set in Genting... Hehe, we ARE heading to Genting Highlands but it's certainly not a reality tv show. Unless, the competition for the toilet in the morning counts... since the ten of us are sharing a two-room apartment with one toilet.

Right after the cable car ride down, some us are heading up north on a road trip to Penang Island. 5 days of sun, sand, sea and... yummmm... if u know what's on my mind. Char kuay teow! Asam laksa! Ikan bakar... why am i writing about food at 2.40am here in KL? Makes my stomach growwwwl.

Other than food, we plan to do some extreme sports, like paragliding i think? And banana boating... which is sort of rafting but your're being pulled by a speedboat, do not confuse banana boating with canoeing. Let's hope it's in season.

Blog more when i get back! =)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

At Least

As usual, reading SI's Blog is inspiring, she's smart and brings up good issues, while yours sincerely (almost) never reads the newspaper and prefers to keep things frivolous and 'blond' as my bestfriend would say.

So, SI posted up a very thought provoking article about racism in her Blog. And i personally know a Chinese girl who was denied the JPA scholarship although she scored 11A1s, was the vice head-prefect (or maybe she was the head... ) and she was active in sports-- first place for the Merentas Desa thing...

The article also says "I read about a poor Indian lady having to pay full price for a low-cost house after being dispossessed from a plantation, whilst Malay millionaires demand their 10% bumiputera discount when buying RM2 million bungalows in a gated community."

But at least, unlike Indonesia, the Indians and Chinese don't have to have a Muslim name. At least i can still wear spaghetti straps. At least i can still hold hands with E in public. At least the non-bumiputras have the freedom to choose their religion.

Actually, EVERYONE should have the freedom to choose his or her religion...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

When We Choose to Blog is in Our Genes?

Ohh... i was just Blog-hopping and i just found out that J's darling, D linked to my Blog from his! =) So, i was reading part of his blog where he wrote about the rights of a blogger to choose when to write and when not to write. That reminded me of something (and i stopped reading his Blog to come 'ere and write... hehe, sorry! And the song in your Blog is cute, D! I like its.)

So, i was reminded about this article i read about twins. Twins who are separated at birth are so much more alike that twins that are brought up together. There was this pair of twins who were separated at birth... one named her child something like Andrew James and the other named hers the same names but in a different order, like James Andrew.

The article also said that, ironically, twins who are separated at birth didn't write on the same days... get what i mean? Example, i have a twin and we don't know each other... I didn't Blog today, and she doesn't Blog today too. Coincidence. Like that.

Birds and Bees: Then and Now

Second Bloggie that inspired me today: none other than my darling, E. =) He wrote about the Durex promotion booth in college yesterday. He was... appalled by the conservativeness of the staff of the student services department... since they were giving the... err... promoters a hard time over giving out free condoms.

He wrote about how this is the 21st century and how things changed. And guess i've gotta say i agree. My management lecturer (hmmm... i seem to be quoting her a lot...) said that the only thing that is guaranteed in life is change. Sex before marriage these days is common. Here's what i think:
Early 20th century: people get married young (in their mid to late teens). And duh, they have their wedding night.
Early 21st century: people get married older (mid to late twenties). So what if those in their early twenties are doing it? Yeah, it's before marriage... but... aren't they old enough??
Yay, i think my time management skills improved. I managed to 'finish' most my exam questions. Err... of course, there is still 'not enough time'. But there is less 'not enough time' this time as compared to last time.

I think i said 'time' too many times... Haha. I did that on purpose. This was some thoughts that ran through my mind today and i just wanted to Blog it down.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Real Thing

The sesame covered pork looked mouth-watering, the skin of the meat shined in the orange light, a marketing gimmick of the chicken rice stall at the medan in Sunway. It worked, from being unable to decide what to eat, i was determined to eat that and queued up patiently to order the cha siew fun.

Upon ordering, i was told that it's not pork, it was chicken. No problem, doesn't matter what matter it is, it is the one i want! Haha. So i carried my prized cha siew look-alike to my table where K, R and C were seated.

Being a pork lover, K asked if it were cha siew and i told her what it really is. She then shocked me with a question: "Do u still eat pork?"

Oh my god... i'm dating someone who can't eat pork by religion, so?? I can still eat pork! Keyword: dating. C, who's on the same boat as me, was also eating pork at our table. So i went "YAH!!!! I'm not married!". And she felt a bit dumb.

Hehe, honest mistake, she must have been wondering why i didn't go for the real thing; pork. =)

Monday, June 13, 2005


Tagged? Meme? Whats are u talking about??? Then i see it's one of those chains. But baton? Why baton? And from SI's Blog i found out it's like in the Olympics where u pass the baton. So... looks like its mah turn.

My own Blog, looking for the best post i ever posted.

Err... err... i think this question doesn't apply to me.

In my humble opinion... hehe, i've been preparing for this answer... the best entry i have ever Blogged is entitled Problem with The Internet, Sunday, April 24, 2005".... actually re-reading, most of the beginning wasn't great. I just like the middle and the end. And the issue... and i remember the way i felt writing it, before writing it, and after writing it.

I never, expect for that mistake, posted names on my Blog, what makes u think this will make me? But stuff like this is meant to make others happy, so i'll put links.
i) J
ii) SI
iii) T
I think that's about it, i'm not much of a good Blogder. I'm sure there are many great Blogs out there i havent had the opportunity to read. I don't even read T's Blog regularly... But i know she's good from the few entries i've read.
E's Blog isn't bad at all too... just hard to understand at times... i mean... usually...

Of my known readers, SI says "sue lin's - luv her style! and her blog is pinkalicious ;p", =) =) =)
J includes mine as one of the answers as number 4... E reads my Blog cuz... why ar? Why do couples read what their other halfs write? I've also heard of those who reads everyone's Blogs...

I am now passing this baton to the following five people and they MUST to do the same holier-than-thou meme:
No, i am not passing the baton. It ends here, after this big fat purple full stop.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hie!!! =) smile smile smile. I feel GREATS.

Hehe, yeah, i feel greatS. Not a grammatical error, and not a typo.

A week before exams, my friend, D and i were given flyers outside college. The English used in the flyers was really bad. They wrote "How are u feeling recently. Feel greats?" And we had a hysterical time laughing away.

But after that it stuck... we talked with an 's' at the end of any word. Example in an sms: "Huh?! C me at 5s?! Where u goings?". And i'd reply the same way. Really hilarious. Try it. Nice way of expressing how u feel.

D and i conversed that way in front of A and he said we talked like we have the disorder lisp. Haha, but even he got influenced.... started writing the 's' at the end of words....

It's NOT lame, as E always claims it is. If anything, it's lamesssss. Hahaha. And it's not stupid.

Yea, thats right, you're learning fast, it's not stupid, it's stupids.

So expect me to write this way in the posts to comes. I'll writes more laters.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bitter... Butter, Better, Batter, why Bother with a Nice Title?

Ya, i make no sense. I'm tired. In the midst of exams. A paper on Tuesday, a paper on Wednesday, one for today and another for Friday. 3 hours each, on average. All in one shot. A paper a day made me this way. Hahahahaha...

Anyway. Bitter. U know, when u drink bitter medicine/essense of chicken/the black cough remedy drink called fu cha or whatever, u tend hold your nose and drink it all in one shot so u won't have to taste it?

So, that's what this stupid exam is like. Bitter... I'll just have to block out my emotions and go through this in one shot and it'll be over.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Sorry no new posts. Exams are coming. So i'm taking about a week off Blogging. Wish me luck.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Assignment Grades for Year 1 Semester 1

Business statistics is fine. Nothing to shout or cry about...

If this were SPM or Ausmat, i'd just ignore the subject i can't do well in. But in Monash... there are 6 stupid compulsory subjects. I HAVE to pass them all or i'll be retaking them for another RM2500 each. It's annoying. In Economics... i did very badly, barely passed, though that's the subject i liked and studied the most. Demotivates me. I hate it when it's like that, same thing happened with Chemistry last year...

Speaking of Chemistry really brings back the pain i felt... i sat next K last year during a chem class when we were getting back our papers. She got 80 something percent was hitting-the-table-mad. My score were exactly thirty percent lower than her and i had to witness her behaviour. Before that, i NEVER cry because of results, and that was the first time tears fell for that reason.

Later on, i wrote about that in a survey in a Friendster bulletin and she apologised. So it's okay, she wasn't aware of my grades. It's kind of a warning. Get to know what others around u are feeling before u act a certain way. U may be plunging a knife into their heart without knowing it.

My second management assignment... could be better... but also could've been worse. So i'll just be contented with what i have. The girl beside me got a D and I got a B. She was heartbroken and i really didn't know what to do besides keeping my paper out of sight and offering her a tissue. Note: this is the subject where no one gets an A. Or very very rarely. So Bs are good. Unlike accounting, where the 'industrial average' is a B. Getting good scores for management motivates me to study.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Change... No Change

Regarding my post on Sunday, May 29, 2005, the one where i wanted to defame someone... I saw that person today. And... honestly, not forgiving someone hurts me and not that person. So, forgiven. But not forgotten.

No Change
I still love gossiping. I'll say what i want to say. As long as if it's the truth.