Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunway Ball 2005

"Remind A to bring the tickets" C asked Is, or was it the other way around?

Doesn't matter, that's when i realized i forgot my ticket!! I remembered every little damn thing, except my unimportant eye drops and THAT stupid ticket. If i remembered correctly, i forgot the tickets to the Ausmat Awards Night too last year.

I stressed out a lot for a moment. E's gonna be so mad, having to drive me through the rush hour traffic. A then told me he'll pull some strings to get me in without the ticket. Thank God.

The part with the no. 0243 on the
top of the tic should be teared off.
But since i forgot mine, there it is,
in full for you to see.

Then i started to get dressed, a few of us were at the hotel, putting on make up and stuff. I started with my skin-toned foundation, covering my imperfections like the pimples stress caused and my yawning gaping pores... E was next to me and i asked him if i should cover my freckles. He said no. Awwww =) He likes them! And i've been hating them since i remember having them. U can say i hate them less nowadays. =)

The girls praised one another. And A said he liked my shawl and actually wore it, Stupid, but funny. Haha. It's pink! And i mean bright pink. He was putting on make-up together with the girls... and i just had to tell him "A, you look beautiful"... well, he was!

The ball was just okay, at the beginning... except the food was pretty good. Chinese food, u know the ten course kinda thing? P complained that the 'skark's fin' soup is missing something! Chilli paddi! That was exactly what's on my mind. That girl was the one who taught me how to eat chilli paddi... actually i just saw her chomp away at them in the mamak once and decided to follow her after that.

Delicious, while blogging, i had a maggi mee midnight snack, with chilli paddi of course, and i can still taste it in my mouth... yummm..... P actually called a waiter and asked for chilli paddi. Too bad they don't have any.

So... the ball was just so so till first Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor hit the stage! Never a fan of hers but she sure lighten up the mood and got me laughing and signing along. The night was all fun after (and during) her presence.

She walked around the ballroom and we managed to snap a couple of pix with her!!! That's her right in the middle, with the mic, duh, and there we are! Some of the girls of my table and an Ausmat junior!! =) Ohh.. and she's holding the rose W gave her! Haha, he took it from the table arrangement! =)

And look at the smiles on all of our faces! =) I normally wouldn't smile with my teeth unless i'm really happy! Actually, i smiled showing my teeth a lot for the camera that night and these days thanks to orthodontics! =)

Here's a pic of us after Jac left our table, all of us in a happy mood singing along to her songs. Aiyah... should have taken a pic of the other half of the table....

By the way, the people at table 25 were me, Is, C, R, K, W, N, T, P and E next to me.

After a while, they turned down the lights and opened the dance floor, and again the girls of my table had fun. Haha, guys just sit with all the handbags! Hahaha. Love them for that. We girls danced in a circle, 8 of us.

When our shoes started to kill, we took them off and put them in the middle of our circle! Haha, so fun u know, a bunch of crazy and hyper girls dancing in a circle around our cinderella slippers. Haha. It was a tight circle, there guys trying to get into our circle to dance with us. But we stayed an all girl group in the middle of the dance floor, screaming and jumping and having the time of our lives. Haha.

Those my cinderella non-glass slippers, quite comfortable. And high enough, i'm not short but my date is super tall. Hehe. Good pair of shoes but too bad it's kind of ruined, can u see parts of it peeling? =(

However we left early cuz we wanted to go to this place called Hello or Halo Bar at the top of some building... sounded cool, but in the end we went to Passion which was empty... so we went to The Beach Club, if i'm not mistaken.

I love pub interiors. Loved the small breed of sharks swimming in a tank. I've loved them since i first saw them in Thailand almost 2 years ago. But E told me they are probably really stressed. Yeah, pity them, such magnificent creatures swimming back and forth really fast probably because of all that noise...

Inside, 12 of us, me, Is, C, R, W, N, T, P, M, S, A and E sat at a table mixing drinks on our own? Dunno la, i dunno anything, just watched, listened and smile, ask a bit and drink la. I trust these people. They are all my friends, the only person i don't know is S but P seemed to know him well... Doesn't matter la, i had E there with me anyway. =)

It WAS fun, being at these kinda place with your friends. The 1st time i went i only knew one girl well and the other girl i knew i haven't spoken to since i was 14. Was totally uncomfortable and bored then.

Thursday night was GREAT. Despite a few disputes and despite a major thing that made me wanna cry.

Ohhhh... and i drank a lot... a lot for me anyway. One glass of vodka + coke and one glass of err.... vodka and something out of a can. With ice. In the past one glass of sprite with very little alcohol was enough to make my face go red almost instantly + make my whole body itch.

This time... i was fine, didn't feel a thing nor did i suffer any allergy until a few hours later. But it was mild. I enjoyed myself at the club and had a good laugh at the drunk ones. Nice la, didn't have to be drunk but could enjoy myself watching them. Actually, they were sooo funny i wanted to laugh really loud continuously but didn't cuz i was afraid E'd think i'm drunk...

Back at the hotel, everyone... kinda snapped out of their drunk state. Except one girl. Her drunk state wasn't funny anymore, i was pissed. She was a totally inconsiderate loud bitch. I was trying to sleep! My incomplete assignment was due at 5pm and it was 5am and i only slept 2 hours the night before that night and i had another 650 words to go.

Had to survive on coffee and panadols on Friday. And i din't bring enough panadols... so i had to rely on positive thinking. Please please please let my 20% assignment be okay!!

Here's a picture i took of E, i think it's really cool... but then again i could be saying that cuz i love him...

What do u think?? That's my father's coat he's wearing! Haha. And i regret not taking more pix of him...

=( Oi E, u never said i was beautiful and i've praised u so much! =P Not fair!!


Jazzy*Pam said...

Lols, it's great that you had lotsa fun! Mine was okay, but I did not have that much of fun coz I was one of the organizing committee! I was busy the whole night doing this and that, I didn't even have the chance to sit back and enjoy the food and the company!

Remind me not to be one of the organizing committee the next time round! lols.

Debz said...

Goodness!! look at that hot bod!!! ish ish!!! I want that really starting to hate my hair soo much!! darn!!! heheh looks like somebody really had soo much fun!! nice!!! the hair btw!! and el's looking pretty darn cool with his new "afro" do! heheh...miss ya loads! when are we gonna go for our holiday?

soo imm said...

u girls look so pretty!!
n it's so heart warming to c that fellow ausmatians are still so close together :)
i wanna c more pics~~

sue lin said...

Hie Cheryl!!
Haha, okay, i'll remind u not to be in the committee. I know planners and hosts always dun get to have fun! Aiya and i still havent sent u ur CD...

Hie Debz!
Hot bod, what hot bod???!? Haha, what's wrong with ur hair? The last time i saw u it was good what. Thanks for the hair compliments, i loved my hairdo and E's too. Hehe. Yup, will definitely wanna meet up. See ya!

Hie Soo Imm!
Thanks!! =) We're still quite close, but such a smaller group already! How 2 show u the pix arr?? I very malas to upload more, hehe, sorry, maybe u can see them when Isabel uploads...