Saturday, September 10, 2005

Pink, Cheerleading and Guy Power

Cheerleading was sooo much fun today. It's been a long time since i blogged about it, we had a performance last Tuesday and i was a bundle of nerves, don't know if i did my steps right. Good thing none of my friends could make it to watch me! Not even E.

Haha, the girl who plays Dota, her bf was there to watch... but he looked bored, but that's b4 we started la. And one of the guy cheerleaders... his girlfriend, i presume la, cuz i see her with him often, came to watch him. Now that's funny, the girlfriend coming to watch her bf cheerleading???

Cute right?

But please, excuse me while i HAHAHAHAHA.

Sorry la, in practice and stuff cannot laugh at the guys. We're a team ma, cannot laugh at them... And although i laugh, i admire them. It's brave of them to do something other guys consider 'so gay'.

And u know, before i started liking pink, i always thought pink was nice but never admitted it cuz, u know, the colour is related to bimbos and dumbness. Then in pre-u, i met a few girls who are smart and they love pink. At about the same time, i had 2 guy msn buddies who used pink fonts while chatting. They both said they liked pink and claimed to be brave for liking it.

That's when i decided to make pink my favourite colour, along with purple, the colour i've liked for years. Hence, this blog colour. And i was kinda annoyed la, to find some big pink blogs, i wanna be unique!! But too bad la.

Back to cheerleading. Today our captain was teaching us how to be perky! Hehe, sounds stupid right? And i tell u it's not easy, u feel so stupid. Needs practise one. It has to be a real smile too, or very good acting, not just plastered on smiles... I decided to cheat la, i laughed instead of smiling, and it was easy to laugh when u listen to the captain ask the gangster-looking guy to be perky.

Funny lar. Since the performance is over, we didn't practice the dance routine, instead we did a cheer and then stunts. And since so many were absent, everyone was carried at least once. And when i say carry, i mean standing on neck's length, the person being carried had to stand on 2 people's hands at least 5 feet up.

I was carried too and it was fun lar. I'm not THAT scared. And it's not THAT hard. It was sooo fun. And the captain actually said, "She's very light" referring to me. Hahahaha, can u believe that? (You are expected to say no). But she's a really fit and experienced cheerleader, she carried guys before. And in today's practice, when i say everyone was carried, that includes the guys.

I had lots of fun during practice today. And to anyone, guys or girls out there, if your uni/college or whatever offers cheerleading as a sport, take it up, it's lots of fun. It's all teamwork and lots of good-natured laughs. If u get a team like mine, i guarantee u'll have fun.

I don't have any pictures of the performance... but these are the bruises i got from doing my part. The one on my left leg has pretty much faded by the time i took this pic.


fickle fiasco said...

hey, sue lin.. im fi, from sg.. im a cheerleader n a dancer as well.. here, other guys also labelled us guy cheerleaders as gay.. it very frustratin sumtimes, but ive learn to cope.. nywyaes, jux wanna wish u luck in any other performances comin up in the future, well, mine's tml.. n im so lookin forward to it.. do u have friendster.. maybe i can add u up..kays.. bye...

meL.a.Nie said... da captain Tan Yee Ming?!?

sue lin said...

Hey Fi! Was really surprised and pleased with your comment! It's great that u've learnt to cope, i'm sure it wasn't easy. =) Thanks for wishing me luck and thanks for commenting. Hope your performance goes really well. The email add i used for friendster is =)

Yup Melanie!! That's her! Ur old school arrr??? Hehe. Dynamites Cheer2005 this year right?? Beat my school.

Jazzy*Pam said...

Oh gosh, sounds like soooo much fun!! Too bad there's no any cheerleading clubs in my coll and all! :(

sue lin said...

Haha Cheryl, maybe in your next college? U've just finished your A levels right??

Jazzy*Pam said...

Yeah, hopefully my next coll does have lotsa fun clubs/activities! belly dancing sounds great too! ;) Am still waiting for my next intake which is in january! Boring, boring.

sue lin said...

Haha, where're u going???

sue lin said...

come visit kl lar, main masuk my classes with me, can one. haha.

Jazzy*Pam said...

Lols, sure sure! I'll be sure to visit you if i do go to kl! U're gonna teach me how to ice-skate rite?? ;)

sue lin said...

Haha, sure i will! =)