Saturday, December 29, 2007

Great Ocean Road 17/12/2007

Simply refused to go to there by tour/bus. Convinced i had to DRIVE there or be driven there. Along came the chance to drive there when my father insisted that we could all do Great Ocean Road AND Phillip Island in a day.

We took the road less taken. Started off from Frankston at 7.30am. Drove the car onto a ferry at Sorrento.

E and i, taken by sis. Sis and i, taken by E. E and sis, taken by me!

Bro was a smart-ass and didnt bother peeing in the ferry... shortly after driving off the ferry and when we were on our way, he HAD to use the toilet. We stopped at Barwon's Head.

Its a tiny little old school airport! So cool, really felt like we were in some olden day American movie! HAHA. One plane took off! These planes are for rent to view the Twelve Apostles too!

We stopped by Bells Beach, its a surf beach, but that day didnt seem to be a very good day to surf. The surfers were waiting and waiting for waves that never came.

Pic of E and i! Damned pissed that between my camera and my mom's, there is not ONE family picture at Bells!!!!!!! Geramness

Aussie roads are different! Look at this!

Cars/buses/lorries that are driving slowly are to turn out there and let the (faster) cars behind pass!!!! And people are so considerate! Many of them let E drive pass!

There were also signs with arrows telling people that u are supposed to drive on the left hand side of the road! HAHAHA, a reminder for Americans who drive on the right side of the road?

As navigator in the front passenger seat, i read every single sign board on the road. Saw on tht says Historic grounds or something. We stopped.

Shipwreck! And pretty scenery... wud be nice to go snorkeling there... but kinda scary cuz 5 people died trying to retrieve sunken cargo, what if they want me to take their place in the deep blue sea?

Finally we got to Apollo Bay where we had lunch. Wasted time there. Shit. Sigh. Then it was my turn to drive!!!!! Yayyyy! But my route sucked! Boring winding forest roads.

It was rewarding seeing the tip of one of the apostles though! I was like "Is that it?!!!!!!"

And it was! The 12 Apostles... Pretty pretty picture! Sunny windy day, the best for photography! But the flies ruin everything!

How can rocks look so beautiful?

It was so picture perfect, it looks like we are standing in front of a card board print out! HAHA

On the way towards the Geelong, i had this REALLY straight country road to drive through... i went 130kmph =P Some of the views were magnificent but too much of the same thing gets boring. Which made me wonder at times, why the hell did i wanna drive there so badly?

Aussie roads have taunting signs convincing me that i was too sleepy to drive. They say things like "A micronap can kill". 35km before Geelong, i gave up, i surrendered to those signs, admitting defeat and fatigue and asked E to drive.

I slept for an hour and got up when we got to the city. I had to help look at the map. We took a turn. We were going really fast since time was not on our side. When i look up from the map, I'll never forget the fear i felt at the sight of the stationary cars not far ahead. We were not slowing down. I panicked and yelled at E to stop! Thank god the car is this powerful high tech thing that managed to stop inches away from the red car in front of us.

Made it to the penguin parade JUST in time!

Thankfully it wasn't too crowded, had decent seats. So on time that we didn't have to wait in the cold for long. Those little creatures began to show themselves. CUTE!!!!!! And they are so unafraid of humans viewing them

Stole a picture of this little guy! Forgive the bad photo quality... we weren't supposed to take pix =P

Aussie is full of cool signboards! So cute!
Got such thing wan ar, penguin under ur car? I'd kidnap the cute lil thing!

Maps of our journey!

Took a pic of a travel brochure and edited the regular route to Great Ocean Road =P We used Melway some of the way

and when we drove OFF the Melway map and we actually used THESE kinda maps to know which major towns to head to till we got there!

The right side of the above map in detail:

On the way back, we took the same roads back to Tooradin and from there we headed to Frankston, entirely using the map. Melways are pretty good stuff, and girls (me me me!) can navigate! =p Hehe

More on the driver's side, take a look at E's blog!

Totally unrelated...

Pic of me! HAHAHA, home alone today so i drove to the beach! So damn beautiful and so full of people. Cropped this picture for msn display but it looks shit when its small, so it goes onto the blog! =P

Watched Ps. I love you on the 27th cuz i read the book. Took me AGES to complete reading the book cuz i kept on crying! To my bestfriend its sweet, but to me its sad! Everytime i started crying, i had to STOP reading! LOL

Needless to say... i cried throughout the whole movie. Never have i treated 10 pieces of tissue paper like gold. I dun think the movie is that sad (and its also VERY different fr the movie. BTW its the FIRST movie i've watched after reading the book), i cried cuz i remember crying when i read the book! =P

Thursday, December 27, 2007

There came a day where i hated my job

That day is today (26/12/2007).

My anguish in detail click here

Monday, December 24, 2007

Almost wore the wrong shirt to work today!

My uniform is black with bold white words on the front that says "Chicks Rule"

I have a t-shirt i bought from Sexpo that says

"I have the pussy so i make the rules".

Also black and the words are white!!!!

WHOOOPSSSSS. Thank goodness i realized

The moon was a little crescent when my mom n sis got here. I noticed cuz i drove them back from the airport that night. My whole family went home yesterday

The moon's full and bright tonight. Damn fast the past 2 weeks.

E and i are gonna watch Simpsons and drink some Mascato now =P Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Enchanted Maze Gardens and Strawberry Park

Half my family is here!

E joined us

Great pic! Wish i could be in it!

My sis really opened up to E! They get along great and i'm proud!

Look at the smile on her face! =)

Look at my smile! =)

Got work tomorrow, goodnight!

Oh wait. Remember this? Well, its been finalized!!!!!

Tak puas with a credit for my tax law paper. Emailed lecturer, then saw him in person. HE SAID IT WAS A TYPO ERROR!!!! He informed Monash...

Now its final. There it is. Distinction for taxation law and practices! Finally a BINGO, a strike! 3 Distinctions for my final semester! Beaming SUPERSMILE.

Everything's been going well lately =)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Hazardous: Sue Lin's gonna be driving on Melbourne roads today!


Monday, December 10, 2007

Visit Malaysia 2007

When the Ang Moh cashier taught me how to wash the toilets in the restaurant, she was like "Gross gross!" And i was like, WAIT till u see Malaysian toilets!

When the manager told me to grab the dustpan, the broom, the Mr Degreaser spray and follow her to the toilet, i was like SHiT, what kinda mess do i have to deal with? It turned out to be just TWO pieces of paper on the toilet floor!

She then complained smelly, i was like, WHAT smell? Hello, thats nothing like the toilets in my beloved beloved Malaysia!!!

Can u guess where i'm working at by my uniform and my chilli name tag?

I'm happy.

And check out my new boyfriend!

Isn't he cute?! =P E 's new hairstyle. HOTSHORT. SuperSHORT hair!

Whats up with hot and me? I dunno!

Its summer in Melbourne but on certain days u really get cool weather n Christmas feeling! Thats Melbourne weather!

Pontianak me and funny face E.

Aww look...

Santa mail!

Gonna be my first Christmas in a western country. And yeahhhh I've got a thang for those horse carriages, they MUST appear in my Melbourne CITY pictures.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

3rd Shift working as a cashier/waitress

Closing shift. Had to wash the toilets. And sweep and mop. Carry chairs, tables n stuff.

Ok la, i'm no princess after all.

But sayang la my Guess jeans. Dun want it to kena the water on the floor at all. Sayang also my new working shoes. 40 dollars wei = RM120 = can buy Hush Puppies OKAY?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Laptop Theft Warning

Spotted a lady tearing off the identification number of a Dell laptop on the Frankston train from Melbourne Central.

She couldn't log into the Novell system. She was smsing with her left hand and pressing keys such as Enter with her right hand. All to no avail

She put the laptop back into a laptop bag... and pulled out another one. This one didn't have the torn identification number above its screen. Again she couldn't get pass the screen that prompts users to log in.

She receives a phone call. Then she asked another passenger something. Can't understand her accent. She then asked E whether there are any trains back to the city and she got off at Toorak train station.

We found that really suspicious and went to the police station to give a description of what we saw. E even took a photo of her. The police on duty asked E to keep the photograph for a few weeks.

Our report would ONLY come in handy if someone makes a report. So if your laptop ever gets stolen, you SHOULD make a report! The police wouldn't act unless you make report.

Also, don't EVER say that leaving ur laptop alone for 2 minutes is okay, they don't even need 2 minutes, trust me. E lost his laptop that way, and so did my family.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Suspense is Killing Me!

Decline to elaborate title till its been finalized.

Either way. Its safe to post up this picture!

Cuz my blog has been lacking new pictures =) =) =)

Some friends and i will be celebrating tomorrow! One of E's subject's results isnt out yet... otherwise i can smile more

Currently learning a lot and happy in my part time job at a fast food restaurant. Lots to write about but whatever i write will be in a comment in the previous post. Dun wanna bore u guys with my working life.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

God Them Tired

Notice the error in my title?

E read it before i deleted it and laughed at me like shit...

Decided to put it back up cuz that shows HOW tired i am

Done with my first day at work. Screwed up and messed up a bit but looks like i'm forgiven. Work's not bad at all. Time flies and i don't think i yawned at all.

Oh and free lunch!!!! Smiles! Hehhe, dunno if its just for today or a regular thingie

So dead tired... Looked like shit as i walked home eating my fries and wrap. U know how shit is always surrounded by flies? That would be me as i walked home. The flies here in Aust are STUPID, they rather rest on my face than on my food...

Gonna sleep now

Monday, December 03, 2007

Holiday too Long

So messed up la my bank account n my spending... lost count n so stressful to make it balance.

No time to blog really... there are some pictures but no time to select and blog.

Starting work tomorrow. Just part time in a fast food joint. Not a permanent job yet, had to add that cuz when i started my internship this time last year, a senior started her permanent job in the same company n department as me...

Spent 60 bucks applying for the work permit and 40 bucks buying shoes for work today... the whole week's worth of pay would be to merely cover expenses. Suckyyy

Somemore, its training n trying out for the work tomorrow... possible that i dont get the job. Wish me luck!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

When i think i do ok for a law subject, i end up getting a credit for it. Happened 3 times and yet again with Taxation Law, my favorite subject this sem.

When i thought i'd do badly in the other law subject, possibly an NP (near pass, which is one grade below pass but also one grade above failing)... i got a distinction for International Trade Law.

Well at least i finally got my distinction in a law subject...

And i'm glad to graduate right on time!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Trip to Rye 2007

Pictures above was actually taken on the way home but what the hell!

Stopped at this place, in the middle of no where (this sentence was put forth this way because i don't remember where we were or what the name of the restaurant's was) for lunch.

And took a group pic! The sofa and the background reminds me of the sitcom i used to love Friends

Arrived not long after the lunch stop and the chalet was spectacular! Took shitloads of the place itself but i'll only share this with ya:

My future dream house must have one of these!

We played ping pong (table provided) and volley ball. Marinated chicken and stuck the prawns on skewers. I sat with the guys and played poker in the living room. For quite a while.

Then we obeyed the grumbling stomaches and began the barbecue!

Cold that night so it was the first ever bbq where i didn't sweat! My face was DAMN oily by the end of the night but i didn't even realize it cuz of the cool weather!

A nice candid shot (without me in it) at the deck. No idea what B, V, CT nor HS were doing, photo taken by PC. F in the front is cooking cheesy salmon wrapped in bacon!

After dinner, was some ping pong. Yeah, i totally sucked. There is a video of me hitting the ball into KW's forehead! WAHAHAHA. Whoops!

Then we hung out at the deck, just gazing at stars, roasting marshmallows and telling lame jokes (the lamer the better. There was the bak chang joke, the pck one, the Bruce Lee one =)

More poker for me and the guys =P Beat them in the first round, but was the BIGGEST LOSER in the second round! HAAHAH. They had a short drinking game which i forgone for a nice long bath. Was almost 3am by then.

While PC, C, CT and i were telling ghost stories in one room, K and B decided to have yet another bubble bath... Someone invaded their privacy and snapped explicit pictures of them!

Caught off guard! Houses in Aust really should have locks!

When those two were done with their bubble bath, we decided to prank the only one who was sleeping: PN. Heheh, with rapid shaving cream. But too bad mission failed.

Everyone was scared to sleep. The fear of being pranked was in the air. PC and CT 'talked to the guys in a serious manner, something about entering our room at night is sexual harassment'.

The other two girls fell asleep quickly, only i was left awake. Heard a faint knock on d door... and then some scratching. Must be the guys, duh. I prepared myself for an invasion... but nothing happens... i was facing the door and my eyes played tricks on me, i could swear i saw the door slowly open. Off and on, i heard scratching noises. Got up in the semi darkness and realized the door was tightly shut.

Beginning to think that the scratching was NOT the guys playing pranks on us after that. I started telling myself that it was the water pipes or PC snoring! In short, i was trying to convince myself that the scratching noises were NOT ghostly... I started to freak out wei...

Until i heard a loud OBVIOUS knock on the door (followed by more scratching). CONFIRMED ITS THEM ALREADY.

Got up, open the door, but didnt go out. Wore my specs and then tiptoed out. I saw either B or KW crouched down near the sofa! I said "OI!" in a very duh-ful way, and the other guy jumped out fr behind to "scare" me. DAMN funny.

Both of them and i were laughing like mad! Then i asked whats that on your faces? HAHAHHA, they put shaving cream over half their faces in attempt to look like ghosts to scare us! The icing on the cake was because it took me so long to open the door, the shaving cream started to BURN their faces! WAHHAHAAHHA.

They couldn't sleep after that cuz the shaving cream made them feel so fresh! HAHAHA. I went to sleep at about 6am.

Needless to say, i was among the last few to get up on day 2 of our trip. Up at 2pm. By the time everyone washed up, it was past 3. McDonald drive through lunch cuz we were in a hurry to go sightseeing.

The observation deck, the two cars we traveled and the ten of us huddled together in our final group picture.

We camwhored a bit too much and so it was too late to go to the Ashcombe maze, strawberry park and the thousand other places we were meant to see.

Its ok, more camwhoring:

Gurls n guys at Arthur's Seat.

Drove along the coast looking for a beach to play volley ball in. Stopped at this surf beach...

But as you can see, it was dark and gloomy, too windy and freezing cold!

We left, and two beaches later, we found the perfect beach to play volleyball, went for a swim and camwhore all the more.

That's ONE.
That's TWO

And that's FIVE... TEN... or is it FIFTEEN fingers/toes???

Only after putting up a FIGHT, did the guys surrender the tub to the girls!


When we were done with the luxurious bath, it was pleasing to know that the bbq dinner was all ready and prepared by the guys! HAHAAHHA, this is THE life!

Makan. Hang out on the deck. Played ping pong, where each time you hit the ball you have to name a thing under a chosen category such as colours, Monash University Subjects... and sanitary napkin brands. The guys won at naming the pad brands ya know? HILARIOUS

More poker and some tv. Then we played a drinking game which was so much fun. KW who always bluffs at poker actually tells the truth in the drinking game. And poor poor CT was mistakenly tricked by HS and i! Trust the housemates! Each and every time V pours the drinks, he ends up drinking the WHOLE cup, how can anyone's luck be so bad? Lots of laughter.

I needed revenge on KW and B. And cute playful PC was all up for pranking! She checked if the guys are asleep and once we've got that ascertained, the two of us crept up to them and i was the sinner who sprayed the rapid shaving cream. MUAHAHA

Cream was on PN's cheek... but by the time traitor KW took pictures of him, he wiped the cream on the blanket.

His leg was exposed, not covered... PERFECTO! PC pointed there and i willingly obliged by spraying a blob of rapid shaving cream on B's knee. Also wiped off by the time KW took a pic of him

Sprayed on his cheek, the can made some whizzing sound! HAHA, but PC and i managed to duck and crawl out of the room.

When KW took the pictures, C got up and wiped the rapid shaving cream into his own hair! HAHAHAHA

Then on, it was war. It was funny how the guys thought it was all PC's work. Hehe, I escaped their wrath in the form of wet toilet roll and toothpaste.

Then sleepless. Too bad the sunrise wasn't in view from the lovely deck or we would have managed to stay up for tht.

Slept for 3 hours and i was one of the first few to get up. Took a picture of the aftermath of our drinking game:

Shortly before we had to start cleaning up and vacate the chalet...

That's my Rye trip of 2007 with the fellow Monash students in the Peninsula campus. Sad it ended but there's no better way then to end the year with this fun-filled trip.

Last but not least,

a scenery shot and a shot of my housemates and i!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sexpo 2007

Trust E to know about these things. Trust ME to bring u a post like this! =)

Paid $25 to enter, worth every cent, the things on exhibit... weird/interesting!!

The first thing we saw:

A girl doing circus acts. In a thong and a see through lace top.

To our right,

a booth selling Happy Horny Herbs!

My bestfriend would LOVE this:

Whack a dick! AHAHAHA, good break up therapy for girls?

Something like a haunted house...

Not really worth it.

And there was a peep show. $2 for 2 minutes where one girl... performs. The place also doubles as the "staff room" where u can see the other strippers/porn stars take their break/change/etc.

Next weird thing i first heard about in C's blog...

The guy paints using his penis. Its called penial art

Dipping his 'paintbrush' into paint!

He calls himself Pricasso. And thats his final picture of the lady. He had a sign up that says "photos ok by donation", i donated $3 to watch and take photos.

E and i camwhoring while waiting to watch Ms Nude Australia or whatever her title is perform. He bought me those horns! And we got free heart shaped lollies for participating in a survey.

See me hugging something in that photo?? Its a pillow... a naughty pillow...

Sooo cute!!

I love my Dick! How about you? HAHAHAHA.

Reminds me of this blog, Love the phrase "Mine's ok, how's yours?". Laughed like SHIT.

Take a look at the tag that came with it!!!

Sooo sooo damn CUTE! Another girl was buying a pink one while i was getting MINE! =P

E bought him for me as punishment. A lady passed me this leaflet...

Its an add for financing breast enlargement surgery.

said to me "She saw yours so small so she gave that to you".

!!!!!!!!!!I was like, FINE! Now u must buy me the pillow.

And he did.

Also bought me a rose... which is also a thong! HAHA, but i'm keeping it as a rose, as a memento of this cool crazy date!

Ohhhhh, and check out this upcoming New Year's eve party invite below!

The invite itself is entertaining, read it!