Friday, November 18, 2005

My - stupid - self

Since i can't bitch about anyone else without offending someone, i'll bitch about myself. I get to indulge in bashing myself. That's what i'm gonna do so, i think u'd wanna skip this post.

Yeah, so. I'm stupid. Idiotic. Dumbo. Bimbo, yet a geek!!! Stupid, oh did i say stupid already? Stupid is my fav word.

Yeah, so, who puts in as much effore in a temp job as me? It's not like i could get a raise, it's not like i'd get promoted or anything. Why the hell am i so hardworking? I'm one of the slowest.

Know why, cuz when we get the phone number from 103, i wait for them to repeat the number twice to make sure i get the right number. I don't think the others do. I mean... how else can they finish 2-3 hours ahead of me? The stupid 103 computerized voice is so freaking slow... i wonder how much time i wasted just waiting for them to repeat the darn number twice.

And when there's no answer i let the phone ring a few more times before hanging up, my colleagues just hang up straitaway and call back later. I'm stupid.

On Monday, i'm gonna work much faster.

Why am i so mad? Today was a bad day at work. Yesterday, my 3rd day was very good but since i had my mom's dinner 2 attend i didn't have time 2 blog about it. Today sucked big big time. Stupid other people get 2 hours lunch break, so when we finished our hour-long break and resumed calling, many people on the line keep telling me 2 call back at 2. Shit them.

Oh and someone hanged up on me, shit him too. Why must the stupid company i'm working for ask for number of employees and number of computers other companies have? People seem to HATE these 2 questions. And it's just 2 questions! Also he wanna hang up on me.

Made me wanna cry. Haha.

My friend Ce says many ppl hung up on her. She's quite thick skinned. Maybe more people should hang up on me so i'd get used to it. So far only one person hung up on me. Many people i called are nice sweet Malay ladies who i can speak to casually.

I know i'm paid to make these calls but...

Maybe that's why we get paid so much. =P Haha. But next week... i'm gonna work only 7hours a day la (instead of 8). And take only half an hour of lunch break. And i might possibly be able to go home 2 whole hours earlier!

See, i HATE THE STUPID RUSH HOUR JAM. I drive a manual car ok? (Wanted to save my father RM10,000, and it's more fuel efficient) Never had problems with it, until now! Everyday after work i get stuck in stupid jams for 1 hour and 10 minutes MINIMUM. So i finish work at 6 but get home after 7. My left leg kills me. Makes me SUPER GRUMPY LAR.

So when i was stuck in the jam, i came up with a plan... normal office hours for us is 9-6 with an hour break. That's 8 hours of work. U can work less than 8 hours but not more than 8 hours. And i've seen the guy who sits behind me take 2 hours lunch breaks... or take no lunch break... and adjust the number of work hours accordingly.

So, i guess i'll start work at 9am like everyone else, have a 30mins lunch break from 12-12.30. And leave at 4.30. Before the stupid shit crap jam starts. And hopefully i get to be home at about 5.

That's being home 2 whole hours earlier. Yet i get paid only an hour less. Worth it? Yup.

Even though i'd lose RM5x a week, it's worth it. Because RMx is for one hour of work. If i go home 2 hours later, it's like i'm spending 2 hours just to get one hour's worth of pay.

And this is a bloody temp job. I'm not gonna get to reduce my working hours anyhow and avoid stupid rush hour traffic in the future so might as well just save myself the stress now. And we mustn't be greedy... it's not worth it, RMx for 2 hours.

Yawn, ok i'm pretty much done.


Joey said...

No la, u r not stupid.

Ahhh...traffic jams. Sucky sucky sucky

Anonymous said...

no job is easy man. Well, at least u get to sit and talking to someone without having to see their face. I have a job before where i need to ask each people who pass by to try out slimming or hair care treatment, it's free but nobody wants it. PLus i have to do it at sungei wang, lot 10, walk around and ask people.It's hot and i can't sit. I have to wear formal as well. THis is like begging people to buy. Of course such job requires high pay, 110 per day as basic, but u gotta be really thick-skinned.No job is easy. =)

sue lin said...

Haha... thanks Joey.

Wow Yeeli, i didn't know! Did u blog about it? I wanna know more, like how many hours did u work? For how many days...
Haha, after this arrrr... i'll be nicer 2 those telemarketing people and Sungaw Wang promoters if i can...

Anonymous said...

I work from 10am til 7 pm. KL people don't believe in free stuff. When i approach them, they give u this face as if they saw a ghost or something. U have to smile at them all the time. If u can't reach sales target, the supervisor will pressure u. It's one hell of a job. U gotta have the certain skills, like PERSISTANT enough. But most of the time we give up very fast. U must be persistant enough to work in this job

sue lin said...

Wow... ohhh.. i see, yea, KL people don't believe in free stuff! Kesihan kesihan. How long did u work there??

Difficult right, still have to smile when u feel like screaming at them... i think we just have to remember the pay is good lor...

Anonymous said...

well, i only work for 2 days becos my couse has started, but they still pay me although i only work for 2 days.

sue lin said...

Ohhh... but it's good right, wow, 2 days and u earned RM220! Very good... very motivating, hehe. If ur course didn't start u'd sure continue right??