Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Rest of Yesterday

Is it trying to run a marathon or something?? Enough already! Go away flu, go away!!!!

No classes today, rested well. But still with flu...

So, so. The rest od yesterday. After Blogging i rushed to meet a friend i made over Summer School, YM. We were planning to get the lecturer to change the lecture time... 4-6pm is WAY too late. We were sure even she hated that time. She said she tried to change the time. But was unable to.

Apparently all Monash timetables are computerised... it's built by some program and not by a team of people. Oh well... please, please let cheerleading practice be on Monday at 6.30!

Lecturer asked us to help carry boxes of paper to the lecture theather... hey, why aren't my arms aching today??? Are my muscles stronger? Yay, i'm stronger!!!! Hahaha.

So, helping her carry the stuff made me have to rush to get my coffee. By the time i got my coffee, the huge lecture hall was already full of people. No where to sit, and being such a giant class, i can't seem to see anyone i know!!! They are probably siting at the back... somewhere... out there...

Luckily, i saw YM sitting in the 3rd row. Good good good, usually 1st 3 rows are empty in the middle. And these rows are usually packed at the sides... this is because the lecture hall is so big!!

And as usual, i always climb over the first 2 rows to get into he middle of the 3rd row. I always look down. Malu la, see so many people looking at me... since i am usually the only girl who does this kinda climbing...

But the good thing is, my friends see me. I can't find them but they saw me! Good la, then they come 2 talk to me and i dun have 2 bother looking for them (during break, after class etc)! Hahahahaha.

And since there is usually few ppl in the middle, i have a lot of space to myself. Muahahahaha. put my things everywhere... and perfect view of the projector screen... And not too far away from the lecturer, can still talk to her. She very the nice wan.

What's the point of this post? Oh, yeah, i'm quite happy lor. After that E brought me to eat at Ming Tien, it's near The One Academy. Can u believe it's my 3rd year at Sunway and this is the first time i'm eating there??? The cha siew noodle is soooooooo nice... would definitely eat it again! Hehe.

Anyway, about the thoughts i had yesterday. I really must must must push it away, didn't i already say i'd stop trying? I guess i'm still hoping... =(

At least two of my oldest closest friends are now in Monash!!! =)

Monday, February 27, 2006

An Idle Mind is the Devil's Advocate

If i got the saying right, that's the one that reflects the way i've been. Can't sleep last night. Thinking too much. Managed to sleep with the help of a yellow flu pill... at 4.30.

Today.... started off great. E drove us to Sunway and we had breakfast. Quite the normal, which made me not the unnormal. Which was damn good. And great people stopped by... Yay! Found out that F has 2 same lectures as me today!!! =)

Did what i had to which includes seeing the course advice manager and then had a cup of coffee to get me through the class.

Yikes, F and i actually sat in the wrong class happily chatting... lecturer came in and he was so... unimpressive. I looked at my folder wanting to know the lecturer's name. I printed out the lecturer's name. Wait... our lectuerer is a lady???? Damn.... wrong class!!!

Hurrid out, apologised and RAN around looking for the right class.

Stumbled in late, i was panting. Only seats available was in front. Damn. And the class is bigger than the last! Embarassing.

But despite that i saw a familiar face, R, yay! And our lecturer is so.... professional. She carries herself well. Speaks well. Dressed unconventionally- brown button down top, tudung (head scarf), light denim skirt and brown boots! Not bad but not great.

Still she got my attention for the whole 2 hours. I loved her class. She makes me excited to study! That rarely happens with me. She even put me in a good mood.

I was so happy. And during the break i spoke to R. Fun! =) And after that class i was bumping into people left and right. A bit the stress... and i feel a bit bad being unable to help everyone. But happy to see so many more familiar faces.

Had lunch with E, fun chattin at Pink. Haven't eaten there over summer. Ce never liked Pink.

Then since i hadn't slept well, i planned to sleep. In the _____. But i started thinking too much. Of old times. Starting bashing myself for what i did. Regret sucks.

Tried to sleep a few times. Tried the library. Didn't work.

So here i am. Convinced that this saying An Idle Mind is the Devil's Advocate is true.

Added at 9.01pm: When Googled, the most common idiom is An Idle Mind is the Devil's workshop. And sorry about the ending of this post... I feel stupid posting it...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Stop That Nose!

My nose is running!!! Help...

Stupid flu. Urrg... Went through my stupid normal cycle.

Day 1: Wake up with terrible sore throat
Day 2: Wake up with no voice and a cough
Day 3: Wake up with my nose running

What a nice way to end my holidays! Wasting the last few days resting. Yuck.

And it's not like the resting helped all that much. I'll be going to uni tomorrow with a cough anyway. (Hopefully the flu goes away)

Ever cried when u had flu?? Somehow that causes mucus production to increase like hell. Why was i crying?? Childish reasons. I know i'm not right but i can't help feeling jealous.

Anyway. I wonder how would the new year in Monash go. Many familiar faces won't be around no more. PL, M, KT, JS - Monash Ausmats who transfered. Ed, HL - Monash friends of mine who got accepted for student exchange. Especially Ce - who is already in South Africa on exchange. Really really gonna miss them.

I wonder. Will it be the same this year?? Are we still friends?? Does the _____ gang still exist? Did the 4 months apart heal the wounds or did it drift us apart even further??

Or will it be totally different this year??

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Clubbing For Dumb Dumbs (Like Me)


"Let's have sex on the beach tonight" she says.

Hahahaha. Luckily i knew what she meant, from the last time i went clubbing in December, that Sex on the Beach is the name of a sweet cocktail. WS told me in a crash course on what to order. Apparently it's quite a girly drink. Light. Not too much alcohol.

I've never tasted it. Wasn't on the menu in Terrace Bar. So we had Long Island Tea. Second favourite on WS's list. It tastes like ice lemon tea. Just with a cherry and of cuz alcohol.

"We're on the guestlist", she told me. Sounds good, but... what does that mean?? Hahaha, i asked her and she says "can just walk in la, no need 2 queue".

Goodie! Met up with her friend, S and 3 of S's friends at around 11.30. Nice bunch of girls. Damn nice! They were like soooo eager to shake my hand and know my name when i should be the one thanking them at their feet for their kind invite!!

One of the first few things S said to me was "Dun worry about cover charge". =D Wah, so straightforward!

After a lil bit of waiting, while one of the girls talked to someone working there, i followed them in. Got my hand stamped and followed... i was so blur. My eyes were adjusting to the lighting. Just follow.

In, and up some stairs... A lil sesat and then WS's friend An talked to me. Nice guy too. Was supposed to give us a ride home. Asked me if i come here often.

I said no, without mentioning that it's my first time there at Zouk. I dun wanna appear like a REAL dumb dumb, though i am one ya?

Haha. But WS told him 4 me. And then he said "Not bad, 1st time come here go to VIP area" "I first time come here, have to pay cover charge".

Really ar? Good good, hahahahaha. If he din say also i dunno!

The girls- S, Ai, M, J (if i remember correctly) went downstairs and WS said they were gonna dance on the podium. Then she asked me if i wanted to dance on the podium.


But after a while that's where i ended up... After some time.

Not kidding... shy to even write this. But... they're great! WS told me just ignore the people around u and just enjoy yourself. Besides, when the other girls are on the higher podium, i can feel assured that people would look at them and not me la. They're so hot!

And with good dancers like WS and An next to me... even the less likely people see me la right.

E called me. At 1.31am. Sounded worried. So sweet. He asked me if i drinked... i said "yeah, a bit. 2 sips like that"......"A few times". =P

Then asked me if i wanted him to fetch me home. Cuz i did ask him (on Monday) if he could come get me if i feel uncomfortable. Haha, i didn't think i'd enjoy the night la. Also almost felt like backing out.

But it was fun! =)

Something annoying is that whenever someone gives WS an alcoholic drink she gives it to me... Not like i drink. That much. Just sipped and onto the table it goes. Ha-ha. So i'm her dustbin la! Hahaha. Nevermindla.

And when she wanted to leave earlier she said that i wanted to go! What? A little the embarassing for me la. But i knew what she was doing-- i'm her excuse to leave.................. so ok lor. Nevermind lor.

She knew people who got me in for free already right? Good to know she needs me too. Hahaha. And dun worry, she's not gonna be offended by this post, she's really terrific. We did talk about this on the way home in the cab. =) Honesty. Ah. =)

I wish i could have been honest after clubbing in September 05 with the Ausmats........

Dun ever think u can wash ur hair before a night out like this and just use conditioner after the night has ended. Doesn't work. Cigarrette smell stays. Maybe my conditioner sucks...

Oh Oh! Another friend of WS's knows the supervisor. Introduced me to him. Feel so honoured. Muahahahahahah.

Don't think he'll remember me. But let me laugh a little, can or not? Ahahahahaha.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Palm Reading

Saturday was eventful. Went to the flea market at The Curve. Shopped! A bit only la. Won't post any pix of the stuff i bought cuz i rather u see me wearing it than u see it on me bloggie.

And i'm lazy to go take pix... =P

Hehe. And i saw a palm reader!!!! She's nice, casual. Somewhat accurate. Which is good enough for me. Too accurate would be downright FREAKY.

She asked if i had anything to ask. I said i didn't want to know anything in particular. So she studied my left palm and she said--

"Are u studying?? Cuz ur wealth isn't much yet!" Muahaha, i found that funny.

"Are u studying in Help??" "No... I'm in Sunway Monash", i answered. Then she asked "Do u hang out in a dark place... cafeteria maybe??"

I'm like shit! Yeah, i always hang out there!! And yeah, it's dark!!! I was surprised!!!

"I've never been to Sunway" she said...

She asked me if i had any part time jobs or freelance... i say i did do some part time... And then she told me that my parents don't really like it... and that it's because they are afraid it'll affect my studies. I was, yup, that's right, i knew that. And she said "Then what for i tell u that??"

Actually, typing all this up, yeah... it is so DUHHH, common sense. Ok Ok. So there was a lot of common sense... bites my lip...

She did tell me about the future, she said "In 2 or 3 years time, you'll have some problems, it would be a hard time in your life but there would be one person who would help you get through it".

And then she told me that i might graduate about a semester later! SHITTT. That WAS my plan. I was planning to take my time, cruise through things and u know... enjoy life?? Hehe

She said after my industrail training or something, i'll get a corporate job... and once i've found my niche i'll do well or something... What she said next indicates i'll be in finance but i have no intention of majoring in finance... dunno... but accounting is related to finance... i'm majoring in accounting and international biz.

And she said i'll own my own company. The building i work in would be the building i own too! I said "Okay..."

In my mind i was, Whoa... bear in mind, bear in mind, buildings can be big and they can be small. Companies too. And companies can go bust too.

By the time i'm 25, i should have gotten my first asset she says. Whoo-hoo! Yay, i hope this comes true. The asset won't be a car she said. Well, fair enough, cuz i already have a car... But who knows? I might get a van? Hahahahaha.

And apparently by the time i'm 30 i'd be the envy of some. Okay... how i wish!! =)

She said something that freaks me out too. She asked if i had any religion. I said nope, i'm a freethinker. Then she asked if believed in God. Yup, i do.

Then she asked if i believed in the Devil. "Err, not sure", i said.

She then said, "did u watch Constantine??" "Do u remember what the guy said to the girl??".

No i don't. So she said "The Devil believes in you". Yikes!

Scary! So out of a movie script but still. Scary!! I asked her about it more... and she said it's not bad... and that "it is sort of a lucky charm to you"...'

Okay... don't know... I am, after all, having my palm read... it's something Catholics and Muslims can't do...

Deep sigh...

She didn't tell me anything else bad... In fact she told me good stuff... She said i'll be very different when i start to work. I asked "Different how??" And she said " Now you're like, okay, okay, but in work you'll be more direct".

Haha, okay. That's good to hear cuz i keep wanting to be more assertive!!

She stared at my palm and asked if i was doing business! Bingo, man! And i certainly did not tell her that... Ya, i know a lot of ppl is studying business. But remember this quiz!!??

She talked a bit more about my bestfriend and my boyfriend before she wrapped things up. =)


Then WS argued with her bf and he must have felt bad and cooked us killer good spicy hot pasta for dinner!!! Yum... It's her fave... She's still a lil upset over the fight... i'm gonna convince her 2 forgive him tomolo la... the pasta is too good... hahahahaha. I'm a sucker...

Sorry Sue Lin the piggy showed up today. =P

After that we celebrated WS's bday at Modesto's in Sri Hartamas. I barely drank 3 glasses. So only had extremely mild allergy! Yay!

Sunday. Overheard a conversation my grandpa had on Skype with my aunties. They told him i'm able to make his fave orange cake!!! (They tried the cupcakes i made) Muahaha. Happy sial... =P

So spent part of today (Monday) baking... one whole cake for my grandpa and us. And one for E!! Cuz he's always hungry... Hahaha.

My maid assisted la of cuz...

By the way, i added a new pic to the bottom of my last post...

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Valentine Post

Beautiful aren't they??

But they're not mine. Their my mommy's! Hahaha. My BROTHER bought it for my father to give it to her! Surprised?? I am! So sweet right??

I wonder what did he do... hmm... haha... no la, he said his friend got them for FREE! And he bought it from his friend for RM30!!! So cheap. Worth RM150 on the very commercialized v day.

E and i went for this buffet dinner thing my mom won. In Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. It wasn't so great cuz the organizers weren't really focusing on valentines, they were more into the opening of the restaurant Rembau Garden (dunno if i got the spelling right) and promotions for Pensonic and this boutique...

The food was good, no doubt, but everything else was just okay... since valentines is THE day everyone wants to do something special with someone, there was no parking... so hard to find parking. E and i argued over parking u know?? Haha.

And when i say Rembau Garden, it really was in a garden! With newly planted grass... and it was after rain... my poor poor Prima Vera heels were covered in mud. =(

The only rose i got was rose from the complimentary one that came with the dinner. And i'm not complaining cuz a few of us went to Genting on the 15th till the 17th and i was unable to take care of the rose.

Wilted by the time i got back...

Last year's v day roses lasted 10 days under my care!

Genting was great! 3 days 2 nights (thats why i haven't blogged) of cool mountain air and DVDs. Hehehe, watched American Pie, American Pie 2 and American Wedding!! Farny. A lot of lepaking...

And we found this mamak!! U know how food is normally sold at inflated prices up there in Genting. The mamak was like, an oasis, relatively cheap good food!! =) Will tell u where it is, if u ask! =P

The mamak has a picturesque view of the cable cars!!!

Photo didn't turn out so well =( So sad... I won't even bother labeling it...

Didn't take much photos there except that and this!!

E 's shoes and mine

I just thought our shoes looked sooooo cute together!!! Notice how his shoes are turned away from mine a little?? Makes them look so shy!!

And my pair... so straight and close together, gives them a timid look... haha, dunno lar, i just think our shoes look like a young teenage couple-- you know, shy shy?? Soooo cute!!!!

Hahahaha, forgive me! =)

By the way, my shoes are from Petaling Street. Only RM50. Cheapo. Who cares if they are fake, they're cheap and the real ones don't last all that long... i haven't glued back my originals that are falling apart... such a hassle. Mafan!

Besides, I've been told they look like real Adidas. I've heard, and i'd really like to believe, that the shoes in Petaling Street are smuggled originals. The shoes did come in Adidas boxes and they have all the labels like a pair from the mall...

Last but not least, V day presents. E gave me an empty box! Hahaha, no la, it is a box of memories, decorated with some items from the Penang trip last year... and he wrote me a very sweet message =)

And he gave me this!

He 'stole' it from his cousin! Hahahaha

And I gave him cupcakes!

Or muffins. Whatever u call them.

Orange flavoured cupcakes!! My aunt's recipe! WS and i spent 13th February figuring out what to do in my kitchen... so embrassing. We were so clueless and my grandpa was around and he was eyeing us over his reading glasses! Urg! Hahaha

The first batch turned out REALLY bad. They were cupCOOKIES instead of cupcakes... and they got harder as time passes... it was a ROCK in an hour...

Haha... WS and i gave one of those each to our boyfriends! Just for fun. The other 10 i gave E weren't bad okay?? He finished 8 of them by 15th February okay?? =)

My parents!!! =)

I found this on my parent's big big camera! Funny right?? Hahhaha. There were so many pictures there. My bro took for them. This is among one of the 'wrong' pictures taken but i love it the most. I find it soooooo cute =)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Problem with Blogspot

On this date i wrote a post with the same title explaining why i haven't blogged in days... Vanished after i published the vday post.... this is why

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Last Year on This Day

We spent the whole day together, taking pictures.

And had a simple dinner a Secret Recipe in Cheras Leisure Mall.

Last year, on this day... E had short hair!! Hahaha. Not anymore!

He bought us matching tops from Radioactive for the occassion, this year he plans to do the same but the tees have yet to hit the shops! =(

Today, would be different. =) We've got something for each other prepared... i wonder how it'd go... And then the dinner today would definitely be different. I hope it's something nice for me to blog about tonight... =)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Giving into Peer Pressure // Chap Goh Mei

How come there is only one comment in my last post although there are so many hits?? (Thanks YL) Why?? =( Do i look THAT bad, so no one commented cuz none of u wanted to hurt my feelings??

No pix today. Not because i'm merajuking (actually, i am merajuking... a little...), it is mainly because the cameras used were not mine, so i dun have the pix with me...

So, the past few days i've been busy. Which makes me happy!! =) Had lunch with the cheerleaders on Thursday after my paper... one of them is leaving for Australia. I don't like farewells, cuz i'm always the one left behind. Ate at Rakuzen in Subang, nice good Japanese food. But damn expensive lar. Why must all Jap food be expensive??

*Bits my lip in thought*... Don't think i should say this but... maybe i'll just try to put it tactfully... the girls at the lunch... weren't that big eaters. They... emphasised on how full they were even before finishing their food. I WAS full too, but i CAN still eat (come on, it's me), but i felt some pressure to conform and let the guys finish my food for me...

Friday night i hung out with D, E and WS, just had dinner at Ms Read (But why must all good food be so expensive??) and hung out at Sri Hartamas. Fun fun to just chill out. =) Can't stop thinking of how good the teh ais tasted... yummmmmmm

I normally take NORMAL teh ais but since the girls at the table were asking for kurang manis and kurang ais... i felt like... um... uh... a pig... and did the same. My teh ais became teh ais, kurang manis, kurang ais. (tea with less sugar, less ice)

Surprisingly though, my drink wasn't chilled because it had less ice, so it was warm but not too warm and some how the amount of sugar was JUST nice... and it was soooooo good... i drank half of it almost right away... and i finished it way before leaving... and when we left i noticed the girls did not finish half their limau ais.

Alamak, Sue Lin, you PIG. PIG PIG PIG! No wonder la u fat.

Shit, shit shit shit. Life sucks being a girl! You know that?

Haha, but Saturday's good!! Buffet steamboat cum hotplate grill!!! At Talipon in Wangsa Maju. Thanks J !! =) This time no peer pressure. All eat! Yeah! We even ate two plates of loh sang/yee sang/ whatever u call it. =)

And then we gambled! I lost... E won. Never knew i could hate the guy i love! Hahahaha. Didn't wanna bring him water! Hmmph =P J, u took my Sugus to buy your Fererro! =P Hahaha.

The first time, i gambled this year was with school friends last Sunday. That time was good, i won and won and even when i thought i lost, i got black jack... =P Was seriously lucky... but too bad it was all small bets.

Tonight (Sunday) was cool. Had some friends over. Ate. And gambled! Won RM2! Hahhaha...

I'm sooooo addicted to gambling. I wanna play some more... Thank God it's already Chap Goh Mei. No one to gamble with till next year.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Plastic Surgey, the Booster for Self-Confidence

Or something like that was a research project i once did. Do u think braces are a form of plastic surgery??

I mean, i could eat, talk and bite perfectly well before braces. If i had problems eating with my original teeth, how the hell did i grow up big, fat and healthy? Hehe.

Functional surgery is surgery u need to... function? Haha, u get the picture. Plastic surgery is purely for aesthetic purposes (aka just to look better). My aunt once said that people undergo plastic surgery for self-confidence... and i find that true, when i feel pretty, i'm super confident...

So about braces... in which category do they fall under??

Have to admit. Mine gave me a great smile (in my perspective). I still have my braces on but i can already smile more confidently. Smiling with my teeth frequently now. And i like the way i look. Turns out ok fairly often.

Here's a pic of me during my 17th b'day (2003). Yes, i'm ugly. And yes, that is the way i smile in almost all my pictures. Yes, i know, it's barely even a smile!

Yes i know, i look grandma-ish. Dun say it, spare me, i've already said it!!

If this wasn't a BEFORE picture, if there wasn't any AFTER picture, i wouldn't post this up...

Yes, i'm vain. Sue me? Go ahead. I dare u to sue me for being vain. Heheh.

This is me now. No of cuz not at this very moment, i dun dress so nicely when blogging. Hair is clipped up and in a pony tail... big baggy t-shirt... shorts.

Er, what i mean is this is me, almost 20. Now in 2006.

U dun know how sorry i am about the low quality of this pic... =( Otherwise u could see my braces!! They even match my top!! =)

Braces... it's a dreaded thing in the United States. And a trend in Thailand (or some other Asian country), they even sell cheap fake braces for teens to glue on!! Hahaha.

Mine... i love them! Has helped me a lot.

Do u know that there is a thing called braces socialization?? Hehe. It is the process where people who wore/is wearing braces start talking about braces...

Okay, i made the term up. Hehe. Been reading too much Consumer Behaviour. In Consumer Behaviour, they have fancy terms everywhere... like, Diffusion of Innovations! Know what it means?? Diffusion of Innovations simply means the acceptance of new products by society! Hahahaha.

So... i came up with that term because i noticed that braces can be a real conversation opener. People just start asking questions about my braces and they tell me they've worn them before and we chat a bit more.

And u'd be surprised that SOOOO many people wore braces before! Seriously astonishing. Braces socialization! It's fun! Something (among many other things) to talk about. Even those who's never worn them ask me questions.

Hehe, Kissing isn't a problem at all with braces! =)

A little painful if i just got them tightened. But ok most of the time... E never got stuck to them or anything like that. Hahahaha.

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Someone searched for 'borrrow money without questions' and ended up in my blog!! Hahahahaha. Funny!!!!! Go see here. It's on the second page.

Friday, February 10, 2006

32 Pieces of Heaven

To me...

Heaven on a plate -- RENDANG

Heaven in a cup -- THE soya bean outside Sunway Monash on a hot day, which is everyday!!

And what kept me alive during the preparations for my (now-over-dun-ask-me-about-it) exams was cake. I normally dun snack (I just take heavy, huge solid meals)... but my aunt, who is still around after visiting for Chinese New Year baked a FEW orange cakeS.

Yum yum yuuuuum... had 1/3 of the whole cake as part of my dinner even...

Truly pieces of heaven.

Don't look good here but does it matter when it's in your mouth??

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Summer School Sucks!!

I HATE IT MAN. It's Chinese New Year season damn it! And i have to study????

Irritating. This is a wonderful season full of excuses for me to get together with old friends, newly found friends as well as spend time with family. I could have made plans!!! Damn it. I could have watched that histortical movie on the Cambodian war with my family the other night, i could have visited my grandma's grave, i loved her a lot ok? And i could have listened to all that family gossip. I love gossip ok?

I could have hung out with E and his cousins longer yesterday (Friday), i really wanna get to know them. And they were shopping, i wanna shop! I could have gone out with E and his friends for lunch today (Saturday), who cares if all they talked about is cars!

I could have gone to Borneo Ink with WS instead of going alone!! (Nope, no new tattoos, it was just a tattoo check-up. Haha. And Lina said mine's healed perfectly =)

But nooooo, exam's coming so i stayed home or went home early or went upstairs to my room, apparently to study. Supposedly to study.

But i'm too damn lazy. Wasted soooooo much time sleeping la, dunno what la... Should just have gone ahead and did all those stuff than attempt to study. I hate myself but i hate summer school more.

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Friday, February 03, 2006


Sorry for the late replies to comments... or should i say, sorry for being a bad bad friend to u guys who blog! I haven't been reading your blogs when here u are faithful to me...

So, for the past 5 days, family n i were in Cambodia!!! =) On tour. I guess this will be quite a photo post.

Traveled Airasia. That's me, dressed in our country's colours! Haha. It's small cuz i dun look good here. Please dun go and enlarge it... =P

More bikes than cars. Fuel costs US Dollar 1 per litre, if i remember correctly. And yeah, they use American dollars! =(

They fit 3 adults on a bike

Or 4 people on a bike...

These are their public phone booth

This is MY handphone... international roaming

On the second day we took a long bus ride to another city, on the way we stopped at a market that sold ducks, sugar cane, crickets, spiders...

Me eating a spider! Believe it??? Or not??? Comment!! =) The spider only cost RM0.50!!!!!

And then we stopped to look at this ancient bridge. 700 years old!! Wow right?? And it's huge...

My mom and i wandered around the surrounding villages. And i saw a hammock... no one was around.... =P

Me again!! After lunch!!!

Then we visted this art school for orphans... watch them paint... and played around....

Haha, cute right????

Visited Angkor Watt next. USD20.00!!! Crazy, that's like RM80?? But good thing is, we can enter in the evening and then again the next day. Can u see me??

I couldn't make it up in time to watch the sun set. By the time i reached the 3rd teer, everyone was rushing down. I had to give up. The stairs were toooo steep....

Was really upset i didn't get to see the sunset. I felt like i missed out a lot. But the others that did go up, said that it was nothing... =(

Day 3 we went to the Angkor Watt again, the place is huge, not like our Kota A Famosa. This part has been abandoned... and the trees grew... i'm so tiny.

This really sucks. Poor kids, they are selling stuff... chased us around all the way to the bus, reducing their prices as the go along. Pitiful... and they're like singing "5 for one dollar", "5 for one dollar", "5 for one dollar"... but most of us already bought the stuff earlier on...

They were so desperate they stood at the entrance of the bus and called "6 for one dollar"... which got my attention... and i asked "6 for one dollar???", and they started chanting "7 for one dollar", "7 for one dollar"... each trying to be louder than the other...

I could only help one kid... since i only had one dollar in my pocket... dared not ask my parents for more money, afraid they'd scold me for buying these...

> in the evening we went to yet another section of the Angkor Watt, beautiful isn't it?? That's my family! The five of us. I can't believe i was there. The pictures look too good to be true to me now... Kinda miss Cambodia.

I don't know what is it with ancient Cambodians and stairs!! Stairs everywhere!!! Stupid steep stairs!!! So high and so narrow, so dangerous! But after missing one sunset, i just HAD to watch this one...

Nice right?? While waiting for the sunset i took this picture. Too bad the sun aint orange enough that day.

Boring boring boring... sun still not setting?? I noticed a crazk in a pillar... they're preserving it with that metal band thing....

Still no sunset?? I was so thirsty! Didn't bring enough water! Getting a soar throat and sweating like a pig after walking the distance and climbing those stairs... So forgive me if i look like shit here.

Walked around and i saw this couple. Sweet huh? Multi-racial. The guy's black and the girl's white! =) And they look so good together. With a terrific background...

And a few other couples... alamak, why la make me jealous?? Dahlah i didnt see E for so many days... =( All i could do is send him an sms. An 2 ringgit sms!!!

After all that waiting the sunset isn't so great! Hahaha, it's okay la. It's not seeing it that matters, it's the kecewa-ness i'd feel if i DON'T see it. I mean, all the way there...

The fourth day... the 6 hour bus ride back to Phnom Penh... this represents freedom or something... shit, i can't remember... it's for the public or something... never mind, nice right this photograph?? Looks so fake! Haha, the best photos are the fake looking ones???

Ahh... i didn't know my camera could do this!!! =) We had a river cruise! To watch the sunset... dun ask me why the itinerary is full of watching the sunset... Those boats u see... are part of the floating village.

People actually live on these boats. Muslims. They fish for a living. That's what our tour guide said.

A photo i took of my bro... i was amused with the sephia function on my cam... =)

Oh my god, took me over 3 hours to write this post. And i didn't even write much!! This would be the first and last time i photoblog like this!!!!!

Letting u know in advance. Exams are next week, Wednesday and Thursday so i wouldn't be reading blogs nor will i blog. For some time. =) Will be back. See ya!