Sunday, September 25, 2011


I had a visitor this weekend =) Girly time!

We got along easily when we met ten years ago in high school, PMR examination tuition classes! Heheh. Cant believe we're all grown up and thrown into the big bad world

Her orange drink, with me in the background =P I was looking at the pictures we took, in a Vietnamese restaurant in Glen Waverley where selected shops close at 3am

On Friday night i organised a mini-BBGS-in-Melbourne-get-together for her, invited WCH and HWL and booked a table for four in Nachos Mexican Cantina. We were the first customers to walk in the door at 5.50pm and we were the lasts to leave at 10pm =) We talked and talked so much and forgot to take photos! I only remembered when i was at home, in the shower =(
PL is a savoury person and wanted to have breakfast at Hopetoun Tea Rooms. Even though we went to bed after 2am last night (we were chatting, Bumping photos and shooting Angry Birds =) we got up before 8am and headed to the city

Met up with her uni friend and her friend's sister, a second year accounting student, oh i feel so old! Its alright, i'm still young enough to wear my new 'mineral red' Forever New trench coat which i picked up on sale from Chaddy (Yesterday's shopping trip =)
My breakfast =) I have the tendency to order anything with avocado in it... salmon, poached eggs with caviar topping, bread and leetuce! Cost a bomb for freaking breakfast but its not everyday my dear PL visits so its alright to have a nice meal together =) The table was too small for all out plates, pots and tea cups!

The nutritionist/dieticians and I. They were talking about thir field a bit, interesting, and i hated to find out that dim sum (Yum cha as Aussies call it) is a big no no! M whom i just met says she told her dad no more dim sum!
Chocolate cakes, scones, macorons and more! Such a indulgence-filled weekend! Eating, shopping and iPhones before bed =)
Please please let there be more to come!
Aussie job world, please be kind to her so she can stay!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


"Their rellies come over to look at the wreck", I was like what the hell is rellies? Then I guessed it means 'relatives' in Aussie slang! Hahhaah

My cousin's borrowed library book that i finished reading in one sitting instead of blogging or doing other stuff i should be doing on Tuesday night. Good stuff

I tried iPhone blogging but it didnt work and i didnt have time to check my own beloved blog till today! Will try again =)

Monday, September 12, 2011


I've been questioning again, what do i want from life?

What is important to me? Do i do enough of what i enjoy? Do i do what i need to do to get ahead? Is what i do enough to get me where i want to be?
Photo taken along Mailing Road. One Saturday afternoon, i was driving by and decided to stop, walk, enjoy the sunny afternoon and take some pictures.

Spring in full bloom, and i havent even uploaded pictures from Autumn! Life's passing me by, will i make the most of it?

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


300 days in Melbourne and i've bought 4 pairs of boots, 4 pairs of heels and 4 pair of shoes. Lets not count how many pairs of flip flops i bought! =P

Wish i had time to do extensive shoe photography and blogging like i used to (Click here and here)

5 inch heelss!!! =) =) My latest. Never used to like the plastic bit but tried them on because they were discounted! Fell in love. It looks like u arent wearing any shoes from the front, gives the illusion that u are all dainty and on tip toes

Surprisingly comfortable! Wore them for my second class of Level 2 course. The first class was so hard! The other girls were soooo good, 6 out of 8 girls are repeating Level 2! I haven't been practicing for two and a half years and felt so insecure!

I told myself i can do this and just gave it a shot. And failed! I couldnt do anything taught in the first class =(
Doesnt stop me from loving the course! Today the instructor taught us a new trick and i watched as one of the other girls did it successfully, i didnt think i could do it, but tried anyway. Teacher came around to me and corrected my hand and then, guess what?
I did this!!!

Not as elegant as her. Still, cant believe it, omg!! =)

Friday, September 02, 2011

Does my head look big in this?

My 11 yr old cousin borrowed a book from her school library. I picked it up and couldnt stop reading! Normal teenage stuff about boys, being self conscious, dealing with mean popular girls

Whats i love about this book is, its not American. Its really different reading something Aussie, set in Melbourne, places and roads i actually know and been to, slang words used here like wog, daggy and some others that i've noted. Its like experiencing the childhood i never had in Melbourne

Its intriguing because it highlights Melbourne's diverse cultural issues. In this book, a 16 year old Australian born Palestianian girl decides to wear the hijab... which is what Malaysians call the tudung or selendang.

I grew up in a Muslim country with many of my classmates and teachers wearing it so its not a new sight to me, yet the author describes her situation in such a way that i feel like u are in her shoes and how different it is in Melbourne.

I thought i knew alot about the religion but there is plenty i dont know. Its captivating. I love the way Aussies produce their own literature and tv shows! Good job Melbourne, overall i love that u are my new home