Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Very few of just the 5 of us. Mostly random pictures with extended family.

Good food, check. In abundance

Lots of sugar-filled carbonated soft drinks? Check.

Ang pau values have fallen dramatically. Maybank fixed deposit rates too

I prayed at the temple, something i only do once a year, did it just the way my grandma taught me when she was alive.

Prayed for studies, prayed for work.

Really wonder if i can survive the peak and what lies beyond that, with ICAA and all...

Oh, i've decided to lift the shopping ban on myself, cant stand it! 3 months (Oct - Dec 08) and only bought 3 items, its too much for a girl to take.
Broke down and actually cried

Me with a relative's dog on the right =) Love wearing new clothes, just bought my top at the last minute on Saturday!

Happy Chinese Niu Year!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Me Happy

Cuz the CNY holidays have begun! YAHOOO

Had Senior Manager's review yesterday and directors review today. So glad its all over =)

Pay day is today! Yes!

And there's another thing i am shit happy about but cant blog about it =P Lets just say i didnt waste RM550!

Too tired to do a proper post though, i wanna play The Sims 2! HAHAHA

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Volunteer Work

When my dear E was away in Singapore for the Tattoo Convention 2009, i kept myself busy like any Datin would. Hahha, kidding, we aint no Datuk and Datin!

Saturday night 10 Jan i manned Gerai OA's booth, only for a short while though

I helped sell handicraft made by the Orang Asal (Orang Asli refers to the indigenous people in Peninsula Malaysia ONLY, while Orang Asal includes Sabah and Sarawak as well). 100% of the sale monies is returned them.

There were a lot of other second hand clothings etc on sale behind me! I just browsed

The handicraft

It was quite fun. As i was new i was still examining the goods on sale! HAHA. Looking for someting to buy and i bought this:

RM16 cuz it takes 3 days to make. Plan to use its three compartments...

... as a namecard holder and receipt holder (Auditors need to keep receipts for work related travel to be able to claim expenses =) But i gave it to my mom instead

Oooh, Cant wait for Jan's pay! Claims the co owed me since Jul, Oct and Nov 08 will be finally paid to poor me! Chinese New Year shopping, i cant wait!!!!

The booth was this Youth 09 thingie at PWTC.

I've never heard of it, have u? The leader volunteer lady was saying tht people like herself and i are too old to hear of these things. Mannnn, though i keep on feeling old, no one else has spoken to me that way before!

Oh btw, i got to know abt Gerai OA via the company i work for. They had a Green Week... (with yummy free NewZealand ice cream!) and from their emails i heard of diving to save Coral Reefs, but need to get diving license first. Anyone interested to go learn diving in PJ with me???

Ps. All's fine... well almost all's fine regarding the last post, almost there, almost there~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Help is Hostile. Hate it

Stupid Help University College. Called looking for this woman, Valiamah at Registry 1 so many times engage engage engage. So thats why my stupid mobile phone bill went up!

Finally talk to some somewhat clueless, quite useless woman instead of the most relevant person. The unknowledgeable person says i MUST go to the stupid uni in PERSON to submit a credit card authorization form and that i cant do it over the phone.

So i did man! Stupid waste of time. Went there and submitted my form to another IRRITATING woman who told me that once i submitted the form Charles Stuart University in Australia would send me my results to my HOME.

But i later found out that they would send it to the STUPID Help uni, meaning i gotta go back all the way there just to collect the stupid piece of paper called a transcript.

Thank god i kept on calling and pestering them or i wouldnt have found that out! I had to stress that it was URGENT and then Valiamah said she'll call me when the damn piece of paper arrives.

But guess what she didnt call! She emailed instead! STUPID MAN, i was waiting by the phone. U think i so free everyday check my yahoo mail? Work mail also need to check! People need to work! So bullshit

The piece of paper arrived on Monday and she emailed on Monday. But i found out on WEDNESDAY cuz i was too busy to check my yahoo. Stupid waste of 2 working days. I need to collect it and THEN need to go to near BANGSAR (impossible to find parking) to submit it BY FRIDAY.

So irritating ok? I am working in BANGI till CNY. I where got time to do that?

You know what i hate about Monash? Its their damn fault TWO Monash Graduates had to go study in Help!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Phone Has Wings!

When you change your phone only once in 3 to 4 years, a 5month old phone is considered new for quite some time.

That said, this is my new phone! =) First camera phone bought after my company paid out their yearly bonus.

Funny how
-my first phone Nokia 3350 costs RM650 black and white screened purchased after PMR in Feb 2002;
-the second phone costs RM590 - colour screen Nokia 6100 in Dec 2004;
-and my latest baby costs RM670, Sony Ericson S500i purchased in August 2008.

Its purple but cant really be seen in the picture! =) Love love it when both guys and girls , colleagues and clients, even salespeople admire my phone for its unique colour =)

You gotta see in it real life! Hehe

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sunday Lunch

If ya noticed, i am anti-food blog. Hate looking at food that i cant eat! So check out...

...our empty glasses! HAHAHA. *Pix added to previous post*

The lunch is a continuation of Saturday night's dinner. Girl in hairband is working in a reputable local bank, in HR, we had a good time listening to her 'tips' on employment. Hahah.

The rest is just mindless chatter. We were exchanging name cards, god, we are progressing in life!

E earlier lectured me about not keeping my namecard in my wallet. I normally put it in my workbag, which i only sometimes use on the weekends, when E and i met blogger D, the men exchanged namecards while yours truly was unable to. So now i carry at least 3 with me

Oh hey, i'm HAPPY~ Got my super be-early present, haven't collected it but u get what i mean...

What happened was i shopped online. Close friend AN's gf, W has an online shop, XOXO Chic. Saw something i liked and took the risk, decided to buy a top a few weeks ago. Tonight when i told AN i wanted to pay for it and he said

"aiyaa relax la
im paying for u"

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, so happy!!! =) THANK YOU!

My bday is on 17 March by the way =P Hehe

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Saturday Night

Put the 6 of us together on a round table with a steamboat at 7ish...

...and the next time i looked at the clock it was 9pm! Hung around chit chatting a while more and then decided to move on, to a cafe nearby for drinks

It was hard reading the menu!

More catching up and laughter till almost 1am!

It was kinda scary going home... and to know that in that area there was previously a snatch-theft case where the victim died. Welcome to KL. My friends kept on chatting and didnt wanna get out of my car, although they've already open the door to walk to their car, i was like "if u wanna talk, close the door!"

Except for the schoolmate that is now a colleague, i have not met the rest for between 3 months (the one studying in Aust, when i visited Aust) to 3 years (the one studying in Singapore, i havent seen her since CNY 2006, ohmygod 3 yrs)

Lazy to get picture out of my camera, insert later la! DONE
Resolutions status: Done. But later la. Hahah