Sunday, April 24, 2005

Problem with The Internet

This is one horrible day. Felt like crying most of the time. Like i said, because of small issues, so i'm sensitive. Got a problem with that? Go write a comment.

There are no tag boards in this blog, no room for the coward to say hurtful meaningless words.

Here's the story. Ok, so E likes to play around and bully people. But he doesn't overdo it. Usually just mess with people's hair and tease u a bit here and there. Right? You can always report to me. Haha. And then he has this favourite phrase "funky stuff" which he uses to annoy couples. Ok, so he did annoy J and D. His mistake.

But this morning, J complained to me and i told E. I told J i'm powerless cuz usually E wouldn't wanna change, he would always say it's his nature... So it surprised me when E said he'd stop. I asked him to reduce it but he said he'd stop. Hard to believe, i know, but i also know he won't make me cry on purpose. Especially not today, i've been emotional and he knows it.

I told J who appreciated it. Then tonight, J msned me, "I'm not complaining nor reporting just want to notify u tat he added yet another post officially 6 posts....its getting lame n plz tell him, his tag is spammed and no, it aint me, i aint so free tata."

That really angered me. I’ve always felt deeply insulted when the word lame is used. I wanted to cry again. To clarify things, I went to read what he supposedly said: "hahahaha....i'm sure everyone knoe wat i mean... sure got do something in ur room rite....funky stuff i suppose..."

I couldn't believe he'd do this to me.

And thankfully he didn't. The next thing he posted on her tagboard was "hey ..... i didnt post dat .... i really didnt post dat .... about dat funky stuff ... i didnt post it at all .... but no use rite .. u wont believe me"

Thank GOD.

I'm a strong freethinker who doesn't pray at all, except maybe to my ancestors twice a year every ching ming and Chinese New Year when we go to the temple (Which i haven't done this year and last) But if ANYTHING good happens in my life, God is the one i thank.

So again i say, thank God. So i called up J who believed me. She said she'd need a ip tracker, or something like that, i'm not tech-savvy but i know what she meant. Tag boards aren't popular with me; anyone can pretend to be you there. That's why i don't have one here. (Besides the fact that i'm lazy to put one up.) I've always stuck to using comments. And i can keep the comments! Pity not many people post me comments. (Besides J, M and another J, thanks guys!)

The person who posed as E really infuriated me! It could have killed the friendship between J and E. And it would have made me look like one of those girls' whose boyfriends are... erm... jerks. I really wanted to cry.

I had to keep myself together, i have lots of studying to do, can't afford to cry. So I turned that sadness into righteous anger and posted this in J's tag board "To the person posing as E, please stop, you're not only hurting J and D, if they r your targets n if u hate E tell him straight to his face. What you're doing is cowardly."

To which J replied "Sue Lin, thanx for standing up. Ah, let the loser be la. So many ppls tags kena spam...the world is full of sad f***s." =) Thanks J. I really appreciate the fact that we could work this out.

I wonder if it is the same coward who posted this is E's Blog's tag board:
<anonymous>: fucker
<anonymous>: no life fucker
<anonymous>: pice of useless life fucker
<anonymous>: hey fucker... ur face is just like my doggy's pussy..... ur nose is just like my cat's dick.... ur mouth is just like a bloody mother fucker pussy...ur just a retarded bastard which is lifeless.... watch ur step ass hole... don;t let me get u... FUCKER!!

This sounds like someone random, someone who doesn't know us. Unlike the coward in J's Blog, who definitely knows us. It could be the same person, it may not. But i couldn't resist replying, "Hey anonymous, what you're doing is cowardly. Got a problem with someone say it to their face"

I was tempted to go further by saying "And a suggestion to u anonymous: Next time call yourself annoynymous" but i refrained myself. Ladys don't participate in name-calling, haha!


Joey said...

Phew. Glad tats over. Aih...don't sweat it la. Juz forget it.

Still, thx for settling everything. :)

She's Jess said...

hey.. go ask your friend to put this up.. this is a site meter. it can tracks the user's ip then you can actually figure it out who. i ad these 'fuggers' (stupid people who simply post things for no reason that s/he thinks that it might help he/ her to satisfy their soul)

go get it at

and when you tracked down then ip add.. go to

hope it helps!

sue lin said...

Dunno why i didn't reply to comments last time! Haha, thanks guys