Thursday, November 30, 2006


Warning: Long boring post. It's just me thinking aloud.

What is the purpose of life? That is one question i have never asked until tonight. I mean really, i don't see anything worth looking forward to.

I'm happy here in my university life, i love it, what, only 13 hours of classes a week (that is less than kindergarteners... =) no stupid dresscode and stuff... Too bad it only lasts 3 years. Four if u wanna count pre-u.

Not looing forward to after graduation. Loathing the whole "you need experience" shit. That's when big multinational corporations use you, suck your youth away and pay u broken skinny shriveled up peanuts.

And the whole "trying to impress your boss" crap where you work and work away your weekend, where you do not take your annual leave simply because there is too much to do.

That's it, although i only scored 60 for company law i'm still sub-majoring in law. I feel that Employment law would help me as an employee.

The "acceptable dressing" angers the fashionista in me... i mean, if we were allowed to dress comtemporarily formal, i can deal. But why the hell did i choose a conservative profession that worships pale pastels and black and white?

Oh yeah, cuz i've heard that it is easier for get a PR in Aussie with an accounting degree.

But then again, the same sources told me that hairdressers are also wanted/needed, why didn't i do a degree in hairdressing? Maybe because there is no such thing? Especially not in Malaysia?

Results are out.

Straight credits
, mostly medium to low credits. Shocked to see 68 for AUDITING! My most hated subject the highest score. Law, my beloved, lowest with 60.

Maybe it has got to do with the fact that i did the mock Auditing paper for auditing about 2 hours before the exam. About 3 of the questions were identical. I don't know what made me sit down, understand and sort of memorize the answers for that paper, although just in point forms... lucky. Only for one subject though... dissapointed in law and AFW3021 big time.

Please do not say congratulations. I'd be fine and happy if u said "At least you passed all" because at least i can go to Aussie, i've met their requirement...

Oh yeah, i just found out that i could have transfered to Caufield, which is about 6km from Melbourne city. Only Clayton is a bitch to transfer to, its possible to go to Caufield. I can still apply, by email.

But do i want to? Its going to be full of Malaysians there. It's going to be like traveling all the way there to end up in Malaysia. Whats the point?

I just emailed them to see if i could have my Business Law submajor too...

Have a feeling i'd just stick with Peninsula.

These Few Days

Today(Wednesday) was dull, went to visit E at work, he's working at Borneo Ink. =) Good for him but i miss him already. He has always been the shit free one and i've always been the busy bee...

Monday was his day off and we went ice skating with LY, SL, D and my lil sis. It was fun, but already seems like ages ago...

Tuesday i went to spend some time with my ex-Study Partner, we went hiking, watched some tv and had dinner and catched up. She's holidaying in Sarawak now that lucky devil and when she gets back i'll be internshipping. A couple of days later she'll be internshipping too, down south in Singapore.

Its sad to see time take its course. Our friendship started in MKW1120 Marketing tute. That was a first year, semester 2 subject man! We're going to be third yr students soon! And our friendship would be of an online one from now on.

Mamak Time

Speaking of online friendships, on the way home from Study Partner's place i stopped by Bangsar to see Supplementals. Hahaha, 5 years since we met at camp. 5 years man, FIVE YEARS of online friendship.

The hostel in Penang reminded me about the hostel in the camp 5 years ago too. Seems like yesterday when my school friends, SY and CK invited me to the camp, we discussed it in tuition for PMR. PMR!!!! 5 years ago!

Nice catching up and good nasi lemak... and i'm really really grateful to have a Bangsar dweller teach me the roads of Bangsar. Yeah! An alternative semi toll-free, minimal-jam route home from work!!!! =)

One thing less to worry about.

Death Note

Oh yeah, and i watched Death Note with E last week. He was anticipating it and i just accompanied him. I ended up enjoying the movie, i loved it, it's really good to me! I feel like watching it again.

But he was being like one of those irritating book fans who didn't like the movie cause "the book is better". But in this case, its "the manga (comic) is better" and "the movie is a dissapointment". Ishhhhhh.

Remind me never ever to read books that would turn into movies...

Blogger for Two Years

As of today (Wednesday), 29th November... i've been blogging for exactly two years. Thank u all for your kind visits and funny/encouraging comments! =)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

NO Sun, Sea nor Sand in my Penang Trip

Yah, i was that excited about the trip.

Although it was pouring cats and dogs outside the van (u can see how dark n gloomy it is), i was still optimistic that the rain would magically stop and i can eat my Penang fried kuey teow

Yah, i have skinny arms, all my fats are in my butt. Dun make fun of my arms ok, i cam pump 3kg iron alright? 3kg on each side: 6kg in total on the bar. Hehe. I came a long way since i started Bodypump in late June

But it didn't stop raining... we had a very sad un-Penang dinner in Gurney mall food court!

And our van pratically got stuck in the carpark. Look!

It was like a thrill ride getting out of the carpark. Kena horn a lot. And got a lot of weird stares from other people in the carpark.

After dinner, we went back to our rooms. The guys went for mamak and did not invite us girls!!!!! Ishhhhhhhh, i went to sleep lonely.

My roommate entered the room at about 1am when i was half asleep... i didnt get up cuz i thought i could introduce myself in the morning.

I soon found out that she only entered the room to get her stuff and went off to sleep God-knows-where. I never even saw her face. Hmmph, talk about unfriendly! Only mixing with people from your uni.

Day 1: Excruciatinglly formal opening ceremony. Laughed when i had to stand and sing Negaraku. Its been so long.

9 boring accountants-to-be in formal wear attending a boring accounting conference. Hahaha

Pssst... i was dressed only semi-formally, u cant see my JEANS! Heehehehe. Lecturer forgot to send me the email about the dresscode, since joined in late. So i'm forgiven! Wahaha

Presentation time. KS and CJ represented Monash. Really really really funny presentation. The whole audience was laughing, and they were taking photos of him! Entertaining... he was jumping around the stage!

The other universities were all in black suits, prim and proper, never moved much.

University Malaya's speaker was shit confident. Smooth. Suave. Nothing can bring him down, not even the judges' questions. He had a hint of arrogance.

Our Monash guy... the first question posed at him by the judges: "You promise to deliver the goods to your customers within 20minutes. How do u do it?"

His answer: "Good question". Pause... Can see he can't answer, he was stalling for time, but what he said next really made the whole lecture theather roar with laughter, clap and cheer.

"That is our company's top secret. We will not discuss it with any outsiders"!

Later during dinner, i was queuing for my Penang fried kuay teow. I spoke to another student in line. He asked "Where are u from?". I answered and asked where is he from.

"University Malaya", he said.

"Congrats, u guys won the presentation", i said and smiled.

"Monash is very outstanding", he replied and i couldn't help laughing!

The girls of Monash. Before dinner.

Even after camwhoring and arriving 10minutes late, the guys of Monash were even later =P =P

They are such girls! Haha

After dinner we went for supper and then we told ghost stories in the van on the way back to the hostel.

We went to the mamak and the cc where i wrote the last post.

This is my dorm room at University Sains Malaysia, the venue of the conference.

Day 2:
Like i said in the last post, the guys kept falling asleep. MK, the in the gray shirt was also asleep. He got up just when i snapped the pic.

I saw three of them sleeping again and i thought i've got bingo: three sleeping guys in a row, but that fella, the noisy talktaive funny S woke up right when i clicked and he glared at me!

As u can see, M, guy in the checkered shirt, has been sleeping all the way... Hahahaa.

As for me and the other girls. We were giggling and busy taking pictures of sleeping guys, so of course we weren't bored la. Hahhahaha.

The trip was fun lar. Consisted a lot of behavioural observations: C and i watched the guys watch football, we watched them fall asleep in the talks and we watched them ogle at the Thai girls in short black skirts. Its like a drama, though a bit embarassing lar... but very very funny!

Me, C and S, we chatted a good deal of the journey home. Lots of laughter! =) Only got to know S early this year, and though i met C early semester 2, i hardly ever spoke to her before the trip. Its amazing how close we were on the trip =)

Accounting Student Conference 2006: CJ, KS, TY, MK, S, M, C, HC and the only girl in the whole conference who wore bright orange and Nikes! =)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

10 minute post

Sorry i keep doing this, but i am in a cyber cafe in Penang. There are 6 guys and only three girls on the trip and the guys wanted to watch football, so after a bit of watching them watch foot ball (pretty funny at first ut i got ored), we went to a cybercafe.

The B on this keyoard sucks! That was "bored" i was trying to type

Damn cheap. RM1.50 an hour! Just too damn ad i chose to wear contact lens instead of spec tonight, eyes hurting like hell! I can't use the comp with contacts on.

So, the trip. Nice journey though i got the sucky seat, i adapt, ok? Haha.

It started raining the minute we got to our hostel... Then went off to wait for our van driver to check into the guest rooms. Haha, it was funny man, while we were waiting for our driver to get back. WE are such spoilt brats. Very funny, everyone complaining in the van! No water heater, no blanket, lah lah lah.

Talks todat (Saturday) wasn't too ad. I didn't fall asleep except for during the stupid LONG opening ceremony. It was held in a local university, so u know, they had all the irritating, extremely long formalities and welcome speeches, the objective of the conference, blah lah blah.

The guys fell asleep though. Wahahaha. I wondered why. Now i know, they were at this cyber cafe last night! Them and their Dota! All the way to Penang to Dota! What la.

So tomorrow, ALL Monash students would be asleep la since girls are in the cyer cafe too.

Oh yeah, its been excatly 3 years since i sang Negaraku! Hahhahaha. And they made us sing TWICE!

We were also treated like standard one kids a bit... which makes me recall why i never enjoyed school. All that restriction! I love pre-u and uni life, it truly is the best. Especially when u are in a private uni.

Friday, November 24, 2006

5 minute Post

I'll just type for five minutes straight, whatever comes to mind, rushing off to see E for a few minutes before driving to Sunway, where i'll park my car for the weekend while i'm at Penang.

Penang! Yayyyy, sooo excited!! There'll be 4 and a half hour talks tomorrow and on Sunday but today it's pretty much free and easy.

Our lecturer is sooo sweet, she noted that there isn't any dinner provided for today so she requested for Monash to give us an allowance fot dinner today! And Monash agreed! =) And we can talk to our van driver to drive us somewhere to eat! =) =)

About my internship, i'm doing tax la. Since i already signed with them, they forced me to sign on the spot remember? They said their document is only a page long and insisted on answering my questions then and there.

Anyway, i think i'll do tax now so that i know what tax is all about. When i graduate, i can either go for Audit for my 3 stupid donkey years for experience, or, if i really like what i learnt about tax in my internship, i can straightaway go into tax

5 minutes is up! =) See ya Sunday night. Or maybe Monday.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Whirlwind of Emotions

Angry and then estatic and euphoric. Then confused. Now i'm just plain tired.

Lets skip the angry part cuz its pointless, pretty much over it. So the happy part, a friend called out of the blue, yesterday.

I was supposed to go for an all expenses trip to Penang but it was full when i registered. So, i complained to this friend, who quickly contacted me when he heard someone backed out at the last minute! Yahooooooooo =)

See? Complaining isnt all that bad.

Happy happy happy =) Monash is paying for EVERYTHING! Smiles! 3 Days 2 nights, who cares where i stay, its free! Have to listen to some accounting talks but it doesnt look too bad. Might fall asleep half of it, but i'm sure the other half would be good for me.

I was sleeping like a pig in the evening, as i usually do. Phone rings, never expected this call.

As said, I applied for two of the big four accounting firm, Firm B finally accepted me. I don't know which one to go for! I don't know, i don't know!

Help me! Which do u think i should go for?

Tax at Firm A
1. Don't have to stay back late!
2. Sounds cool and interesting... but i may be mistaken
3. I heard its easier
4. Not so stressful
5. Not so stressful

1. Must wear skirts from Monday to Friday and cannot wear my boots
2. RM9 a day parking MINIMUM! this rate is the parking rate of 2005
3. Low pay (RM500 a month)
4. Too specialised, learn less than Audit
5. Don't get to travel much

Audit at Firm B
1. RM5 a day parking
2. Can wear pants and can wear my boots
3. Learn more
4. Possible to earn MORE than the standard miserable RM500 allowance for interns
5. Get to travel to clients' offices

1. Staying back everyday, possibly sacrificing weekends as well.
2. The work (tracing and vouching) is definitely BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGG. And i'll have to QUESTION the client's staff
3. Stressful
4. Stressful
5. Stressful

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I'm sensing the last post was a mistake... now i'm not sure whether to unpublish it or stand by my i-never-delete-a-post policy...

Anyway, i'm really tired. Lots of Fitness First lately. And painting the wall, and making stones, long story.

But hey, once i started blogging i tend to enjoy typing away and away. I haven't started clearing up my junk...

And err...confession: i started reading the Da Vinci Code 5 months ago and i haven't finished it. Only a little more than 1/3 done... HAHA!

Am currently indulging in Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella, the author of Shopaholic. Its my kind of crap =) And it sort of relates to my life, the 29year old main character spent 7years working hard in a big firm, in hopes of becoming partner...

It scares me to think that i might be like her, slaving away to be partner after i graduate. Oh, i really don't what to do with the rest of my life...

Oh yeah, i wanted to write more about painting the wall and making stones. But i really can't talk about making stones cuz u wouldn't know what the hell i'm talking about.

So painting the wall. After my sis and i were done, father asked us to wash the paint brushes. Just put it on the floor and spray water on it until... white paint stops flowing from the brush.

I tell u, it is a mystery how much paint can be in one brush! I don't know how many gallons of water i wasted trying to wash the damn brushes.

All i could think of was how bad it is for the environment, all that paint flowing into the drain and eventually into... where to drains flow to? Lets just assume it flows to a stream. I mean, river.

Goodness, u know when that sort of paint dries up it becomes really strong, sort of like plastic? It can tahan the weather and stuff (just imagine paint addvertisements).

And just washing 3 stupid brushes, sooo much of these chemicals (u kow from the paint) goes into the drain and into the environment! What about new housing estates? How much paint and acidic cement goes into the environment?? =(

I dislike the colour of many walls in our new house and would love to have them repainted laR, but arrr, after washing those brushes, no need to repaint larrrr.

Plus, it's not easy to paint a wall, trust me or try it out yourself. Sis n i painted the balcony wall in the late afternoon, we were being roasted alive...

Almighty Anonymous, if u are lurking out there, waiting to pounce, don't even think about saying "Then Sue Lin should live in a cave if she loves the environment so much" because you are a coward, not a predator. Go drown in paint.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Junk Mail and Armpit Hair

How did they get my email address?? Am i part of their target market? Have they actually seen me? Do they think i need their main product??

I have hairless legs ok? No, i DO have hair on my legs, i am human after all, but it is very fine, very few and very far apart.

I do NOT need to shave


Er... yeah, i got carried away when taking the photo. My new boots were nearby, so i wore them! Hehe.

And then i realized my baggy tee and shorts look awful, so i put on a skirt and a top... =P

Anyway, back to the junk mail. My armpits are fine as well

Would u believe me if i tell u that some grown-up humans totally do not have armpit hair? I'm one of these rare and delicate creatures =D Hahahaha

I'm serious! Totally no armpit hair under my left arm, a few irritating strands on the right. So few, i can pluck larrrrr!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Kinda admire them. I wonder how they do it. Waiting around for someone, following the person around...

How boring is that?

Lecturer said we could go see if a few days after the paper to get our final marks. Its crucial because if we fail, he is still able to help us pass before the marks are submitted. But he didnt when he would be in uni nor did he say what time.

So i went over yesterday(Wednesday) morning and poped by the lecturers' room every 20minutes. Man, it killed me to wait and wait and check again and again.

I felt as if i was wasting my youth away! I really don't understand how stalkers can stalk, such a waste of time!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another Happy Day, Another Lousy Post

Only yesterday (Sunday), did i find out that my little 8 year old sister, J was having Monday (today) off. I wanted to go ice skating, so i decided to bring her along. Made her promise she wouldn't give up easily. And we did a pinky swear.

Only yesterday did E tell me his cousin H would be in KL. So i asked him to ask her if she wanted to go too.

All set, E became our driver yet again (i get REALLY exhausted after ice skating, this accident happened after ice skating and the last time i went ice skating, i had to pull over and sleep at the side of the road for a min)

H and J didn't know how to skate, first time for the both of them. Like their spirit! Always wanting to go back in, even though feet hurts, even after a few falls. My sis fell when i was holding her hand, we fell together. I felt really bad, and it sucks to see her trying not to cry... she'll always be my baby sister

After that, the 4 of us- H, J, E and i went to grab a bite to eat at McDonalds. It was fun, for the first time J was a little less shy around E. I guess cuz his cousin is around, my sis tends to be more outgoing with my girl friends.

And E bullied her of course! Haha. The meal was nice, short but sweet.

Monday, November 13, 2006


"For ladies the dresscode is skirts from Monday to Thursday..."

What is she telling me?! I thought i was just there to collect the offer letter... why is she treating me as if i am going to work there for sure? And what IS that about skirts?

"And shoes... no open toe shoes/sandals, must cover the whole feet..."

Shit, i glaced at the offer letter, two sheets, and at the bottom was a line for me to sign. And she gave me a pen earlier on... no! I realized that they were expecting me to sign on the spot! Panic!

"But if there is a strap at the back, then it's okay", she finished.

Well, the last sentence relaxed me a bit, she's nice. Asked her if i had to sign on the spot and she didn't know, she said she'd ask her colleage/senior...

Sigh, i WAS practically FORCED into signing on the spot. They said i could still back out, just had to send an email/give them a call. But hah! As if i should do that.

Sigh again. Dresscode sucks for modern girl me. Pants preferred please!

Bummed, pissed, irritated. Until my bestfriend asked me to try on a black jacket. "It's so u", she said. Reluctantly i did.

And i gotta say, wow, i love it! It's black- the boring account colour. With long sleeves and many pockets. The part i love most about it is the hook-like-buckles instead of buttons! Formal enough, according to bestfriend. With a hint of uniqueness on it that cheers me up tremendously.

I need a little freedom, i need a little bit of style!

I just HAD to have the matching skirt... and wow, it suits me too! Knee-length skirts never liked me very much, but this one just whispers "I'll be your new bestfriend!!!"

Saleslady told me if u buy two items u'd get twenty per cent off. So i got the skirt and the jacket, one complete suit, for RM254.40.

What do u think??? I saw another outlet offering complete suits- a blazer and either a skirt or a pair of pants for RM399...

Shoes next. I started to be down all over again. I don't wanna wear those boring ones, no, not me, not your blogger. Eclipse, my new favourite did not have my size but it did provide me with an answer: boot-like shoes. =)

Hell shall freeze over before i buy and wear a boring pair of shoes. I was hell-bent on finding boots. Hehe.

Today, mom brought me shopping. And i found me boots! =) Perfecto! =) Mom agreed. And i could use it in Aust next year! =) Bye bye original Nikes or whatever, i'm not gonna buy new original sports shoes anymore, i've got boots!

=) I'm so glad i'm stubborn or i wouldn't have found my boots. Haha! RM179. From Metrojaya. Leather

Also got another pair of shoes... since they offer 50% if u buy two pairs. Mom bought one pair for herself and i bought my little boot-like shoes with a discreet and elegent bling bling buckle. RM29.95!!!!!!!!

That's all for now, maybe i'll buy one more button-down shirt but my second or third or fourth suits would be hand-me-downs from mom or Ex-Accountant Aunt. Ex-Accountant Aunt is very fashionable and vain so i've got a lot to choose from. =)

Hope it fits me!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Accident Again

How many car accidents have i written about in this blog? How many accidents HAVE i been in?

Add one to the list please.

At the roundabout... i saw an opportuinity, the cars coming were VERY far away, i felt that the two cars in front of me could easily shoot out. My concern was, could i, the third car, make it as well????

I saw the first car go, and the second one move... i looked right, at the oncoming traffic, and decided i couldn't make it. But i did let my car roll forward a little bit... a little bit but-


I was ashocked! Why thebloodyhell was there a car in front of me??? It could have gone, why didnt it go?!!? Shit, so screwed.

Turned on the hazard lights and came out. Thank god for the kangaroo bars i asked my father to add onto my car right after we bought the car! My little baby is unharmed.

I looked at the other car. Slight dent on the back bumper, barely noticeable, no scrapped paint.

And to tell u the truth i was reliefed to see the 'aunty' kind emerge from the car. I was all "sorry sorry sorry". She scolded me a bit in Cantonese...

Instinctively i walked to the side of her car, check out the damage. Oh my god! The bumper was slightly ajar! Slightly out of shape! No!! I swear i saw my RM50 or RM100 walk out of my red wallet then and there.

I looked at her, heart-thumping. She examined the back of her car... seemed to not mind... if i were her, I WOULD MIND, i'd be like "this stupid girl hurt my baby" but... older people tend to not mind... She did scold me a bit.

But the side bumper? Oh my god... i didn't know what to say...was JUST about to offer RM50 to 'settle' but she started to walk away!


Dumb-founded, i just stood there. It then dawned upon me that SHE DIDNT REALIZE THE DAMAGE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF HER CAR!!!!!!!!

Whatthefuck! I couldn't believe my luck, i was getting off scott-free? I started walking back to my car when she was already at her car door...

U haven't gotten away yet, a voice told me.

My heart raced, as i sat in my car... i could see the side of her car bumper sticking out... i patiently waited for her to drive off, this time keeping my distance...

She's gone. I felt bad. She's probably someone's mother... i wouldn't want some stupid girl to do that to MY mother!

But it was also HER fault, duhhhhhhh, u CHECK your car at all reasonable angles that the accident could have affected! Common sense.

What do u think? What would u have done?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Now i shall promote milk

Milk, helps u build strong bones. When milk is drank at lunch, there is a higher intake of several critical nutrients including zinc and vitamin A. A recent study shows those who avoided milk were tended to be more likely to experience fractures and be overweight (Milk Delivers, 2006).

I'm just crapping... and the referencing is for fun, cuz i was stuck after "Milk, helps u build strong bones", couldn't really come up with crap about milk.

During exam periods, my milk intake increases tremendously. Lots n lotsa milk for me! =)

Not cuz of the above benefits, but cuz "I NEED MY DRUGS!!!!!!"
* shouting with boodshot eyes like a mad woman *

The drug is... black powder... best mixed with milk and sugar... and water of course. Produces aroma when freshly brewed.

Coffee's my drug.

And i like it creamy! Can take it black, but will needalotof sugar. So of course, your typical girl would pick the less sweet option: lots and lots of milk, minimal sugar (but its presence must be felt la of cuzzie)

Time for my cuppa! Haha

Ps. Regarding Saturday's topic, a friend, who is a national athlete, wrote a great post on diets. With advice from a trainer.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Warning : u might wanna skip this post. It's emotional. And it involves weight issues yet again. And i feel like cursing a bit today. And i'm not gonna bother checking my grammar/spelling. Oh, and its a really long wordy post.

As a child my father tried to discipline me. He said "you can't eat your cake and still have your cake".

I hated that idiom. For instance, Why can't i eat a lot and be thin?

Call me a rebel, unreasonable, whatever, but i grew up wanting to do JUST that. In every way i can, in every situation, i try my best to make it a win win situation. Reduce my losses to as close as zero as possible.

I love eating, i dun understand how some girls can miss a meal or two or three-which is all meals in a day... I just won't diet!

I dieted when i was in form1, FORM 1 damnit, and i suspect that is why i didn't grow as tall as i could have. I know its impossible for me to grow anymore, but i really LOVE food. I can eat even when i'm full, buffets i can conquer.

I only stop eating when i've been bloated for about half an hour
or when eating more would cost me money...
or when i am supposed to leave food for my family members

In steamboat dinners on Chinese New Year, i'd still be eating when everyone's done and all families' maids are eating. If i'm eating with u, and u don't finish your food, i'd start eating it.

But more often than not, soceity's voice creeps into my head, u'd get FAT if u eat all that. And so i control myself.

That just means i don't overeat. But i eat my share, i eat my meals, skip none of them. I don't wanna sound like one of those Fitness First advertisements but, yeah, it has helped me a lot.

I can eat my meals, oh, my sweet sweet meals... fried chicken, my love;
rendeng, heaven on a plate AND
Soya bean that tastes like soya bean and not water. My soya bean actually HAS sugar in it.

Er... I still have fats in my tummy and my thighs still do have cellulite, but i look a lot better than i did 5 months ago, if i do say so myself.

To eat and not get fatTER, i exercise. I know walking the treadmill is like being a hamster in a wheel, running and running but getting no where.

When i am on the treadmill i'm a happy hamster in an airconditioned wheel, getting closer to my target weight.

Actually i don't wanna lose weight la. I wanna be like the Monash Cheer Club Captain 2005/2006. She's HOT but heavy. She's 54kg which is MY weight, about my height but she is sooooo much hotter than me.

So, i kinda wanna build musles and lose the fats, be like her. Hot but heavy. Curvy, not skinny.

Earlier on when i just started Fitness First, i lost 1.5kg. I was 52.5kg for a while... and now i'm back at 54. And seriuosly, i don't mind, i think i built muscles. I want Muscles: Calorie Busting Cells.

Muscles burn 30% more calories than fats do. Even when u sleep! And u know i love to sleep.

Well, i'm writing this post cuz i've got into some problems because i joined Fitness First. For one, my father is totally against it, i fork out the RM109 a month student priced fees from my own paycheck. So am living on a tight budget.

Two, i had some. Er. Really unpleasant conversations with GIRLfriends due to my shortlived weight loss. They were insecure when i inched a lil bit closer to their featherlight-under-51kg-weight.

Three. I spend a lot of time in the gym. Less time to studies, many study dates are cancelled. And today, i argued with E, one of the reasons is cuz i went to Fitness... thats why i am writing this post, to get my mind off things, cool down. So i can study later... maybe after a short nap...

Anyway weight issues are NOT nothing, its NOT just stupid girls going on and on about FAT. Isn't anorexia a problem? What about bulimia? How about depression and suicide?

So, soceity, why must u keep on insisting that thin is beautiful?

Friday, November 03, 2006

How many hours do u sleep the night before your exams???

Boyfriend and bestfriend are firm believers that an 8 hour beauty sleep isn't skin deep. Muah- muah on d other hand, worship the people who can sleep for about an hour before their paper. Wanna be like them la. KM, how d hell do u do it and score straight distinctions?

Anyways, i'd say i'm eh... average. I sleep 4-5hours the night before a paper.

But for law!!! Shit, i slept 7hours!!! Wasted two hours of precious last minute study time. Last minute minutes are very valuable ok?! One hour of last minute study equals 3 hours of normal study time for me. Reading speed can increase by 2 or 3 times wan.

U know during law exam today, i as i read the last question, i was like, shitttt, this sounds soooo familiar! No! It's exactly the same as what we did in class! No, I didn't read the tutorial answers!

Then, i remembered. Its open book! Hahahaha, doink, u have the whole set of tutorial answers on your desk in the exam hall la auntie.

But too damn bad the senior who prepared the tutorial answers did not prepare answers for that question!!!!! =( Arrrgh, just when i thought i could COPY during exams. Wasted la, study partner and i did the sample questions and not the revision questions which this one falls under.

After the paper i was starving! Draining la the paper. Ate so much. Fries from cafeteria and the snackplate from KFC, ate everything and drank the whole drink... but gave the bun to Z, bestfriend did the same, the quality of KFC's butter buns deterioarated tremendously la. I complained to the manager once MONTHS ago... Z, a big eater, well he's a guy, didn't eat the buns as well...

Not here to complain abt KFC, sorry. So anyway. Went home still a lil hungry (we walked abit after the meal)

Smsed boyfriend for fun. I said "I'm craving for soup la. No, OUR baby is asking for soup".

And he replied "Oh no u are pregnant. I must tell my mother"

I dunno why, but i said "Tell her for what? She's going to make soup for me ar?"

HAHAHAHA. Crapiness swallows us after enduring examinations.

Almighty Anonymous, if u've got anything to say about this, do take into consideration the fact that u haven't replied any questions directed at u in the last post yet